Customer Reviews: ASUS VS229H-P 21.5" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS HDMI DVI-D VGA Back-lit LED Monitor
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on December 5, 2012
First off to address the complaints of "graininess" observed by some owners due to the matte finish: Lower your brightness! The pearly shimmery effect is only noticeble at the maximum 100% brightness which is around 270 cd/m2 (~20 cd/m2 higher than advertised). However, at the max brightness level, most users would find it uncomfortable to use for more than 30 minutes anyway. The factory settings are only set to this max limit to impress buyers in stores and when they turn on the monitor for the first time! The recommended comfortable brightness level for any monitor during regular use is 120 cd/m2 which translates to a setting of 35-40% brightness on this model. The user can easily change this setting through the OSD menu using the built in buttons.

Price - Comparable e-IPS displays from other manufacturers are $200+ (see LG)

e-IPS panel - Viewable from virtually any angle

Matte display - Reflections from nearby lights do not impact the display. Great for nightime/sunlight users.

Negligible ghosting - 5ms response time combined with the built in Trace-free feature set to 60 eliminates most ghosting. This makes the monitor great for gaming and HD video watching. Only professional FPS players would need a higher response time.

Thin - Roughly the thickness of a MacBook Pro! Very slim on a desk or a mount

100mm VESA - Standard mounting holes w/ removable black rubber covers to hide the holes for users that prefer to rock the stand (blends in if not mounted)

Power efficient - 24-30 W after calibration

3 yr warranty/exchange: Asus will replace your monitor within 3 years and pay for shipping both ways. I haven't tried this myself, but I hear Asus customer service is above average for the industry.

Thinner than average bezel

Matte back - Has a carbon-fiber-like texture on the back that makes it look modern

No built in gamma correction - Must be adjusted using your video card

e-IPS - Unlike higher quality IPS panels there is a very small amount of color/gamma distortion if viewed at an angle. However it is still exponentially better than any TN panel. Higher quality panels that completely remove thus effect cost $400+ currently and only graphic designers/photo editors really need that level of color accuracy.

$40 more than cheap TN panels - Extra cost for the latest gen display. Better viewing angles and colors. You be the judge.

Recommended calibration settings:
Brightness: 35
Contrast: 80
Red: 100
Green: 100
Blue: 98
Trace free: 60

These are the settings I came up with after calibration. They can be used as a starting point or ballpark figures if you don't feel like spending hours reading up on monitor calibration techniques. Your actual ideal monitor might vary slightly.

Best price/value monitor currently on the market <$200
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on July 3, 2012
So far I am very satisfied with the monitors. These are actually my first IPS and I can say I am simply amazed and the picture. Before I go on let me post my settings because out of the box settings are the WORST and will make you want to return the item.

Splendid: Theater
Sharpness: 45
Trace Free: 80
Brightness: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Color Temp: User Mode with all colors maxed
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: Off

With those settings everything should look great IMO. I actually bought 3 monitors because I am running SLI configuration for programming and for gaming. Because I have such a small desk, at the moment, I had to angle the monitors 75 degrees from the center monitor. So if you can picture that in your mind, I want to say I have NO problem seeing anything. The colors still look great and gaming is just as fun. Only problem (this is not the monitors fault) is my head hurts from turning lol, just wanted to share that :P

Some might ask if the 21 inch is too small. I can say I was worried about this too because I was using my PS3 3d display beforehand and can say that text is a fraction of a bit smaller. Unless you have really bad eyes, these monitors are perfect size. I also like the size because I have heard the bigger you go, the more you can see the LED backlight. In my case I can say on a totally black screen I see MINOR backlighting; nothing that would make the screen look awful, don't let that turn you away from the monitor.

Some reviewers have had bad outcomes with dead pixels and what not, I bought 3. Not one of them has had any problem except for user error. This user error was I thought all 3 monitors were dead because when I "touched" the power button it didn't respond. Don't fall victim like I did, the power button is under the screen, it is not a fancy touch sensitive button like I thought, again user error. You have plenty of connection options except display port but that is alright because I prefer DVI and HDMI so it really is user preference. No speakers but again doesn't bother me, I use a headset. Lastly, the design is sleek but the stand feels cheap. Just touching the monitor a little and you will notice a bouncing effect (monitor rocks back and forth). This could have been made better but I don't plan on moving them or touching them so not a big deal breaker.

So overall I am very happy with the purchase. The picture looks great at all angles, the frame rate if perfect (even for hardcore gaming, tested BF3 with ultra-settings, SLI 670s, and all three monitors in surround mode and it was PERFECT/BREATHTAKING), and the price couldn't be any more appealing for IPS. You will easily tell the difference from TN to IPS and you will never go back. Thank you for reading the review, if you would like to know more and any questions PLEASE leave a comment. I tend to check my amazon comments often and will do what I can to better help you.

