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on May 6, 2011
I've had this keyboard for 2 days now. The build quality on the keyboard itself is great and really makes your transformer look like a netbook. There is no flex in the keyboard which I have seen on my expensive laptops. It is only 8% smaller than a standard keyboard so it's been pretty easy for me to type on. In fact I'm typing this review from my keyboard now. The chicklet keys are great and make it much easier to figure out which key your finger is on. The usb ports recognize my ntfs formatted usb hard drive. I don't have an SDXC card to test it out but from what I'm seeing it should be able to read those cards to giving you a big boost in memory in case you could only pick up the 16gb Transformer like most people so far. The trackpad is nice and responsive but a bit too sensitive. I have found my thumbs inadvertantly hitting the trackpad, but you can disable the trackpad and use a usb mouse or bluetooth mouse with your transformer, pluss the touchscreen still works great. There are plenty of dedicated android buttons. Including a screenshot button brightness, volume, media player wifi, bluetooth, home screen, internet, and menu buttons. Having the ctrl buttons are great when I'm using splashtop to control my PC from my Transformer. Too bad it's missing a recent apps key, but that's always on your screen to click anyway.

Now to the software glitches that keep me from giving this five stars. There are times I've had the keybaord stop responding and have had to remove the transformer and put it back in to get it back on. Also it inadvertantly disables wifi even though my finger was nowhere near that key. Others are having this issue to, and disabling the trackpad seems to reduce the frequency by which it happens, and we're hearing Asus has already heard of the issue and is looking into it. This should be able to be fixed with software considering the keyboard itself even has it's own firmware.

Also another thing to note is that since the Transformer is heavier than the dock it is a bit screen heavy but Asus seems to have alleviated most of this issue with the way that the whole part that connects to the transformer itself also protudes out the bottom to act as a stand to angle the keyboard and help shift some of the weight.

Overall it's a great accessory. Adds 7 hours of battery life, holds your screen up for you, has 2 usb ports and a full size SD card slot. It's obvious Asus really thought about the design of this dock, and it wasn't simply designed to be an added keyboard, but to give your Transformer that netbook feel with a screen that is better than any I've seen on a netbook.

Update 5-9-2011
I've been using the keyboard for 5 days now and wanted to post an update to the software issues I mentioned. For some reason mine have seen to gone away. I can leave the trackpad enabled and have no issues with it losing keyboard or trackpad connectivity, and it's stopped randomly disabling the wifi, so I upped my rating to 5 stars.

Update: 6-11-2011
Been over a month with the keyboard. Asus has an update to the keyboard firmware that fixed a few issues the keyboard was having. I wish there was a battery meter built in on the dock, but there are some widgets out over at XDA that handle this. Keyboard still types very solidly. The battery on the keyboard is great. Sometimes I'll charge just the dock so I can use the tablet away from the wall, then when the dock is done charging plug the transformer into the dock and charge while typing away with buddies on google chat. I probably dock and undock my keyboard over 3-6 times a day and the mechanism is still solid and works very well. This is a great sign since Asus has said this keyboard dock will work with future transformer tablets. That's great knowing I can use my most expensive and favorite accessory going forward.
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on June 21, 2011
The keyboard is a large reason why someone would choose the Transformer over a different tablet, myself included. If you have used an Asus netbook you will be familiar with the keyboard. Despite the size I find I have no issues typing, the separation between the keys helps and the keypress is a good range and feel. I do have to turn the touchpad off because my large hand keeps tapping in that space and Honeycomb OS doesn't allow you to disable "tap to click". But that is easy because it is one of the great quick keys in the top row. The USB ports are cool for additional storage or game controllers, and the extra SD card is nice for backing up or browsing photos off your digital camera. The extra battery life is extremely convenient when traveling, and having the complete unit in its clamshell adds some perceived sturdiness to the unit (if nothing else, the battery section is protecting the screen from shattering).

EDIT 01/01/12: As I document further below, this *used* to have a power management problem, and in fact if you receive a serial number B40, B50, or B60, you will need to contact ASUS for a repair. However, I purchased a replacement dock from Best Buy where I could see the serial number began with B90, and it does indeed work great. I've updated my rating to 4 stars.

