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on November 9, 2015
This book is hilariously messed up lol but at anyway hilarious. My husband who I swear hasn't opened a book since high school (and maybe then it's sketchy) has read in 2 days all while laughing. The stories are funny and brutally honest. It's very easy to read and a book that you are so amused by you can't put it down. To put simply this entire book as well as series is Tucker Max's sexcapade stories. The whole book is about things has done and the dirty funny stories behind them.

I did pay full retail price for this product.
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on April 10, 2016
Hilarious book. I've read all of his other books and it is exactly the same, but with different stories. Still makes me laugh out loud when I read about these crazy stories. Some people don't like it because some of his stories are embellished, but his stories would still be entertaining even if they were completely made up.
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on January 21, 2012
I can't help it but roll my eyes when I read some reviews of this book. People are so offended by the entire thing, namely with Tucker Max.

I'm so sorry.

Were you expecting depth? A thoughtful, sensitive protagonist, perhaps? You honestly thought you'd get that out of a book entitled A******s Finish First? By a guy who is the self-admitted King of all Debauchery?



Okay. I'm done laughing now, I promise.

But I mean, really.

While Tucker Max is a grade A jerk, he is something much more than that: he is an intelligent, well-educated, and eloquent grade A jerk... which makes him much more dangerous. This guy knows his stuff, unfortunately. And he knows he knows it. And he knows you know he knows it... which makes for some pretty quality, arrogant-as-ever debauchery, in my opinion. (Tucker was a law school student who went to UChicago for undergrad and Duke for law... something he mentions quite a bit to show that, yes, he's better than the rest of us... debatable.)

Not only is Tucker an extremely witty individual with a natural ability for brutal, mean-spirited honesty, but that combined with his intelligence (yes, intelligence. He is a very intelligent individual, education-wise) makes his narrative all the more interesting to read. No, the subject matter is not profound. All of his stories consist of some cocktail of drunken depravity, sexual escapades and mishaps, and the subsequent property destruction.

Another thing that I didn't expect to see in this book: Tucker's humanity. I kid you not. It's there, especially towards the end of the book. Maybe he's realizing that he's getting old and he is a long way from being able to have a family or raise kids at the rate he's going. Maybe he's trying to justify his actions somehow. Or maybe he's just tired of all the stuff he's done in his life and wants a change of pace, for once (doubtful). I got the impression that that is something Mr. Max is unsure about: his future. If you can wade through all the self-idolatry and the "I AM TUCKER MAX!!"es sprinkled throughout the book, you get a glimpse of this uncertainty here and there. It makes me think just how much of his persona is a front.

Overall, I found A******s Finish First to be a superficial, albeit entertaining and brutally honest book. It certainly has been the pioneer of its literary genre: fratire. No, it's not deep, and yes, some of it is quite offensive. Even Tucker apologizes in advance of some of his stories. But that's not the point, at least, not when I was reading it. This book is an escape from reality, a look at the life of one guy who has lived, at the very least, the most unique and wild life I've ever read about.

Bottom line, Tucker Max pushes boundaries, sometimes illegally, most times offensively.

Hilarity ensues.
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on December 20, 2011
I first saw his book in the humor section in a book store. Passed on the price. Later after much time passed I read the free stories at his site. Funny, reminds me of being young. His hook was funny enough to buy the first 2 books and the movie. Worth the read just for the humor. Movie script sucked but good actors. Dude you should have gone the Howard Stern route and done it yourself and have a more complete story script including law school. But I guess with their money they call the shots and reap the rewards and risk.
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on February 18, 2014
This guy is severly degrading to women, but if you have a sense of humor his twisted stories will have you laughing. He even tells stories where he got screwed over. I thought it was a laugh riot and would recommend to my friends that have a sick sense of humor like me! I would recommend reading his book "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" first though!
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on December 7, 2012
This is a great sequel to the 1st.... this guy is a colorful writer. Do NOT read it if you offended easily or offended by crude language or topics. Especially if you are sensitive to degrading women. I'm sure I would think this guy was a Jerk if any of this stuff happened to me or any of my close friends. As a reader I literally fell off my couch laughing at his stories I think to myself thank goodness I don't actually know this guy, but if I did I would definitely want to get on his good side! I'm sure there is something not quite right for me, finding humor in such things.
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on October 5, 2013
As a 26 year old female you may assume I'd be offended by this book... but I'm not. It is so funny and entertaining to read. I've read all of his books and anyone who drinks or used to when they were in their younger years can relate to a thing or two in this book. It's just so funny!
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on December 23, 2012
This should be required reading for all males. Tucker Max is the person we should all aspire to become. At least at having the ability to "man up" to many of the challenges that come to us in our lives, this will shove a backbone down each of us. I liked it so much from reading a copy provided by a friend that I had to buy my own copy. Whenever I feel like I'm backing down in life, I'm going to pick this up and read it again!
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on January 3, 2013
I laughed my ass off when I read IHTSBIH, and I did the same with this one. There are more serious moments. It is interesting to see the evolution of Tucker Max. He does have a message: Be yourself without worrying what other people think.
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on February 14, 2011
I feel as though many people came into this book expecting a repeat of the same sort of stories that came out of IHTSBIH. The first part of this book did indeed have many of those stories, and they were hilarious, outrageous, somewhat concerning, and overall ridiculous. However the second part of this book took a turn towards the more serious side, and ironically, one in which I believes speaks both to women and men alike.

Being a 23 male, I can honestly say that there is a small part of me that would love to be like Tucker Max, he sleeps with who he wants, seems to do what he wants, and parties as much as he wants. Very few men can actually say they do not want to experience this, even for a brief minute. But trying to be like Tucker Max is not what life is about. Many of us loved his first book because it fed into that desire that many males possess. It is an instinct that is a part of our natural desires as men. However this books is more than just a collection of such stories. His second book is more of an explanation of how being yourself, and searching for that someone who you are willing to give up everything for is way more meaningful. Tucker Max just doesnt object to partying and having as much fun as possible until that happens.

He goes in depth to explain this in his stories about his adoring fans who are nothing more than sad people trying to use a psuedo worship of him to try and build some semblance of normality or acceptance into their lives. For the often emotionally broken women he sleeps with, he tries to use their examples of how degrading yourself and allowing yourself to be abused will not fix some emotional scarring that you have suffered at the hands of another. He shows that some women out there just frankly want to have sex for a variety of reasons besides love, and frankly, for many of those reasons it is perfectly acceptable.

I think that for all these reasons his book may be inadvertantly too 'high brow' for some who are just looking for a bunch of stories that make you laugh out loud and shake your head like they did in his first one. Finally, for all those women who are offended by Tucker Max, its not like he is forcing you to sleep with him. For all those fathers out there, please raise your daughters better so they do not seek him out when he is 40 and sleep with him for some emotionally tragic reasons.
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