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on September 17, 2010
I suffer from arthritis in both wrists, which is a problem as I enjoy cycyling and
believe it worthwhile exercise. I cycle in excess of 1000 miles a year. I found
these grips much more comfortable than the standard round grips that come on most bikes. You can spend more money and get fancier grips which allow you to vary your grip, and they are also very much worth the money, (my wife has those), but for the money, and as little as I spend leaning on my wrists, these Avenir grips are a godsend. I did have to cut them down, as they are too long to fit with my wrist shifters, and one must take care to position them right the first time, (definately use soapy water). They are soft, shaped to more closely fit the contour of the hand, provide a wider platform for the hands and are maintaining the initial positioning, at least so far.
Five stars for price; five stars for utility.
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on June 3, 2012
I decided to replace the Avenir grips on my '11 DB Insight II Hybrid with these to keep the integrity of the stock "look" of the bike and because I like their wide and ample heel area to rest my big hands. I was amazed to read the approaches to removal and regripping. Some counterintuitive as to choices of lubricants used turning something so simple into misplaced messy advice.

The objective of this task is removal of worn out grips without damaging the integrity on the paint job on handlebars keeping original metal finish, avoiding gouging of bars and regripping effortlessly with new grips which will not come off easily nor will rotate under heavy use.

First of all, depending on the value of your bike unless you use it to get around the junkyard you don't really want to slice off your handlebar grips with any type of blade as this would likely lead to gouges on the metal/paint finish (I don't want any on mine even though I may not see them) and we know a few kids will probably end up cutting themselves in the process so blades are unnecessary.

Lighter fluid is not recomended for removal or insertion as it is not recommended to come in contact with or inhale and it will attack some variety of rubber material drying it. Ronson say's Storage Precautions: Flammable/Combustible Keep away from oxiders, heat and flames. May attack some rubber and coatings. Storage Criteria: Flammable Liquid storage.

Second, all petroleoum oil based lubricants as WD-40 or silicones are not indicated as they are messy, not compatible with rubber and basically will soften and break down rubber in time and applying it to your bars will only contaminate them with "oily residue" leading to unwanted rotation of grips which you do not want in the first place.

Waterbased lubricants as KY or Astrolube will work to insert them but because of the ingredients:Purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, polyquaternium 15, methylparaben, and propylparaben will take longer to dry and I can't vouch for their gripping ability or integrity once dried being they were created with lubricity in mind and they are available only to adults not kids.

Soapy water may work but may promote rust on some non-alloy bars.

Hairspray will also work but the lacquer will eventually dry and will not withstand heavy use as lacquer when dry turns slick.

Best choice is simply Isopropyl Alcohol 91% available at any Drug store chain.

The best way to remove them is by inserting a wood Golf tee between the grip and handle bar while bike is on its side and you may drip with a dropper or a spray bottle alcohol between the two, pull the tee out and begin to rotate grip slowly with a slight pull force outward or towards you to work alcohol between grip & bar and it will eventually come off without harming the bike or contaminating finish with WD-40 or silicon unnecesarily all over it. Wipe the bars with a lintless cloth using plenty of alcohol to remove any oily residue that could be on surface to avoid post insertion grip rotation.

Wash your hands to remove any oils with Dish detergent first. Now you need to prepare the new grips by washing their insides in really hot water with a good degreasing dish washing liquid to remove any manufacturing press oils used to help them release from the mold one of which is Silicon. Once dried you simply spray them with alcohol (inside) and liberally over the bar insertion area, insert them over handle bar gently rotating them into place keeping in mind your palm heel angle while riding and once the alcohol evaporates you should not have any issues. As a matter of fact after a week left to dry indoors I went for a ride and did attempt to rotate and twist them on the handle and could not budge them, which was not their condition on delivery when new!

*For adults, if you are a Mt. biker and really apply a great deal of torque to your grips and do not want them to possibly rotate with heavy riding, then there are two choices: use Rubber Cement glue applied liberally to bars (no need for alcohol) after all steps above and after insertion allow about 24-48 hours for the volatile naphta like ingredients to evaporate and once cured you will never have any issues!

*Use only fresh Rubber Cement.
*The longer you allow Cement to cure the more solid the bonding of application will be.

*You may also use double sided Golf grip tape on bar first before re-gripping if you are looking for a triple rock solid grip this will call for a liquid lubricant as alcohol mentioned above to allow grip to slide over tape/bar.

*Apply double-sided Golf grip tape around the end/tip of the bar, tape should be applied in an overlapping serpentine fashion down the length of the bar ending about a quarter inch shorter than grip lenght. After you have applied tape, knead it and flatten it until all the lumps and air bubbles are out and the grip tape is sitting properly on the bar. When done spray alcohol over tape and inside of grip and insert it slowly to achieve the angle desired. This appplication will also work best with a 24-48 hrs drying process before using much like Golf clubs. If you need to speed process expose bike to strong noon sun outside in your patio for 2 hrs at least after re-gripping and passive heat will cause grip to bond with tape cutting drying to 24 hrs. Any questions shoot me an email and I will respond in a couple of days.
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on September 5, 2011
Comfort and Positioning:
-This item is described as "soft" which is simply not true. They have about as much give as cork bar-tape, or maybe a fully inflated basketball. That being said, I am a firm believer that soft/cushy grips don't help. The real strength of this kind of grip is in the "ergonomic" shape. The purpose of the wings is to keep your wrists straight, not to provide a platform for you to lay your wrists out flat. If these grips are positioned properly, they will keep your wrists straight with your forearm, which is desirable as it reduces strain on your wrists.

