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on September 25, 2011
Size Name: 23.6 InchVerified Purchase
I've been holding off on this, because I wanted to spend some time with it to give an experienced review. I'm just dumping a lot of details out there for you to absorb and make your own decision, but don't get me wrong, this is an AWESOME monitor for those of us that don't care for glossy screens.
I didn't buy this for the size; I bought it for the LED backlight, 2ms response, 1920 resolution, and the high contrast ratio. It just happened to be the only size I could get with those requirements.

This monitor does not come with speakers, but does come with a headphone jack located next to the video ports in the rear. This headphone jack is, to my knowledge, fed purely through HDMI if your video card supports injection of audio along with the video it displays (My GTX 560 Ti supports this). There is no way to control the volume for this port via the monitor and you will need to rely up the volume control provided through your OS or headphone's controls.

My monitor arrived with 100% of the pixels working; not one single stuck or dead pixel. This was the first thing I checked for when I received it.
The 2ms response time is great. I don't see any ghosting or other types of lag. I tested this with Transformers 2. During the scene where the Devastator comes together my 60Hz TV was so laggy it was hard to see all of the details; with this monitor I was able to see every intricate detail of the vehicles connecting together to form the Devastator. Now I want to upgrade my TV.
Compared to any other LCDs I have, this has very little color distortion based on different viewing angles. The only time colors show noticeable change is when looking from a higher viewing angle (not left, right, or below).
Sometimes, during a solid colored screen, I think I see minor light-bleed effect in some areas, but lately I haven't. It's very rare/negligible and not noticeable at all during use.
The screen itself is very bright, colors are vivid, and whites are white and not yellowed (it puts my 2008 MacBook to shame).
I have been satisfied with all the default color settings. It comes with six pre-programmed modes. I normally only use Game/Theater/Standard modes. Similar to shopping for TV's in a store, once you switch to Standard you'll think "Eww, that's so bleached", but once you walk away and come back it looks awesome again. The Theater mode is configured more for darker pictures.
Since it's dynamic contrast, I noticed during testing that a screen of pure black is not as black as I'd like (because it has nothing to compare/adjust against), but once you pull up an actual picture with content or play a video blacks are dark black, whites are bright white, and it does very well at displaying the various levels of contrast in between.

It's pretty thin and seems well built. The base is very easy to take on and off for transport, but you may want to use a screwdriver if you're OCD and the 1-2 degree of possible rotation from only hand-tightening annoys you. The screen sits level and doesn't lean at all one way or the other. There is a indentation in the back, probably mainly for heat dissipation, that I've been using as a handle-grip for transporting to LAN parties. This seems to work rather well, even if it's not intended to be used this way. The monitor itself stays really cool and I hardly notice any luke warm air coming from it even when I'm right up to it.

Other Thoughts
As much as people complain about the reflections of glossy screens, I don't think the Aero/"ooh, shiny object" effect of the gloss will ever seem inferior to my non-glossy screen (remember that TV shopping effect?). At the same time I am glad to have a non-glossy screen and am really surprised at how well it handles the colors for being such. It's both a pro and a con for me.
I have no issues viewing text on this screen. I had a laptop with a 15.5" LCD running at 1920x1280 and never (okay, rarely) had any issues reading small text, and I can tell you this 23" 1920x1080 screen is much easier to read, because... well... all 2+ million of those pixels are larger than on my 15". Sure, my dad may still complain about the font, but all-in-all if you have trouble reading small things get a display with a lower native resolution (else things typically get blurry when you lower from the native resolution) or attempt to utilize the operating system's built-in scaling settings. The text itself displays nice and crisp, just how I like it.

*2014 Note: This was a 2011 review of the ASUS VS247H-P. It seems Amazon has since reused the listing and/or reviews to now be attributed to a newer model.

Originally posted: 2011/09/24
Last edited: 2014/08/02
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on September 7, 2011
Size Name: 23 InchVerified Purchase
I ordered two of these and a dual monitor stand. After much research I had a few hesitations about ordering these as they are the same hardware it appears as the VS238H which as a lot of reviews here and on new egg.

So to address the complaints I saw in 1% of the reviews.

First complaint I saw was the stands. I can see how the stands could leave a little to be desired but these things are so light and thin a more substantial base would look out of place. I personally wouldn't let this take away from the monitor. Since I am not using the included stands that is where I will leave this.

The second issue I had seen people complain about was the uneven back light. If you look for it in darker modes under motion you can see it a little. Still nothing I would choose not to buy it over, and maybe they refined it in the VS238H-P from the VS238H.

The third issue I had seen on other reviews was color, like most LCD's its not true to life, but with some effort on the adjustment it looks great.

The back light at 100% is too bright for my taste, so turning it down to about 50% is where I like it.

