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Size: 8 Tier ( 432 CD/ 228 Blu-ray, DVD, Game)|Color: Black|Change
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on March 25, 2003
i got the black Atlantic 3020 in the mail yesterday and had it put together in about 10 or 15 minutes. i can fit about 220 dvds on the thing, a huge improvement over having the wobbly stacks taking up a corner of floor in my room.
It looks attractive, with a smooth flat balck finish, and seems very sturdy (especially with the provided wall strap for anchoring). If you use this rack strictly for DVDs, and sit them in horizontal rows, you will only be able to fit 6 tiers (leaving two extra) on the rack.
I already have more DVDs than this unit can occupy so i have this idea. The unit seems more than sturdy enough to hold more tiers, and because of my limited floor space, building this thing up vertically would be necessary. I purchasing another Atlantic 3020, and incorporating the parts into the existing stand to make it about 6 or 7 feet high and hold about 10 or 11 tiers. I'm very confident after seeing the construction and utilizing the wall strap that i can pull this off.
All in all i think this is a great unit and would recommend it to anyone who needs a space-effictent media rack.
At the time of my purchase, the black model was 30 dollars more than the chrome model. I don't quite understand that, but the thing is well worth it either color you choose.
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on July 27, 2004
I bought one of these about two years and loved it. When we ran out of space in it, we priced new ones and ended up buying one from a liquidator on eBay. When it arrived without some of the necessary parts, I called Atlantic to purchase replacement parts. They sent them all free of charge. The product and the customer service are great. I'm definitely buying more products from Atlantic.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 17, 2007
After collecting DVDs for years, my collection quickly rose to the quadruple digits. I've tried the wood shelves (good but often too short and too wide), the spinning shelves (holds a decent amount but takes up too much space) and the wireframe shelves (hold low amounts of discs but saves a lot of space). I figured I'd give this one a try due to the low space it uses (due to its height) and the amount of discs it holds.

A correction to the amazon description: According to the box, it only holds up to 450 DVDs (not the 564 they list)

The first thing that came to mind while assembling this disc was the quote above - "You're only as strong as your weakest link".

You do get a number of metal pieces but the feet feel like a light plastic, as do all of the clips. The 'feet' screw into the bottom of each pole but don't screw in completely (this allows them to spin, but also not feel as strong as they should be).
The clips are 2 plastic pieces that 'click together' onto the pole, and then you slide the metal shelves onto it until it locks in place.

Unfortunately, while it is made out of metal, the pieces don't appear to be the sturdiest. The unit comes with 12 shelves and 3 of mine arrived damaged (one of them had the rear disc-holder (that keeps you from pushes cds/dvds off the back of the shelf) bent completely below the rest of the frame. The other 2 damaged pieces arrived with the holes (that you slide onto the metal poles) bent to the point that you can't even put those shelves onto the unit. If they arrived like this, it leaves me a little worried on just how well it will hold up over the years with many pounds of weight placed on them.

Fully put together, I like the size. It's about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It does seem to lean forward when not filled, so I would highly suggest using the included wall-mount to prevent it from tumbling.

A few disappointments with the design: it has trouble holding non-standard sized cases. This means that while it will hold CD's and DVDs, cases like PSP UMD's will not fit due to the metal wireframe. Fortunately, Blu Ray and HDDVDs do fit.

Also, if you set the shelf size to fit a DVD case, it will just fit a standard sized case (if you try to use one in a cardboard slipcover, the bottom wiring of the shelf above will prevent it from fitting into certain areas (it will still fit on the sides of these areas, but not directly beneath them) - this has caused me to re-arrange some of my movies (taking them out of order) to get them to fit.

Overall, while it isn't the quality I hoped for, if it stays as sturdy as it is (meaning: does not bend further than the way it was when it arrived, and does not collapse) I'll be happy with it.

