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on October 23, 2014
Stock software is better but still a pain for power users. Loading tomato was a little more difficult due to requiring setting it into recovery (repeat after flash and wipe nvram). Once you know, it's faster to get into.

Technically the hardware isn't that much better than others, you are paying for looks and software.
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on June 9, 2014
Disappointed with the quality of this router. I expected more from the number one motherboard manufacturer. Asus has let me down for the first time in many years. The quality simply is not there. The router intermittently stops working and needs to be reset. This only takes a few seconds but it is terribly annoying and there seems to be no way of fixing it. The speed is great, the interface and ease of setup is great. The design is sleek and looks sharp. Above all else I expected quality with this brand. Asus is on par with Apple as far as the quality of their products (In fact asus makes many of the motherboards found in apple products) and for me that means a device that works reliably. Sometimes the wifi stops working daily, other times it will stop working once a week. I can deal with it but the simple fact is I shouldn't have to. 3 Stars.
- Mr College Student
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 9, 2015
I hooked this up to replace an older Belkin N150 router that began dropping connections intermittently. This one didn't do much better. A few days after hooking it up I had to reboot it, and I've reliably had to do this twice a week.

Also, the 5G signal does not come out strong at all. I am using two separate SSIDs for 2.4G and 5G, and if you are not in the same room as thr router, the 5G falls off a cliff, while the 2.4G stays strong. In my dining room, a flight down from my router, I get two wifi bars on 5G and full (five) bars on 2.4G. This is with a new Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter that I bought off Amazon and installed weeks ago, so there is no issue with my WiFi adapter.

I'm rolling with it for now. It was under $40 so I couldn't expect greatness.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Marty,

We want to thank you for making an effort in posting this review and we appreciate it. I understand that you have some kind of issue with the range of the wireless signal of the router for 5GHz. I want to apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. Please take note that the 5GHz are good connection for a short distance to the ASUS router. If you are in an area with multiple Wi-Fi networks, such as a close neighborhood, condominium, apartment, etc., excessive interference may be affecting the signal and range performance of your router.
The first step is to analyze which wireless channel to select. You will want to select the channel with the least amount of active networks. I would like to verify the firmware version that is currently running to your router. You may also check the latest firmware version on our website at If this step will not work, please email me at and put case # N150436645 in the subject line for your reference.

ASUS Customer Loyalty are dedicated in providing a good customer experience.

Thank you for choosing ASUS.

ASUS Customer Loyalty
on July 11, 2013
I really don't know why. My techno friends helped me pick it out and the cable i-net installer guy said it was top of the line, so for all the very valuable technical information you'll need to go somewhere else. These 3 people ARE in the know and they say this is the router that will give you the most bang for your buck.
Let me tell you why I like it:
1) It's really pretty-no, I'm not kidding. The lights are all blue and it is shiny and black with a nice etched surface. It's not an ugly box on my shelf.
2) It works brilliantly. We can access our wireless anywhere in the house (the house is pretty big and somewhat oddly shaped-certain areas never used to work with the old router), the yard..I really don't know where it ends. Haven't tried going down the street yet! It does not matter how many of us are using the internet, our phones, the roku etc etc. This router hasn't missed a beat. SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY OLD ONE in this regard!
3) A baby monkey could set this up for you. It is insanely simple. There is also a wall mount provided to give you better coverage in one direction than another..I suggest that you try just going ahead and using the thing first. It works so well that I can't imagine you'll really need to the go to the trouble...but if you do, they have you covered!

UPDATE: July 2014 Still love this router. Recently had issues with someone trying to hack my life through the router..TOTALLY MY FAULT! Like I said, I am not tech savvy...I didn't do firmware updates (because I didn't know such things existed), didn't change the admin page settings from the default (because I didn't know the control was set up "out there")...I was wide open, but the router didn't fail me. Missing the last 12 firmware updates and my ignorance are what failed me! I have seen reviews of this router (I came back to get the exact model number when working on my problem) which report security issues and poor/no tech support. I say WRONG! Tech support is there & they were very helpful and patient with my ignorance! I had to contact them 3 times to get through everything. They were just as nice the third time and just as helpful. It's one week later, I have had not one single problem like the ones I was having before. By the way, if I had no virus protection on my computer, I'd probably be in a heap lot of trouble right now. One or more of them (I have three installed..this is my LIFE, people!) caught every redirect & rooted out the nasty host files which alerted me to the issue. Happy, safe surfing using this still FABULOUS router from a company with TOP NOTCH support!
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on March 7, 2014
The reset button is its best feature, since that works consistently. I'm in IT and comfortable with setting up networks, so I get that I'm saving money and trading some feature reliability. So, I reset the device multiple times before it would turn on the 5G radio, and I looked in the wireless log to confirm it each time. I even figured out that the settings for anything other than Router mode are no good, so I selected Router mode and systematically turned individual features like DHCP off so that it operates in AP mode. The problem is that this thing dumps it's memory every few weeks so that I have to hardwire into it, upload my saved settings, and reboot. Having it crap out just when I need it, like for a Movie on a Friday night, really diminishes the savings benefit tremendously.

