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on November 19, 2007
System Suite 8 is just what I've been looking for! Since installing it my computer runs much faster and smoother and loading programs and files is once again a "snap." Just like it was when I first bought my laptop. I feel like I have a brand new computer!

Installing the software was a bit "hairy." One of my other programs (which was supposed to be "disabled") kept popping up messages and acting weird. But once System Suite was installed everything was okay and I was ready to see what this program could do. So I clicked the two ONE CLICK buttons to protect and optimize my computer and just let it do its thing. After awhile the software reported my system to now be in "excellent" shape. Boy, that was an understatement!

All my files and programs now load rapidly and when browsing the internet switching back and forth between tabs in Firefox is virtually instantaneous. This program ROCKS!

I had previously been using PC Trend Micro, which did an excellent job handling viruses and spyware. Well, System Suite 8 uses Trend Micro's technology for those functions PLUS restores and tunes up your computer and keeping everything running at its peak! All this for a bargain price.

The interface is clean, neat and very user friendly. Very simple. However, if you want to adjust the settings you certainly can. And you can schedule the functions to run in the background anytime you wish. I like the way System Suite gently "pops up" a lower-corner report occasionally to show you the status of your system. It's like having a friendly technician constantly working for you, just to make sure you have a pleasant computing experience.

I've been using computers for 20 years now and this System Suite software is a real treat. It does everything it is supposed to. And unlike some software that slow down your system (I won't mention Norton), System Suite 8 speeds things up!

My wife and I both love this software (you can install it on 3 computers) and we highly recommend it. System Suite 8 has tuned things up for us, is protecting our computers and is keeping everything running at maximum speed and efficiency. We wish ALL computer programs were this good! :)

Just take your time installing the program. Then simply click the ONE CLICK buttons to optimize your system. After that you can tweak the powerful settings anyway you wish and schedule the software to keep everything running at maximum efficiency. System Suite is powerful and simple to operate. You can't get much simpler than ONE CLICK buttons! But for those of you who want to "get under the hood" and tweak things yourself, you certainly can. This software is fantastic!

UPDATE: September 3, 2008 ... Three weeks ago my wife and I switched to Apple MacIntosh computers, so we no longer need this software (viruses, defragging, etc. is no longer an issue for us). However, I just sent an email to Avanquest thanking them for this great product. Anyone using a PC would benefit greatly from this software that works great. It's one of those programs that works "the way its supposed to" on the Windows system. Highly recommended, and I wish you all the best.
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on December 18, 2007
Systemsuite is more than just an internet spam/virus/firewall, it comes with utility tools for the system. For the duration I have this program, I liked these tools and they functioned well. After 4 months of having this program, I have to uninstall it from both of the computers (I have bought the 3-user version for $10 @ Fry's).

On the first computer: after a month of usage, I was informed the registration code was used already. !!Dah!! Of course! That's me who used the code for registration! It just shut down the program that I cannot find a way to fix it. On my second computer: I cannot update the virus files through easyupdate. I have to download and update the pattern files manually! This is a real hassle. There is no help available to correct this problem.

But the deciding factor for me to uninstall this program is when my computer was infected by a virus/trojan or whatever. Ad-Aware picked it up in the first scan and quarantine it immediately. However systemsuite cannot detect it after numerous scans. This is not a new virus, according to McAfee website, it has been active since 2005. !!??Huh??!! Isn't that the purpose of having an anti-virus? Shouldn't it scan the files as it download to the computer? If it cannot detect a 3-year old virus, you think it is going to detect any of the new ones? If the security software offers no security, then it is not worth having it.

My recommendation: Stay away from Systemsuite.
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on January 2, 2008
I used System Suite 8 for about 3 months and it is the best suite of pc utilities that I ever owned. I had used pc tools , System mechanic 7 , and Norton utilities but this one wins first place. O.K. I know it's as slow a molasses to install but it's very careful with your system and makes back ups ,undo , and it's install cd is also the rescue disk. After it's installed it fast and effective. Well worth the price and I'm cheap.
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on December 18, 2007
I think this software is fine IF you can get it installed on your machine without problems. That, unfortunately, is a big IF and their technical support is very poor. I have used the System Suite utility for many years and have felt it worked okay but when I tried upgrading to SS8 it has given me nothing but trouble and after more than a MONTH of trying to get it working through a slow and disinterested tech department I am finally giving up. I'd highly recommend you look elsewhere for your antivirus/utility software!
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on February 13, 2008
Tremendous Product.
I have a system that is a year and 1/2 old

I Optimized it to the maximum
Jet Defrag
Registry Cleaner- Cleaned out a ton of stuff
Than in Startup Commander I Removed a ton of stuff.