THE FOLLOWING is no longer an issue, but I am leaving in place for posterity
The caveat I reference in my title is the battery. Asus designed the keyboard to use
its battery to keep the Transformer charged, but it has no disconnect circuit. So any time the keyboard is attached, even if your tablet is at 99% or 100% and is in standby (not using power), the keyboard battery discharges at 5% per hour. As a result you cannot carry it as a netbook in a bag without losing power. There are reports online also that if the dock battery is at 0% for too long it can never be recharged and you need to RMA it.

EDIT 7/21/11: This became a dealbreaker for me so I returned it to Amazon for a refund. Asus now acknowledged a problem on their Facebook page and say a fix is in the works. If that ends up being true, I will definitely buy one again.

EDIT 9/20/11: As you can see in the comments, Asus acknowledged there was a hardware flaw. If the serial number is a B40, B50, or some with a B60, it needs to go back for warranty repair. And from personal experience with their motherboard support, the Asus RMA process is horrible; they keep losing my information. So I would recommend buying from a store like Best Buy so you can see the serial number on the box ahead of time.
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on May 10, 2011
I finally got my Transformer companion piece, the TF101 Keyboard/Docking Station. I preordered it on and memory express and the latter called me yesterday to let me know it had arrived. I heavily used the tablet itself for 2 weeks before having the docking station, and I've been using it docked for 2 days now.

The docking station turns your tablet into a netbook that weighs a bit under 3 pounds (the keyboard weighs 1.4 pounds by itself). The two fit together easily and there's a slider lock that locks it into place. Even when docked, you can still use the touchscreen for everything except the touchscreen keyboard. The Function keys are all optimized for Android OS and boy, they're handy. You can toggle Wi-fi and Bluetooth on/off, adjust the screen brightness, access your browser, search on Google, access the Settings, all with its dedicated key. The chiclet style keyboard is 92% of full-size keyboards and the keys are very responsive. Same goes for the trackpad. Sometimes it can be a bit too responsive depending how hard you press against it.

There are 2 USB ports that are accessible via a piece that flaps open but it seems to be a magnet-like piece, so be ready to use your nails to pull it out. I bite my nails and it was a bit hard to get to them, but nothing major. I tested the USB ports with various devices: USB portable hard drive (1TB) and a 16GB USB drive. I posted a few pics on this page for you to see.

I also used a bluetooth mouse (Logitech M505) and it worked flawlessly. The external drives were recognized immediately and icons pop up at the bottom of the screen to inform you that an external hard drive has been plugged in. You can either access it right away (and that will take you to File Manager, which is the Windows Explorer of Android) or unmount them. But you need to remember to unmount the drives before disconnecting them, at all times. If you unplug it without clicking on the unmount icon, Honeycomb might freeze up for a few seconds. It looks like it's a bit lost, hehe. So make sure you always unmount your device before unplugging it and all is well. This is something that can be addressed in future firmware updates.

I want to emphazise that having the option to attach all these external drives and being able to access them in File Manager makes the tablet a device for creation. You're now able to copy, paste, move all those files from the tablet to the drives and vice versa. You can have a Word or Excel file saved on the USB and you can quickly open them using Polaris Office (pre-installed on the tablet). You can edit these files and save them onto your usb drive, your external hard drive or even a SD card. If you don't have any of those and you want to save it onto the microSD card, that's fine too. This was one of my pet peeves with the iPad, since it's a device that allows you to access and play media and stuff, but you can't alter, edit, move, paste, etc (unless you are connected to iTunes via a PC or Mac). The Transformer gives you the option of using it on its own with no strings attached.

All of a sudden I'm able to back up files from my USB onto my external hard drive on-the-go, without the need of a PC or Mac. I must say there's a bit of a learning curve for some people when accessing File Manager since the folder system might look confusing to some in the beginning. But it's something you can grasp within hours, if you're an iOS person who's not used to Android. That freedom of being able to edit files that easily, that's pretty neat.

