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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2011
I initially got the Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers for my wife's MacBook, as she likes listening to music and also watches a lot of movies using it.

The sound quite frankly blew us both away. I ended up "borrowing" them frequently for my home office, where I also like to jam from my own MacBook Pro while working. I did it so often that she ended up ordering ME a pair, too. I was very glad she did!

The speakers are perfect for for small spaces - and in such settings deliver surprisingly rich, clear sound -- the bass in particular is amazing.

Two thumbs (make that four) WAY up for Audyssey's Lower East Side Media Speakers!

UPDATE, July 20, 2012: These speakers ROCK on my Kindle Fire. I've been watching HBO GO movies and shows with the speakers and it is amazing. I've got the speakers setup in my home gym. My elliptical machine has a little shelf designed for holding books, iPods, tablets and I put the Kindle Fire there when working out. Since connecting it to my Audyssey speakers I've been watching tons more video on it. And needless to say when playing music from my Kindle or iPhone, I also use the speakers -- really pleased with these speakers.
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on September 9, 2011
These speakers sound amazing! Audiophiles will be satisfied with Audyssey's expertise in audio. They are extremely clear, especially through the optical audio port. Don't expect glass breaking bass, however it is definitely present and much more tight than other systems. The passive bass radiators do this well as opposed to a dedicated sub. However, they are expensive and lack a few features I would like to see (ex. wake up from standby). This is the only reason these did not get full stars.
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on October 9, 2011
Don't just think of these as speakers for your computer. They provide enough volume to use in a small living room. Bass sounds like bass from much larger enclosures. Only slight negative is that volume control is a manual knob on one of the speakers. But once you set it, you won't have to adjust it that often anyway.
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on October 17, 2012
First the good news: These speakers have amazing sound for such small units, the best I've heard. Unlike most speakers of this size the Audyssey's actually do sound like speakers about twice their size. They have expansive low to mid-range, so much so that I wish they had a bass and treble adjustment on the speakers. A quick fix in iTunes though, so no worries. Bass is enough to vibrate my desk, a first for computer speakers in my experience, but the highs are still plenty distinct and discernable. At high volume there's a little distortion, but nowhere near as much as I'd expect from speakers this size. These won't replace an actual stereo system, but in a smallish room or for a quick blast they're more than adequate.

Esthetically speaking they're handsome if a bit bland. Ultimately they look like what they are: A pair of speakers with a wire stand. I waffle on whether I prefer my speakers to make a design statement or just "be there" and not attract attention. These definitely fall on the "just be there" side of things. The wire stand they're on almost seems like an afterthought and detracts a bit from the overall ability of the speakers to blend into the background but doesn't add enough oomph to make them seem like their own design element. Sort of a worst of both worlds option, but again it's not a serious problem.

Now the bad news: Functionally these speakers leave a lot to be desired with one glaring flaw that would prevent me from buying these for anything over $100. On the "needs to be improved" end of things, dedicated bass and treble knobs would be nice since these speakers give enough of both that you want to adjust them. The volume/on/off knob on the front of the right speaker is pretty flimsy and cheap feeling for speakers in this price range IMO. And the speaker-to-speaker connection is a hunk of wire with raw ends that go into standard cheap-o plastic speaker clips. Not really acceptable IMO for $100+ speakers, let alone the MSRP.

The big issue, though, is a serious design flaw that would prevent me from buying these speakers again at any price over $100: The speakers have an auto-off "feature" that turns the speakers off after 30 minutes of silence. Unfortunately there is NO corresponding auto ON feature and NO way to defeat this idiotic flaw. Audyssey calls this an "auto sleep" feature, but come on... if the speakers shut down and you have to manually turn them on again that's not "sleep"... that's OFF. Sleep would mean they turn off *and* on automatically. These absolutely do not do that.

Anyways, after 30 minutes of silence the speakers shut down and then you have to MANUALLY turn them back on. That's just ridiculous, there's so many reasons something like this can become a serious nuisance. For instance, I use my computer sporadically throughout the day with usually 45 minutes to an hour between uses. That means every single time I sit down at my computer I have to turn the speakers on. That's absurd. If the speakers can detect no noise and turn off... why can't they detect noise and turn back ON when I play a song or there's a system alert?

And speaking of system alerts... what if I rely on my computer for audio alerts such as email, calendar events etc? If 30 minutes goes by without an alert the speakers shut off and now I won't hear any alerts until I manually turn the speakers on again.

What about incoming skype calls? Sorry, missed your call, my speakers shut off while I was in the other room.

What if you have the speakers located high on a book shelf or somewhere else where they might be inconvenient to reach? Tough luck.

There's a litany of situations where a "feature" like this would make these speakers essentially useless, such as being used as TV speakers. Think about it... if you use these as TV speakers now you have to manually turn your speakers on every time you want to watch TV. Paused the game for dinner? Gotta turn those speakers back on! Got a long phone call from mom? Great, get your @ss up and turn your speakers on again. The auto-off "feature" on these speakers is a classic example of something no one wanted being poorly applied to a product that doesn't need it. If you're going to give speakers an auto-off feature (a ridiculous idea in the first place in my opinion) it should be optional, automatic or at the very minimum configurable. But honestly it shouldn't be there at all. When my computer is on the speakers should be on. Speakers should be the ultimate user-friendly device: You plug them in and you're done. The fact that I have to interact with these speakers as many as a dozen times a day is simply absurd in the extreme.