I was using Zone Alarm and it slowed down my system so much I stopped using it!!!

I'm amazed after removing a ton of detritus from the registry. Stopping all the unnecessary start up items. Defragging My machine is running faster with this fire wall and AV than without it.

I warn you don't do everything at once.
Example I deleted a ton of stuff the first time in Startup Commander
and the machine refused to boot into windows. Luckily it chose the last configuration and I
successfuly entered windows

I was very impressed because when I reopened Startup Commander it was if the last batch of changes didn't happen. So I disabled 5 things Rebooted my machine ran it for the day no problem. Than deleted another 5 etc

You have to use common sense
Example: if you have a logitech mouse don't delete anything by logitech
even if it says it's safe.

On the other hand at one point in time or another I've had Zone Alarms and a few other utilites
I disabled those in Startup Commander and almost anything that wasn't necessary and not related to Programs I'm currently running.

My machine is now a rocket. I'm running the firewall and the AV and it's faster than before I ran it. Now I have a Centrino 2.0 with 1 GB ram your results may differ.

I do have 1 complaint
Seems that if your ports are being scanned by hackers. The firewall will often close down all internet communications. On the brighter side of things. It's easy as heck to disable the firewall you just right click on the icon in the tray and choose accept all.

Unlike other firewalls when you select that setting it actually does accept all. I once tried a firewall program that even when you put the setting to turn it off or accept all wouldn't do it.
So I was impressed with this feature.

The second complaint is that it does not have the flexibility to block certain IP addresses like Zone Alarm did.
Example At home due to poor security I was being scanned continuously by a computer originating from a certain IP address and I was unable to just block it out. So it kept turning off my internet to my machine. With the capacity to block IP addresses I could have blocked out that address and not worried.

This Suite is very easy to use.
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on February 9, 2008
I've used System Suite since version 4 or 5 (maybe earlier?). It has some useful features but in Version 7, the anti-spyware was very weak and the firewall had SERIOUS LEAKS. I purchased version 8, but use little of it.
Here's why:
1. While using SS 7,my computer was attacked several times, with my files being copied to the computer of a hacker. Luckily, my files were not damaged and contained no personal information like an ss number. I discovered the problem when I realized that my CPU was running full-blast and my GoBack utility was repeatedly suspended due to "massive file activity." [GoBack was purchased by Symantec and has NOT been updated for Windows Vista.]

2. I contacted Avanquest/v-com and was sent a link to a "fixed" firewall setup file. Questions: 1) Why didn't Avanquest/v-com notify its registered users of the firewall update? 2) Why wasn't the firewall included in the SS7 Easy-Update downloads? 3) Why didn't Avanquest/v-com respond to my emails that asked questions 1) and 2)?

3. I now run Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky is not for everyone: You have to be willing to get A LOT of warnings and decide what to do with each. Thus, my wife's computer is running SS8 firewall and anti-virus. There's no way she can deal with the Kaspersky warnings, and she is unlikely to click on or download questionable links or files.

4. Just today, Kaspersky warned that a harmless-looking link was a phishing site. The SS8 Linkscanner said the link was OK. Guess which one I believed.

5. I am running PCTools anti-spyware--the free, Google tools version, which seems to find much more spyware than does SS8. [Note: Google may add some undetected spyware with the free PCTools download...but my Kaspersky catches Google's attempt to connect my computer to Google's.]

6. There are good, free alternatives to some of the SS utilities. In particular, see Mike Lin's utilities at [...] .

7. Note: The SS8 Startup Commander 2 says that the KAVP program is dangerous. It is actually Kaspersky!
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2011
I actually have PD8 and running on Win7-64. Not long after I installed it, some functions quit working like Sync. Customer Support is lousy, their solution is Uninstall, Reinstall. Right, so every time part of Powerdesk quits working, I'm going to have to Uninstall, Reinstall? I don't think so. They said some files might be corrupt, that is highly unlikely on the system that I have and everything else works perfectly. Only buy this if you absolutely need it and search around (via Google) to find it at lowest price. You can generally buy it for $10-$20 less than list price.

