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on November 21, 2013
Update 23-Dec-2013
I received my 6th keyboard today and I am updating my review from 1 star to 5 STARS!!. Amazon removed the item from their site threes time to purge the defective inventory from their stock and they finally resoved the problem. My new keyboard is dated 2013.11 and the connection problems appear to be resolved like ASUS informed me they would be. The docking connector is still a bit loose but not near as bad as the other 5 I had that were all dated 2013.10.

This keybaord is a great addition to the TF701T tablet. I purchased this tablet specifically for the keyboard attachment. I have been very disappointed even since I purchased it over a month ago because of the defect. Now that I have a working model I am very happy with it.

Update 20-Dec
Amazon called me today and told me that all the defective keyboards have been removed from inventory. I hope this is really the case this time because they have said this three times now. They are sending me my 6th one today. I will report back on Monday, when it comes, if they have resolved the issue.

Update 4-DEC-2013

I called ASUS directly today and they confirmed that this keyboard has a mfg defect. I was told that they have finally corrected the problem with the connecting hardware on the keyboard. If it has a date of 2013.09 or 2013.10 on the box then it is defective. They told me that the 2013.11.and 2013.12 had the problem corrected. Amazon is currently suspending the sale of this item while they verify that they have the revised version on their shelves. I was told that it will be for sale again within a week from today.

I love amazon for their willingness to act so quickly to resolve this issue.


I purchased the TF701T tablet with the intention of getting this keyboard as well. I was hesitant to purchase the keyboard because of all the bad reviews it had for it losing connection with the tablet. I contacted ASUS prior to purchasing this keyboard dock. I wanted to hear directly from them that the connection issue between the tablet and the keyboard had been resolved. They told me that it had. I went ahead and purchased it and it arrived last night. To my tablet and keyboard lose connection with each other when adjusting the screen angle or moving the device. Asus came out with an Android 4.3 update as well as 2 firmware updates for the keyboard. They all installed fine but my problem still existed. Unfortunately ASUS cannot tell me if it is the keyboard or the tablet that is having the problem.

Amazon is great to work with! I contacted them and they are sending me out a new replacement tablet today. They have also removed the keyboard dock from their site until the issue gets resolved with ASUS. I will not be able to get a replacement keyboard until then. I will update my review, and hopefully change it to a 5 star, at that time.
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on December 11, 2013
I received my third dock today dated 2013.10 on the box, and it has the same disconnection problem that the previous two did.

Update 12/13: I received a replacement from Amazon today (fast and easy as always), and it's still a 2013.10 unit, and it still disconnects. I've sent this one back for a refund, and I'll wait until someone can confirm newer units are shipping.

Update 1/11: I finally got a 2013.11 unit, and it still wobbles, and still disconnects. It's improved from the 2013.10 units, but still not right.

Update 1/22: After 10 days of use, the disconnects have gotten noticeably worse, and I'm returning the unit. Folks on other forums are also reporting the 2013.11 units work ok at first, then get worse.
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on December 11, 2013
The dock will not charge. Despite comments here that Amazon will remove defective product from their shelves, they continue to ship the defective hardware. I returned my first dock dated 2013.10 which would not charge. I was assured by Amazon support that I would receive the new product. Not so... the replacement is also dated 2013.10. Amazon is continuing to ship defective hardware. I am blown away that Asus would release this and continue to allow it to be shipped. What a shame. I use to love Asus products but this is a total waste of money that discredits both Asus and Amazon.
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on December 13, 2013
Poor quality, it constantly looses connection to the tablet and I have to reattach it to regain the connectivity. I also have the old ASUS TF201 w/keyboard and I've never had this issue. The connector/pins are redesigned for the TF701 and needs to be corrected.
Also, the new keyboard is plastic compared to the metal one from the old design, quality went downhill.
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on December 15, 2013
As stated by everyone else, there is a serious flaw in the design of this keyboard. It does not fit the tablet snugly like previous versions so there is slop that causes disconnects. No replacement will fix it. ASUS needs to take this one back to the drawing board.
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on December 7, 2013
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on November 10, 2013
The Dock functions well, almost exactly the same as my old one on the TF101 did, except that I'm experiencing a serious intermittent problem in the connection between the Tablet and Dock. The design of the new tablet and dock allows a fair amount of flex in the juncture of the two, unlike the one on the TF101, which clamped them together quite solidly. Unfortunately, on my combo, modest movement of the tablet with respect to the dock sometimes causes apps to hang or fail, and I frequently experience disconnects from the keyboard and dock that is quite disturbing.

I'm returning my dock for replacement, with the hope that it is the guilty component, but I can't tell absolutely at this point. I suspect the dock because it has the active pins for the connection, whereas the tablet connector has just fixed, flat contacts.

