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on July 5, 2013
Ever since I found out about the Sound pOp, I've been trying to think of cool ways to use it. I had the package delivered to my office and it showed up as I was walking out the door today.

I unboxed in the car, plugged it in to my phone charger, and used it to take a handsfree call (law in the City of Chicago prohibits cell phone usage while driving) within 15 minutes of unboxing.

When I got home, I stuck Sound pOp on my bathroom mirror, pulled up a Google Music playlist on my phone, and wasted no time singing in the shower. I was shocked by how good the quality of the music was. This little thing packs some serious punch. It sounds a thousand better than my phone's speaker and, surprisingly, much better than my Macbook Pro speakers as well.

Which brings me to right now, I'm writing this review after not even owning the thing for 24 hours. My Sound pOp is charging through my laptop's USB port and playing my music louder and clearer than my laptop's speakers ever could.

So, apparently I now own 1) better speakers for my laptop, 2) a water resistant sound system for my bathroom, and 3) a portable speakerphone that lets me avoid getting pulled over. I can't wait to find out how Sound pOp makes my life easier tomorrow.

PS - Go for the purple. It's the color of royalty, after all.
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on July 17, 2013
UPDATE FEB 2014: All good things must come to an end... After a several month love affair with my pOp, it up 'n died. Rest in peace little guy. I only downgraded you one star for your early demise (from four to three) because of all the good times we had :'(


This thing is perfect for me. I listen to a lot of audio (podcasts/music) via my smartphone, and though the phone's internal speaker is loud enough coming from a breast pocket while I'm in a quiet room, it just doesn't do the trick when water is running, a fan is on, I'm near traffic, or wind is rushing through my car window. I've been looking for a bluetooth speaker for a while now, but just haven't been motivated to buy any until I saw the AudioSource Sound pOp reviewed on TWIT TV (GizWiz show), after which I made an impulse buy here on Amazon. I'm glad I did...

What I love:
1) Suction Cup... Magnificent Idea. I carry it everywhere and stick it to everything -- The sun roof, side window, or windshield in my car; Fridge; Shower wall; Coffee Table; Even the back of my smartphone or tablet and use it as a stand - Perfect.
2) Size... Fits in pants pocket. TWIT TV described it as the size of a baseball, but it's smaller, and it tapers in from the middle.
3) Water resistant... I pop it onto the wall in the shower (not in direct flow)
4) Richness of sound... amazing bass for such small and light speaker.
5) Volume... Many times louder than my phone, tablet, or even laptop speakers
6) Feel/Durability... covered in water-resistant thermoplasic rubber (TPR) that provides grip (and protection from drops).
7) The price... a steal.

What I'm not in love with...
1) The speaker phone function. The volume of the caller is woefully inadequate (volume maxed on phone and speaker). They can hear me very well, but I have to hold the pOp to my ear to hear them (like I'm using a 1930's era phone)
2) When I first got it, every piece of dust or pet hair around me stuck to its rubbery surface like a magnet and was hard to wipe off. This problem is mostly gone now, though. Perhaps the oils from my hands have "demagnetized" it (ewwwww)
3) Suction release tab. It's a small tab along the outer edge of the cup which releases suction immediately with a light tug, but it's a clumsy move for my large hands to get to it, resulting in the pOp falling to the floor more than a few times already.

What YOU may not love...
1) No physical plug if your device doesn't have bluetooth. This doesn't matter at all to me, I bought it for cordless convenience.
2) The pOp is advertised to last "up to" 8 hours of play... I get 4 to 5. But I mostly always max the volume. Enough for me.
3) Mono... No capability to pair with another for stereo. But I love the richness of sound nonetheless.
4) The micro usb port door... It's a small rubbery flap to seal the port, and it covers it sufficiently, but it doesn't seem to "snap" shut perfectly. I don't care about that, because it's enough to repel moisture, and I won't be running this thing directly under the water. The speaker grill holes, though relatively small, still seem big enough to take in water, so I'd be careful even without this "flaw" -- The pOp is advertised as water-resistant, NOT water-proof.

Verdict: I bought this thing as a convenient BT speaker for personal wireless podcast/music listening everywhere, not for phone calls, stereo thrill, or parties. The richness of sound coming from the pOp is amazing to me. I'd always heard not to expect that over bluetooth, so maybe my expectation was a bit low, but it IS good. I'm equally enamored with the lowest tech feature of the thing -- That suction cup so I can secure it almost anywhere and not have to worry about balancing acts. The surface must be smooth, and a little moisture on the cup will help secure it more strongly (like any other suction cup), but believe it or not, that feature alone pushed me over the edge to impulse buy. I'm very happy with my pOp.
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on September 5, 2013
When I first opened up the pop, I immediately plugged it in and was able to turn it on to begin pairing.
I paired it with my android phone which took less 20 seconds.
Pairing with my laptop was not difficult either through Add Device function in Windows.
Once paired with the laptop, you can set the pop to be the default audio output so that whenever the pop is connected, all audio will output through the pop.

Sound Quality
The sound quality is pretty impressive. This little device is smaller than a baseball so you can't really expect the bass to shake your table, but you can definitely feel it thump when you hold it in your hands.
The sound quality is better than my MSI GT60 laptop, and the GT60 laptop has the best bass in any laptop that I have ever heard.
Sometimes I do feel that the speaker crackles a bit on the high end, but I haven't been able to figure out whether it is because of audio file quality, bluetooth, or the speaker itself. You can't really tell if you only use this in the shower though.

