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on August 26, 2009
UPDATE (11/10/10): Still thrilled to report I couldn't be happier. The mat has held up better than the manduka mat I owned, and has proven easier to clean and a lot lighter to carry. After 14 months still no sign of wear and it just seems to get better with use.

The company was actually nice enough to send me their rosin for doing hot or more intense practices where I really does help with slipping issues. I found putting a little on my mat pre-workout seems to help substantially. In the past I had bought yogi toes and towels, which while they worked, were pretty expensive. So for now I am hooked on rosin.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I recently decided it was time to upgrade my yoga mat to something a bit more high quality and came across this one. So far I have been very impressed. The quality of the mat is really remarkable for the price point and i really love what a great job they have done with this. You can tell this was developed by people who actually do practice yoga.

1) The knee pain i used to get on my old (thin) mat is gone. I have used this on a variety of different surfaces (including the hard floors at the local studio) and no issues.
2) The rubbery smell that I also had to deal with on my old mat is now gone. I followed Aurorae's recommendations and put a little lemon on.
3) Been using for a few months now and no durability/wear issues.
4) No staining of clothes. My last mat left a slight residue that would be seen on lightly colored clothing.
5) Price - $80 for a Manduka mat??? No way. This is better quality for a fraction of the price.

None but will update if I find anything.

I would recommend this one to any yoga enthusiast. Great product and well worth the money at this price point.
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on May 19, 2010

I purchased this mat after reading all the great reviews (thinking... 162 people can't be wrong). Out of all mats amazon offers, probably the highest number of 5 star reviews out of the total submitted.

Yes, the mat looks and feels great, very little odor out of the box and almost none after washing (and whatever odor there is, it is never unpleasant). As instructed, I washed it in the machine, let it hang dry. It took a while to get dry completely, cause it seems to absorb the water almost like a sponge (remember, no tumble dry).

I like the thickness and length, but... Even though my palms and feet don't sweat much my hands just can't stop slipping, especially in Adho Mukha Svanasana. This happens in the very first few minutes, so sweating is not even an issue. I trust other reviewers who claim that using other products by Aurorae to minimize slipping probably works, but doesn't seem like a good solution to me simply because:
a) I have another mat (different brand) that is the same size and thickness, and no slipping at all (out of the box), and
b) I don't need an extra piece of equipment to carry around (rosin bag).

I also tried several mats at the studio, some thinner some same in thickness (1/4"), and came across only one that had some slipping (might have been soiled).

I will try washing the mat one more time as some suggest, and revise this review if I notice significant improvement.

Here's some food for thought. I read reviews for some other brands and someone bought two mats but different colors. One had slipping issues, the other did not. In other words, even if a mat is made by the same manufacturer, is it possible that some would slip, and some won't depending on the color or series?

I really wanted to like this mat - very soft and cushy, well built, nice design and colors (I got light green), but slipping is a huge flaw for me. I hate to return it, not so much because it's a hassle, but because I really like the thickness and the looks. Will use it for routines in which slipping won't be an issue. I'm still hoping that after a while I might break it in sufficiently, so that the slipping will stop.

UPDATE - September 2012:

Really weird experience with this mat. After trying everything, finally gave up and stored the mat away. Haven't used it in over a year and one day decided to get it out and try it again. I was surprised that no slipping occurred any more. Been using it now for a few weeks and still good. Not sure what the explanation is, but as long as it's performing according to my expectations, it's fine.

UPDATE #2 - April 2014:

DISCLAIMER: Due to serious slipping issues I had with the two mats I purchased a few years ago, the kind owner Mr.Ingui provided me with the third, updated version as a compliment of the company. I have no financial interest in this company and no personal ties, neither do I know Mr.Ingui personally.

As I noted above, the mat had been updated, and the change is significant. The slipping issue is completely gone. This new mat has excellent, firm grip and is nothing like the two of those I purchased before. Other than fixing the slipping issues, the mat has the same feel, texture and quality like before, thick enough to protect you from a hard surface, well designed and crafted. No funny smell like some other mats I've tried. Washed it as per instructions, let it dry completely and started using it. Thank you, Dennis! Keep the good work.
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on September 6, 2010
I have had my Aurorae mat for nearly eight months and still consider it one of the best mats out there. As a yoga teacher, I've tried many different mats ranging in price from $50 to $100 and the Aurorae mat beats them all. It's as long and wide as the 'premium' mats that are twice the price, but it's super lightweight so it's easy to carry around. The thickness is perfect: everyone who has tried my Aurorae mat comments on how nice it feels. It's thick without being too firm or two soft.