Bluetooth/wireless mouse worked without a problem, but I haven't used it that much. I heard it stops working sometimes and you need to undock the tablet in order to make it work again. That has not happened to me yet. We shall see. A lot of the issues that people may face with Honeycomb will get fixed with firmware updates in the coming weeks or months. But these minor issues don't affect the overall experience. It just shows a promising OS that's still maturing. The Motorola Xoom received its Android 3.1 update today, and we'll be getting the same update in a week or two.

I still need to mention one of the most important features imo: battery life. The keyboard has an extra battery that will add 6.5 extra hours to your battery life. So now you got 16 hours of battery life with your netbook combo. Other devices like the Blackberry Playbook are now getting keyboard docks because Asus came up with this idea but I don't think they'll have a battery built in. And this feature is really, really important, especially if you don't like charging multiple devices all the time, you know you can count on those extra hours if you get stuck somewhere in the boonies where you can't charge it. Fyi, the tablet will always be 100% charged and the docking battery will be the one getting depleted, provided they're always connected.

Minor issues with the keyboard: the keyboard stopped working a couple of times when I was scrolling down the trackpad using two fingers. It also disabled wi-fi while I was doing that same thing. I was reading an article and doing 2 finger scrolling and I experienced a few glitches, and I've read that others have also experienced similar things so it looks like it will need a future update to address this issue.

Ok, so recapping:

Pros: Physical QWERTY keyboard, responsive trackpad that can be toggled off if you keep bumping into it, Honeycomb-specific function keys, 2 USB ports, 1 SD Card reader, connector between Transformer and dock, "net-tablet" on the go, portability, and another battery that adds 8 hours to get a total of 16 hours of battery life.

Cons: keyboard might be a bit small for people with big hands, it might be difficult to dock/undock, Shift Key is a bit small, no Alt key on the left side, it might feel heavy for some people, 2 finger scrolling can disable wi-fi, the arrow keys can't be toggled off.

I tried to think of all the pros and cons that came to mind, if you have more, please add them in the comments section below. I do think this device adds lots to your Transformer, so I gave it 5 stars.
review image review image review image
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on June 22, 2011
Make no mistake, I love everything about this keyboard except one issue that's a deal breaker; the terrible battery drain. When left docked the battery drains exceedingly fast, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% per hour WHILE NOT IN USE. While it may not sound like much keep in mind that if you just left the unit sitting there untouched for a day, when you did pick it up it would have less battery life than if you did not have the dock at all. That's unacceptable for a product that is advertised as nearly doubling your battery life. Unfortunately, I've not seen anywhere that Asus has addressed this leaving me feeling like a sucker for shelling out $150. I would not recommend purchasing unless/until they resolve this issue. The issue effects all docks and has been extensively documented here.
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on September 25, 2012
I bought this keyboard about a week ago and I am so very pleased with it. I use it for everything, taking notes in class, recording the lectures, taking videos on the plane to use so i can make time lapse videos. the pros of this keyboard is that it is very integrated with the tablet. the whole top row of keys are special...they turn wifi,bluetooth,touchpad,camera,music, all on and off. there are 2 buttons for brightness up and down, which is very usefull. i like being able to switch off the touch pad with one single button push, because while i am typing, my thumbs sometimes hit the touchpad and make my cursor move. there is full music control on the top row also(such as next song, previous song, play song, pause song, volume up, volume down, mute all audio. there is an internet key which automatically opens up your default browser. there is a auto brighness key also. the 2 usb ports are useful, HOWEVER DONT EXPECT THE USB PORTS TO WORK WITH A USB POWERED SPEAKER. such as my altec lansing one...

i like being able to be typing away and my brain thinks its a normal computer, then all of the sudden, i can just touch the screen wherever and it is a touch screen. :)

the touchpad is extremely sensitive which is a big plus.

i have a question though...the numbers 1, and six are circled with white on the keyboard...any idea why?

anyways i would reccomend this keyboard with a passion to anyone that wants their tablet to be 100 percent more functional :)

-david king


ok so link doesn't work, but i do have a youtube channel. you can search it: thedavidrussellking
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on August 21, 2011
I used my ASUS tablet for a week before the dock arrived, and while I was very happy with my tablet before I used the dock, I think far more of the device as a set than I did as just a tablet. Now, if I'm not needing a tablet, I can connect it to the dock, and literally go all day using the device. I did a "intense use day" test on it, and literally ensured that the screen stayed on all day... and at the end of 10 hours, I still had 32% battery life left... which I thought was impressive!