This little device has a lot more functionality than I imagined, though it is my first time owning a bluetooth speaker.
Some functionality I did not know exist:
1. Call button works as play/pause if you quick press it
2. Holding the Volume + button will skip to the next track
3. Holding the Volume - button will skip to the beginning of the song
4. Holding the call button when paired with a computer will actually call the last person (I use skype so it actually called using skype)
5. Media functionality work on both the phone and the computer (Play/Pause/Skip/Call)

How I use the pop
I stick the pop on my shower wall, not too high in case it does fall.
Since the pop is paired with my laptop, it will automatically connect to the laptop once the pop is turned on.
I leave my audio player (MusicBee) open at all times on my laptop.
Using the call button will actually start playing the music in my audio player if it is not already playing.
I can then use the Volume + button to skip tracks.

Overall I think this was a great buy (Around $30), and I would definitely recommend this to people who want a bluetooth speaker for the shower. I would definitely buy another one if mine broke.

Compared to the Oontz, this speaker is not as loud and less bass probably because of the size difference, but the pop offers much more clarity, and less mids (the way I like it).

One quirk I have about this is the buttons. Even if you press the buttons and hear the click, it doesn't mean that it was registered. Sometimes you need to press harder after the click to get the buttons to work.
My first device had this issue with the power button, which made it hard to turn on the device so I exchanged it. The new one has issues with the volume + button, so sometimes I end up increasing volume rather than skipping tracks.
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on September 9, 2013
I purchased one and have used it so much. I use it in the shower everyday!! I use it while I'm cooking dinner. I am a police officer and take it in my patrol car. The suction cup fits perfecly to my laptop. This cop is rockin'!!!
The battery charges quickly and I get a good 8 hours of play on it fully charged.
I will be purchasing many more of these for Christmas gifts. My son is now borrowing it. He is backpacking through Costa Rica, perfect size for that!!
What a great product! Excellent sound, better than any other bluetooth product! I highly recommend this to anyone who listens to music anywhere anytime. And helooooo it isn't expensive. You get more than your monies worth!!!! ************
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on July 15, 2013
AudioSource's amazing new Bluetooth speaker-the diminutive Sound pOp which kind of looks like the head of a half-asleep/crocked alien is an earthly delight! Charged up in a few hours and a near-instant connection to my iPhone and bingo!...I'm smiling and digging my tunes on this entertaining and sonically pleasing little blue Bluetooth ball! Can't wait to show it off to everybody!
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on July 10, 2013
This product is so good,I cant even tell you.I am a picky consumer and when it comes to sound,WOW.Easy to pair,small and has a great sound.Go get one now,I am telling everyone.
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on July 15, 2013
Received my sound pOp within 2 days and fell in love with it immediately! Plugged the USB cord in, charged it in 3 hours and then paired with my iphone in 2 minutes! SO easy. We played it outside at the pool, brought it onto the deck for dinner and then out to the fire pit at night! We can't wait to bring it to the beach next week. I need to order one for each of my kids (in their favorite colors) so they don't steal mine! It sounds great and I love that I can bring it with me anywhere! Go get one, you will not be disappointed!
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on July 9, 2013
This is by far the best Bluetooth speaker I have used. I saw this on TWIT.TV and had to have one. 2 days later here it is. I opened the box and it took all of 3 seconds to set it up. The sound is amazing. It's hard to believe that so much bass can come out of such a little speaker. I have used Bose,Logitech and several other brands but nothing this good. I am currently using it on my Iphone 5. I am about to go out to the pool and set it on my raft and relax. Don't hesitate get it! You can't beat the price either Good job Sound pOp.
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on December 30, 2013
I've been considering a water resistant bluetooth speaker for some time now, I wanted one that I could use in the bathroom as I get ready in the morning. I saw this on for $14.99 in the middle of December 2013 and thought it might be good to try. When I saw that this had a built in suction cup I was immediatly interested and placed my order. I've purchased other cheap bluetooth speakers in the past, like the iLuv MobiTour (B009QV72VY and I have always been disappointed, so my expectations for this cheap little speaker were slim. I was very pleasantly surprised when I first powered it up though. It connected to my Nexus 4 very quickly and the sound that it put out exceeded my expectations. It was much louder than I expected, and the bass is actually very good considering the physical contraints of such a small speaker, much better than the very quite iLuv Mobitour. I don't know if it's due to this speaker using bluetooth 4.0 or something else, but it connects to my phone within seconds of being powered on, which is a departure from speakers I have used previously which seem to take a while.

I use the suction cup on this all the time, I stick it to the windshield in my car as I am driving so I can listen to podcasts and take calls in the car, I stick it to the tile in the shower as I get ready in the morning and stick it to surfaces all over the house as I do house work. I am using this far more than I thought I would. Which brings me to battery life. Battery life is decent for the size of the speaker. I've been getting more than five hours out of a charge. I've used it for three days so far, so I'll update if things change.

All in all I highly recommend the Sound pOp speaker, especially if you can get it for $15 bucks on

---Update 1/15
So I've had this for about three weeks now and the little tab you pull to get the suction cup to come of has broken off. Without the little tab the speaker is harder to get off, I have to use my nails and pry at the edge of the cup. It's still a good speaker and I'm not taking off a star for this, but I thought I'd mention it. Battery life and Sound quality are still good and I've been pretty hard on this speaker. It's taken may drops and tumbles, sometimes from as high as 7 feet. I'm still happy with my purchase.
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on July 15, 2013
We love our SoundpOp! We used it as a speakerphone and music speaker over the weekend and it worked great. We needed a hands free phone in our rental car driving through Connecticut or we would have been pulled over! We stuck it to the drivers side window and off we went. We then found our "beach songs" play list on our phone and played it at the beach all day and our friends LOVED it and wanted to know where to get one! It is so simple to use and sounds awesome - it is so compact and can go anywhere - you will not be disappointed!!!
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