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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2012
PLEASE NOTE: this was not a purchase from, but from the website for $150.

I recently purchased the Atria Aero 8" Tablet Android 4.0, 8GB, WiFi + Case/Stand. I've only owned it for 4 days, but that has been long enough. Unfortunately, my experience of this product has been much less than satisfying, and down-right terrible.

When I received the tablet it was sealed NEW-IN-BOX as expected, and everything was included as described; the HDMI mini-to-standard Cable, USB Cable, USB Adapter, Charger, and Manual.

Beyond that, I can't say much good about this product. After some casual usage of it, I realized the product must be defective and/or poorly designed. Which is unfortunate, because it appears to have a pretty sturdy shell casing and solid glass touch screen.

It was plugged in overnight, as typically expected, to fully charge the battery. Upon starting the device the next morning however, after simple app downloading, web browsing, and basic function set up - with the basic stock volume and brightness settings - at most I get 2-4 hours total, before the charge inexplicably drops significantly. I left it at around 23% and turned off while charging overnight again, but the next morning the charge had only gone up to 86%. Frustratingly I left it unplugged and unused for 8 more hours, and the battery again drained significantly. It's pretty obvious that something is not right with the device when it comes to battery life - It certainly doesn't last the 10 hours as advertised .

Also a notable problem is an apparent bad WiFi receiver. Connecting to a network through a WiFi, I experience unusual signal drops. I have tested several WiFi locations with reliable signals - including my home network - and have experienced mixed results; sometimes it stays connected, sometimes it doesn't. The WiFi range is also quite abysmal; even while using the tablet right in front of a router or access point the tablet would experience poor signal reception. [I have used smartphones, laptops, and even a blue-ray player on my home WiFi without any unusual or unexplainable signal disruption.]

Quite often, attempting to download, update, and install apps results in an error; even with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Chrome, Firefox, Netflix, etc. Sometimes the app will manage to install, and then fail to load. It's a big problem when common apps can't even install correctly or function at all. I think it's clear this device isn't fully supported for apps as claimed, either.

The touch screen at times experiences severe lag for no noticeable reason. It's especially obvious when checking or changing settings, using the stock web browser, or just swiping/panning through the desktop screens. I'm obviously not running a ton of apps because, as mentioned above, I can't seem to install most apps.

I'd also like to mention that the description claims this device can be upgraded to Google's Android JellyBean 4.1 OS. However, I have searched the web extensively for the method of accomplishing this and have not found any support at all, official or unofficial - not even a custom ROM/Root suited to this device. Although ICS is a nice pre-packaged OS, this tablet is not without frequent issues and a patch or update would be nice. If I could upgrade the OS and possibly fix these few problems, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Of course, for what it does out of the box at the price, I expected much, much better.

The official site does not offer any support, and does not return any inquiries through their online contact system - they don't have a contact phone either. I have experienced enough dissatisfaction to attempt to contact them for help, but that appears to be basically futile.

I bought this device with the implicit idea to use it for a variety of purposes, as would be typical and expected of such a device - accessing personal files, casual browsing, social media, as well as professional and school use. I got this in lieu of a Kindle Fire HD or Galaxy Nexus 7, or any other comparative tablet, because of the price point. I saw the Atria Aero was on for $249 [discounted from $349] with several good reviews (in hindsight, most of those reviews appear to be staged/faked). I even did some initial research on the device and admittedly couldn't find much info - which should have been a red-flag to warn me against this purchase. Despite the manufacturer's website leaving much to be desired, I figured $150 for an 8" Android v4.0 tablet seemed like a good deal - especially with the listed specs and all the accessories. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, and I regret it. Sure, I can access the internet on the stock browser, and read PDF files, but this is a tablet with supposed comparable specs to many brand name tablets; so naturally I expected it to function similarly. I doesn't, and only reveals a very deceptive effort to APPEAR to function like one, and that is all. It is literally less useable and reliable than my LG Optimus V smartphone. I bet even the new Toys'R Us Tabeo 7" tablet for Kids, for the same price I paid, is better than this thing.