I created reviews for both units, since I don't yet have the problem completely isolated. I'll update both after I have more information.
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on November 20, 2013
Update 1/21/2014 I recieved my fourth replacement and it is a Novemeber dock. Seems like the dock connector either has padding in it or they tightened the cradle to reduce the wiggle. I do still have wiggle(decreased by about 50%) and I do still get disconnects but not as severe as before. Although the disconnects are not as sever as before, when adjusting the viewing angle of the tablet is when it happens consistantly. So currently I need to decide keep it or deal with the disconnects.

Update, just received my replacement and so far both the original and replacement had a starting SN of DAOKCY.....Unfortunately same exact issue, Tablet has a lot of wiggle room in the dock even though it locks into place. The wiggle cause loss of connection from movement or adjustment of the screen, so for example in a car ride or plane it loses connection.

Old Comment( Dock constantly stops working. I just got this last night and already returning it. There is a lot of wiggle room which I'm guessing causes the connectors to loose contact. Also not thrilled about the plastic body in comparison to last year's model with was metal. I can live with the plastic body but not the constant connection issues. Hoping replacement will be better. )
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on January 10, 2014
All units from October and older are defective (this manufacturing date is on the outside of the box). These units only very loosely hold the tablet in the hinge, causing considerable wobble. Because the connector is in this hinge, it too wiggles, causing the dock to frequently disconnect (i.e. keyboard and trackpad stop working). It happened within 1 minute of docking my tablet in an October dock. It is absolutely a defect, not just a poor product. All affected units should be returned to the manufacturer by Amazon as they are unsellable (incredibly high return rate means Amazon loses money on return shipping costs). The incredible part is this defective unit was supposed to be a replacement for my first defective unit! This item has been under review by Amazon (i.e. they stopped selling it themselves) at least 3 times by my count. The problem is easily identifiable: Units dated 2013/10 and older on the outside of the box are all defective, unsellable, and unprofitable. If I were Amazon, I'd personally fire whoever cleared this product to be sold again as they obviously did not remove the defective inventory as they should have.

That being said, my first unit was a 2013/11 (November) unit. This one did not suffer any of the loose hinge issues. But it did suffer another defect (not a widely known one - it may be an isolated incident) whereby the dock would disconnect once its battery had drained (this usually happens within 3 hours starting with both the dock and tablet being fully charged). The dock is supposed to drain itself to charge the tablet, but once it reaches 0% the tablet is supposed to provide it enough power for the keyboard, mouse, etc. For whatever reason, mine did not (the wiggly October unit did not have the same issue).

So there you have it, two separate docks, two separate defects which make them completely unusable. If the November dock (good hinge) didn't have the disconnect-when-battery-dead defect, it would be a GREAT product. I love it for the 3 hours of use I get out of it before it needs plugged in (dock + tablet should last 13+ hours together, not 3 hours with a functional dock and then another 10 without the keyboard and mouse working). If I had received a defect-free dock, I'd have given it 4 stars because of a subpar trackpad and lack of rubber pads on the hinge (the hinge actually lifts up the back of the dock when opened on a flat surface, but provides no grip).

I just also wanted to mention quickly that Asus has the worst quality control of any major electronics brand I've ever had. I've bought at least 4 major items from them, and they have all had issues that should have been caught in quality control. The fact that Asus can manufacture a dock like this for 2 solid months with every single unit produced being defective is absolutely astounding to me. They have permanently tarnished a product, their brand, and the viability of the TF701T tablet.

Both units are being returned for a refund. I would rather have a functional unit, but I simply do not trust Amazon to ship me one. Despite being a company that prides itself on customer service, they continue to sell defective units despite the issue being officially recognized and reviewed 3 separate times. I don't know where they buy their stock, but they need to stop buying and shipping the easily-identified defective units as they are doing a great disservice to their customers and their bottom line.
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on March 14, 2014
Got my keyboard dock and attached the ASUS tablet to it. Connects just fine with no issues other than user error. In other words, if I push the tablet screen away from me as far as it will go on the dock, it will disconnect and if I lift the tablet without supporting the dock it will disconnect. I recommend the Poetic Slimbook case for custom fitting protection and a snug fit between the keyboard and the tablet. I have small fingers so the keys on the keyboard feel roomy like a small laptop. I connect my wireless mouse using the usb port. I don't normally make a habit of using mousepads on laptops and that's also the case with this dock so I can't speak as to it's functionality. Using the mouse makes the tablet/dock combo feel more like using a computer. If you are looking for more of a laptop experience without losing the Android OS, this is the accessory for you. If you get it, make sure to get the Multi Battery Status app by GOOD4SOME1. It shows the battery percentages for both your tablet and dock on the left hand side of the status bar and it's free.
Update 3/26: Having intermitten disconnect issues. Wondering if it would be best to return keyboard for an updated production date.
Update 4/25: I kept the keyboard because of the great features it offers. I continue to have connection issues if I'm using it on any surface other then a desk. Even then, if I'm not careful, it can disconnect if I move the tablet too much. I don't think Asus plans on having any kind of recall or truly addressing the issue. It's a shame because this is an otherwise fantastic little powerhouse.
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