Motion is smooth, fonts are crisp. I'm using a modified graphics driver that allows me to set the resolution over VGA to full 1080p I had seen some people complain that it wasn't as crisp using VGA but I think that is a driver/video card issue (or user error) more than a monitor issue. At 23 inch 1080p is the perfect size the fonts a good size, my laptop has 1050 vertical resolution on a 15 inch and it can make things too small. I wouldn't go any bigger without going to a higher resolution which is hard to find. However use DVI if at all possible and if using dual monitors make sure to use two DVI not a VGA and DVI.

The backs are a carbon fiber style texture which look good (I could see it collecting dust though). The front bezel is piano black (glossy) I will never understand this trend, but in my set up I have no light behind we to deal with.

For the price these can't be beat, if you are a high end graphics designer or photo editor you should look at a higher price point. Programmers, CAD, data entry, web browsing, gaming, and just about ever other use these are perfectly fine. I do not have any stuck or dead pixels that I have noticed.

I'm not sure you could improve this monitor without greatly increasing the cost.

If you are having issues with the font try different view modes the Scenery modes don't do fonts justice.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on January 16, 2014
Size Name: 23.6 InchVerified Purchase
So I already own one of these monitors, which I bought back in early 2012 from a local electronics store. It was fantastic, great colors, great response time, sharp images, practically perfect.

Two days ago I bought an exact same model from and couldn't wait to get it set up in my new home. I finally have enough space for a dual-screen setup. My excitement got zapped when I plugged the monitor in and placed it side-by-side with my existing VS247H-P. The new monitor's sharpness looked very off, and it has a very noticeable yellow tint compared to my older monitor, which is still in perfect condition. No matter how I adjusted the configuration of the display (Scenery, Standard, Theater mode, RGB colors, brightness, contrast, etc.) I could not get it to match the same excellent output as my existing one.

I am hoping this is not the case with all the recent versions of the VS247H-P model... It would be a shame given the vast majority of people have good reviews of this monitor. Hopefully I received a fluke, I have tried getting another one and we will see how this new one turns out...

Will provide another update later.

Update 1/17/2014. So the new model STILL looked tinted yellow. And again, I reset both monitors to factory settings, set it to "Standard Mode", and find a very noticeable color difference. This is a huge problem for me trying to work on dual screens for image and video apps. I don't know why both models I received exhibit this issue with the washed out colors. Disappointed to say the least.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear M. Weng,

If you've already contacted Amazon, please let me know how the replacement turns out. My email is Please include case#3348240 in the subject line. ASUS Customer Loyalty is here to listen and respond to your concerns and to help you with a positive ASUS experience.

ASUS Customer Loyalty
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on December 21, 2011
Size Name: 24 InchVerified Purchase
I bought this monitor about 2 months ago and I have to say that I'am quite pleased with it. The colors on it look great after calibration. The monitor has a fast response time and low input lag. The design is aesthetically pleasing, though it has a somewhat cheap feeling to it. The monitor has 1 VGA, 1 DVI, a headphone jack (Headphone jack only works with HDMI) and an HDMI input. Out of the box it includes all the cables necessary for connecting your equipment except an HDMI cable. I mainly use the monitor with my Xbox 360 via HDMI and it looks great. I originally thought that 24" was going to be too big, but it fits perfectly on my desk with just barely enough room to spare with the shelf above the monitor. The monitor also comes with a 3 year warranty from Asus so I have peace of mind about my purchase. I highly recommend the Asus VS248H-P and will definitely continue shopping with Amazon.

Since the monitor doesn't come with an HDMI cable here are some below.

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (6.5 Feet/2.0 Meters) - Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [Newest Standard]

Mediabridge Ultra Series - High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - (6 Feet) - Category 2 Certified - Supports 3D & Audio Return Channel [Latest HDMI Version Available]

I personally bought my HDMI cable from Monoprice. I don't recommend ever buying an HDMI cable from a retail store because they are overpriced and will not perform any better than a $10 HDMI cable bought online.

EDIT: I have had this monitor for just over a year now and it is still going strong. Very happy with my purchase and I don't think I could have bought a better monitor than this one for the price I paid back in October 2011.
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on March 9, 2013
Size Name: 23.6 InchVerified Purchase
Monitor has a great sharp picture, awesome vibrant colors. I really like this monitor and hope I get many years of use out of it. Nice step up over my old acer lcd. The built in presets work well I have not had to adjust outside of using the presets. Asus also claims a good warranty, I hope that its never needed however it is a little piece of mind.

