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on April 10, 2010
I actually use this in conjunction with a pair of Turtle Beach X4's. I am fortunate to own an Onkyo 7.1 Surround Sound system (can be found for a great price if you dig a little online) however there are certain times, usually at night when she is asleep on the couch, that my wife just prefers I use headphones will gaming. So since my Onkyo receiver is capable of doing both HDMI Audio and Video, I use the optical connection on this adapter to go straight into the Turtle Beach receiver. So for that purpose, it works like a champ.

It will of course also work if you have a receiver that only does HDMI video but not audio as well.

The only thing I will say is when I purchased this a few months ago, I recall paying no more than $15 for it, and that included shipping, so buyer beware, it appears that some people are taking advantage of the fact that this is a somewhat hard to find item. However shop around if need be, as a $34 asking price is just absolutely uncalled for.

I've also recommended this to two people who had various different home theater setups that required the optical audio connection but they used HDMI for the video, and they both had no issues with this adapter and it worked flawlessly for them.
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on March 18, 2011
When I bought my first Xbox I couldn't believe that it didn't come with a head phone jack. What would it have cost the manufacturer? Maybe 5 cents? Unless your monitor comes with an audio out, and what HDMI or DVI monitor does, I guess Microsoft figures you don't need sound at all. What is even sadder, Microsoft doesn't provide an add-on adapter that you can buy from them. They charge plenty of bucks to buy a pet for your avatar, but you can't buy audio for your machine! Thankfully, for the cost of a good hamburger, this adapter takes care of all the Xbox audio shortcomings. After connecting your monitor via the HDMI port, just plug this adapter into the port normally occupied by the cable that comes with your Xbox, connect your stereo headphones and you'll hear your game in all of its glory. Soon, you'll forget that there ever was a problem.
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on October 1, 2010
I have a perfectly functional cable, which works great when used with an HDMI cable, but it took about 5 minutes of soldering. If you aren't comfortable with this, don't buy this product, as it likely won't work correctly out of the box. If you do purchase, you can fix it by following the steps below.

NOTE: If you break your Xbox, it's your fault and only your fault. If you burn your house down or your finger with a soldering iron, it's your fault and only your fault. Proceed at your own risk.

1) Check the cable... there is a chance it will be wired correctly when you get it. If so, lucky you :-) Make sure you try changing the TV HDMI input to another input, then back to the XBOX. If the XBOX resets, sorry, you need to plug in your soldering gun.

2) Open the plastic on the end of the plug that goes into the Xbox. You might need to tape it closed later, as it tends to break. Not a huge deal, as this won't kill the plug, just make it a little less attractive. Set it aside.

3) Remove the copper outer casing on the plug. This is the trapezoid thin metal outer part of the plug, with no wires connected to it. Slide it off the end of the plug by inserting a blade to release the two plastic tabs in the rectangular holes. Try not to damage this part if possible. Set it aside.

4) Get lined up to which pin is which. You need to focus on pins of even numbers 18 - 30. I have added a customer image to the product for reference. The easiest way to find these is to look at the wire side of the plug, find the three wires in a row (the optical wires) on the wide side and look at the 7 on the narrow side on the same end.

5) Remove the hot glue from these pins gently using a razor.

6) Make sure there are no connections between or to the last three: 26, 28, and 30. If there is a connection, desolder it. Mine didn't have any, but it is important you check this.

7) Jump (place a blob of solder) pins 22 and 24.

8) Jump pins 18 and 20.

9) Check your connections. This can be done with a continuity meter. 18 and 20 should be connected, 22 and 24 should be connected, and also check for lack of connections between the two groups and 26, 28, and 30.

10) Time to check your work. Your Xbox should not reset when changing HDMI inputs away from and back to your Xbox, and the optical plug on your adapter should be glowing red. You should get sound through the cable. I did this to get 5.1 optical so that I can hear someone behind me just before they shoot me in the head in Halo: Reach.

11) If there are still problems, recheck your work and use Google. You're on your own.

12) Did you remember to unplug your soldering iron? Are the curtains on fire? Why did you think a windowsill was a good place to put a hot soldering iron?

13) If it works, time to put everything back together. Replace the hot glue if you have some to keep things from touching, slide the copper cover back in place, and replace the plastic casing. You may need some tape or glue here. Easiest thing to do is wrap it a few times with electrical tape, stretching it to keep things nice and tight.

14) Game on. Please leave a comment if this worked for you. Sorry about those curtains dude, but things could have gotten much worse. Good thing you had that fire extinguisher handy. Some Halo will take that off your mind. It's hard to think about burnt curtains when a Covenant Mothership has you pinned down.

