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on March 6, 2013
From what I can find out this was a laptop designed by Asus for Best Buy. It is hard to find it on Asus website although they do have the drivers available. I checked it out at Best Buy where I had gone to look at another brand. The feel of the keyboard and the monitor clarity won me over. I bought this to replace a dying laptop and it was my first experience with Windows 8 (I did try the beta but wasn't impressed). I didn't want a touch screen but I did want the memory and hard drive size. I was a bit concerned about the lack of an SSD drive but I haven't seen any speed issues that would make me sorry that feature wasn't included.

Pros: It is fast to start up, VERY fast. I have several Windows 7 computers (laptops, desktops, tablet.) It smokes them for speed when it comes to loading the operating system. It will also go to sleep and come out of it instantly with no hang ups. Response to loading programs, closing them etc. is exceptional. Battery life seems to be running over 5 hours which is what I expected.

Cons: A very few minor issues that I can live with but might not work well for someone else: Lighted keyboard - I want a lit keyboard and it has one but it is very hard to make out the letters when they are lit so I ended up turning that feature off.
Touch pad - Sometimes it can be unresponsive. It almost acts like it isn't getting a firm enough touch or drag from my finger. I put a wireless mouse on it and that works great. It can be frustrating trying to get the pad to respond. Since I have had several touch pads on laptops in the past I feel qualified to say it is not it's best feature.

Overall I love the laptop and would purchase an Asus again.
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on May 18, 2013
I got one from a Best Buy online sale for a very reasonable price. It is fast, light, sleek, and beautiful. I love this laptop.


Performance: With the 3rd Generation Core i7 processor and 8 GB RAM this computer is a real performer. It is fast, quiet, and ice-cool!

Weight: At 4.2 lbs this computer is not the lightest but it is quite portable. With this configuration, if you are expecting some real performance then please don't go for the ultra-portables. They are just joke! This computer is no joke. It's meant for serious computation.

Screen: The screen is extremely bright and vivid in colors. The matte screen ensures that you get to see the video, and not your own face. I hate those glossy screens because of self reflection. But this one with its matte screen simply is great!

Keyboard: Backlit, chicklet keyboard. What I like about this keyboard is that the keys are very large and well spaced. The best thing I liked about the keyboard is that it has separate Home and End buttons. One important factor is the up/down scroll buttons. They are separate and nicely spaced unlike some other laptops in which these are so tiny that you end up pressing one in stead of the other!

Some people have complained about the silver color keys which absorb the back-lit effect. It is true to some extent. However, if you are typing in the well-lit environment, turning off the back-lit makes this better. And if you are in a low light condition, then the back-lit does help!

Speaker: Very loud and clear sound.

It has DVD drive. So unlike other lightweight laptops, you are not handicapped with this one.

Overall, it's a power packed compact laptop. I recommend it for anyone.
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on December 6, 2013
I bought this laptop at Bestbuy during the after-Christmas sales in Jan-2013 for $649.00. I've used it daily for 11 months. I was attracted to the I7 processor and the compact 14" screen. I travel with it. When I'm working at my desk I connect to a 23" LED HD monitor via HDMI. I have run Microsoft Access and processed data bases with tens of thousands of records without issue.

What I like:

-Very bright screen
-Great keyboard design and feel
-Extremely sturdy metal case & sturdy build. I've owned 10 laptops and every one ended up with cracks in the cheap cases. This is solid as a rock but not heavy
-I7 processor
-8GB memory

What I don't like:

-Random shutdown. This started about 4 months ago, lasted for 3 months and has since stopped for the last 60 days. I suspect over heating
-The case which is black metal and shows finger prints where ever it's touched
-Speakers sound like speakers in a 14" laptop...What did you expect?
-The internet will slow to a crawl when memory process capacity reaches 40%. I believe this is operating system related but the operating system is part of the laptop I bought.
-The CD drive in this day and age is not necessary and I wish I could remove it when I'm not using. It's needless weight.
-ASUS will not provide operating system disks even though it comes with a license to Windows 8. If the hard-drive fails you have to send it to ASUS and they will reload the operating system
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on August 14, 2014
VERY happy. The I-7 processor is fast and the 8GB of RAM certainly helps it stay that way. The build is sturdy (I was grateful to say goodbye to cheap, plastic surfaces). The keyboard feels solid, and the backlight feature helps with late night typing. It has run NOTHING but smooth for me - from fast start up to fast USB 3.0 peripherals. My last laptop was a 17" Dell workstation, but after repeatedly struggling to get the whole thing into a computer bag, no more. (And all of my co-workers with Macs thought I was carrying around a desktop.)