Next time, I'll spend the money and get a decently reliable one. This thing is barely more than a paperweight.
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on April 8, 2016
I wanted to get away from Verizo FiOS Quantum Router. I was having issues. I called the company and had them switch my ONT outside from coax to ethernet, ran a line into the house from the box and booked it up. I don't need any fancy coax TV caller ID, I don't even use their TV boxes. Anyway, once i hooked it up I put a cartoon on Netflix for my son, put Amazon prime intstant video on in the bedroom, and opened 5 YouTube videos on 5G to test it out and replicate a backyard cookout with friends all streaming, and I did see a lag on the Netflix. 4 or 5 times it needed to buffer. No issues with anything else and I also ran a speed test in the midst and it went fine so it may just be an issue with Netflix server. Overall extreamly happy, I'll update if anything goes wrong.
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on May 19, 2014
My Asus router seemed to be working is relatively new (less than a year) but lately I lose internet connectivity on a regular basis. After resetting the router, all is well again for a few hours...and then connectivity drops again.

I'm running on firmware version and the router check indicates this is the latest level.

I'm pretty well disgusted at this point!!!
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on December 8, 2011
Ordered this to replace my trusty Linksys WRT54GS Wireless G router since I upgraded a few network components to 802.11n
Now the desktop PC uses USB-N53, laptop has an Intel 5100 and the PS3's have 802.11b or g along with a iPhone4S which hs b or g
You can really see the speed on 802.11n devices, even a ping test to [...] is half of what it was with 802.11g
Setup was a little pain but to help others out since your reading this review, start by downloading latest firmware to your laptop that you plug into the router to configure. Mine shipped with and the latest ends in .40. Once flashed and restarted which is a little slow. You can configure your SSID's (this is the name of your router) that your wireless cards will look for. Make sure you setup a different one for legacy g (2.4GHz) and another for n (5GHz). You can simply put a 2 after the first one if you want the same name. Then use someting like WPA-2 Personl for security with nice long password that nobody would ever guess and then your almost set. Simply add that SSID to your laptop, desktop, iPhone, PS3 etc with the password, then viola you are ready to surf, stream or play.

Router looks really cool, it stands vertically so does not take up much space. Nice cool blue leds, there are five of them.
Power cord is not the longest should have been 2ft longer for my preference.
Works like a champ.
Had it for three days now and did not need to reboot it
Quiet, does not get hot and supports up to 5 devices.
Highly recommend this router if you are looking to move up to 802.11N and have a few legacy 802.11b or 802.11g devices.
That's why dual band is cool.

Wish gave me the $6.50 price difference as price dropped the day it arrived but their email and chat agents wouldn't credit. But $59.99 is great price for this router, I paid $66.49
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 6, 2015
My experience:

Review of product:
The power adapter died 1.5 years in to the 2 year warranty.

Account of support for the issue:
1. Called customer support -t hey told me to go through the RMA process on the website.
2. Went through RMA process and was given the number for the estore with a ticket number.
3. Called estore and was told that they have no idea why I was given that number - told me to call a different number.
4. Called (812) 282-2787 with the 2 email ticket claim numbers and the 1 phone claim number. I was told that the power adapter isn't included in the warranty.
5. After we read the entire warranty insert, we found out that there were no exclusions for the 2 year warranty - a part died within 2 years and is therefore. I pointed out that the power adapter was indeed under warranty and the customer service representative proceeded to go through the RMA process.
6. During the RMA process, I was not instructed to return the power adapter - I pointed out that it was the culprit! She stated that the RMA team will take 2-3 weeks to evaluate the router, then return it to me since the power adapter isn't covered.
7. 42 minutes 35 seconds in, I am transferred to the customer service review line after given instructions that I need to file an RMA online for further assistance.

Unacceptable, ASUS.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Valued Customer,

On behalf of ASUS we want to thank you for making an effort in posting this review. I want to convey my sincerest apology for any inconvenience this has placed you regarding the support that you've received from our Technical Support Representative. I understand that you're having an issue with the router that you've sent together with the AC adapter. Please be advised with regard to the AC Adapter warranty, if it's less than 1 year it is warranty covered. I would like to verify the issue of your router? Are you able to turn on the router, because if the issue is power, you have to send the router together with the AC adapter to isolate the issue. May I also ask the Ticket/RMA number that you have, for me to check your record. If you want to discuss this matter further, please feel free to email me at and put case # N150713831 in the subject line for your reference.

I'm here to help you and all others with these issues, as our customer loyalty department dedicated to bringing a resolution to all issues related to our products.

Thank you for choosing ASUS.

Best regards,
ASUS Customer Loyalty
on March 15, 2013
I had to replace my old and trusty Linksys WRT54G v3 that I had been using for many years running Tomato firmware.

After figuring out how to install the stand, I first tried the ASUS RT-N53 using stock firmware after upgrading to the latest ASUS build, and unfortunately the 5GHz band couldn't be seen by any of my iOS devices. The router was also slow to update settings. Contacting ASUS support didn't resolve the issues. I then followed the Guide to Install Tomato firmware on ASUS RT-N53 and upgraded to the latest Tomato by Shibby build for the unit(v108). The RT-N53 has been rock solid every since.

As long as you upgrade to Tomato, this unit is excellent with great range. Using my 30Mbps connection with WPA2, I get 25-28 Mbps on my iPad. And the 5Ghz band eliminates microwave cutout that I experienced on the WRT54G.

Update: wasn't too impressed with the range once I ventured outdoors and spent more time indoors further away from it. I also disliked broadcasting two separate SSIDs for the 2.4 and 5Ghz bandwidths. I therefore decreased my star rating accordingly and have returned the unit.
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