I don't think I'll ever again trust off-brand gray-market products, or websites offering discounted items - I've learned a hard lesson. Sadly, I can say with extreme certainty that I feel this was a particularly terrible deal. For the price paid, this device should function much better than it does. And that seriously isn't going to reflect well in the reviews. Unless the manufacturer can offer a way to rectify the situation, I feel people are going to flood the internet with complaints. I certainly will, and am quite livid about the whole experience - and I know I'm not alone.

With all these issues, I'd have to say that this device has been a complete waste of time, resources, and money. Amazon should look into removing the item from their store until such time that these issues can be resolved - otherwise they're going to have a lot of RMAs, bad reviews, and complaints.

Conclusion: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ITEM - At least not until the company improves the quality of it's device and support. Somehow, I doubt that will occur, so be warned.

The Good:
- It was packaged nicely
- All the accessories were included; HDMI mini-to-standard Cable, USB Cable, USB Adapter, Charger, and Manual
- Solid feeling metal case and glass screen [hefty weight, feels durable, looks nice]
- Seems to boot quickly [at stock settings]
- Adequate screen resolution, brightness and color
- Settings and menus are easy to access
- Comes with several apps pre-installed; Dropbox, Skype, stock browser and "file manager"

The Bad:
- There is no plausibly valid reason this is worth $249, and especially not $349
- The Battery Life is unbelievably bad.
- The WiFi signal is often weak, even when close to an access point, drops randomly
- Slow and laggy responsiveness from the touch screen
- Installing Apps is problematic, frequent errors and fail messages
- Not sure if the screen resolution is as high as advertised
- Glass is a little TOO shiny, hard to see at certain angles due to glare or reflection
- User manual leaves much to be desired and is full of poorly translated English; bad grammar, misspellings, and dark B&W screengrabs
- No online support or written instructions for system updates or upgrades
- No online or written contact info for the "manufacturer"; CC Global, Brooklyn, NY
- No online support on the website
- Seemingly deceptive and questionable 4-5 star reviews

The only reason this gets 2 stars instead of 1 is because it does turn on and is useable to a degree.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2012
I got the tablet in September 2012 for $150 plus $5 shipping from the dailysteals web site. After my initial disappointment I did some tweaking. Now I like the tablet very much.

Here's what you need to do:
It all comes down to deleting the included Go Launcher and the several other Go apps. These suck up a lot of resources. And when you first turn on the tablet, the icons on the screen tempt you to download even more Go apps and widgets. This is a trap that just makes the tablet perform worse. The stock Android installation has everything you need.

Go into Settings > Apps > All, then for each application that starts with Go, tap on it and uninstall it.

Also do the same to disable the live wallpapers: Bubbles and Phase Beam. I didn't see entries for the other live wallpapers Nexus and Water.

Be aware that anything that sits on your screen and does a live update or a constant animation is going to reduce the performance of the tablet and reduce the battery life. Use fewer live widgets and more static icons. If you want a bunch of live updates and fancy animations *and* long battery life, then you'll need a more expensive tablet with a bigger battery.

Also go into Settings > Language & input, click the slider icon to the right of Android Keyboard, disable Vibrate on keypress and Sound on keypress. This will help save even more of the battery charge.

Also, I found the carrying folio case to be sort of awkward. I leave the tablet out of the case and now I find it much more convenient to use.

Overall, it's very much worth the price I paid.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) runs very well, especially after deleting the Go Launcher and all the Go apps.

It has access to the Google Play store.

The screen is very nice. I keep the display brightness turned all the way down and it's still quite bright. This increases the duration of a battery charge and increases the screen contrast: the blacks are blacker and the colors are still rich and bright.

The touch screen is very responsive, but not until you delete the Go apps.

The tablet is made well enough. There's no flex or creaking and the unit feels solid in your hand.

The USB port works well with human input devices (i.e., mouse, keyboard). I used the included USB dongle to plug in the adapter for a wireless keyboard & trackpad combo, and it worked fine.