Now when I'm in my home office, I have a 22" monitor connected as the primary screen and extend the desktop to the laptop monitor. When traveling, this is a dream. Portable, quick start-up, quick shutdown (code for "no flight attendants needing to remind me twice to shutdown")

A few things I did to stay happy after buying a fast laptop like this:
1) Optimized Windows 8 to minimize the junk I will never use and maintain quick access to the stuff I use every day. (plenty of YouTube videos out there to expand on this).
2) I installed a Solid State hard drive to speed things up and eliminate chance of damaging a traditional hard drive by moving it while in use. (I'm notorious for putting the laptop away while it's still shutting down.)
3) Keep up on maintenance. Even the fastest computers can start to crawl if you constantly install, uninstall, browse, download, and use the snot out of your computer. You must clean out temporary files. You must clear your browser's cache. Not daily. Not even weekly. But do it.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I would venture to guess that the handful of unhappy reviews are (at least in part) due to user error. Except where there's a legitimate piece of bad hardware making into the machine, it's likely Windows 8 (or a lack of knowledge thereof) that's causing people problems.

I'm VERY happy with this laptop. (And for what it's worth, my mother purchased a much cheaper Asus model and is very happy as well.)
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on August 9, 2015
Used this for 2 years and the laptop suddenly cannot be powered. I tried several different adapters and non will work. The laptop doesn't indicate is it receive any power.
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on April 5, 2013
I am an apple person but I wanted to buy a decent laptop as an alternative at home since some of my work software only works with windows and I have to say this laptop is great for the price I paid. The screen is great, performance is great and the hardware seems ok. Obviously it's not a macbook and all but it also cost me a fourth of a macbook and the casing it black metal so I am pretty happy with it.
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on January 7, 2014
Bought these refurbished so wasn't sure what to expect. They arrived in great condition and started up right away. I had my IT-expert Brother-In-Law look it over and he was quite impressed. Couldn't believe we got it for such a great price. He ran it through a few programs and was amazed by the speed. Needless to say, my son has been very happy with it. The smaller size allows him to carry it around with being too much of a burden.
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on February 16, 2015
Overall, this is an excellent laptop. I've had it for over two years and use it as my primary work laptop. I travel constantly for work and this thing has survived just fine. The case has a solid feel to it, not like most of the cheap plasticy laptops you normally get at a consumer level. The machine is fast with the standard i7 and 8GBs of RAM. After a year or so the machine's boot time started to slow down dramatically due to everything I have on it. I added a nice Samsung 850 EVO SSD and now the laptop is blazing fast again. Almost instant start-ups and shut-downs.

There are a few things I don't like about the Q400A, but overall the good outweighs the bad. The screen resolution (1366x768) isn't very high which makes doing some tasks, such as programming or looking at large volumes of data in Excel, a pain. Also, for some reason this laptop comes with a CD/DVD drive! I don't know why these are still put in laptops... it is a huge waste of space. If the optical drive was not there the laptop could be a little bit more thin, or they could have had room for a second disk drive bay.

The biggest issue is the oversized trackpad. The thing is just massive. So big that it caused problems when I tried to type on the keyboard for the first month or so that I had the laptop. When I had my hands in a standard typing position, my left palm would keep hitting the trackpad which would cause the cursor to move and all the sudden I would be typing on a different part of the screen! I eventually got used to this, and now I rest my left hand at the very bottom left edge of the laptop and it works fine.

- Inexpensive, but doesn't feel cheap (solid case design)
- Intel i7 CPU is fast
- 8gb RAM, expandable to 16gb
- Bright screen
- Good keyboard, with the menu key! (am I the only person who still uses this key?)
- Sturdy

- Low screen resolution
- Oversized trackpad accidentally gets bumped while typing
- CD/DVD drive!
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on June 15, 2015
So far, ok.
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on January 25, 2015
Lasted two years before the thermal paste crumbled on the CPU, which isn't a terribly tough fix, but not worth it for a lot of people with a Laptop. Overall it's a pretty great laptop, just watch the heat and occasionaly the powersaving feature will shut the touchscreen off, but a quick trip to google and a few minutes fixes that
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