Customer Reviews: Avantree SweatProof Armband for Big Phones, iPhone 6 6S Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4 S5 Nexus 6P (Fits Otterbox Case) for Running Gym Jogging Exercise Sports - Trackpouch
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 3, 2014
[Original Text] For what it's worth, the product arrived six days after I ordered it. The estimated time was 2-3 months or something when I ordered it but it was nowhere close to that. I see now that it appears to be available right away on Prime so it's probably a non-issue now, but if that changes in the future back to how it was, mine came in about a week for anyone wondering.

I got this to use with my Galaxy Note 3 while running. I haven't actually run with it yet but just from playing with it at my desk at work, I'm not thinking it will be feasible. The case is spacious enough...I was actually able to squeeze the Note 3 in with my shockproof case still on it...but as others have said, a) the window is far too small because of the border around the case (the commenter about the size being reduced to an iPhone is being generous) and 2) there is just too much space between the phone screen and the plastic cover of the case to use it. It doesn't sit flush against the screen. Even with the band on my arm (which is supposed to push the phone into the case on the device description) there's a good quarter to half an inch space between my phone screen and the case cover. I put the band on my arm and opened my run app to see if I could at least use the basic functions of it and wasn't able to. If I can't use the thing sitting at my desk, I doubt I'll be able to while I'm running!

The only other minor issue is that, with the headphone jack on the Note 3 being at the top, I wasn't able to use the hidden headphone hole on the sleeve. I tried to run the headphones up through the compartment and connect them into the jack and zip over it but there wasn't room. I'm able to just zip around the overhang and have a small part of the plug hang out of the case as I've had to do with some other cases so it's not a huge deal in that regard, and another pair of headphones with a smaller plug would probably work, but I figured I would mention it.

Other than that, this case is awesome. It's got the credit card pouch and enough excess in the case (even when I had the Note 3 with case inside of it) for keys and another small item you may need. With all this space, the case is honestly not as bulky as I expected which is a pleasant surprise. It does have bulk, but not in excess like I thought could be the case.

The armband fits snug but comfortable. Feels sturdy too, so I'd imagine it will last a while.

My favorite part of the case is probably the velcro on the left that holds the excess headphone cord. Can't tell you how many times I've had part of the cord hit my phone screen while I run and change a song or pause a session. No doubt I won't have to worry about that with this. It's a small but important feature to me.

The plastic cover of the case is good. When I use both hands to contort the screen of the case around my phone, it responds to touch just fine (to the part of the screen that is actually visible) but that space between the phone screen and the cover just makes this a tough task.

I should also mention, as others have, that if you are looking for something to just HOLD your phone/keys/credit card etc. and maybe listen to music with, but not necessarily something where your phone has to be functional, then this is absolutely what you're looking for. The case itself is amazing. The functionality is the issue.

It's disappointing because the case has so much potential with the extra space and features of it, but the one (ignoring the headphone thing, as it's not that big of a deal to me) issue is a huge one. I will try a run with it eventually and see how it goes and change my review accordingly but I really don't see it being functional during a run.

Hopefully the manufacturer can make a few tweaks and get it right because I think they are onto something here, but the one flaw blows it for me.
[End Original Text]

UPDATE 1: 21 Aug 2014 - I would like to note that I did as the company instructed and e-mailed them with my issues with the product and they responded almost immediately stating that all the changes had been made and they would send me another one to test once it was available. They did a great job with communicating and working to resolve the issue which was pretty cool and something you don't see often. They followed up a week later to say the item had shipped and sent me the tracking number to keep up with it. While I've been waiting for the updated case, I have actually used the product (Note that since the product has been updated, I believe the "OLD" case that I was using for this update is referred to as the under 4.3" screen option) on a run a couple times now and it was pretty much as I had anticipated. It fit very snug on the arm and I never had issue with it slipping down or anything like that. It did it's job as far as holding the phone and head phone cord without any issue. (I removed my phone case and zipped the zipper around my headphone cord to plug in headphones and it worked pretty well) I didn't have anything else in the pouch on these runs so I can't speak to whether things bounce around in the case or not. The functionality was an issue as I'd expected though. It was difficult to do anything on the touch screen such as switch songs or function a running app or whatever you would need to do. There's just not enough of the screen visible to do anything and there was too much space between the case cover and my phone screen. I use an app to monitor heart rate as well and my quick stops to try and switch to that app were more lengthy than I'd hoped trying to work with the limited screen. I had the issue of my phone running hot when I took it out of the case (as another reviewer mentioned) but it was about 85 degrees when I ran that morning and don't necessarily fault the case, but figured I would mention it to see if others had a similar issue with this. So like I said earlier, this original armband *almost* serves its purpose. It holds your phone and a few extra items while you run, and if you need it to do that and nothing else, then this is a winner. Can't do much with the phone though.

