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5.0 out of 5 stars Highly convincing. The true location of Atlantis may finally be solved., February 3, 2007
This review is from: Atlantis Motherland (Hardcover)
I have been fascinated by the subject of Atlantis for many years now and have read as much material as I can find on the subject. Numerous theorists have attempted to locate Atlantis literally all over the globe, and while many of these theories do have merit, it wasn't until I happened upon the theory of Flying Eagle and Whispering Wind, authors of the book "Atlantis Motherland," that I became overwhelmingly convinced that the true location of Atlantis had finally been solved.

The first part of this book is written as a story, integrating science fiction with science fact, while the remainder of the book is chock full of scientific data and corresponding visual images. I could hardly put this book down and had it read in two days. It is so beautifully written and the evidence is both well-organized and accurately presented.

This book is filled with strikingly beautiful and colorful images, along with a vast amount of scientific data from many independant resources which overwhelmingly support the theory being presented. I have never come across anything as convincing regarding Atlantis as this, ever. Even the true nature of the mysterious Orichalcum is revealed, with a picture included of the stunning, fiery-red metallic alloy.

What radically yet convincingly sets this theory apart from every other theory ever presented about Atlantis, is that the location in question actually conforms in every way to the actual geographical and physical description contained in Plato's dialogues. What has made Atlantis so difficult to locate is that Plato's physical descriptions do not match the place names he cites as a clues to the wherabouts of Atlantis. Geographically, geologically, anthropologically, historically, and mythologically, the location of Atlantis as revealved in the "Atlantis Motherland" book precisely matches that of Plato's description. The Greek God Poseidon, was said to have been alloted the domain of Atlantis. Poseidon however, is most likely derrived from the earlier, oldest Greek God of the Sea, Pontus, whose name is synonymous with what the Greeks called the Black Sea. It is on the nothern shores of the Black Sea that the authors of "Atlantis Motherland" book and Atlantis-Today com website, have located Atlantis. When the island of Atlantis sank in a cataclysmic flood, it formed the now shallow Sea of Azov, which became the impassible bearer of mud that hinderered the passage of ships sailing out to any part of the sea.

Keep in mind, Plato stated that while the Atlantis story had been handed down from the Greek sage, Solon, it originally came from Egypt, with the story being translated from Egyptian to Greek language to suit Plato's audience. He himself admits this, yet insists that that Atantis story itself, is in fact true. When cultures migrate, so do their myths and legends, often masking old mythologies with their own, including both character and place names. It is therefore not only possible, but very probable, that the same occured with the Atlantis legend, since Atlantis was said to have existed long before Greek civilization, and thefore, Greek mythology itself. As a result, place names were relocated in the Atlantis story, as often occurs when one culture's mythology is tranferred to that of another.

I most highly recommend "Atlantis Motherland" book to any Atlantis enthusiast, or anyone interested in ancient mysteries in general. I hope and believe that the true nature of Atlantis will become fully realized one day, hopefully soon, with more research and possible expeditions to the location in question.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excerpts from the Maui Weekly Book Review by Joseph W. Bean, published in the Maui Weekly on Maui Hawaii, on August 11, 2005., June 5, 2006
Mary Wind (Maui, Hawaii) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Atlantis Motherland (Hardcover)

"OK. Having reviewed the book in one word ("Wow!"), maybe a little closer look is called for. I had a great time reading Atlantis Motherland and sat for hours staring at the illustrations, especially the art work by Ernist Nelson.

"For them (Eagle/Wind), there is no mystery at all about the fabled lost continent. It was definitely and irrefutably located on the north shore of the Black Sea, laid out in a tight grid of canal, inhabited by.... Well, if I tell you all about it, I'll steal from you the joy of one stunning revelation after another."

"Hawai'i plays a roll in the history proposed by Atlantis Motherland and in the future envisioned. The "lizard clan" of Hawai'i- a deduction from the petroglyphs and legends of the mo'o or dragon-like lizard goddesses of old- shares its importance at this time in human evolution with the power unleashed when a space shuttle was christened "Atlantis."

"For whatever reasons, ranging from respect for the huge amount of work represented by the book to the fact that I actually enjoyed reading it, I am recommending Atlantis Motherland. If you are looking for answers, you may find some here. If you are looking for an outlandish fantasy journey, you will definitely find that here."
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Atlantis Mystery, June 12, 2008
This review is from: Atlantis Motherland (Hardcover)
This is a sober, well researched illustrated book with a fascinating thesis: that Atlantis, contrary to what is commonly accepted, was located in Eastern Europe north of the Black Sea, a large island covering a big dry area the size of Cuba, now known as the shallow Azov Sea.

According to modern astronomy in the constellation Canus Mayor there are two stars close together Sirius A, and Sirius B, and according to the authors of this book also a black dwarf star called Sirius C. that has Xylanthia as its only orbiting planet

The authors say that after over 3 million years of evolution on Xylanthia a dinosaur like reptile became a handsome 6 feet tall human like being.

That these Xylanthians, who journeyed 37,000 years ago to Earth, sexually mixed with primitive humans and together built the island city of Atlantis. That, unlike humans who are separated by sex, these xylanthians were hermaphrodites

So apparently the Xylanthians constitute a very advanced branch of the Reptilian family who, unlike the ones on Earth now, slowly evolved in Canus Mayor into friendly, handsome, loving beings which is hard to believe yet very possible.

The idea is that humanity originated in that area of Eastern Europe and from there, along thousands of years, disseminated to populate the whole Planet. Yet it does not explain the cause of the yellow race of Asia, and especially the black people of Africa. It is also hard to accept the fact that the authors are able to know the minute details of the long evolution process of a race on a planet in such a distant constellation.

Supposedly, according to many authors, there are Reptilians present here on Earth today most of them living underground and originally from the Draco planets of the Orion constellation. Are these people and the Xylanthians branches of the same tree who evolved in different constellations?

Finally this advanced Island and Atlantis City were reduced to rubble by a destructive earthquake and tsunamis 11,600 years ago

The fact that this is a book with 25 years of intensive research behind it should move the reader to seriously consider the possibility of such a thing as Atlantis in Central Europe.

With their research the authors with some logical evidence have shined a beam of light to help solve a twelve thousand year old dilemma: the Atlantis mystery.

I recommend this remarkable book to everyone.
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