Customer Reviews: Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice)
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on March 11, 2008
I just finished reading "Attack of the Fiend" last night and I was not disappointed! My eleven-year-old son and I have been waiting for this one to come out, as we have read the entire "Last Apprentice" series and absolutely love every book. As usual, Joseph Delaney did a great job of scaring the pants off of us! From the first chapter, I was on the edge of my seat, terrified for Tom, the Spook's apprentice. Several times I had to put the book down and walk away to calm my nerves, but of course, couldn't stay away for long because I just had to see what would happen next. My husband even asked once, "What is the problem? I thought this was a kids' book?" and I had to explain that reading the Last Apprentice books is like watching a terrifying movie: your stomach is clenched with worry for these characters, but you're also dying to see what trouble they'll get into next. "Attack of the Fiend" had action and suspense from beginning to end and still, left us wondering when the next book will come out so that we can find out how Tom and the Spook plan to defeat the creatures of darkness. This is great book for anyone long as you're not afraid of the dark!
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VINE VOICEon March 17, 2008
I had the lay down date marked on my calendar, and couldnt wait to run down to the store as soon as the day came to get my copy. I had read the previous three installments and did a 5 star review on book two, The Curse of the Bane. Delaney just keeps these books remarkably riveting, scary and intense. This was the longest book yet but by far the best of the four. Our young Apprentice is getting stronger in his abilities and getting more independant to work on his own now without the constant guidance of the mighty Spook. I like that his character is growing and not staying stagnant even though the time period between book one and this book four is only a year and a half's time. This installment, Attack of the Fiend, offers more wonderful suspenseful, edge of the seat action. The scare level is right up there from page one to the end. Last Apprentice fans can not be disappointed in this new book in any way and are sure to just say "more please". Delaney does leave this installment a little open ended so that we for sure know that book five is on it's way so that we readers get resolvement on the episodes we get in this book. This is a fabulolus horror series for kids and adults and truly topnotch. I'd like to add praise too to the sensational illustrator. Not only are the cover designs remarkable but each chapter head page evokes true dark and eerie scenes that seem to scream off the page. High praise here, very very high praise for a series that is not sliding in interest, it is escalating into greatness. I eagerly await book five. I just cant wait!
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on November 9, 2012
This is the 4th installment in the Last Apprentice series. Toms Mam has returned to her own land to deal with the evil brewing there. She always said she would return after Toms father passes away. She left to him her special room containing her 3 trunks. This is the room where Tom and Alice were told by Mam to come to for safety only if their very lives and souls are in jeopardy.

Tom and The Spook have decided to go to Pendle to deal with the witches once and for all. They have heard rumors that the 3 witch clans are trying to unite to raise the devil himself. The clans are being prodded by none other than his Mams life long enemy. Will Tom, Alice, and The Spook be able to stop them? Will they discover what is in those trunks or what exactly Toms Mam is? Read this awesome book to find out.

I have said it before but this series just gets better with each installment. I love the fact that Alice and Tom are strengthening their friendship despite the warnings from The Spook. The imagery, writing, and everything about this book is on its A game!

I highly recommend this book at middle school aged children al the way up to adult aged children (at heart)!!!
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on February 26, 2015
I first learned about Joseph Delaney when my son saw the ads for Seventh Son (Movie). I decided to read the books. Attack of the Fiend is the 4th in the saga. Tom Ward's family is in trouble. Witches have taken them hostage. The ransom is three trunks Tom's mother had left for him. They are bewitched, and only Tom can open them.

With giant towers, three families of witches joining to work together, and the threat of summoning the Fiend . . . Tom, the Spook, and Alice, have their work cut out for them! And, as always, time is of the essence.

While the movie was so-so, and hardly like any of the four books I've read so far (except for the names of characters, and some slight similarities to plot), I am enjoying Delaney's books. And will continue reading The Last Apprentice series ... (I have all 13 books).