Posted pictures, comment if you need more or anything else. I also want to update that the first thing I did when I got these monitors was run over to YouTube and play a Dead Pixel Color Test. This allowed me to check every pixel and confirmed that all 3 monitors were flawless.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 11, 2012
I just bought two of these monitors, after comparing many monitors. I am happy with my purchase. I have hooked these up via DVI to my computer with them on Dual LCD Monitor Stand desk clamp holds up to 24" lcd monitors Fits perfectly by the way. No flickering, started up great. No dead pixels. I use two HP 2311x 23-Inch LED Monitor - Black at work, and they have pretty bad color inversion at even slight angles (15-20% shift will turn whites a bit yellow), a bit annoying. Not on these new monitors.
Price: The price is very good for an IPS monitor. Now is this professional grade? No. But a small % increase in color gamut with a huge % increase in price is not justifiable to me.
Anti-Glare coating: I did look for this because I have read about a very thick anti-glare coating. To me, the closer you are, ther more noticable it is. At first I was worried because I noticed a pearl essence, a rainbow like color. This was 2 inches from the screen. Once I actually sat back, I don't notice it. I also like the anti-glare coating. No distracting reflections from my window or lights.
Color: The color is great. Out of the box, it does need some calibration, but please, just a little bit, once. It has excellent grey and black levels (as in being able to see subtle differences in shades of grey and black.)
Viewing angle: Great. No color inversion (as expected).
Stand: Wobbly. This is to be expected. No worse than any other stand for any other monitor under $350. Removes nicely once mounted.
Light bleed: I think there is some when there is a solid black background. I don't really know, because I never have a solid black screen. I don't notice it, so it doesn't matter to me.

Purchase reasoning: I wanted budget pricing, but good color reproduction. I game some, design some, etc. I like the low power consumption, with the clarity and anti-glare coat. One big point for me is the integrated power converter, muted color of the bezel, and physical buttons. The internal power converter is great for mounting, less mess. The physical buttons I trust more than the touch buttons on other monitors. This monitor is also light ~ 7 lbs. Add in the 3 year warranty, and I think this is a good deal.

Hope this helps.
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on October 23, 2012
I am an avid photographer and have been doing all of my editing on a 4:3, 19" monitor. I have wanted an IPS display for a long time, but the cost had been prohibitive and they were a compromise when it came to video and gaming. When the prices and response times began to drop dramatically, I felt it was time to take the plunge. There are several very good displays in the under $300 range and the decision wasn't an easy one. The Asus 239 showed a lot of promise both in user and professional reviews. The one consistent knock was the stand and that was easily rectified with a fully adjustable Gateway garage sale find ($5.00).
Brightness was the only substantial adjustment made out of the box, with the balance of factory settings to be very good. I found "0" bad pixels and the contrast and sharpness are exceptional. The first time I opened Lightroom, my jaw dropped. My photos have never looked better. This display has allowed me to see things in my photos I had missed with my previous monitor. I have found myself going back through my favorite photos and re-adjusting them now that I can appreciate their full color potential.
I have also watched several movies and videos as well as play a couple of my favorite games and have noticed little to no streaking or ghosting. Given what I paid for this display, it has become one of the best purchases I've made.
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on November 8, 2011
I was convinced to purchase two of these recently launched monitors after searching for a cheap IPS monitor. It also helped that there was only a $20 price difference (at time of purchase) between this and the similarly sized VS228H-P.

After receiving them, set up was simple. There are some preset brightness/contrast settings, but I typically leave them off. The colors are spot on and the picture is great. Whether playing a video game or watching a movie, there is no ghosting or slow down.

However, not everything is great. In the two original monitors I purchased, I found severe lightbleeding coming from the bottom left corner of the panel. This is only partially noticeable during normal usage and lighting, but anytime a darker image shows on the screen or the monitor is used in a low light environment, it is extremely distracting. I do not know if this a temporary manufacturing defect since the product just launched, but I after exchanging the worse of my two original monitors, I still found the same issue on the newer monitor.

- Good Price
- Plenty of ports (hdmi, dvi, vga)

- Backlighting issue
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on August 23, 2012
I got two of these to replace my dying CRT. Here's what I was aiming for, and how they measure up.

Resolution: My CRT had 1920x1440 resolution, for a total of 2,764,800 pixels. Anything less would be a downgrade. Two of these is 4,147,200 pixels, a nice upgrade.

Affordability: I don't have the money for higher-resolution displays. Two of these are much cheaper ($153x2 = $306) than just one of the cheapest 2560x1440 screens ($389).

Image quality: Everything should be shown accurately. As these are IPS displays, there's none of the weird color inversion at different angles that happens with TN displays. However, color calibration is necessary and there are still some issues.