UPDATE 2: 26 Aug 2014 - The updated case (now the "BLACK" option in the product listing on Amazon) came last night with these changes made:
The visible part of the screen is way bigger and I can operate the whole touch screen on my Note 3. The center button is easy to press as well even though part of it is covered by the stitching so this is not an issue either. The back and menu button are covered a bit too but I don't have a need for those buttons when I run (and I was still able to operate them most of the time anyway).
I figured the screen size would be fixed with no problem but I was concerned the space between the phone screen and case cover would still be an issue and am happy to report that I was wrong. The case is not as bulky which I think is what caused that issue. This might seem an issue in itself as there isn't as much space to store extra stuff but I was still able to fit my Note 3 (with a thick rubber case still on) as well as an ID and another card and a house and car key on a small ring. I don't know what more one could possibly wanna stuff in there but it fits that much and that works for me.
The headphone hole that was on the bottom left of the "old" case is joined by another on the bottom right which I was able to access on my Note 3 by inserting the phone upside down. It wasn't a big deal having to zip around it but it's nice to have the whole thing enclosed with the zippers secure...that's one less thing that can bounce around during a run!
The armband seemed to have a little more grip to it too. I didn't have a fear that the "old" one would slide down or fall off but I KNOW this one won't. I think my arm would fall off before this armband loses grip and slides down.
The changes make all the difference in the world. I put my phone in it right away and was able to do everyday tasks with it...texting, email, browsing...anything. At one point I forgot the case was even on there. So the functionality is there with this one.
I ran with it this morning this time with the aforementioned cards and keys in the armband and had no issues with them jingling around or anything like that. I was able to tuck the zippers and headphone cord away so nothing on the case itself could bounce around. I was able to stop a couple times and quickly check my HR with no issue whatsoever. Using the case upside down to accommodate the headphone hole wasn't an issue either, it fit on my arm the same way in either direction. So I don't see any negative with the headphone hole situation anymore either. I would also like to note that with this case, the phone didn't feel hot after my run, but it was high-70s this morning versus mid-80s, so I think it is just something to watch when you're using it in high temperatures. I will update again if I have further issues that make me think otherwise.
I don't have anything to complain about with this case anymore. Somebody might complain about there not being as much room as there is in the "old" case but I don't know how much more room you could need. I guess it depends on need, which is good because now there are options.

In a nutshell:
I would 100% recommend the new "BLACK" option of the case. It is way better as far as my needs go and it addressed lots of the issues of functionality and screen size in the critical reviews here on Amazon.

If you have a smaller phone and are more concerned about space than the functionality of the case, maybe the older model will suit you better. I saw an earlier review mention a can of mace so the older one may be better for that...I don't know how big a can of mace is, just trying to cite an example. But at least now there's more than one option and we can choose based on our needs.

Lastly, if any of the previous negative reviewers didn't contact the company and just chalked this case up as a loss, I would definitely get in touch with them. I'm confident they'll resolve your issue as well. They did a great job communicating and putting out a great product and I appreciate that!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your purchase and feedback. As for the small window issue, we have upgraded it in our new order. You can contact us at for one to test it out. As for the headphone hole issue, where do you think is the best place of the case to add it?

TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 12, 2013
The manufacturers sent me this armband for review and I think it is very well made and well designed.

The armband seems like a very robust item. The stitching is very firm and the materials are good. It is simple and very comfortable to wear: well padded with a good grip on the arm and very strong Velcro. It does a good job of keeping out the rain (and sweat). Time alone will tell, of course, but it seems good and durable.

