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The list author says: "Hi, I would like to introduce to you Crossen Creations award winning games that are on sale at Amazon."
Magical Rainbow Board Game
1.  Magical Rainbow Board Game by Crossen Creations
The list author says:
  "The magical rainbow board game was developed to bring out the imagination that is in every child.  The colorful 3 dimensional board game design, along with the magnetic play pieces and game theme encourage imaginative play.  With over 40 magnetic game pieces that also have numbers and letters on the reverse side, lesson variations are endless."
$24.42   Used & New from: $19.00

Exact Change Card Game
2.  Exact Change Card Game 
The list author says:
  "Award winning money card game that the whole family will enjoy playing. The object is to get rid of your cards by matching color, currency value or Exact Change. Exact Change allows multiple cards to be discarded, so if the top card was 25 cents and you had 2 dimes and a nickel, you can discard all 3 cards for an Exact Change match."
Used & New from: $9.99

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