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on April 16, 2013
Let's go back in time to the 1980's, Reagan is in office, the cold war is tense, and Marvel comics had hit a stride that hasn't really been replicated since. So many great comic runs happened in that time, Claremont's X-men, Byrne's Fantastic Four, Michelinie and Layton's second Iron Man run, PAD started his hulk run and Simonson wrote and drew Thor. Then we come to the Avengers, there were so many good runs during the 80's especially Roger Stern's legendary run and during the 80's an experiment of sorts occurred. A second Avengers title was created, Avengers West Coast, with a second team of Avengers. And the stories were amazing. The series started out slowly but built up momentum fast, with amazing stories and characterization. We had villains like the Grim Reaper, Ultron, Zodiac, Phantom Rider and Graviton and more. We saw characters grow and change like nowhere else. It was a magical title.

The stories reprinted here are classics in every sense of the word, while the art might not be to everyone's liking, I love it myself. The reproduction value is incredible as well. Yes this uses thinner paper but like I said in my Review of the Iron Man by Michelinie, Layton and Romita jr. omnibus , this actually makes it easier for me to read and carry. The books is sturdy with a sewn binding and won't fall apart on you anytime soon.
For extras the book contains the front and back cover for the first three hardcover collections in recolored art.
The West Coast Avengers/Avengers poster to promote the series, the cover of Amazing Heroes 72, Pages from the official handbook of the Marvel Universe, Marvel Age Annual 1 preview containing the comics discussion of this series and Marvel Age 29 cover and interview about the series. As well, like most marvel omnibus editions this contains pin-ups of the two versions of the Omnibus covers. All in all this is an amazing collection and well worth a purchase. Highly recommended.
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on April 21, 2013
It's amazing that for years, the Marvel Universe was dominated solely by New York City. With very few exceptions, almost every tale happened in NYC, the East Coast feeling dominant. So when Marvel announced in 1985 that they were going to begin a new title set on the West Coast, it was a huge deal. It paid off as the series was a hit, establishing the Avengers further and finally giving L.A. readers a team of thier own. While there have been seperate collections, this omnibus is the best collection yet to give you a great view of the team as it forms and builds.

We start off with brief inserts from "Avengers" #239 as new chairman the Vision announces plans for the team with Hawkeye and new wife Mockingbird leading it. Then bits from issues as they set it up. This leads to the four-issue "West Coast Avengers" limited series as they form the team with Tigra, Wonder Man and Iron Man (at the time, James Rhodes). Graviton is the first foe they face as they do their best to work together, conflicts such as when Hawkeye learns it's not Tony Stark under the armor and doing his best to handle things with fun bits like an undercover sting to take Graviton down.

Then "Avengers" #250 as the two teams unite for the first time to take on Hellstorm and his minons. Then we get the regular "WCA" series with the first issues containing a cross-over with "Vision and the Scarlet Witch" as the Grim Reaper abducts Vision and Wonder Man, leading to conflict with more of Wondy's past revealed. Tigra gets a spotlight fighting Kraven the Hunter and then the Thing (on leave from the Fantastic Four) drops by, with Hawkeye naturally eager to have him join the team, which the Thing refuses. But an attack by Master Pandemonium and the arrival of Firebird make him reconsider. We get an appearance by Werewolf by Night and Morbius leading to a journey to a cat dimension where Tigra finds more of her origins. Meanwhile, Hank Pym finds himself pulled between two versions of Ultron, one a killer, the other more human for a heart-wrenching conclusion. It all leads to a battle with the Rangers as the Thing agrees to join.

However, the Thing has to leave due to personal issues (a great sign of how inter-connected the Marvel Universe was then) and the team tangles with various foes while Tigra agrees to kill Pandemonium for the Cat-people. An interlude is a crossover between the "Avengers Annuals" where the team is arrested for treason and tries to find out who set them up. This leads to a return to the Cat dimension and Tigra's decision which brings up a big change in her.

The stories are terrific with Steve Englehart at the top of his game. This is a gem for Hawkeye fans as he steps up as a hero and leader, unsure of himself at times, wrestling with making his team good enough but still using his skills to thier best and matched well by Mockingbird, the two bantering as they battle and showing one of the best marriages the MU has had. Hank Pym is also shown well, refusing to be a costumed hero again and doing his best to help with science skills but still doubts in himself (which would play big-time later on) such as the moving tale of an Ultron who considers him a true father. Other good bits have Wonder Man coming clean over his criminal past and thus becoming a more confident person. Tigra is seen as a bit sluttish with hook-ups with both Wonder Man and Hank but matures with a great story of coming into her own. Overall, the West Coast vibe gives this book its own unique energy and drive that wins you over. It's intriguing to see Jim Rhodes as Iron Man before Tony Stark returns and conflicts with others over his absence and the Thing is used so well, you wish he'd been able to join full-time. All this with great clean artwork that reminds you how charming the '80's were for Marvel fans.

The Omnibus comes with great extras, pages from the "Marvel Handbook," previews from the old "Marvel Age" mag and various pin-ups and such. So if you want a single collection of the early days of the "Whackos," this is the book to get and one of the better Omnibus packages for Marvel.
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on August 20, 2013
If you loved the old Stern era of Avengers then you'll love this omnibus. As most Marvel omnibuses this massive volume contains a stitched spine with brilliantly printed paper. My only complaint is that it's a little thinner than other similar omnibuses. Bring on Volume 2 (and probably 3 and 4 to complete the series).
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on January 3, 2016
I really love this volume, WCA, then AWC was one of my favorite comic titles in the mid 80s and early 90s. So happy to have this omnibus!
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on April 1, 2015
This was actually really fun and had a few awesome ultron issues.
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on February 19, 2015
Compared to modern day Avengers comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman, these issues are really hokey. However, that's what makes them so fun! Back in the day, a second Avengers team (made up of mostly d-listers) was a bold new concept. It's really fun seeing this team in Los Angeles, as opposed to New York where most super-teams seem to live. Also, most of the villains here are strictly Z-list but that's part of the charm of this title! You'll either love it or hate it, there's not really a middle-ground. If you accept it for what it is, though, chances are you'll enjoy it.
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on September 11, 2013
"Art not to everyone's liking..?" That's an understatement. If you like Al Milgrom art, here you go. It made it very hard to find any enjoyment out of this title, but the regular Avengers title was going through a bad lull as well until Stern/Buscema came back in..

A innovative concept at the time (although used prior at DC in the '70s with the Teen Titans and 'Titans West'..), Bob Hall did an awesome job on the Limited Series. I collected the first dozen issues of the series and it was terrible. Clumsy characterzations and plotting by the otherwise-UBER-awesome Steve Englehart, the art made it hard to remain loyal. Loved Hawkeye, IM and Wonderman, but the entire Pym-Tigra subplots, along with yet ANOTHER issue with Master Pandemonium, and other team members not well utilized, it's.. '80s Marvel comics for you.
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on August 24, 2014
No regrets!
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on April 10, 2014
wonderful its too bad that this series was dicontinued after a few years. i say it should be revived now in between the avengers movies
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on March 22, 2014
If you never collected the issues its half here in one hardbound book great art and stories. I enjoyed all of it.
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