Like all exercise armbands, this is basically a pouch on a strap to keep your phone (and a few other things) in, and use it while exercising or running. This one is well designed and has been well thought-out. The clear screen at the front allows you to use the touch-screen on your phone through it (although there's no access to side buttons), and there is an elastic strap with non-slip strips to hold the phone in place. There is a covered hole at the bottom for earphone leads if you need them, and a little Velcro loop where you can store your earphones if you wish. The loop is also very helpful in stopping the zip-tabs from flapping around.

Inside, there is a stretchy credit-card-sized pocket and there's a bit of space even when your phone is in there so you can keep a couple of basics like keys with you, too.

This armband does the job conveniently and comfortably - which is all you can ask, really. It is especially good with Bluetooth headphones but works fine with wired ones, too, and I can recommend it as a good quality product.
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Sid Nuncius excellent and very helpful review of December 12, 2013 covers most of the key points and I do not want to repeat them. My review is based on prior experience with sports armbands and I will focus on that comparison.

I received a review sample and had a ready point of comparison: a Mobile Maiden XXL Smartphone Workout Armband. That band had a few limitations for newer phones, but this one takes the design of a sports armband to a whole new level.

First, this works with the larger phones. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fit, as did my Note 2. If you have a smaller phone, though, it may actually get a little lost in the ample pouch. Physically the inside dimensions of the pouch are 7.75 by 3,75 inches (although the top has slightly rounded corners that will take off about an eight of an inch.) Until someone comes out with a phone larger than the Note 3 this is the pouch to get for large smartphones.

Second, the armband is heavy duty in every way: the thick, clear face will protect the phone while allowing you to still use your fingers to control all screen functions, and the padded arm strap and case construction are a giant leap over the Mobile Maiden armband to which I am comparing this one. Sound quality is superb even in the heavy case, and the protection that the design affords makes this perfect for strenuous activities. Having your phone enclosed in a zippered case versus one that has a slot to insert your phone is another level of protection that earns this one five stars in my opinion.

The bottom line is this is perfect for large smartphones up to the biggest on the market at the time of this review. The protection is the best I have come across and it's comfortable to wear. Do heed my caveat about using this will small smartphones because those may actually flop around inside the pouch.
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on January 25, 2015
This is my 2nd review after a year. The new units arm band that came in is only 15 inches wide. My old one was 18 1/5..
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on July 3, 2014
I usually avoid off brand accessories, but the positive reviews swayed me on this one. I'm glad I listened. This armband is top notch and performs well, especially given the large size of my Galaxy S5.
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on August 11, 2014
Just bought this case and it fits perfectly around my Galaxy S4 with UAG case. Is it big? Yes, but so is the phone so if you want to run with your phone on your arm and you have a big phone, you're stuck. In any case, the reason I went with this case was because of the reviews that indicated its water/sweat resistance was better than others out there that soak through and get your phone wet. I agree with those reviews. I ran a 10k during the middle of the day on the beach in Florida, so it was about 92F temp and 90% humidity; the interior fabric of the case that rests against my arm did not feel moist at all. There's a divider inside too for the pocket that sits between your phone and the rear of the case so you'd really have to soak through two layers to reach the phone.

I did have some issues with the case though:

1) First and foremost, my phone overheated. I'm going to come back and update my review after I get a few more runs in because I'm not ready to blame the case yet. Plus, I would expect I'd have the same issue with any case if it was actually the case's fault. A few minutes before the overheat, the Nike+ running app started messing up, repeating numbers randomly, choppy voice, etc. I did have a bunch of stuff running so it's possible I had some runaway app on the phone that was chewing up processor time and caused the overheat. Once it occurred, it killed off everything that was running and gave a message about what had happened and was in cool down mode. I went ahead and turned the phone off and continued my run. Ten minutes later it was fine for the rest of the run.

2) The phone has two zippers; no idea why. The zippable part is only a few inches long and I can't imagine why you'd want to zip it up to the middle, so there's no reason to have two on there and make it even more bulky.

3) The velcro for the headphone cable holder doesn't let you get all that tight, so if you have short headphone cables that can't bunch up enough to create enough bulk to be held tightly by the velcro, the wire may fall out while you run and start flapping around. I ended up making my cable into a loop and put the velcro through the middle instead so they can't fall out, but it prevents you from easily removing them.

4) If you use an unlock pattern, you'll find it a bit difficult to access your phone, especially if your hands are sweaty. I recommend using a PIN or disabling security while you run. If you use a phone that requires fingerprint access, you'll of course be locked out.