I've had the dock for 2 weeks now, and I wholeheartedly recommend it! Here are my observations...

I have no idea what the other folks are talking about with the device randomly turning off WiFi or not working when in "dock mode". ASUS did an automatic update a few days after the dock arrived... maybe that patched whatever problem there was, because I have had no issues at all.

The Docking Mechanism is firm - very firm. The lock is very secure, and the hinge is quite tight. The tablet weighs more than the keyboard, but the hinge also serves as a platform, so if the surface is relatively flat, it works fine.

The weight is a bit less than the tablet, it seems to me, so it about doubles the weight of the device, but its worth it. With the dock attached, it still weighs less than my netbook.

The glidepad is very sensitive, and I tap it with my thumbs while typing from time to time. Sort of wish there was a delay setting where it turns off if you're typing. Maybe there is, but I haven't found it. (My only negative, actually)

A nice thing about the glidepad is that its multi-touch, which is an awesome feature, I think.

The keyboard is laid out very well, and the dedicated keys are a big plus.

The mouse pointer on the tablet when docked is a ring... it looks like the "busy" pointer on Windows 7, which took a bit to get used to.

The USB ports work perfectly, and attaching a portable hard drive worked perfectly. The SD slot is very handy, also. I used it to charge my phone, which was pretty cool.

email is way more functional, as are documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Again, the sum of the parts is outweighed by the two together... it really turned my tablet into a completely useable tool! It basically replaced my netbook, and I'm a die-hard windows guy.

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on June 19, 2011
I've had the exact same experience as a previous reviewer. I received the docking station on 6/7. I charged it fully (till solid green light), and connected it to the Transformer. Everything was working great. I successfully charged the dock, with the Transformer attached, 2 or 3 times. The latest time, on 6/17, the docking station flashed the orange LED, as expected. However, even after 12+ hours charging, it was still flashing orange. The Transformer itself charged to 100%, but the battery in the docking station is at 0%. The keyboard and trackpad still work, but the battery inside the dock is dead. I called ASUS support who advised me to fully charge the Transformer, fully discharge it, then fully charge it back up to see if the battery in the dock would be "recalibrated". There was no change. After calling ASUS back and informing them, they suggested I send it back to them for repair. Why repair a dock that is brand new -- one that obviously had something wrong with it when it shipped? Why not offer a replacement dock? Anyway, I'll be sending this back to Amazon. I won't spend more than MSRP for it though, so hopefully ASUS is able to release more supply (working ones, that is) and the speculators have to back down to MSRP to match in order to get rid of their inventory.
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on May 19, 2011
**UPDATED 8/1/2011** Rough Start BUT Now a Great Accessory!

As the title states, this is an update to my initial review of the Asus TF Keyboard Dock. You can continue reading below (and the additional comments) for the full back-story, but to summarize:

Asus's initial release of this dock had a hardware "defect" (in my opinion) that allowed the battery in the dock to fully discharge. Once discharged, the battery would no longer accept a charge.

They have since corrected this using the more recent builds (I've heard serial numbers starting with B06 and higher) - PLUS they've also added a firmware fix that allows the user the ability to choose between longer battery life on the dock or having it constantly charge the TF tablet (while sleeping).

With both fixes I am no longer experiencing any issues with my dock and have once again been able to really use and enjoy my Transformer tablet and dock. Having the ability to go so quickly and easily from a tablet to a 'netbook' really makes the Transformer stand out from the crowd. I've tried a few of the hybrids out there (i.e. Dell Duo) and nothing comes close to the Transformer Tablet and Keyboard Dock combo!

My only nit is that I wish they had some sort of low level LED light under the keyboard to help better see the keys in the dark, but that's just something *I* would like and doesn't take away from my 5-star rating.