Quality issues:
* The default settings are terrible. It feels like they were made by the marketing department so images would "pop out" with oversaturation and artificial sharpness. A monitor calibration site with test images helped me a lot. Make sure to set sharpness and "trace free" (controls ghosting/afterimage) as well (I set these options on both monitors to 30 and 40, respectively).
* The backlighting has problems with dark images. There's a maroon tint around the screen edges. This isn't very distracting to me, but I imagine it would be problematic for color-critical work.
* Brightness varies with viewing angle. Although colors are stable, I can easily see the brightness change when I move my head, especially vertically.
* The stands are cheaply made. The screens wobble for a few seconds after my desk is jostled. Also, it would have been really nice if there was height adjustment.
* One of them has a dead pixel. I usually don't notice it, even against a white background, but when I do see it it's annoying, like a speck of dust that just won't come off.

Overall, it's a good budget monitor for general use. Once it's calibrated, colors are pretty accurate (except for dark images). The response time is also good (no noticeable input lag). However, if you have the money to spare, I suggest looking into something better.

P.S. The "Persistent Perfection" referenced in my review's title is from Asus's slogan that comes up when the monitors turn on: "Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection."
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on December 1, 2012
Never owned an ASUS product before, but if this is an indicator, their products ought to be fantastic.

Color and Picture: I'm not a color expert here, but compared to a similarly sized HP LCD the colors are richer, and seem accurate in an apples-to-apples comparision I did. The viewing angle is, as promised, very wide (right about 180, or the advertised 178 degrees for IPS), which is huge for me; the computer it's connected to (a 2010 mac mini) is for my teenage son, and I can easily see what he's doing on it no matter where I'm standing.

Audio: In case there is any question, this monitor has NO SPEAKERS. The audio that comes over HDMI can be gotten only from the headphone port on the back connection panel. Connecting headphones and external speakers to it produced no issues, and the sound quality was identical (to my ears) to what comes from the computer itself.

Ergonomics: One issue I have with this item is that the base is too light (or the hinge too firm) when making angle adjustments, so you'll need to use 2 hands to do it. I can make these adjustments one-handed on my HP, but I suppose that's really a minor issue as most will not make regular adjustments. The second issue I have is the menus, for which the button usage to navigate is not intuitive. The only reason this is important is that I like most users will only get in there once in a while, so at least for me it's a learning curve all over again to get what I want. Again, not a major issue in daily use.

If you can get this with the $10 rebate, it's the cheapest thing out there in its class, and performance is excellent. Recommended.
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on October 10, 2012
this monitor is a huge upgrade for me, coming from a nearly decade-old dell 17-incher, that despite its age was still performing ably - just wanted something more. this... well this is definitely more! the picture quality of this monitor is fantastic, and leagues and leagues beyond my old TN monitor.

a few notes from the unboxing and initial plug-in: i found the default brightness, contrast, and saturation to be too high. i also had a bit of trouble getting the full resolution to appear without flicker - but i found that this was due to the need to update the driver for my graphics card. i also tweaked the focus setting until it looked right to my (undoubtedly different than your) eyes. once those tweaks were done, all was in good order. i did try out the eco-mode setting - skip it; it caused the brightness and contrast to change by intervals depending upon the amount of text that was visible on a spreadsheet, and was very distracting. fortunately it's pretty green on electricity as it is.

a couple things to note from other reviews i've seen around the interweb - some people complained about a "film" over the screen, and indeed, while it's not truly a matte finish, it's not glossy either. the screen has a sort of pearl finish, so that on white or bright blue screens or screen areas, there is an iridescence there that some may find distracting for very detail-oriented editing projects. on a completely black screen (term used loosely), there is indeed noticeable light bleed from all corners, most noticeably on this particular one on the lower right corner. additionally, this light-bled area, when seen from an angle slightly to the side, does have a bit of a maroon tinge to it. coming from an old TN monitor, however, it still looks good, and that tinge is something i'm used to seeing i suppose.

another big difference is viewing angle - and a lot of reviews seem to tout this as a hugely important aspect of the experience (maybe i'm old fashioned, but i'm usually in front of my computer when i'm using it, so this isn't a major thing for me). i did look at it from side angles, and while the colors stayed true, there was a little loss of brightness as the angles got more and more obtuse.

to test the various things i'll use it for, i switched only between the standard and theater "splendid" modes. in standard mode, a large spreadsheet, zoomed out, in a small font, was crisp as new linen. so were a couple of detailed google sketchup projects i pulled up, as well as photos i pulled up for my amateur-but-anal-retentive style of editing. the pearlescence of the finish did nothing to detract from any of these projects, and honestly i didn't even notice it, except when i was deliberately looking at it.