5) Final issue is just that the headphone port is on the wrong side for the Galaxy S4. The S4 port is top left, the case, looking down at it from above, the port would be on the top right. As long as you use headphones that have a right angle plug you'll be okay because you can feed it through. If your phone has the plug on the top right, you'd actually want headphones with a straight plug.
review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 23, 2014
This product does not fit the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") unless you remove the phone from its case...and even then its a bit of a squeeze to fit it in. If you have your phone in any type of case, you will likely not be able to use this product without removing the case from the phone first, which is simply not practical for me. It DOES fit the iPhone 6 (4.7") unit though, if your case isn't too bulky. Other than not being able to use this armband case, the quality and features of this product are outstanding, and I really wish it was a bit bigger to accommodate the iPhone 6 Plus.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Paula,

Thanks for your feedback. We do have bigger plastic screen in the latest production. If you wanna replace a new one, pls contact, providing the link to this review as well as a detail experience. We will do our best to help!

Avantree - We stand behind our products. We Listen. We help. We improve.
on July 5, 2015
I have only had this for about 2 week so I will update you if anything changes. However, for now this is a great purchase. I run 3 days a week for a half hour or so at a jog/light run. The product will feel like it could fall off when you tighten it on your arm, but once you start running you can feel that it is secure. I bought this for my iphone 6 with a cover that I posted a picture on this review. It does take a bit of an effort to get my phone fully through and then connect my headphones through the bottom hole.

Overall, it takes less then 5 minutes to get all situated. Personally, I don't mind the 5 minutes because it is worth my phone being secure and not having to hold it while I run. Also, I have to carry multiple (4) keys on a keychain with a fob on the chain as well. The trouble with finding armbands is that most can only hold one key, but how many people actually have just one key!!? So having the pouch on the inside that can fit my keys is a lifesaver!! Yes, I can feel my keys through the arm band but it honestly isn't a big deal and doesn't hurt. Oh also, I have a relatively small arm width around 9-10 inches and the green band works fine!

So far this product is great! I will update if any problems occur but for right now this is exactly what I needed!
review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 2, 2014
Waste of money. This item is advertised as "Galaxy Note 2/3" but I have the Note 3 and it doesn't fit!! The zipper would close but the plastic screen is too small. If you plug in earphones, The zipper won't close anymore. This was definitely made for an iPhone and not Samsung. I do not understand why they would advertise it a such. I posted 2 pictures for proof.
Another thing is that when the phone is in the case, there's a 2 inch space between the clear plastic and the phone itself so you will have a lot of difficulty actually using the phone.
This was a total waste of money. I will sell it on ebay as an iPhone armband.
I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 only because i liked the fact that it has enough space in the back for my keys, money, and credit cards/ID cards. And the velcro strap is also excellent.
But if I am not able to fit my phone in is basically rendered useless.
PS - one picture shows the earphone plug not being able to fit in completely and the second photo shows the space between the clear plastic and the phone

review image review image
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Sam,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately you have got the product of our first batch.We have larger plastic screen with less black edge in our later production. Pls contact us at email, providing the link to this review as well as a detail experience so that we will send the updated version for you to test.We will do our best to help!

Looking forward to your email.

Avantree - We stand behind our products. We Listen. We help. We improve.
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 5, 2015
This is probably the most comfortable arm band that I have ever worn. It is big- but the iPhone 6 plus is big so that is just a given. The back of the phone pouch extends and rounds, so it sort of hugs around your arm. The way that back is designed gives the wearer so much extra comfort and really keeps the armband from moving around while in use. The material is neoprene- so it wicks away moisture (ok yes- yucky sweat!) and helps keep you cool underneath as well, The strap is adjustable for pretty much any size arm.

The phone pocket is great! There is an elastic strap to hold your phone pressed to the see-through plastic screen. This makes it easier and better to use your phones functions while it is inside the case. Then there is some extra space and a small slot for your car key.

One last extra is the little Velcro tab that has the function of holding the zippers down. Not something you think of, but when you are running and you have to listen to "cling-cling" of the zippers bouncing for miles on end, you will be grateful to see this feature on your armband!

Product provided for the purpose of inspection and unbiased review.
review image review image review image review image review image
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