It was nice to see Asus actually responding to this issue, getting fixes out there, and support the early adopters that received the first round of hardware.

**ORIGINAL REVIEW 5/19/11** "DEAD after 7 days and 2 charges.."

As the title states, my keyboard dock "died" after it's first week and only 2 charges.

It will no longer accept a charge and the LED just continues to blink orange. Ironically, I am still able to charge the Transformer itself through the dock, but it appears that the battery in the dock itself has gone belly up.

To add insult to injury, Asus is EXPECTING customers to pay shipping costs to do an RMA on a brand new product. No thanks! It looks like I'll have to wait for them to come back in stock on Amazon or elsewhere and then just do a return of this one.

I really don't like giving out 1 star reviews, but given my own experience with this dock and Asus support - plus anecdotal evidence from others with the same experience in the XDA forums, I think folks should be made aware of the potential build quality.

It is unfortunate because the keyboard and trackpad themselves on this dock are WONDERFUL!! The keys feel great for typing and the trackpad is very response (w/o being over-responsive where you wind up with false 'clicks' all the time). Plus the whole concept of being able to snap your tablet in and out of the keyboard dock is brilliant.

If it were not for the quality issues - i.e. the battery (or charging system) dying within the week - and the horrible support from Asus, this would be FIVE STAR item. However, at this point it's simply a crap shoot on whether you'll get a decent item or not.

*** UPDATE: JUNE 19, 2011 ***

Well, my second dock is now dead also..

I returned the first one to Amazon (was w/i my 30 days) and waiting to order a new one. Finally caught them in stock and had a new dock shipped on 5/31. I plugged it in to charge when it arrived and over the course of the 8 hours, the LED when from a stead red/orange to green. I docked my TF and everything was fine.

Under normal usage everything would worked fine - the battery would drain and then charge - no problems at all.

HOWEVER - There appears to be BIG problem with these docks and I feel this is what is causing (or contributing to) my docks dying. These things have a constant drain on them when the Transformer tablet is attached - even if you power the tablet OFF. [...]

I believe what is happening in my case is that the dock battery drains to a point where it will no longer accept a charge. In both cases, I had the tablet docked to the keyboard - powered OFF - and did not use it for a week or so. When I went to power it on, the tablet/dock had just enough juice to tell me that the battery was very low (I believe around 1%) and that it needed to be charged - and then it shut down.

OK, fine, no problem. I plugged it in to charge and left it.

The tablet charged up to 100% with no issues, however 72 hours later and again I have a keyboard dock with a constant blinking orange LED that will not charge. Again, I tried charging it with the tablet attached and without - no change. The adapter doesn't even heat up when trying to charge which again tells me that something in the battery on the dock is not accepting the charge.

I'll go ahead and contact Asus per the comment they left on this review, but frankly this appears to be a design issue - where the tablet cannot be stored connected to the keyboard for an extended period of time without use.

Unfortunately, I'm sticking with 1 star for this review until this problem is corrected because in my opinion this is a serious issue. Storing your Transformer, powered OFF, closed like a laptop should *not* break the keyboard dock.
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on August 23, 2011
The reason why I purchased this tablet dock is because of the additional battery life the dock "can" provide. It is advertised as an additional 8 hours added to your tablet. Yeah right! When my tablet is docked into the keyboard and turned off, the battery life goes down to ZERO in 3-4 days with NO usage. I currently have the 8/16 firmware and even this latest firmware does not fix the issue. Under settings > display > MobileDock Battery saving mode you check the box to "Diasble wake-up function on keyboard when the deivce is asleep to save more power" I have this checked and when I turn the screen off by touching the power button and then touch a key, the screen comes back on. This means the dock is not sleeping. Apparently people who do not have this issue will not have their screen turn on when a key is touched. Even turning the tablet completely off doesn't change the outcome of the battery drainage issue. How is it draining to 0% in a few days with the tablet comepletely off and connected to the dock?

