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on April 19, 2014
SELLER: (TCGeneration)...Don't buy from this guy!
The cards I received were not as described. Out of 100 cards, 62 of them were duplicates of other cards, many had 4, 5, and even 6 of the same card. Now I understand that stranger things have happened, but as I was sorting them I noticed a pattern to the cards. As I continued to sort the cards the same 4 or 5 cards would continue to appear in the same order. I feel the individual selling these cards is playing on the "assorted" sales pitch to pawn off duplicates of cheap cards. If you are looking for a bunch of the same junk cards...this purchase is perfect. Don't support dishonest business practices. Read the other reviews if you need more convincing.
SELLER: (TCGeneration).....don't buy from this guy!
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on February 24, 2012
I think the phrase "You get what you pay for," applies perfectly for this lot of Pokemon Cards. I will start off by saying that I did, indeed, recieve exactly 100 Pokemon Cards with only two of them being first edition, plus an extra 6 Foil Cards. This is a good lot of cards for a relatively cheap price. Don't expect to be able to build an effective deck out of this alone, or even a deck at all. This lot works best as a small addition to someone's collection or a great start to a new one. Out of all of the cards I recieved, only two of them were damaged, and the damage on these two cards, while noticeable, was not that significant. Also, I did recieve a significant number of duplicates, 42, to be exact. That said, this is can certainly be worth the $16 it costs, depending on the person and what they're buying it for.

I will now list the exact cards that I recieved and list the Bonus Foil Cards.

Regarding the 6 Foil Cards, let me say that they are not "Promo" cards, the 6 cards that I recieved were in no way, "Promotional Cards". They were simply a few common and uncommon cards that were all Reverse Holo. This means that the area around the picture was Holo, not the picture itself. Just to clarify.

Foil Cards:

Pupitar 38/95 - Uncommon
Spearow 62/95 - Common
Kakuna 32/95 - Uncommon
Plusle 36/95 - Uncommon
Tropius 66/95 - Common
Dunsparce 29/95 - Uncommon

Energies: 10

Fire - 4
Water - 2
Fighting - 2
Earth - 1
Psychic - 1

Trainers: 16

Recycle 61/62 First Edition
Gambler 60/62 First Edition
Pokedex 87/102
Pokemon Flute 86/102
Gold Berry 93/111
Giant Stump 75/92
Switch 95/102
Poke Ball 85/100
Pokemon Center 114/130
Full Heal 82/102
x2 Super Potion 90/102
Energy Flow 122/132
Energy Removal 92/102
x2 Energy Retrieval 81/102

Total Pokemon: 74 Rare/1 - Uncommon/25 - Common/48

Lightning: 1

Magnemite 61/97

Psychic: 3

Jynx 31/102
Slowpoke 73/111
Haunter 43/130

Normal: 4

x2 Rattata 66/82
Eevee 51/64
Bagon 43/108

Water: 4

Snorunt 64/108
Marill 66/111
Sealeo 37/108
Krabby 51/62

Fire: 9

x2 Vulpix 68/102
x2 Cyndaquil 57/111
x2 Growlithe 28/102
Arcanine 23/102
Charmeleon 24/102
Monferno 41/100

Fighting: 25

x5 Kabuto 50/62
Brock's Geodude 68/132
x2 Geodude 47/62
x3 Graveler 37/62
x3 Golem 36/62
Machop 53/108
Machop 59/82
x4 Machop 52/102
Medicham 34/108
Brock's Onix 69/132
Makuhita 57/109
Mankey 61/82
Horsea (Delta Species) 31/101

Grass: 28

Nidoran (Female) 57/64
x2 Nidoran (Male) 55/102
x3 Nidorino 37/102
Oddish 58/64
Erika's Oddish 47/132
x2 Erika's Oddish 70/132
x2 Dark Gloom 36/82
Zubat 70/82
x2 Zubat 57/62
Tangela 96/130
x2 Erika's Tangela 79/132
Weepinbell 64/130
Kakuna 33/102
Sunkern 114/132
Seviper 23/108 (Rare)
Koga's Weezing 50/132
Chikorita 54/111
Caterpie 45/102
Weedle 86/112
Venonat 63/64
Bellsprout 66/130

Hope this review helped! Thanks for reading!
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on October 8, 2010
I collected Pokemon cards as a kid back in the 90's. Recently I decided to start collecting again.

I bought from the seller Cardrushstore. I cannot vouch for any of the other sellers. Here is what I found:
-Every single card was in new condition.
-I had no rares, only commons with a few uncommons thrown in.
-Out of 100 cards, only 13 were duplicates, and no energy cards were included (yay!).
-Six cards were reverse holos. Very shiny :)
-The majority of the cards were Pokemon. Less than 12 were Trainer and Support cards.
-Shipping was fast, and my package was trackable.

I do not recommend this to anyone who seriously plays the game. None of the cards had great stats, and the majority of the Pokemon were basic. I also do not recommend this to someone who has been collecting Pokemon cards for a while, as one probably will not receive many uncommon or rare cards.