In conclusion, these speakers really do sound amazing but the auto-off "feature" means I simply can't give them more than 2 stars and definitely do NOT suggest paying anything over $100 for them. I'm listening to some music as I type this and I really am blown away by the deep base, silky mid-tones and clear, discernable highs. But the fact that it's only 9am and I've already had to turn my speakers on 3 times today makes me doubt that I'll be keeping these on my desk very long. I bought these on Woot for $80 and frankly if I'd paid more than $100 I would return them, despite their performance in the sound department. I'll probably end up relegating these to my garage work bench or somewhere else where I don't spend too much time and am already turning things on when I arrive anyways... because I'm already beyond annoyed at constantly turning these on at my desk and also constantly missing system alerts.

Great sound + massive design flaw = look elsewhere unless you can get a screaming deal.
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on August 20, 2012
The sound is good. The speaker wire that connects both speaks could be longer. But this HAS A MAJOR FLAW

If there is no sound for 30 minutes, then the speakers turn themselves off. They technically go into stand-by mode, but if they require you to hit a button to turn them back on, its not really a standby mode--its an OFF mode. There is also no way to turn this off. When working at the computer and then you realize you missed a chat request or alarm because the speaker auto turned off, its REALLY annoying.

I would not buy if this is a concern. ITs much more annoying in reality than in thought--and the only solution is to always play something through the speakers/computer to keep it from standby mode.

I think after using these speakers for a while, I just need to get another pair so I don't have to constantly hit the button to turn them back on ...
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on August 2, 2012
Great sound, great looking, but there is an auto-sleep "feature" to save power that requires a physical button push to wake up. Not a deal-killer, but not good product design and pretty annoying at this price point. Buyer beware...
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on December 12, 2012
I don't like to apply the term audiophile to myself, because, to me, that boxes in my ability to evaluate "in context." In other words, apt to judge any and all audio products using a strict set of guidelines more suited for $25,000 speakers than $200 desktop speakers. I'd like to point all readers to Tyll Hertsens to read his review on these. He's a hardcore audiophile, but offers a realistic critique of the LES Media Speaker's sound characteristics. On to the review:

Audyssey is famous for their software algorithms present in many home theatre receivers, etc. The LES Media Speakers are part of their three-pronged attack on the compact audio market; the other two parts being their Audio Dock and Audio Dock Air. These also come in a wireless model now as well. The speakers are large by desktop speaker standards, the first indication of the quality and capability of the hardware put together by Audyssey. This is because each speaker contains a tweeter, 3-inch woofer, and even larger passive radiator, which is extensively monitored by Audyssey's software expertise in sound processing. The resulting sound is thick, but detailed, with a slightly recessed, though still prominent midrange. The tweeters can sizzle a bit sometimes, but vocals never seem overly harsh, indicating no peeks in the midrange. The strongest aspects of the LES Media Speaker's performance are the extended bass response, which easily reaches down to 50 hz with aplomb, and the smooth frequency response. Audyssey doesn't quote power, but they are quite loud, rated at 95 db from a distance of 1 meter by Audyssey. So, in closing, the LES Media Speakers look good, don't take up a lot of space, and offer quality audio performance. If you don't have room for a subwoofer or, like me, don't mind letting professionals decide exactly how your audio should sound, at all times, you won't be let down by these desktop speakers.

P.S. I haven't heard the Bose Companion 20's, but it is Bose (not terrible, but you can do much better for the price) and the 20's are only working with one driver per channel. Audyssey's comparable offering offers 2 active and 1 passive driver per side. Food for thought.
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on September 5, 2012
These speakers replaced M-Audio's AV-30 speakers (the powered speaker died). The replacement Audyssey Lower East Side Media speakers blows the doors off of the M-Audio.

The highs are crisper and there is far more bass that the AV-30's, even when the bass boost switch was "on". Amazing since the Audyssey's are half the size of the AV-30s.

The Audyssey's, good as they are, are not audiophile speakers. Mids are ok. Bass is a little boomie, but well enough defined that you can listen to blues or club and still enjoy it. These are really good computer desktop speakers.

After initialing posting the review, and after listening a little longer, I had to come back and edit this review. The Audyssey's deserve a 5 star rating.
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on January 15, 2012
I was searching for a small set of compact speakers for my computer, mostly limited by price. Every $100 set just sounded horrible, even the pretty ones by Sony. These Audyssey speakers are big on bass (even bigger bass than Polk RT A1 in my side-by-side comparison), include a powered amplifier and very useful useful I/O : line and optical input as well as heaphone output. I like that these speakers power down in the absence of input, but the trade is that they do not power on without a press of the volume button. I prefer the sound of the Polks as the voice range is better, and it's not possible to control the overpowered bass on the Audyssey.

The sound is BIG, but I'd say that the low end received the most attention, followed by the highs at the expense of the mids. The volume is just right for the desktop, but not enough for TV, primarily due to the lessened mid-range. I don't have the living room space for my KEF towers, and frankly, I don't want all of that bass with young sleeping kids in the house.

I have not found any powered desktop speakers for $200 that beats these. I'm happy with them for my computer, but I wouldn't master video editing with them.
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on February 5, 2012
While they aren't life-changingly good like some people seem to proclaim (you'll have to hear a pair of Wilson Alexandrias for that experience) these are awesome desktop speakers; they're truly worlds better than the typical Logitech, Klipsh, Altec Lansing, and other small sets out there.

For $200 you get great build quality, nice looks, and solid sound. They won't be mistaken for full-size floor speakers, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better value in a small package. They look nice and they sound nice-- that's pretty much all you can ask for.
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