UPDATE: Sept 2008
After moving the shelves to a new location (where they werent tied to a wall), they came crashing down hard. The shelf comes off balance easily (such as if you bump into it) so be careful not to leave it somewhere that it can cause damage (the combination of height, metal and weight of hundreds of movies falling will do some damage). I still recommend it for the fact that its the tallest DVD shelf with the smallest footprint that I've seen.. just take caution and have it secured.
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on February 10, 2010
First of all, I am going to buy another one, so I don't think it is all that bad. But it is advertised as a rack for DVDs, and it wasn't designed well for that. They give you 5 shelves, but it requires an 8 inch space between shelves to hold the semi-standard single DVD (forget a boxed set, which is taller). The posts that hold the shelves are 29 inches long. Let's see...29 divided by 8 per shelf???? Even if you leave the top shelf at the very top of the posts, you end up with 3 tight shelves, 1 on the top that provides no support, and one shelf of 4 inches in height. No problem, you can just lay your remaining DVDs down, right? Nope, they figured that out in advance and made the damn thing a quarter of an in too narrow to allow three stacks. (That's okay, if you lay them down they just fall out the back anyway.(
Still for the price it will hold a lot of DVDs, I'll just have to order another to hold the rest. A couple of tips: The shelves are supported by little plastic clips that the corner of the shelf slips over. If you snap both halves together, they will not slide up and down, even without a shelf on them. The trick is to snap the first half onto the post, and then slide it up or down until you feel/hear the little "click", which means it has found the groove in the post. Then it is easy to snap the other half on at the same height, because they interlock. It will still be fun forcing the shelf down on all four corners to the same height, but then, it's flexible enough not to be an issue. Second, the little wire supports that are meant to keep things from falling over are virtually worthless if you have the shelf fairly full. Save them for the ends of that top shelf that is hanging out in space, to keep the discs on that shelf from toppling off the side of the shelf.
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VINE VOICEon August 28, 2010
This is a video of me putting together this shelf - it took about 10 minutes in real time.

It's easy to put together and the shelves can be adjusted to your own preference.
review image review image review image
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on May 30, 2006
Putting the shelves together was relatively easy. After I had put it together, I changed my mind on the vertical spacing I wanted between shelves. It was easy to change the heights of the shelves.

These shelves are advertised for holding DVDs and CDs. I use it for holding DVDs and VHS tapes (yes I still have some).

I give this rack system five stars because of the ease of set up, ease of changing shelf heights, and the quantity of DVDs that it can hold, and the price. I am sure you can find better (sturdier) shelving, but at what cost?

I have not yet used the straps that come with the rack for anchoring the shelves to the wall. The foot pieces can be adjusted. I adjusted the front legs to be a bit taller than the back legs so that the rack naturally wants to tip back into the wall. If you are worried about a small child trying to climb up the shelves, you should use the wall straps.

If/when I fill this DVD rack and need more storage space, I will buy another one of this brand and size of rack.
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on March 24, 2013
This review is for the 8-tier, 48" high unit. My wooden wall mount unit was overflowing with my CDs, and the living room shelves had my wifes CDs plus all of our DVDs. I bought 2 of these units to go under the existing wall unit. I took another reviewers advice by connecting the two together by utilizing one set of posts as the center posts and staggering the shelves (see my photos). This made the unit very sturdy. I secured it to the wall with one of the provided straps screwed into a stud. Assembly wasn't all that complicated. I was able to easily fit all of our CDs and DVDs and leave room for future purchases as well as free up living room shelf space for my wife. I had no issues with the various size cases and boxes fitting. The deviders seem to do and adequate job of keeping everything in place. By using a common center post, and not needing all of the shelves, I was left with four 2' lengths of post, and three shelves. This gave me a 3-tier, 2' high bonus shelf unit that my wife will use for plants on the patio. I consider this to be a good purchase.
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on July 2, 2007
This rack is a substantial chunk of metal (~40 lb). It is quite strong and quite tall. I have a different rack for holding up a 36" tv that uses the same construction and assembly. This medai rack can definitely hold the weight of 800+ CD's and I will definitely buy a couple more to hold my collection. It looks nice and the little dividers are quite handy. Now to find 100" of continuous wall space in my theater room....

A word of warning though, with the full weight of 800+ cd's, you will definitely want to make sure that you anchor this rack to the wall or at the very least use the adjustable feet to angle the rack to where the back poles touch the wall at the top. This will help ensure that it doesn't fall over as it is quite narrow in depth.

Also, because of it's height and weight when fully populated, this media rack can wobble a bit from side to side (racking) which is true of any such similar storage system. Anchoring helps this as well.

Update April 2010:
I now have 5 of these racks to house my 4000 cd collection. These racks are quite versatile and have worked very well for me over the years. Since I have 5 racks, I set them up side by side to give the overall system better rigidity. Because of the extreme weight of 800 cds, you do need to anchor them and adjust the height of the feet so that the rack tips backwards and rests on the wall. Use a little common sense when filling the racks with cd's, 800 of them weight an awful lot (over 100 lbs in my case) so use a little physics and you'll be served well.