I've also been impressed with the durability of my Aurorae mat- I practice daily at home, and in the studio at least 3-4 times a week. I also use my mat outside on grass, concrete and flagstones. Obviously it's been put through a lot, but it's still in excellent condition. I have washed it once a month according to the manufacturer's directions and aside from a slight discoloration where my hands and feet are positioned in down dog, it still looks brand new.

Since the Aurorae mat is phthalate-free, it didn't stink of plastic when it arrived. I only had to unroll it and let it sit out for a couple of hours and I was able to use it that night. It also didn't smell like rubber as some of the other premium mats do. It's not only scent-free, it doesn't seem to hold odors (which is important if you sweat a lot!) There's nothing worse than being in child's pose and holding your breath because your nose is so close to a plastic-y/sweaty-smelly/rubber-stinking mat.

The only drawback I've found for my mat is that it isn't very 'sticky' when I sweat, but I have yet to find a truly sticky mat anywhere. In my experience, if you practice hot yoga or sweat a lot, no mat is going to be sticky enough without a towel over the top (I use a microfiber towel specifically made for yoga). I have the roisin bag also sold by Aurorae and that helps a lot, but when the studio is 100F+, I need a towel to help soak up the sweat and allow my hands some traction in down dog.

On the other hand, if I practice in an unheated area the mat works fine. It's not 'sticky' so much as the top of the mat allows my hands to sink in a bit and gain some traction. That's nicer than the last 'sticky' mat I tried which was so sticky that I couldn't keep hair and lint from gathering all over the top. Gross!

Overall, I've been so pleased with my Aurorae mat that I'm considering buying another one just so I can keep one at the studio and one at home. I also recommend this mat to all my students and every one who has bought an Aurorae mat has been just as pleased as I am. I don't think you can find a better mat, especially for the price!
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on June 3, 2012
At first I was disappointed with the mat since I found it very slippery. After reading through the reviews I decided to try the slip-free rosin bag and WOW, combined the two products are perfect. I take heated power yoga and do not slip at all. I don't like using a mat towel and with these products I don't have to. I love that the mat is thick and forms to your hands and feet. I used to double up my mats, but with this I only use one. I would highly recommend this mat (in conjunction with the rosin bag).


I have had this mat for about 10 months. I practice power yoga about twice per week and the mat is already falling apart. The material is pulling away where my hands and feet go. I am so disappointed because I really liked this mat at first, but it just doesn't pass the test of time. Prior to my Aurorae mat I used a $10 mat from Wal-Mart that lasted 4 years without ripping. This product doesn't deserve the original 4 star rating.
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on December 10, 2010
My husband and I recently started practicing Yoga and after much research, he purchased to 2 Aurorae Yoga mats, he even made sure I picked the color suited for my personality. The mat was extremely comfortable and very well padded, first night we slipped a little, downward dog. After consulting with the instructor, she said we have the best mats and all we need to do was wash them; just put them in the washer on gentle with mild soap, but no dryer and problem solved. We did that and mine resulted with a tear down the middle. My husbands was fine, indeed, problem solved.

When I emailed the customer service website listed on the insert @ 1030 PM, I thought I would be lost in the system and would never hear from anyone. I was wrong, the next morning I had a very kind, very attentive Mr. Dennis Ingui, email me back, eager to assist. "OF COURSE I WILL HELP YOU!" I actually had to read it again looking for "this is an automatic email, do not reply- NOT" message we so often get, you know what I am talking about. I laughed and said to my husband, "HE EMAILED ME BACK! Oh my gosh!"

Mr. Ingui was extremely helpful; he explained what I did wrong, "Don't put in the washer, wash in the shower and hang to dry", (which I later saw was listed on my care instruction insert). But what really impressed me is that HE SENT ME A BRAND NEW MAT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, AND... THREW IN THE ROSIN POWDER!! CAN YOU IMAGINE? CUSTOMER SERVICE WE ONLY DREAM OF!!

I have to say this was the BEST customer service I have ever received, HONESTLY! He also kept in touch via email with the delivery process and tracking number! Today, I received my new mat in perfect condition and ready to go!