EDIT: Looks like the seller might have removed the reference picture...
review image
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on September 9, 2012
I purchased this (an audio adapter for Xbox 360) along with this 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2 RCA Stereo Female Cable (6 inches) to hear the console's sounds through my headphone or my speaker.
This only transfers audio though; I still connect my Xbox to my TV via an HDMI cable. Most Xbox 360 comes with something that looks like the previous audio adapter but if you plug it in, it in fact covers up the HDMI port. This is because the adapter that comes with the Xbox 360 is a composite AV adapter (with the yellow port for video, the red and white for stereo audio). This adapter covers up the HDMI port to remind the user that the adapter already carries video.
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on April 26, 2011
I bought a turtle beach headset (wired) and wanted to keep using my HDMI hookup for my TV. Well I needed this for the job, and it does the job perfectly. Just plugged it into my xbox, plugged my turtles into the audio side, and I had sound.

A little annoying that I had to do this in the first place, but not the product's fault.
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on July 20, 2010
This cable does the trick with one major flaw. It is not wired correctly and the xbox360 will reboot if you switch inputs on your display.

For example, if you have a cable/satellite box in tv hdmi input 1, and the xbox is on tv hdmi 2, then if you switch from the xbox to watch tv and return to the xbox the xbox will reboot.

This is a known problem on lower quality cables because they are missing a ground. This cable can be modified, but you have to crack open the casing, and solder in an additional wire. This is not a tv or setup problem. Its a known issue and you can easily find more info on it on the net.

This problem makes it very difficult to pause a game for long periods and return to it. So i have to give this a low review, because a cable either completely works, or it doesn't work at all...
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on November 9, 2011
This has the dreaded reboot issue just like every 3rd party dongle. If you're unfamiliar, what it does is reboot your XBox if you have both an HDMI cable (for video) and this dongle plugged in for optical audio (maybe for your Turtle Beach headphones or home theater system) at the same time, and THEN try to switch inputs or shut the TV off. I found it very irritating whenever I wanted to pause a game and turn the TV off to avoid burn in or switch over to cable to see what's going on with the hockey game or whatever. The Xbox would always reset when I did this. This is caused by a wire they left in that should have been taken out. Not a HUGE issue but it's pretty annoying it had to shut it off every time I wanted to go do something really quick.

(note: everything else does work fine if you don't care about rebooting/ if you never shut the TV off or switch inputs anyway)

Now like I said, only 3rd party dongles are wired like this. So if you want to avoid this you'll have to buy a genuine Microsoft branded product which can be expensive since they don't sell them anymore. HOWEVER, after a bit of research I found another one that's much cheaper at $2.79 and doesn't have the reset issue. It's a Monoprice branded one.

Ok, can't put link on here so just google:
"Monoprice RCA / Toslink Audio Adapter for Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim"

You can also crack it open and take out a certain wire to fix it, but why waste your time on a badly wired product when you can just buy a cheaper, correctly wired one from Monoprice.
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on January 8, 2014
My son received a subscription for xbox live for Christmas, in addition to a set of Turtle Beach headphones/mic. He was so excited, however, due to a limited number of RCA inputs on the TV, he wasn't able to fully use the headset. He could use the chat function, but could not hear the game in his earphones. To an 11 year old, this is a big deal. So, as the mom (who knows a fair amount about electronics), I set off to find the solution. I went to three electronics stores, one gaming store, and 4 online "troubleshooting" websites. Each retail location wanted to sell me a $25 product to "hopefully" fix my issue. The trouble shooters had NO idea how to help me. I found this little $5.99 adapter by accident, and took a chance. It completely solved the issue, was delivered as promised and on time, and saved me $20! It is a win/win. This adapter hooks to the xbox, then to the headset. I used an HDMI cable to hook the xbox to the tv. They are all connected, and are working together perfectly! I will definitely bookmark the website for this product, and will go there first to help solve any electronic/gaming/video/audio issues I may have in the future!
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on February 19, 2013
There is no complaining here. People are crying that your Xbox resets when you change from hdmi/av to another source on your tv, but that doesn't bother me. Why you ask? Cause if my Xbox 360 is on I'm playing it not trying to watch tv at the same time. It deserves 5 stars and have bought 2 of them.
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on August 1, 2011
I purchased this for my kids SLIM 360. I didn't really know what it was, just that everything I had read said I needed it to work with his Turtle Beach head set. Our problem was that we wanted to use the HDMI on the 360, but couldn't with the Turtle Beach and the connector that came with the 360. Both just would not plug into the back of the 360 at the same time. This little thing is slimmer than the connection that comes with the 360 and thus allows the HDMI port and this to be plugged in together. Then we simple use the AV Red/White for his Turtle Beach and then run the HDMI connection to the TV for the video quality.
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