And for those that complained about the plastic feet, there is a solution to that as well. Just go to a hardware store or a big box store and get a different style of foot. Heck, if you've got extra knob style drawer pulls lying around, you can use them too.
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on October 29, 2013
I ordered this bad boy because I have somewhere around 500+ CDs that really need somewhere else to live than a series of shoeboxes and long skinny film boxes. I've put together both particle board furniture and at least one other Atlantic Maxsteel product, and I have to say I much prefer them to particle board furniture. Generally speaking, steel is both lighter and stronger than particle board. Also, it seems to me that what you save on particle board furniture, you pay for in assembly hassles... while the steel racks go together fairly easily and quickly with no tools at all.

When my wife pointed out the 45 lbs. shipping weight, I must confess I felt a twinge of guilt, considering that the UPS guy was going to have to schlep that monstrosity up a couple flights of stairs. As I stated in my packaging feedback, I really think the packaging could use a handle or two of some kind, because 45 lbs. in a 3' x 1' x 1' box is really, really awkward to carry.

Observation: when I come in all flushed and sweaty, the wife makes a face. When the UPS guy comes in all flushed and sweaty, the wife makes an entirely different face.

Unpacking wasn't a problem. The legs come in three pieces: an adjustable foot, and two roughly three foot long sections. The twelve shelves come in two stacks of six separated by little plastic disks (free poker chips!), and the plastic bits that clamp around the legs and the wall strap hardware are all in a separate plastic bag.

Observation: standing in the window screwing together two metal bars while wearing a bluetooth earpiece and saying "Sam, Fi, I'm in position" scores you no points with the wife, nor with local law enforcement.

The plastic sleeves that hold up the shelves come in two pieces. As stated in other reviews, you place one on the leg and slide it up and down a bit til you feel it click into one of the notches engraved into the leg. Then you attach the other half. All of these pieces have "TOP" with a helpful arrow pointing the way molded into the pieces so you can't go too far wrong. Personally, I was tempted to color in the TOP and arrow with a crayon to make them easier to read, like you used to do with your polyhedral dice back in the day. Well, like *I* used to do back in the day.

The photo on the box shows the shelves to be either four or five visible notches apart; four is the minimum in order to fit CDs on a shelf, while a minimum of six notches is necessary to fit DVDs. It's worth noting that, in order to fit all twelve shelves onto the rack, I wound up with eight five-notch spaces and three four-notch spaces. You could probably try a three-notch gap for your CDs, but I wouldn't recommend it.

As for the best feature of this item: it's a toss-up between the shelves having an additional bar across the back for keeping items from falling out the back, and the bookend pieces provided that clip onto the shelves to keep items from falling over. There are only twelve bookends. If you use the top shelf, you'll need two of the bookend pieces to keep stuff from falling off... which means one shelf misses out on a bookend. You can get around that by packing the shelf full, but it still seems like an oversight.

The wall mount/securing hardware is nice to have, although how necessary it might be depends upon where you put the rack and how you load it. The rack itself is fairly heavy, which keeps it relatively stable despite its narrow footprint. Adjusting the front feet to make it tip backward a little against the wall should theoretically be enough to keep it upright in normal use. (Cat shenanigans do not constitute "normal use".)

All in all, I'm very pleased with this item. Assembly was no more than 30 to 45 minutes (wasn't really timing; these things are a bit fun to put together), and now the stacks of CDs that were threatening to Amontillado my computer area are neatly arranged in one place. As stated before, this item is a bit spendier than comparable particle board furniture, but the ease of assembly and sturdiness are worth the extra money.
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on November 22, 2015
Love this rack so much so I bought a second one three weeks later. I own a lot of media, CDs, DVD's, Blu Ray, etc. so much so it started overflowing here and there and really cluttered up my loft apartment. These Atlantic Maxsteel racks are a lot of bang for your buck. They are very sturdy and have a nice minimal gray steel look that fits right in with my interior and they hold a lot of media! The shelves can be set to what ever size media you own and took less than an hour to assemble. I looked at a lot of racks having owned several and I like these the best and couldn't beat the price especially with prime free shipping. Have a lot of media cluttering up your home and want a quality rack? Look no further and add to your cart!
review image
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