The Micro-SD slot is nice to have. I put some movies on an SD card and was able to watch them easily. The movies play very well.

You can Skype, but you need a strong wi-fi connection. Use earbuds when you Skype. The speakers aren't strong enough.

You need to delete all the Go Launcher programs before the tablet will perform well. Otherwise it takes a few minutes to become responsive after it boots, there is a frustrating lag when you interact with the screen (like tapping buttons), and the battery drains quickly.

The tablet face is designed for an earlier version of Android, hence the presence of "hard" buttons (Home, Menu, Back) located beside/below the screen, although the hard buttons are just touch-sensitive areas. Also, the camera is strangely located. This all undoubtedly contributes to the low cost of the unit.

Even after deleting the Go apps, the hard buttons are not always responsive, but they do work. Those of you pounding away on them will be frustrated. Understand that they occasionally require repeated taps, not harder taps. Instead, get used to using the "soft" buttons that are always present at the bottom of the window that do the same thing as the hard buttons. Those are always very responsive.

The 8" form factor is too wide to hold comfortably in one hand, but at least there are borders around the window so there's room for your thumb. By comparison I also have a Galaxy Tab 7" that is the perfect size for holding in one hand.

I wasn't able to get the HDMI output to show up on my TV, but understand that I spent all of 3 minutes trying. I'll have to spend more time with that.

Wi-fi is weak. This is undoubtedly an issue with the internal antenna. If you plan to use this close to your wireless access point then you'll have no problems. My access point is one floor down on the other side of the house, and from the upstairs office the connection is quite weak and frequently drops out, whereas it's fine on my laptop. Now that I like the tablet so much more, I'll buy a wi-fi repeater. [Edit: I bought one, and now the wi-fi connection is strong.]

The battery life is acceptable, even pretty good, but only after you delete the Go apps (you seeing the pattern here?). After a day of occasional to frequent use, there was about 50% charge left. [Edit: Leave the tablet in airplane mode, and turn on wi-fi only when you need it. The battery lasts a few extra days this way.]

After I deleted the Go apps and ditched the folio case, I really started to like using the tablet. It's well worth $150, and probably even the $180 current new price. Furthermore, enough people are frustrated with the tablet that you can get it for even less than $150.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2012
Greetings Amazons. I received this product from Dailysteals two days ago and have already sent a return request a few minutes before coming here to share my experience. I figure because there are so little reviews of this on the web as a whole, I'd like to show my message that I sent to Dailysteals Customer Service.

"Hello Dailysteals.

I recently purchased an Atria Aero 8" Tablet Android 4.0, 8GB, WiFi + Case/Stand from this website but after some casual usage of it, I find that the product must be defective. For one, the battery life is much less than the 10 hours it advertises on a full charge. At most I get probably 2.5 hours and that's just from simple downloading and browsing - brightness setting at its lowest and volume muted. Charging the battery itself was unbelievable when I left it charging overnight. I left it at around 30% and when I woke up in the morning, the charge had only gone up to 86%. That's with the device turned off while it was charging. It's pretty amazing how 2.5 hours of use can drain it but an 8 hour charge only adds 56% battery life.

Another defect that I find very upsetting was the difficulty of even downloading/updating apps onto the device as its WiFi connection always drops for some reason. Sometimes when an app is finished downloading, it can't even install correctly because it says that the download is corrupt so I'd have to try to download the same app again from scratch. Coupled with the fact that the battery life is poor, I'd have to say that this device has wasted much of its own energy and time as well as my own. I have tested WiFi spots and in several different homes with reliable WiFi but there hasn't been a single place where it hasn't dropped. The WiFi range is terrible by the way; I can be using the tablet right in front of my router but the tablet would only have a "good" connection instead of "excellent."