Overall not recommended.
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on September 15, 2008
SystemSuite 8, like SS7, is a terrific set of tools and antivirus/antispyware/antimalware. However, when I read many of the reviews here, I see people that installed SS and had unrealistic expectations on what it would do to an unstable system.

Look, if your computer is already messed up to the point where Windows needs to be re-installed, then no software tool suite is going to help you. That's as wasteful as changing the oil in a blown engine.

SystemSuite 7 & 8 have the most efficient anti-virus and antispyware you can get. We ran tests, and on an older Pentium 850MHz system the slowdown when running the antivirus/antispyware is noticeable, but barely. I'd congratulate Avanquest for the excellent job, except that they use TrendMicro's well-known antivirus/antispyware engine.

However, for a Corporate or small office environment, SS7 has three big huge gaping "gotchas":

1. On Windows 2000, the email scan will refuse to download emails past 3Meg. That means that if you have 8Megs of email waiting for you on the server, you will only see 3Megs of email and then it will stop downloading, leaving 5Megs of email unread, unknown, and unloved on your mail server.

2. Almost all the tools are only available if you are logged in as an Administrator. If not, all you can do is scan for viruses/malware and check removable media. Everything else requires that you be logged in as an Administrator.

In other features, SS has a terrific set of tools to keep your computer running in top shape. The disk defrag is one of the best, and the registry defrag is welcome for many systems. SS also comes with Startup Commander which shows you all the programs in your Start folder as well as the Run keys in your registry. A nice feature of this tool is that as you click on the startup program, a separate window explains IN DETAIL what the program is, who made it, and what it does - a welcome touch that saves you from having to search the internet for an explanation.

The the various cleanup tools are easy to use and rid your hard drive of unnecessary files. There is even a hardware diagnostics tool, something you rarely see on tool suites nowadays.

Novices should stay away from the registry fixer, because it's a tool for advanced users only. As with all registry cleaner tools, if you don't know what you are doing it can hose your system bad.

I never even installed the firewall - we use Agnitum's Outpost on all our computers - so we didn't even bother to test it.

The previous SS7 had some nice Uninstall tools that could backup an application with all it's files, and even allow you to move the application to a new computer. Those features were removed from SS8 and SS9. SystemSuite 7 is really the best version and gets my highest rating for any WinXP computer - because the features really go downhill after that.

Back when these tools were sold and supported by V-COM, technical support was OUTSTANDING! But now, since Avanquest took over, technical support has been occasionally disappointing.

In summary, while this is a really powerful suite, the antivirus/antispyware is as bad as it is good.

Get yourself SystemSuite 7 instead.
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on April 24, 2008
Although this is probably the best product I have used for my home network, I think it is a misnomer to call it pro. As a Network Administrator I spent many weeks trying to upgrade our previous versions using a universal license key (read enterprise license). Our previous sales rep was always accommodating and managed our needs quite professionally. After his promotion everything went down hill, from bad part numbers to completely wrong information. After this three week runaround I finally received a part number but it was not universal. I informed them that using a separate key for each computer would be a logistical nightmare, we had always received a universal key. After the final contact I was informed that the upgrade price for our enterprise would include a universal key but that we would be required to pay 39.95 for each copy we purchase instead of for a block of three as had been the case previously. That effectively tripled our cost and made it unmanageable. It drove the cost far above what we would pay per license for other enterprise solutions. I was very disappointed as we had been using SS since version 5 and were very happy with their product. I am still very happy as a current end user and will continue to use the product at home, but don't confuse this with a professional or enterprise product. At least until their practices change.
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on July 31, 2009
I bought this software to help speed up my computer and make it more efficient. Immediately after installing I started getting all kinds of bizarre errors (xp home os)on startup. It even started some fax software that I didn't even know I had, and had no use for. I emailed customer service and they told me to send them a "snapshot" of my entire system. I wasn't going to go to all the trouble and then give them all that information. Also, I wanted to recover my files on an external hard drive that was accidentally formatted. It couldn't find anything. This software and their service support are both worthless in my experience. They refused to give me a RMA number which would allow me to get a refund, unless I sent them a snapshot of my system. If you are looking to recover files, I strongly suggest you google "recover my files" and use the "recover my files" software. I did and it found every file I ever had on my external drive. Stay away from this software to save your sanity.
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