-I've read that a lot of other reviewers used hairspray or some other kind of fixative to install these on their handlebars. I recommend using a water-based, "personal" lubricant (I used astroglide). Apply a very thin layer to the handlebars and slide the grips on. The lubricant will allow the grips to slide on easily, and will become sticky when it drys. One note though, this method will still allow some movement if you apply a lot of twisting force.

-My hands are large, and I can easily wrap my hands entirely around these grips with decent overlap. Because of this, my palms often rest on the apex of the wings, and can become sore. I would complain about the lack of a tightening ring, but that is the kind of feature you find on much more expensive grips.

Extra Notes:
-You CAN use these with grip shifters, but I DO NOT recommend it, as they are much too long for that, and will keep your hands away from the shifters at most times (also the combination looks ridiculous).
-These fit 22mm handlebars (extremely common size for flat or riser handlebars)
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on July 2, 2012
I have had these Avenir grips on my Specialized mountain bike for over a year now.

They've been exposed to rain and sun over the miles and still look like the day I bought them.

I started out soaking the grips in hot water for 5 minutes for so and then used dishwashing liquid suds to slide em on. A fairly smooth proceedure.

These Avnir grips are of good construction and with my big hands they are quite comfortable with the ample wideness of the grip positioned at the perfect angle for my palms to settle into. Compared to the stock grips that came with the bike these Avenirs give me a better feel of my bike and I have yet to have my hands fall asleep.

I am trying to imagine how paying 4 or 5 times more for some designer grips could possibly improve the positive riding experience these Avenirs provide.
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on November 21, 2013
Great for the price. I installed this on handle bar that converted my mountain bike to somewhat like a comfort bike. Best decision ever. I posted a video on YT under username GYZARI. Also, under product name I posted pictures with the new handlebar and the grips. Excellent choice for the price.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 14, 2011
I don't find them ergonomic enough. I'm a 6'3" male with normal sized hands for my size and the "wing" length is too short. It's a step up from the stock round ones, but not my much. They are also not that soft, I was expecting a gel feel from the other reviews, but it's more like cork.

These also don't have a allen screw to hold them in. They expect hairspray or soap to hold them. So if you have to remove them, expect a bit of a mess. I used to have the ergon grips, and I liked those much better. These are cheaper, but not worth it if you ride your bike to work or more than 10 minutes at a time.
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on June 3, 2011
I was in the process of upgrading from twist shifters to trigger shifters, so I had to buy some new grips too. I wanted something that would offer a little support to my palms, in hopes that my wrists wouldn't take such a beating. These Avenir grips really fit the bill.

I recommend using aerosol hairspray to get these grips on easily. Spray a light coat inside the grip and slide it on. Make sure you get them positioned properly and let dry for a few hours. They will stay put for miles to come.

I find these grips really support my hands much better than a skinnier brand. The palm supports are firm on the inside, and softer on the outside resulting a comfortable, ergonomic and visually appealing handlebar grip.

Bonus - the grips are open the whole way through with separate plugs to fill the bar end. This means you can still use any handlebar ends (bullhorns) of your choosing.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2010
I replaced my typical hard grips with these Avenir Soft Grips on my Giant mountain bike. I did not want to spend upwards of $30 or more on a set of grips and these feel great. They use end plugs which allowed the installation of a rear view mirror. These grips feel great, offer super control and support my hands and wrists much better than the stock grips.
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on October 6, 2013
Came in a set. Like the color and the texture. Feels soft and provides a good griping surface. Will be a great addition to my Citizen Folding Bike. Note: I'll attempt to use the full length surface of the Grips. Buy moving the hardware on the handle Bar inwards to accommodate the full use of the Avenir Comfy Soft Grips (Black/Grey, 137mm). I see no reason of cutting the Grips. Just move the Brakes hardware inwards to accommodate the full length of the grips. Then I have "FULL Contact surface" for my hands on the handle bars. Logical & Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Remove & Install the Grip onto your Handle Bar. Found this method to be helpful.
review image
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2013
I replaced the original Avenir grips on my Diamondback Menona bicycle. The original grips developed rips at the edges where the handlebar ends. I think these are much more comfortable than the original ones.

They were easy to install. I cut off old grips with wire cutter pliers. I removed the edge plugs from the new grips, sprayed a little WD40 on the insides of the new grips and they went on the handlebar easily. I installed them so that the end of the grip is in line with the edge of the handlebar, and then I installed the edge plugs (they went into the handlebar). I rode the bike the next day and thought that there was a lot less prerssure on my palms than with the old grips.
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