Customer Reviews: Audioengine A2 White
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on July 11, 2012
Background: I recently purchased these speakers after a few months of browsing for high-quality computer speakers. I have one of the new Retina MacBooks and I wanted to pair it with a good set of speakers.

Appearance: When these speakers came in, I was very happy to learn that the quality of them is exactly as good as the reviews say. These speakers were carefully designed. The gloss white paint job is even better than I thought it would be. The back plates on either speaker look like ones from more expensive speakers as well. My only complaint here is a minor one. The speaker terminals feel a little cheap (when loose, they wobble around some). But it does not affect the sound, so it doesn't really bother me. Also, a front-facing on/off light and volume knob would be nice, but that's just my personal preference.

Sound: These speakers are extremely clear. I have a Jeep with Polk speakers and an Alpine amp system running 50 watts to either speaker and 500 watts RMS to a sealed Type-R subwoofer. The clarity of these at 15 watts/channel is so much better. The imaging with these speakers is also something I never really noticed before. If the tweeters are aimed towards your ears, the music sounds like it's right in front of you. Speaker position is extremely important. You can actually tell a difference if one speaker is aimed a few inches off. I listen to a variety of music, and I did notice that the instrument separation really hurts when you turn the speakers up. Although they sound big for their size, the size of the woofers does hurt the sound quality. Loud volume doesn't necessarily make them sound muddy, just less clear.

Break-in: More important than you think. My speakers sounded harsh when I first got them, so I emailed Audioengine and they said a breaking in period of 40-50 hours of moderate-volume playing is enough to break them in some. I'm starting to notice a difference now in the deeper notes.

EQ: Also in the email they mentioned how sensitive these speakers are to EQ adjustments. This is also true. I find myself tweaking the EQ for nearly every song I listen to in iTunes. Most songs sound fine without it, but to get the most out of your speakers, it's necessary. I usually bump up the lower ranges (125hz and lower) and the 1k to 8k range. I have slight hearing loss from my Jeep's system, so try whatever sounds right.

Subwoofer?: Yes. If you listen to anything other than country/acoustic/etc music, I suggest a sub. At higher volumes it becomes less and less necessary, but with the speakers <5ft from your face, the volume needed to hear the bass clearly is painful. I suggest keeping the crossover at around 100-150hz.

Conclusion: These are awesome speakers if:
-You have no room for the A5's
-You travel with these (the drawstring bags are really nice)
-You have a quality sub to pair with these

Otherwise, I suggest purchasing the A5/A5+'s. These just don't sound good enough to justify NOT going with the bigger speakers (except for the above reasons). There isn't a big enough price difference. Even getting a sub won't correct for everything. However, these are good for what they are. I suggest using Audioengine's 30-day audition period to decide yourself.
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on January 24, 2010
Sweet sounding speakers. Nice power fills whole room. Ported woofer plenty of bass, don't need subwoofer.

Versatile - Fits on desk top. Coupled with laptop & IPod universal adaptor (has remote). Den/ dorm room dream.

Excellent build quality - will last forever. Contacted company and got amazing fast helpful assistance.
Will absolutely buy again.
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on May 10, 2014
At first I was skeptical on buying the Audioengine A2, since it looked to be overpriced and looking at the $100 M-Audios.

I did have a bad experience, with my first batch of the A2 from the Seller( was not cooperative) the right speaker was dead(due to the broken Amp in the left speaker) Luckily, Audioengine give your 3 years of warranty and sent it( you pay your own shipping)

The speakers sound phenomenal, they give your music life and distinguish every highs,mids and lows amazingly. I see my self jamming to concert in my own room with these. They far then any other bookshelf speakers, if you have the money invest into a Audioengine DAC for even enormous sound improvement or just buy the Audioengine A5s.

The speakers are small and subtle with a classy/elegant look they will pop any room to classiness. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to improve their gaming and music habits.
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on April 23, 2011
I purchased the A2's for listening to music while working in my home office. Rather than repurpose one of my gaming sets, I opted for a small footprint configuration with no subwoofer. These speakers fit that niche quite nicely.

They look great and the cabinet build quality is rock solid. The power supply seems sufficiently sturdy. No problems with the power supply or amp overheating after a month of regular usage at various volume levels. The volume knob on the back keeps the look clean but reduces the usability a notch and makes them poor candidates for wall mounting. The small footprint is unobtrusive on a desktop.