in theater mode, the crash scene in Super8, streaming from Netflix, was crisp, clear, and enjoyable to watch. the light bleed / maroon issue wasn't a distraction in watching this scene - which occurs against a black background; maybe being in theater mode helped in this regard due to the naturally lower brightness level. (incidentally, this scene is where i well noticed and corrected the color saturation level, so that it no longer appeared that all the children in the scene were wearing lipstick.) truly, the light bleed i'd seen on a black screen made not the slightest bit of difference to my enjoyment or to the functionality of the screen. i didn't notice it, and don't remember even if i looked for it - but if i forgot to look for it then it wasn't really an issue, was it?

it should be considered, in all this, that i was coming from an old 17" 4:3 TN monitor (that needed cleaning, too, if i'm honest) - i am not coming from a 23" IPS monitor of a different kind to this one, and if that's you, you might seriously consider seeing this in action or side-by-siding it with something else if at all possible, particularly if your profession or obsessive hobby requires that you use this monitor to fine-tune photos or something.

the only connection i used was VGA via the supplied cable. i did not use either the HDMI connection or the DVI, so i cannot comment on their functionality. are there built-in speakers? honestly, i don't know; i think there are but they'd only work with an HDMI connection, which i didn't test. and you should never read a review of built-in monitor speakers, since they're always going to be lousier than a ten-dollar pair of discrete speakers.

only other comment - the OSD and buttons to navigate it are unintuitive - the up-down-left-right of it takes some getting used to. they're also very uncomfortable to use, being mounted along the bottom edge. not a big deal all in all, but worth mentioning if your a constant fiddler.

overall, i'm extremely pleased with this, and i would wholeheartedly recommend it. for the price (which amazon lowered by 5 bucks IMMEDIATELY after i bought it, you jerks!), you can't beat it.
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on October 19, 2012
I bought 2 of these and received them both on time and in flawless condition. No dead or stuck pixels. Although I don't have any color calibration equipment I am very pleasantly surprised at how well these monitors perform when running through a few online monitor-calibration web sites. I am upgrading from a Samsung Synchmaster 2232BW and this monitor outperforms or equals in every respect. Also, both of these monitors display colors/brightness/gamma extremely similarly right-out-of-the-box, so there was VERY little tweaking needed for me to get them to match up.

To be honest, I'm completely clueless as to what people are talking about with regards to the "Film" problem. It was the one big worry I had, but now having two of these side-by-side in front of me I am 100% satisfied.

The only minor quibble I would have is one with regards to space. All of the cables plug in perpendicular to the back plane of the monitor (instead of down or to the side). This means that your cables add the the effective depth of the monitor. Meaning that if you were hoping to put these right next to a wall, you would be out of luck because the cables are protruding from the back. There are solutions, of course: Cables to Go 03152 6 feet/1.82 Meters 18 AWG Universal Right Angle Power Cord IEC320C13R to NEMA 5-15P - Black or Belkin Pro Series DVI-D Dual-Link M to M Cable (10 ft.)

Luckily for me, I have plenty of space away from walls.

UPDATE 1: 11/20/2013
Today one of the two monitors failed after only 13 months. Most of the left side has pink lines and sort of a "burn in" image look to it. The monitors have never been moved or jostled post-installed. The ambient temperature in my house is 70 degrees +/- 4 degrees. There are no environmental reasons for this monitor to fail, it failed because its manufacture quality was deficient. I docked 2 stars from my otherwise 5 star review due to the short life span.

UPDATE 2: 12/2/2013
HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! I RMA'd the monitor. The whole process was EASY and cost about $15 for shipping and packaging. I received a packaged-like-new replacement, including new cords and instructions etc 7 days after I sent the broken one in. This is BY FAR the best warranty experience I've ever had. The new monitor is flawless as far as I can tell. It perfectly matches my other "old" unbroken monitor. BACK TO 5 STARS due to AWESOME SERVICE.
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on April 12, 2012
I was looking for a monitor to go with my Dell XPS so I tried a 22 inch LED Dell monitor on sale for $129 but the colors seemed dull. The store was nice enough to let me test the ones on display since I took my laptop & HDMI cable. Many other monitors seemed dull as well. Sharp but the colors just weren't right. The guy at the store suggested the most affordable IPS they had -- this one, the ASUS VS229H-P (which they sold for $179 plus tax = $192). Finally, I found what I was looking for... colorful and the text was sharp. Luckily, they didn't have it in stock so right from the store I looked it up on Amazon mobile app and found it for $163 ($29 less). Two days later via Prime, bam -- an awesome monitor now complements my Dell XPS.

Amazing color, bright & sharp.
Price -- can't beat $163 for IPS.
Design -- very sleek, nice stand (moves up & down).
Connections (HDMI, DVI & VGA).
Good response time.

No speakers (you can connect external speakers, of course).
No vertical stand.

Overall an excellent monitor. If it had built-in speakers (which most people don't care about anyway) & a vertical stand, it would be the (100%) perfect monitor... but those are nit picks. A well deserved 5 stars!
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