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on June 29, 2011
I had pretty much come to the conclusion that you couldn't buy a DVD/CD burner anymore that lasted more than a few hundred burns before it burned itself out. I've bought LG, Samsung, Sony, HP, and a few others and they would all start having problems after burning 300-400 discs.

I've had this drive for several months now and have burned about 800 CD and DVDs and it is still going strong. None of the problems I've had with other drives not reading a certain format of disc or a certain disc type, while it would still read others.

A few of the other drives I've had, got where they would only burn CDs and wouldn't burn DVDs. Others would do just the opposite. This drive will still burn any kind of disc and any format with no problems. It might die tomorrow but this is the best drive I've bought in years.

The only down side to this drive and the reason I only gave it 4 stars, is that it has something built into the firmware that does not allow a CD or DVD encryption breaking program to run. If you have it installed and try to use the drive it locks up your computer.
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on January 3, 2014
After some research, I purchased this drive purely for high-end digital audio extraction from CD's and I'm extremely happy with it for that purpose. It has a solid C2 implementation that gets you fast, accurate rips (as evidenced by AccurateRip checks and matching Exact Audio Copy CRC's). Of course, no drive can help if a disc is damaged enough, but this one produces consistent rips on minor dings that produced CRC mismatches on my regular DVD drive. It also has a very small read offset (6) for the rare cases where you want to avoid clipping a few frames of data on the last track of a disc. Like any drive produced in modern times, it can't overread into the lead-in or lead-out areas - you'd need to dig up some ancient Plextor for that, probably paying a ton of money for one in good shape, and then have to deal with interface issues. I'm not *that* dedicated. For a cheap, modern drive that you can actually buy now, this does a great job.

I can't comment on any other features of the drive - the other 500+ reviews should cover general usage and compatibility well enough. I have a different DVD writer for general use and only use this one for extraction.
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on January 29, 2015
Made by Lite-On for ASUS. Compares favorably to the Lite-On iHAS124. This unit (ASUS) is quieter. Speeds are about the same. Original firmware is stable (no updates required). Cables and mounting screws are not provided for OEM units. Comes with a utility disc that contains EGreen and EHammer (useless for the average user). An overall best buy for the average user IMHO.
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on February 9, 2016
Even though DVDs are becoming more and more obsolite, I thought it would be nice to include one in my PC build.

-not much to say, works perfectly no complaints

-can get REALLY loud sometimes, but isn't a big deal

This product is pretty straight foreward. Uses one SATA data connector and one SATA power connector. It worked with no problems for me. Just lock it into place, put in the cables, and you're good to go.
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on March 13, 2011
Using it on a Windows XP computer. No problems installing, no problems burning, burn speeds are great. Overall a great value and a great burner.
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on January 23, 2015
Great drive. The only reason I bought it for was just to install an OS on my new PC build. It's a bit noisy but I wasn't sitting watching paint dry while the OS did its thing so I didn't take notice after leaving. I'll probably use it to install some other programs and what not and its great for the price. Just make sure you buy from a reliable vendors. Check their reviews!!! Can't stress that.
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on April 7, 2013
I bought this DVD burner in hopes that I could use burnermax payload tool. Well to my surprise it works! The DVD burner I received is burnermax payload capable.
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on October 24, 2014
Not sure how this has so many good reviews but maybe I just had bad luck. I don't know. I get the best seller thing because of it's low price but really? It came in terrible packaging (just a plastic bag in a box) and would not read any disks upon installation. It turned on but that was about it.

I own several ASUS products and this is NOT typical of their quality. This thing is a cheap pile of junk outsourced from China. I returned it and bought a slightly more expensive LG which was packaged nicely and came with it's own cables. Worked flawlessly too. Pass this one up unless you enjoy wasting your time returning things.
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on December 17, 2014
I ordered this so that I could rip a bunch of audio CDs that I need to keep backups of, and I figured for ~$20, how could I pass this up? I installed it into my Windows 7 machine and it came right up and I started ripping in no time! The first 10 went flawlessly. Speeds were good, I heard the usual "whirring" sound when it would start up, and throughout the whole rip, it would maintain the sound, which is all normal.

Starting on the 11th rip, about half way through the process, the speeds would vary wildly (anywhere from 24X to 0.3X and everything in between) and the whirring sound would start, then stop to a dead quiet, then start again, etc. and it would make random "click" sounds. From this point on, it would take a little longer to complete the rip, but it would still complete. After about the 20th CD, however, it kept giving me an error and not finish, even for CDs that I had already ripped (so I know that the CD's not the problem). I tried different CDs, different ripping programs, restarting my PC, checking the drivers, and even letting the drive "cool off", so to speak, even though it wasn't getting excessively warm or anything.

Thank goodness Amazon has a good return policy--this piece of junk is going back! Gonna try one made by LG for about $28 and will update here if that goes any better.

Update: I ordered the LG one and put it through the same ringer--so far so good, consistent and no errors! I say pay the extra ~$6 and get the other one:
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on February 24, 2016
Worked fine for less than 2 weeks then would not open. I used a paper clip and inserted into the hole on the front. The hole is there so you can manually open the drive. What I discovered when I got the drive open was a broken rubber belt. On closer examination, I discovered that the belt appeared to be so old it was cracking throughout its length. This is what typically happens to rubber over a long time as it ages and oxidizes - just like what happens to your car's wiper blades.

It is possible that the drive was built new with an old defective belt or the drive was built with new parts and then sat in storage for a long time. Either way, I paid way too much for 11 days of use. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging after installing the drive and checking to make sure it functioned properly so I doubt that Amazon will honor a return. I learned my lesson though and will never buy this product or from this vendor again.

The first photo shows the broken belt after I removed it. The second photo shows the broken belt stretched only slightly to expose the cracking along its length. I had to be careful to only slightly stretch it to keep from breaking the belt repeatedly into small segments.

Be warned, that you might get yours to last more than 11 days but if it has a belt like mine had, it is doomed to fail prematurely. As much as I love Amazon and the convenience of Prime membership, there are some unscrupulous suppliers that can spoil the experience in a heartbeat. I am going to contact Amazon and see if they will refund without the original packaging. If they go that extra step taking care of their customers, I will be sure to update this review and let you know.
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