10/30/13 - Update, monitor has developed some odd discoloration over night some-how.. I turn on my PC one after noon and notice a nice purple banner style discoloration on white webpages.
I have been trying to use the "warranty" for a month to no avail. I have jumped through all their requested hoops in order to RMA and use the "worry free warranty" I have called 6+ times, 5+ emails got no where I lost count.
I did not expect such bad service from asus.. Upon looking around their warranty/rma service has sure went down hill - and its very true.. Seems as if im stuck with a junk monitor only months down the road, never abused or anything of my fault to cause this issue.. Avoid this company - I will never buy anything asus ever again asus has left me bitter they aren't even decent enough to email back..
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on December 21, 2011
Size Name: 21.5 InchVerified Purchase
The picture on this monitor is absolutely beautiful, as is the monitor itself.


- PHYSICAL CONSTRUCTION, stand included, is sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about knocking the monitor over or breaking it. TILTING the monitor is efforless, and it rotates up and down enough that I don't have to worry about my seat height, i.e., if I sit high and need to make the monitor face up to face me, it is easily done.
- I don't do photography work, so I don't worry about calibration and so on, but the COLORS are vivid and clear. It has several convenient color modes, including a "warm" one, which I use in the evening to relax my eyes before bed.
- The picture is very sharp. This is because such a high resolution is packed into a 21.5 inch screen. The PIXEL PITCH is as good as you will get in this generation's monitors that are in a usable size.
- The VIEWING ANGLE is absolutely amazing.
- Has a HDMI port for extra devices!


- None really.
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on July 11, 2013
Size Name: 24 InchVerified Purchase
I ordered 2 of these and both had light bleed issues worse than what I was willing to deal with. I returned them for a refund.
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on October 26, 2014
Size Name: 21.5 Inch
Purchased 4-2014 from Amazon. ASUS won't honor warranty, have spent hours on emails, online chats, phones calls over the past three weeks. VS228HP Warranty clearly states "ASUS Rapid Replacement Warranty...Along with a 3 year warranty for the display panel and system, you get the complimentary ASUS Rapid Replacement service that covers free 2-way shipping and offers free cross-shipping that swaps any defective unit with a replacement." ASUS will not even pay for one way shipping and will not provide the Rapid Replacement service. Their approach is to wear you down until you go away. I own ASUS displays and laptops, they are my last.
Update Nov 8, 2014...Sent in monitor after fighting to get free shipping label, ASUS received the display on Nov 4, 2014. I inquired about when I would get replacement, got the following email on Nov 7: "The repair Facility have your device on their department last November 4, 2014. Currently the repairs are pending, there are parts that are not available and waiting for the stock to arrive." Exact wording. Bottom Line, at least for me, the ASUS warranty is worthless, keep that is mind when buying their products.
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on January 24, 2014
Size Name: 21.5 InchVerified Purchase
The monitor itself is fair. I have three of them but one of them stopped syncing over a 1080P HDMI signal which is what I need it for. If I plug the same HDMI cable into either of the other monitors, they work just fine. This unit is defective. I can understand that, it happens. I opened an RMA and shipped it to the repair center (on my own dime) and they promptly shipped it back to me without repairing it.

Really? In what universe is that acceptable? I've had many monitors and other pieces of computer hardware over the years and rarely have any of them had an issue. Those that did were promptly replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. For some reason, ASUS thinks it's good practice to ship defective hardware back to the customer. Fair enough, if ASUS doesn't care to support their customers then I don't care to be one anymore.
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79 of 91 people found the following review helpful
Size Name: 27 InchVerified Purchase
I was looking for a larger monitor to replace my Samsung 23" LED model S23A350H. Aside from surfing the web and checking email, I also use the monitor for PC games/gaming. I purchased my monitor directly from J&R, because they offered free shipping and a $10-off coupon for any purchase (but only from their website). I paid 289 bucks. I ordered it on a Sunday, they shipped it Monday, and it was delivered to me on Wednesday. I've ordered from J&R before (direct and through Amazon), and they do a good job...even with returns. The model is ASUS VS278Q-P (27 inches).

I checked into monitors above 27", but they were very expensive (600 bucks and up, plus their response time is much higher--and that's bad). Some monitors above 27-inches with low response times and higher resolution were 1200 bucks or more. I don't pay that kind of money for technology, because the prices always plummet in a few years due to even newer technology! After doing some research at various monitor manufacturer websites, it seems that most companies don't produce monitors over 27" right now; companies that do make them bigger either 1) call them TVs, or 2) make them at higher resolutions that cost a lot more...response times tend to be higher too. A TV may be okay at 1920x1080, because you aren't sitting a couple feet from the screen; but if you have a monitor larger than 27" with 1920x1080, then you will notice text and graphics are a bit grainy when sitting a couple of feet away (check reviews for monitors larger than 27" that use 1920x1080 and you'll notice comments about grainy text/graphics).