The last thing I'll mention but not the only problem left with the tablet that I've had is the claim that this device can be upgraded to Jelly Bean. I have searched the web extensively for a way to do this for this tablet but have not found an sort of official support or instructions on how to do so. ICS is a nice pre-packaged OS but even so, the interface of this tablet is not without frequent lags. Had I a way to upgrade the OS and possibly fix these few problems I listed, maybe I wouldn't be sending this complaint. But for what it does out of the box for what I had paid, I expected much better.

The official site does not offer the aid I'm looking for and I think that I've experienced enough dissatisfaction to call them for help. When I had bought this device I did it as an impulse buy for a tablet to do my school readings on it in lieu of a Kindle. $150 for tablet with all the accessories it came with seemed like a good deal and yeah, I can actually do my readings on it... but this is a tablet too and I expected it to function like a functional one. With this, I'd like to request a return/refund for this item."
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 10, 2012
So I did a lot of research; I've been in the market for a tablet for a few weeks. I really wanted to wait for the mini iPad announcement, but I don't want to hang out that long on the hope that it will be announced and have everything I want. This tablet has almost everything on my list I'll detail out why it got a 4 from me in a minute.

The Good
Pretty responsive over all, and while some folks might take issue with the picture, I've never been particularly concerned that my device have the deepest blacks, and the most staggering whites on the block. You might notice a small amount of lag if you have tons of apps open (as I tend to do) and if you have a samsung/nexus smartphone as I do, you may notice the setup is not quite as set it and forget it as that. I am still looking for a couple of apps/widgets such as my photos from my google account. I've heard other reviewers say that ICS seems a bit cramped on a device this small, and I can't say that I disagree, but for the most part it does what it says on the box and I imagine you'll run into the same situation on nearly any 8 inch tablet with a similar resolution. I wanted this device for Netflix when I'm on the road, Google Reader for cooking in the kitchen, and Evernote for taking notes in meetings. This does that and then some and you can't say that about the kindle fire. To me that's worth $50. I haven't run through an entire battery cycle yet, but so far it seems solid, more-so than my phone in fact due to the lack of cell connectivity drain.

The Bad
Well, Tiny bit of lag time doesn't really bother me (cause im on Netflix most of the time) but I figured I need to mention this. I don't know if aluminum frame is a pro or a con but it does scratch easily.

The Bottom Line
I have no regrets about pulling the trigger on this device at this time. It does what i want. Easy to hookup. Easy to use. My wife hook to it like a duck to water while watching TV last night. One other bonus, which I didn't know when I bought it was that it's incredibly easy to switch between accounts. If she has a recipe on her google reader, or in her email, the device is connected to both accounts at all times, so it's just a few taps to get there. Good stuff.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2012
I have used this tablet for a week with total frustration.
WiFi very week and slow
Audio unusable
Screen brightness terrible
Battery lasts an hour
extremely cheap case
Not possible to upgrade to Jelly bean
All misleading info
Not worth even if it was free.
Amazon should not sell this product.
I am returning it right away
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2012
I would stay far away from this Tablet. It looks great and feels great (glass screen, metal shell) but it is buggy, laggy and the battery life sucks! They advertise up to 10 hours...are they for real. I get two hours and it dies! They also advertise a Jelly Bean upgrade....good luck trying to find it. There is no OTA update, nothing on the manufacturers website to download an update and they do not respond to emails. The update simply doesn't exist. There is a reviewer that says they updated theirs but doesn't say how and hasn't responded to anyone's comments about this. This leads me to believe it is a "staged" review by someone that sells this tablet. If not, prove me wrong and post the link to the update. Unfortunately, I purchased this from one of the popular "Deal" websites that do not offer refunds. Don't make the same mistake I did.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 2, 2012
Bought this from

Product is NOT as described.
Not going to repeat what was already said. Just read the other 1-star reviews on Amazon.
The 4 and 5-star review and most likely fake. 6 of these reviews were posted within days of each other AND just prior to dailysteals selling this product. A bit suspicious I'm afraid.

I've requested a refund for this product that was falsely advertised in every way.
The only positive about this tablet is the casing. But the guts of this tablet are terrible.

