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on December 17, 2013
this the worst B Type movie ever done. Amazon should pay us to even look at this waste. I puke after this.
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Yes, it is a ridiculously bad knock off of Pacific Rim. But if you enjoy the truly laughably bad "remakes" of Hollywood movies that you sometimes used to see on SyFy, etc., you might at least be able to tolerate this one. But, with a title like this, you pretty much know what you are buying, so I can't say I was ripped off. I deserved the punishment of having to watch this one. I even gave it an extra star, just for the pure laughs of how truly bad it is. It's always funny to see reasonably decent actors having to try and read some of these lines with a straight face. Just don't expect Pacific Rim 2, and you might have a laugh killing 90 minutes off your day, if you have the flu, hungover, or are otherwise incapacitated. But yes, it's really, really bad.
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on September 30, 2013
Started watching this mistaking it for Pacific Rim. This film stunk from the first scene. I've always liked Graham Green, but he even appears to be wooden. Our hero supposedly selected from all the top flight candidates to pilot a multi-billion dollar giant robot doesn't even have the self discipline to not duke it out with some guy on a cell phone that bumps into him on a sidewalk. After the first battle with a sea monster one of our other robo-jocks is helping a father look for his missing daughter (in a demolished hotel that our main hero just destroyed with a wild shot from his laser, but he moves around in a crouch with his weapon at low ready as he calls out the little girl's name. No wonder she stayed hiding. I couldn't take it any longer, unless we could get Crow and Servo and Gypsy to provide dialog. This is one to reserve for when you've got a couple friends around and want a laugh, but otherwise it's a waste of film.
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on March 13, 2014
This would not even be good enough for a made for cable movie..

Really the acting is so bad its painfull to watch, but not in that fun way like from a classic 50's drive in movie.. but bad like just can ever get into it .. pacific rim was, fun like a old time monster movie, altantic rim is like a really bad remake of a really bad monster movie but just painfully bad acting.

If the cast were smart they would all change there names and never tell anyone they did this video
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 12, 2013
...Atlantic Rim. I kid you not. This piece of mockbuster exploitation dreck, recommendable only for it's wooden acting, awful CGI, and awful plot, which all add up to a movie that quivers between the line of bad and a blatant ripoff of Guillermo Del Toro's hit monster movie Pacific Rim.

Both films feature a washed-up pilot is forced to pilot a large robot to combat giant monsters that have been found in a portal beneath the ocean, but only ONE has the awesome action, brilliant visuals, spectacular fights, and great acting that a film like this deserves.

I'll let you guess which one it is, but let me give you a hint. It ain't Attack from Beneath...OR Atlantic Rim. Watch this only if you love bad-good, corny, cheesy, poorly-acted, mindless schlock. If not...avoid like the plague. The nasty Bubonic kind.
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on February 21, 2014
Please someone tell me why they even bothered. I am having problems sleeping due to the nightmares this movie causes when I close my eyes!!!!
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on April 5, 2014
Well, I knew that this was a product of the Asylum, which means low grade crap rip-offs of much superior movies, but generally they are so bad they are fun, but this, oh man, it was so bad it was hard to finish. Glad I only wasted three bucks, otherwise, I might have had to shoot myself.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 9, 2014
If anyone knows Asylum films and watches this anyway, ya deserve what ya get. Why did I watch it? I figure it's because I'm out of touch with reality and believe that sooner or later Asylum might actually make a half-decent film. The fact that I've been working all day and needed to just veg out probably also had something to do with it, and this is definitely a veg-out movie-- as in "if it's Saturday afternoon, raining like a fiend outside and cable TV is out" veg out. If you have popcorn and chocolate they will be a redeeming factor.

I almost rated this three stars because I did enjoy the CGI on the monsters and robots. We've seen far worse special effects and at least in that area, they were acceptably not-quite-lame. We've also seen much worse acting out of Asylum films and majorly worse scripts. This film was a romp and at least did not bore to death. The brunette communications officer has a great smile. The blonde costar is suitably shapely. And one of the military guys is wearing an eye-patch. What more can you ask for?

Senseless? Of course. Anyone watching a robot vs giant monsters flick and expecting it to make sense is in the wrong universe. Bald-faced goofy? Definitely. Predictable? Oh yeah. This is one of those films that I could tell you all the plot details and I wouldn't spoil the movie one bit. Big monsters. Robots to fight them. City ransacked. Yadda yadda yadda. It's been done before and better.

The film definitely jumps the megalodon. Suffice it to say certain attributes of basic physics are thrown right out the window. And people somehow exit 200-ft-tall battle robots almost instantly without any assistance whatsoever (one moment they're in the cockpit, the next moment on the ground). Okay okay, never, ever expect a giant robot film to actually make sense. But one thing I do insist on in a film is at least tying the main strings together before the end. When one leaves plot lines open and unresolved that's when the 2-star rubber stamp comes out.

I wouldn't recommend this for children simply because you don't really want to stunt their I.Q. with something like this.
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on June 7, 2014
This was so bad we couldn't even finish it. No idea how this was ever bought. Acting was horrible, the line delivery was dry. Don't waste you money on this!
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2015
What could possibly be worse to watch than a big-budget, box-office flop with horrible acting, gratuitous special effects, a script that makes no sense and "hero" characters whom you can't stand? The answer? A low-budget rip-off of the same movie.

Normally, I actually enjoy campy, sci-fi/horror movies like The Asylum is known for making. This is the same studio known for its campy classics such as Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus, 2-Headed Shark Attack and Sharknado. No one would mistake these for "real" movies. They are clearly made to be mockeries of their big-budget counterparts. Their entertainment value lies in cheesy one-liners, comeback performances by washed-up actors and never taking the movies themselves too seriously. These are movies that you watch to laugh AT, not with.

That being said, Atlantic Rim is a movie completely devoid of the so-bad-its-good characteristics that The Asylum fans have come to expect. I get the impression that the actors in this movie are actually trying to take their roles seriously, which is the worst possible way you could approach such a crapfest of a script. Yes, they try, and they fail, quite miserably. Rather than a movie I can laugh out loud at, I ended up getting a series of cringe-worthy scenes that started making me feel embarrassed for all those involved, especially the cast members with no actual acting skills. The wrap party of this film must have been like attending a funeral.

There were no classic one-liners, no CGI scenes so ridiculous that I wasn't bent over in pain from laughing, no washed-up actors that I remember seeing before and no cheesy charm. This was simply a paint-by-the-numbers rip-off of an already horrible movie (Pacific Rim) that had no likable characters, no camp and no suspense. Think WaterWorld on a small budget.

You couldn't get me to watch this movie again with a welder's mask on, which would be the only humane way to to expose anyone to this horrible excuse for a film.
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