The A2's native sound (in my office) is well matched for some material (acoustic guitar, Dire Straits, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and less so for others (any piano). The room has a lot of hard surfaces which brightens the sound a bit, so no complaints with the high end. The amp creates reasonably good volume levels and didn't struggle with bass heavy tracks or big symphonic material.

The lower midrange/upper bass is noticeably overemphasized for my desktop placement and required some tuning. Pads helped, but didn't entirely correct the problem, which was especially bothersome on piano-centric material. A little EQ tweaking took care of it. Also the way I've currently placed them could probably be improved.

The A2's are very good small bookshelf speakers for cramped quarters. The fact that they are self powered and accept standard connections gives them excellent flexibility. The A2's would also work well for a casual gaming setup with a console, but I like these little speakers enough to keep them around for a while longer in my office.
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on November 3, 2015
Just. beautiful! the trebles and mid's are amazing! I love these speakers to death because of the quality that comes out of it. I have to say I have spent my money on this gem without regret. However, because of the size of the speakers, it has its limitation of sounding big. They are perfect for pc/laptop in a small room. I gave this as a gift to my sister while saving money to by the bigger ones because I am all about that bass. hehehe. If you are thinking about getting these, don't hesitate any longer and get it. You'll understand that I mean. Give it about 2 days to break it in.
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on July 13, 2015
these don't need another 5-star review, but here's another... they're amazing in every way: sound, appearance, quality, etc... the only downside is that — at least in the older model — you might get a bit if a buzz from the power supply. that said, we have three sets of these speakers in three different rooms: 2 original models and one "plus" model. FWIW, unless you need the extra USB connectivity, i've not found a difference in quality otherwise. if your'e powering with a 3.5mm cord (iPhone, airportExpress, etc.) then the originals are fine and $50 less (while available).
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on August 29, 2014
I bought these speakers and I still cannot find fault in them. The only problem was after about a month the power supply died. I called up customer service. They were very nice and understanding and sent me a new free cord without any hassle. That was 3 years ago. I am just now doing a review because I believe in R&D and I can say, they have stood the test of time. I have had zero problems with them. Now to boosting about the speakers - they perform very well. They aren't big boom speakers, yes they can get loud but if you are looking for LOUD stereo speakers i would recommend the A5's. I use these A2's for my work station and they are perfect. The connections are also great. For example, because there is a Aux input and stereo input (red & white) I am able to hook up to my laptop and PS4 at the same time. This allows me to switch over to either setup without switching cables. In conclusion, if you are looking for quality sound and don't need big booming speakers, I highly recommend these!
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on March 28, 2013
I read great reviews about this product on CNET and so when looking for a good set of speakers for my iMac I decided to go with these and I haven't been disappointed. They are small and look great on my desk next to my computer. The sound is nice and full. It's also very crisp. Huge improvement over speakers in the iMac. Worth every penny. There is no remote to control the volume but I haven't seen that as a big problem. I set it at about 75% on the speakers and use the volume controls on the computer itself to control loudness and there are plenty of remotes for that.
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on December 8, 2011
I will admit I was skeptical of the reviews written in Stereophile, Home Theater, Sound & Vision, etc. but I needed new computer speakers and can now confirm these are truly remarkable speakers. Very likely the best buy in hi-fi today. They are clear, dynamic, fast, detailed and have amazing imaging when used for near field listening. The bass is shocking for their size. If there is any criticism it is that the mid bass is a bit punchy, I imagine largely because they don't have true low frequency extension due to the laws of physics; I would like to see if this punchiness is still present when paired with a subwoofer. These speakers are really just a tremendous bargain and will bring out the sound of a desktop audio system in ways you didn't think possible, and they are so well engineered and attractive as well. The cost performance factor is off the charts. I'm not replacing my Focal Chorus 816s with the Audioengines, but my computer now offers a real pleasurable listening experience and I find myself spending more and more time at my desk listening to music.
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on June 21, 2012
We installed these little gems in our kids playroom and hooked them up to an Apple Airport Base Station. The room we're in is about 12' square and we placed the speakers in what seemed to be a bad spot -- on top of a 6' book shelf (so the kids couldn't get to them). They sound great. We played Christian music, country and jazz thru them all from iTunes and they sound really fantastic. I'm used to the old school of buying receivers and big speakers for lots of cash... but this is such a cool solution. Doesn't matter what apple device you have in your hands (iMac, iPhone, iPad) you can play to them over airplay and the sound is amazing.

I mentioned "packaging" because the fit & finish of these speakers is excellent. It's almost like they are one piece -- no seams, or anything to the contrary.

I'd rate these things an A+ and plan to buy more sets for the house.
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