I do recommend this set to someone starting a collecting from scratch. Great variety!
I also think this would be a good set to use as party favors or something similar. If purchasing this set for kids, talk to them first and figure out if they want just a bunch of cards, or are looking for rarer ones. 100 copies of cards someone already has is pretty useless.
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on August 26, 2011

I recently decided to get into Pokemon cards, and have been trying out all of the 100 and 50-card bundles that are available on Amazon. I figured it's a good way to get a wide selection of cards to build my deck. With other sellers, I've had a generally good experience. Sure there are always duplicate cards, that's expected, but out of all the bundles, I've never received a worse selection of cards, or so many fake cards.

That's right, out of all the cards, about half the stack went into the trash. It's not difficult to tell the difference between fake and real cards. One of the biggest indicator is inconsistent colors and varied sizes in the blue borders around the back of the card. Half of the cards were orange-yellow instead of yellow, and had uneven borders on the back. You can also tell by how the cards feel in your hand, and the varied text fonts and spelling errors. I expect a couple fake cards here and there, but at least half of the cards out of a 100-card deck?! That's ridiculous.

Out of the cards I received that seemed to be legit, 3 or 4 of the cards were duplicated EIGHT TO TWELVE TIMES. Actually, I'm pretty sure I got 15 Professor Oak trainer cards! Again, I understand that duplicates are acceptable, but with the cards I received, I felt like I was getting cards that someone else didn't want. On top of it, most of these cards were not new, and had visible edge damage, scratches, etc. One final point: about ten of the cards I received were in Spanish. Granted, all of these were also fake and went in the trash, but last I checked this is an ENGLISH store front. I don't want Spanish cards that I can't use!

All in all, I will be reporting this seller for this product. Pokemon cards are a hot commodity, and it's the seller's responsibility to be honest with their description of their products. Not only that, it's the sellers responsibility to confirm the validity of their product. Very disappointed. So far from what I've seen, the other 100-card packs are fine, but stay away from this one!

UPDATE: I have been asked to list the seller I bought the cards from. He is KyleRWeber. Interestingly, it appears that he no longer sells on Amazon, but when he did, he had almost nothing but good feedback, which seems odd.
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on June 22, 2015
I recieved my order today, and the packages were already opened and unsealed. The item that I ordered was a fake copy, a bad reproduction, put back into the original packages. I ordered "new" but these are fakes, not what I was paying for.
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on August 8, 2014
I bought these for my young daughter after it became evident that she really likes Pokemon. After reading some other reviews I was a little cautious about purchasing these as there were some reports of excessive duplication of cards or outright inclusion of fake cards (different card quality, different language, wrong stats or skills). One reviewer recommended purchasing this from the seller: Super Games Inc. I took a gamble and ordered this and 2 other Pokemon Grabbags directly from them. I was pleased that not only were the cards carefully packaged but there were absolutely no fake cards and rarely any duplicates. If I ever need to purchase trading cards again, I will start with Super Games Inc. as my seller of choice. I will be including photos of my purchases.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 20, 2012
I don't know much about the rarity or importance of the cards, but by the numbers we received:
90 unique cards
+14 dups
+2 triples (ie 1 "unique" plus 2 triples = one set of 3 matching).

=106 cards including the 6 Foils

Plus, we received 4 energy and 9 trainer, for a grand total of 120 cards.

Of those,
11 were Level 1
2 were Level 2

Also, 5 of the cards have a Lv.xx where xx is some number.

I took a picture of them all and will try to upload it.

All cards appear in excellent condition.

My son also tells me that 2 are Legendary which apparently are notable.
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on August 1, 2008
My son is pretty much addicted to Pokemon anything at the moment. I purchased these cards for his birthday and he loves them. There was actually a great variety (considering the site mentioned there may be dupes) - especially for the low price. I don't quite "get" the point of the card game myself, but my son enjoys playing with his friends. As far as "educational value" - I don't consider this an educational game, so hard to place a rank on that. If you play the game the way it's supposed to be played, though, it actually requires quite a bit of reading and basic math (adding scores, etc.) Can get pretty strategic, too. Overall very happy with the procudt and transaction.
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on August 10, 2014
Very disappointed. I did some research about Pokemon cards and realized these were all fakes. Too cheap to be true, I guess. I bought some legitimate ones from Toyrus and compared to see the truth. Of course a few were obvious because the HP was like 9000. I doubt my son who is 6 would have cared, but after bringing the fakes to school, a few boys started to tease him about his "fake" cards. That inspired me to do some research. Several sites and YouTube videos out there to help you out.
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on May 14, 2011
My son used his allowance for this purchase. He is EXTREMELY dissapointed to find out of the hundred cards 26 are the exact same as well as 39 exact same. So for 65 cards of the 100 he got essentially 2 cards. Sad to ripoff a kid of his allowance.
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