DO NOT buy this product. Spend the extra $50 and get a Google Nexus.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2012
Its terribly slow, I cant get netflix for some reason.I wrote the company asking how to upgrade it to jellybean, like some reviewers had said they had done. they wrote me back saying the update wasn't available yet, and that they were having "firmware issues"Don't waste your money.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2012
I just recently purchased this tablet through another website and spec-wise, they are pretty good for the price, however, in reality, the tablet itself does not meet them.

1) Tablet advertises as a 10 hour battery life. This is simply not true. I can get at most 3 hours out of this thing with casual usage (i.e. web browsing, playing music). What basically happens is that it takes roughly 2 hours for the battery to go from 100% to about 45%. After that, it goes from 45% to roughly 15% in about 30 minutes. After that, I get about another additional 20-ish minutes before the tablet dies. I charged it to full at night and took it to work. After an hour commute, the tablet was already down to 88%! This is while the device is in standby mode with the screen off the entire time.

2) Tablet advertises as a rear facing 5 megapixel camera. This is not true. You can only take 2 megapixel pictures with this thing. Not that big of a deal but the specifications are wrong.

3) Sound output - very very low and cannot really hear the sound in a normal outside environment. I understand that this is very subjective but when I compare it to my cell phone speakers (Samsung Galaxy SII), the cell phone is about 4 times louder.

4) Tablet is laggy - Quite frequently, the tablet gets caught up on some background process and there are delays/lagginess when opening/closing apps or when you are trying to view a webpage. Going to simple pages like [...] are ok but when you go to more complex pages like (where there are lots of images/videos), it will take a while before you can even scroll down the webpage.

5) Tablet advertises it can be upgraded to Jelly Bean - I have yet to find somewhere on the web where this is true. I searched extensively on google, their own Atria webpage and stuff and had no luck in finding an update. I contacted Atria about 4 days ago and have not gotten any response yet.

6) WiFi Issues - Tablet has trouble maintaining a connection to my wireless router, even when it has a clear line of sight (i know this should not matter) at about 5 feet away. I frequently get disconnects with this thing even though it says that it is still connected to my router. What I find is that I have to disable and then re-enable WiFi every 10 minutes or so in order for me to browse the web/access youtube. And even then, after 5 to 10 minutes, I have to disable and then re-enable it again! I know it is not my router because all my devices run just fine. However, I used a spare router just to be sure and yep....same problem.

7) The haptive buttons (home/app/back) are not very responsive. I find it that I need to press it 2 - 3 times before it actually does something.

8) The case that comes with it is pretty weak. If you put the tablet in the case like it is supposed to, it covers up the ports on the bottom. Therefore, you have to put the tablet in the case upside down, however, when you do this, the tab that is supposed to support the bottom of the tablet is no longer there (it is now on top) and so if you hold the tablet and case upright, only the two side tabs are holding the tablet in place....i.e....tablet can slide down and out of the case. There are three tabs that are used to secure the tablet in the case (2 sides, 1 bottom).

NOTE: I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the screen is actually not that bad. The main issue for me is WiFi and battery life.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 10, 2012
I've been an Android user for a long time...I was looking for a tablet to read some books and have a bigger screen for some of my applications since I'm a computer tech and I work using remote software and other applications...after a lot of research and having a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone for a year (and extremely happy with it) I decided to try out this tablet.

I upgraded this to jellybean right away. And works awesome!

After all the tweaks battery lasts 2.5 days (average of 6 hours a day of reading, browsing, playing receiving emails and using software for text messages), software works like a charm with no lag or freeze...widgets work great, been using the stock keyboard for now but looking for a more detailed one...charging time is normal for a large battery...screen size is great and device not heavy at all...screen resolution and colors are very clear and nice with a lot of details...tried a couple of movies and hi def pictures in it with great results...everything is really good...

My advice and only concern use headphones for movies or landscape games because of the speakers placed at the bottom of the device.

Overall 5 stars and great device!!!
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