My main concerns were size, brand/reliability/quality, response time (lower is better), screen resolution (higher is better), dynamic contrast radio (higher is better), and user reviews. Since I purchased the monitor online, I did not see it in real life before I buying it.

The monitor is big, clear, no pixel problems, excellent display. The brand is well known, and reviews for their other monitors are good. The response time is 1 ms (excellent). Screen resolution is standard 1920x1080. Dynamic contrast ratio is high compared to other monitors in its class. And most user reviews were 4 or 5 stars (look at the reviews on Newegg for this model; there are 40+ reviews there).

The onscreen display (OSD) controls are standard (I find all monitor controls a bit clunky, and this one is no exception).

It includes built in speakers. Why?! Don't buy this for the speakers. It's a monitor. Buy the monitor. The speakers are 2 watts and they are on the inside back of the monitor, facing away from you (so the sound is noticeably behind the monitor). If you use an HDMI cable, then the speakers may not appear to work (that's because the sound is being fed through your graphics card, and you need to change the "sound playback" setting in's not worth it). Turn-off the volume for the monitor speakers and don't mess with them. Be happy with the lovely display.

Some people mentioned that you need to mess with the settings for a while to get it looking good. I've found that true of every monitor I've purchased. Take a good look at your favorite pictures before you switch monitors and try to replicate the image (or run your old and new monitors side-by-side if you can, and adjust the new one to match the old one).

After some fiddling around, here are the settings that I liked the best:

* Theater Mode

* Brightness: 70 (default = 90)
* Contrast: 60 (default = 78)
* Saturation: 55 (default = 50)
* Color Temp: User Mode (default)
** R: 100 (default)
** G: 100 (default)
** B: 100 (default)
* Skin Tone: Natural (default = Reddish)
* Smart View: Off (default)

* Sharpness: 50 (default = 45)
* Trace Free: 60 (default = 80)
* Aspect Control: Full (default)
* ASCR: Off (default)

Input Select
This just let's you switch between VGA/HDMI1/HDMI2/DisplayPort.
You can do the same thing by pressing the button to the left of the on/off button.

System Setup
* Splendid Demo Mode: Off (default)
* Volume: 0 (default = 50)
* ECO Mode: Off (default)
* OSD Setup
** H-Position: 100 (default = 50)
** V-Position: 9 (default = 50)
** OSD Timeout: 20 (default = 30)
** DDC/CI: On (default)
** Transparency: 0 (default)

* HDMI: 1
* 1920 x 1080
* 68 KHz, 60 Hz
* VS278Q

Language: English (default)

All Reset: No (default)

The above information is a list of the monitor settings that worked best for me (listed in the order that they appear in the monitor's settings menu); this is NOT a list of the monitor specifications. If you want to know what some of the above settings/terms mean, then you can go the ASUS support site and download the manual for the monitor; I've also included a link to the manual in the comments to this review.

My PC is running Windows XP SP3, and the monitor works just fine. No driver or software came with the monitor, and it runs just fine without it. I checked the ASUS support site, and it looks like they have a monitor driver for Windows 8.

When ASCR is "on", the monitor is brighter, and ECO Mode is disabled (and the brightness setting is disabled). When ECO Mode is "on", the monitor is brighter, and ASCR is disabled (and both the brightness and contrast settings are disabled). I don't like my monitor glaring bright, so for me ASCR and ECO are off and my brightness and contrast are turned down a bit.

Your graphics card driver may impact how your display looks. If the above monitor settings don't work for you, then try updating your graphics card driver. Always keep a copy of your old driver even after you update to the new driver (in case you want to switch back to the old driver). A graphics card driver can change how the display looks (colors can go from bright/vibrant to dull/dark/washed-out).

This monitor includes a 3 year warranty. And they also offer a recycling program.

The box comes with:
* monitor
* base
* HDMI-to-DVI cable (I use this one)
* VGA-to-VGA cable
* Audio cable
* Power cord
* Quick start guide

I'm very pleased with my purchase.

UPDATE 3/4/13

I purchased another one of these monitors for a friend. This time I purchased it "used--like new" from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Currently, Amazon has two "used--like new" listings: one that says "Item may come repackaged" in the description, and one that does not have that phrase in the description. I purchased the one that does not have that phrase in the description. It was shipped in the original box, and contained all of the original contents. Aside from a scratch on the edge of the monitor (not on the screen, just on the black edge around the screen), the item is "like new".

By accident, Amazon left the prior return form in the box. It didn't have any personal information on it, but it did have the reason why the prior customer returned the item: "discoloring on the monitor". Well, after testing it, there is no discoloring. So, either that person wasn't telling the truth just to get Amazon to pay for return shipping, or they did not know what monitor settings to use in order to achieve the best results.

So, a big "thank you" to that person, since I saved some money by purchasing it "like new".
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