Anyways to get this repaired you have to get an RMA from ASUS. You have to call the 888 Asus phone number and wait for an hour on hold to get an RMA so you can send it to Texas for repairs. Did I mention that you have to pay for shipping out of your pocket to get this to work the way it should have worked in the first place? Customer support seems to think you have nothing else better to do than to conjure up a story of battery drainage because their "MobileDock Battery saving mode" they updated in the latest firmware should've fixed the issue. Guess what ASUS it didn't. I think you added that MobileDock Battery saving mode feature to fool some people that you fixed the issue. Anyways look up the XDA forums or other Asus Transformer forums regarding this issue. Again it isn't a firmware/software issue that can be updated its HARDWARE. They must open up the dock, take out the faulty chip, and replace it with a different one.

Again, do not buy this keyboard until they discontinue the bad keyboard docks and replace it with ones that will dot drain the battery. Wait until they advertise this! No point in ordering a keyboard only to send it to get it repaired. What a waste of 149.99 plus tax (purchased at Newegg but my tablet was purchased from Amazon).

*********** I shipped my defective dock to Asus in Texas. I just got an email saying that my dock was damaged and I need to pay for $40 for parts and $65 for labor. They sent my a picture of my dock with physical damage on the corner of the dock as if it was pried open.................................. Thank god I took pictures of my dock before shipping it to them. This has been the worst experience of any product that had to be repaired. Sorry I can't post pictures here. I wish I could show you the picture of the damage THEY caused and the picture of my dock I took before shipping it to them. Below is the email I got today 9/9/11. Please think twice before buying this.

My apologies for the delay in sending you this notice. Your RMA has been received; however there is a delay in processing as it has ( damage to the top case of the docking keyboard ), which is not covered under the ASUS manufacturer warranty. For your reference, please review the attached picture(s). For more information in regards to types of damage not covered under ASUS manufacturer warranty, please visit [...], and/or refer to your User Manual.

If you would like to continue with repairs for your ASUS product, please return the completed and signed credit card form by one of the following methods:

Payment will need to be received no later than ( 9/15/11 ) to prevent your RMA from being returned unrepaired on ( 9/16/11 ). Repair process is approximately 3-5 business days from once payment is approved (excludes: parts on backorder and/or shipping/transit time).

Cost of repairs (all amounts are USD) - enter amounts on credit card form:

Parts - $40.00 (Docking Keyboard)

Labor - $65.00

Shipping - please select one shipping method only on credit card form

Sales Tax** - please select one option only on credit card form

********** Update again
I sent them pictures of my NEW condition dock with the battery drainage defect and now they say FedEX damaged it LOL! I found at least 4 other people on the XDA forum who experienced this same issue/scam of "damage" and "charging for repairs/labor" at the Asus Grapevine Texas repair facility.
Here are pics of my Transformer Dock below:
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on February 15, 2012
I was very heppy with this product, at least until I needed to contact ASUS customer support.

I have the TF101 tablet purchased in July of 2011, and the docking station/keyboard purchased in October of 2011. The tablet has been fine, but the docking station has had issues. The first one that I received was DOA, so I returned it to Amazon. The second was fine for three months, but then developed a problem where several of the keys have become intermittent. Note that nothing has been spilled in the keyboard, and there has been no other physical damage. Moreover, the keyboard has had only very light use. Bottom line on the hardware is that ASUS knows how to make a good tablet, but has yet to figure out how to make a reliable keyboard.

Last night I called ASUS customer support and explained the problem. The customer support rep insisted that I reset the firmware back to factory settings, even though it was obvious that there was a hardware problem with the keyboard. He assured me that I would lose no applications. I backed up all documents, pictures, music, etc., to the external SD card, and then called back. Per their instructions I did the reset. Guess what? I lost ALL "Free" Apps, and there is no way to get them back short of finding and re-installing them. By the way, the reset had absolutely no effect on the keyboard problem, so now I have a bad keyboard, and I get to spend untold hours re-installing apps, tweaking settings, re-installing data, and who knows what else. This reset back to factory settings was ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY. To add insult to injury, it will take 2-3 weeks to have the keyboard repaired.

I don't know if Apple's customer support is any better, but at this point, I would sure give them a try!
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