Phillip Tomasso
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on September 18, 2015
Do not even come near this book, the the world Joseph Delaney the author builds up a very sweet love relation between a young boy and a girl, truly this relation is what set this series apart from other books in the same genera, we can find plentiful of witches, demons and battles in other fantasy books, but the relation between Tom and Alice the two main protagonists of this series is what made this whole series very special, and guess what happens in the final book, Alice simply leaves Tom and goes with another man simply because they locked eyes and discovered they were meant for each other, so after 5 years and 13 books Alice simply leaves Tom whom she was madly in love with and shacks up with a dark mage, sharing bed with him, kissing him in front of Tom, and causing great permanent harm to her best friend Grimalkin, and directly contributing to the situation that had Gregory Tom's Master, teacher and friend die....and the reasons that the author provides for this are as flimsy as his ethics as an author, he probably felt the heat after all the backlash from fans, but no matter what he pulls out of try to redeem the story-line and to also try to remove his foot from his mouth it will never work, personally as a reader i can never forgive the Character Alice nor can I forgive the author’s blunder....there are tons of books out there that will give a good measure of bitter reality , if that is what all the fans wanted then they would have went for those other books, but we remained faithful to this series because it gave us a break from the actual hellish reality that we live day in and day out, sadly the author Joseph Delaney did not remain faithful to his fans, story Characters or even himself, choosing to sell out and ruin the ending with a "Game of Thrones" like twist at the end.....but if that is what we wanted or needed we wouldn't have stuck around for a 13 book series, to finally be mocked by the rude and cruel since of humor that Mr. Delaney has displayed…….
Summary: best aspect of the book the love relation between the two main protagonists is permanently ruined and damaged in the final book which also permanently changes the tone of the whole series from a sweet coming of age, first love, friendship and perseverance to that of a smutty cheesy soap opera...will not buy any more books from this awful Author
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on March 13, 2015
This book, compared to the earlier ones in the series, was boring. It lacked the action and suspense I felt in the other books. It was a bit more predictable as well. Unfortunately you need to read it to get more background information. I felt frustrated with Tom Ward because he clearly was making bad decisions and he knew it.
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on April 14, 2015
I have other things to read but I can't stop myself I keep coming back here. I can't get enough of Tom Ward and his bristle master the spook. Now that there has been major developments with his family I need more. The new enemies he has made are fascinating and seem to be worthy opponents. And the new prophecy will it be Alice, will she love him, betray him and die for him or someone else? I am hooked there are too many outcomes and hopefully good stories to come.
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on May 11, 2014
I'm 30 and in love with this book series. I'm almost 100% sure its written for teens, but its a really easy read that sucks you in. Always ready for the next fight with a witch, old god, or other evil doer. This is a nice read just before bed time. My brain normally goes crazy when I lay down, thinking about everything that needs to be done, but this makes me focus and gets me ready to rest.
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on January 29, 2012
To Date, I have read books 1 thru 5 of the series back to back and I am about to read book #6, CLASH OF THE DEMONS. Althogh, I simply love all of them,thus far, THIS IS THE BEST ONE! I highly recommend this series! I am an adult who enjoys a wide variety of subjects, FROM Twlight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austin books, Mysteries, Horror, The SOOKIE Stackhouse Series, Historical Romance TO Paranormal Romance and I anticipate that this is a series that will be added to my "frequently reread collection."

I do wish that Spook would "lay off" Alice. All of us battle with good and evil within ourselves but I think that one has a better chance of overcoming the evil tendencies by being surrounded by a loving and supportive environment. His banishment of Alice is akin to "throwing her to the, proverbial, wolves" thereby decreasing her chances of choosing that percious "LIGHT" He is always going on about!!! SPOOKS' world view is apparently limited to black and white but I think that before this series ends that hopefully he will discover that "gray areas" thankfully do exist.

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on June 11, 2008
Wow! This series just gets better and better! I don't even like horror, but these books strike the right tone. Delightfully creepy (boys will love it), but not too intense for children ages 10 and up. I loooove the narrative voice. The main character's simple, matter-of-fact voice balances perfectly with the story's melodramatic horror. The main character is very endearing. You'll be cheering for him. The plot has evolved nicely from book to book. Read Book One first, and you'll eagerly turn pages to get to this one. I love the characters, love the story, love the writing style. Love it all! Can't wait for more!
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