THANK YOU MR. DENNIS INGUI, YOU DESERVE BUSINESS OWNER OF THE YEAR!! Everyone should do business with this owner! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! We won't go anywhere else, you shouldn't either! Kudos to you! Namaste Joanne
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on August 15, 2012
I just started my first yoga class last week, and I decided I needed a mat of my own. I spent MANY hours looking through the reviews on Amazon to figure out which mat would be best. I finally decided on the Aurorae Yoga mat based on the extremely positive reviews.

When I received the mat, I experienced some of the problems that other users have encountered: a mild smell and the surface of the mat was slick. I followed the directions exactly, with one major misstep. I used a washer with an agitator. Yikes! Did that agitator do damage to the mat. I was SO sad. I put my brand new, beautiful mat in the washer, and it came out looking like it had been attacked by a wolverine.

Now, ordinarily this would mean I had just wasted $35, but I contacted Dennis Ingui and told him what happened. Much to my surprise, despite the fact that it was totally MY FAULT that the mat was destroyed, he is replacing it for me. I could not be happier with the service I was provided. Every e-mail I sent was almost immediately responded to, and he did not tell me that I didn't deserve a replacement, because I killed the mat (which would have been totally reasonable).

Any product that has the kind of customer service that Aurorae does deserves five stars from me! Not to mention, after looking at the other mats available on Amazon, it seems like no matter where you go, or how much money you spend, the mat will be slippery and might smell a little. You might as well choose a mat that is long enough (I am tall), cushy enough, and affordable. The bonus is, you are buying a product from a retailer who really cares about his customers.
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on April 19, 2010
I tried yoga a couple of years ago, but I hurt my knees so I stopped. Then recently my friend asked me to go to a yoga class with her and bought me this Aurorae Yoga Mat because she knew I was afraid of hurting my knees again - this yoga mat is totally different from the one I used last time. Its thickness is just perfect to protect my knees and joints. Its non-slippery surface and bigger size (longer than the average yoga mat sold in stores) make it possible for you to make any poses you want on this mat. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys yoga, from beginners to experts!
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on April 17, 2010
As a yoga beginner, I have few comparisons for this mat, except for the two classes I took before I owned the mat, in which I used mats provided by each respective yoga studio. The studio mats were of "normal" thickness, and although they were sticky enough, they were too thin. The Aurorae mat offered a significant improvement in thickness, although for some poses I still have to use additional padding, such as a blanket (but then everyone in the class is doing that, regardless of the mats they're using).

As the instructions advised, I did thoroughly wash and dry the mat before using it. I washed it with a large sponge in a bathtub filled with very warm water and a few generous squirts of dishwashing detergent. The first time I used the mat after washing it, I noticed my hands slipping a bit during downward dog, so when I got it home, I washed the mat again, and for the second washing I scrubbed the mat's surface with a soft body brush.

That seemed to help, although I suspect if you're sweaty, you'll get some slippage even when the mat's clean. I think it's important to remember to wash your hands (and feet?) before yoga practice, if you want to minimize slippage on the mat.

Overall I'm happy with the product, and I'd buy one again if I needed another mat.
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on October 27, 2011
I brought this mat based on the many glowing reviews and boy, was it a disappointment. I am relatively new to yoga and was looking for value and stability. I used the mat twice and could not stop slipping and sliding. I know there is a break in period, but I could not tolerate the problems. I asked my yoga teacher for suggestions and she did not like the mat at all, stating that it was of poor quality, and could actually cause me to injure myself. She suggested a Jade mat, which was pricier but what a difference. This is why they call it a sticky mat. I guess it is telling that Aurora markets a resin product separately to cut down slips. For all the positive reviews, I am glad you like the mat, but I could not have been more upset. I want to commend Amazon's customer service. They were so helpful and are taking my mat back. That made the trade up to the Jade mat easier to do.
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on August 26, 2009
My last yoga mat became family property. My daughter used it for her gymnastics practice, my son used it for his karate warm-ups and if I was lucky enough to find it, I got to use it for myself. Well, they can have my old mat & I'm hiding my new Aurorae mat. It's great for my mat Pilates, no more feeling like I'm rolling up on cement with my old flimsy mat. It's much more comfortable on the back and knees. The longer length is helpful too especially on days when I attend yoga in the park on a cement slab by the lake. What a great buy for the price!
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