Customer Reviews: Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System
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on May 22, 2005
I'm a bit surprised at the reviewer who gave only three stars to this system and said in his title: "I haven't used this system." How can anyone rate it without using it?

I've used this system for years and have gotten great sound. I've also used higher-priced wireless systems, and to my ear, there is no difference. Also, this cheap little Azden system is still going strong after some of the other brands bit the dust.

I don't think wireless lav systems can get the great audio you get with a shotgun mic, a boom, and a sound person, but those things are just not in my budget.
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on March 9, 2006
The Azden wireless mic system is good value for the the money.
Out of the box and in operation in exactly 3 minutes.

There was one thing that was a problem, but it wasn't the mic's problem, it was mine. I didn't read carefully enough to notice that it was a mono input jack on the receiver unit. My camcorder requires stereo input. I needed to buy an adapter to convert mono to stereo input, so sound was pumped into both channels. ($2 jack at RS)
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on October 26, 2005
Seriously, this is a great wireless lavalier. I borrowed the Azden WMS-PRO from my college and used it for about a week. I have used more expensive brands and models that sound great, but for the price the Azden can't be beat! I will probably end up buying this one, but have been looking around for the best price on a different Azden model. I'm on a tight budget, so I will probably just go for the Azden WLX-PRO or the WMS-PRO. Azden makes great mics for the price.
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on September 3, 2007
I've used the Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System for more than one year now. I am overall very satisfied. I've used it almost exclusively to record audio for my Sony video camera. These videos either become casual demo videos for my work or I take the audio from the tapes to use for podcasts. The audio quality has been so high that I am able to use some recordings for future CD projects of storytelling and spoken word performances. I have high standards for my CD productions, so I was more than surprised to find such a high quality in this wireless system. I have also used the system to record onto my Video Ipod (via a separate-purchase plug in microphone attachment) where situations did not lend themselves to using a video camera.

Battery life seems to be good. I do, as a matter of caution, put new 9v batteries in the mic and receiver whenever I am working on a project that is important. I've never had a dead battery during a performance, so we've managed to eke out at least three hours from a standard 9v battery set. I use the batteries I've taken out for other low-power 9v items and I am surprised how much power is left in them. I know that's not very technical, but this process of replacing batteries has played well for me and I have no concerns about the battery life for this Azden system.

Initially, due to the light plastic construction, I thought that these mics were just "toys." I resisted the urge to send them back to Amazon immediately and I am glad that I gave them a chance to work for me. The set has proven to be very durable after having crossed the USA in my carry on bags dozens of times. I'd buy them again if I needed an additional set. They moved from my "quick, cheap fix until I can get expensive mics" to my everyday sound system for my work. I can' t remember the last time I used just the video camera microphone for anything other than recording my children playing with the dogs.

The only problem I've ever had was using this set in a very large high-school auditorium. The sound cut out a few times, but only for a moment. The camera was at the farthest point possible from my place on the stage behind some 700 people. I have used the set in a similar situation with fewer bodies in the audience, so I am ready to believe that the number of people insulated the frequency for this particular event. I also noticed that the sound cut out when I turned quickly up stage or down stage. In those events where I have little movement, there has never been any sound loss at all.

I'd suggest this system to anyone who might want to try out the "next step" from their current on-camera microphone.
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VINE VOICEon May 20, 2007
Having used professional audio equipment for years, I wasn't expecting much of this setup for the price. But, I was pleasantly surprised of the value of the Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System. Though it is a bit light and has some design issues, the system works flawlessly and the sound is above acceptable.

The Good: Easy to use...decent sound quality...two channels...I have yet to hear any interference or radio signal noise...comes with both lav and hand mics...light and compact.

The Bad: a little too light, a little too much plastic...I don't expect the belt clips to last for a very long time, but if you are careful, they will last long enough before you might have to improvise a mounting solution...the cable that supplies a signal to the camera or mixer is fixed to the receiver - I can see this being an issue down the line as the stress will build up and eventually cause a short.

In the end, if you need an inexpensive wireless mic solution, this system will deliver that for you with pretty good sound. As I am building my own production package (I have always used rental gear or gear from where I worked in the past), I will add a more "pro" wireless system in the future and budget allows, but I expect this setup will continue as a good backup in that future.
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on June 6, 2010
Bought this for the coach's comments while recording soccer games. As long as I am on the same side of the field, everything is ok. But, if I am on the other side of the field the signal is very noisy or not there at all. Much less than 300feet quoted in the specifications.

This is close to the ideal situation, open field, no obstructions, outdoors.

So, if you are using this for close in work. Worth it. Get it.

If you want to push the range, find a different solution.
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on October 17, 2010
I am a speaker and trainer, and have been capturing more and more of my presentations on video. Typically I will record using either a Kodak Zi8 or the Kodak PlayTouch video camera. Great results when using either product. PLEASE NOTE: your video camera needs a "Microphone In" jack and many of the smaller Flip type camera's, phone camera's and even some of the Flash recorders do not have this jack.

The Receiver unit plugs into your camera and the Transmitter unit is on my belt. This part number comes with two Microphone options, a hand held and a clip-on lavalier microphone. I always use the lavalier so that I can keep my hands free. I have had no challenges with the sound quality as I walk around a room, and the batteries (9-Volt) have always lasted for the entire session, up to three hours. Common sense dictates that you have adequate batteries available to last the duration of your event. These are constructed in plastic, so not as "commercial" feeling as the professional and much more expensive systems that I have rented in the past.

I will recommend this package to my collegues that have the same need. You will enjoy the flexibility, freedom and quality which are a fair value for the price.
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on November 9, 2009
Frankly, I purchased this to solve a problem - long mike wire. It has a bargain price, and was better rated than others in this price category. And I am pleased to report that it worked very well.

I used this on a Canon HF-10 prosumer camcorder. Lacking XLR mike inputs, I knew there was no way I'd get a long mike wire to work without hum. So I thought I'd give wireless a try. I can't really compare it to other wireless mikes, but I can say that the quality was far better than I expected. Very clean and loud. So, to answer the question "does it work?", I can say: Yes it does, and quite well.

Keep in mind a few details. First, it is a mono mike, and the jack is mono-only. To use it with a stereo input (nearly any camcorder) you will need an adapter. Get one on Amazon or visit Radio Shack. I used an AZDEN CAM-3 On-Camcorder Mini Audio Mixer to mix the wireless mike into one channel and the camera-mounted Rode Videomic into the second channel. This is an outstanding combination and sounds great together. You do end up with a mess of cables and small parts, but I attached a flash bracket to the camcorder to give me room to attach all that stuff.

Battery life is unknown. I went 2 hrs on the 9 volt battery, and it shows no sigh of weakness.

All in all, I am very pleased with this device.
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on May 4, 2012
I bought two pairs of this wireless microphone and have been modestly satisfied with it. I am a videographer and the main thing I needed these for were weddings and videos with interviews in them. For weddings, these are essentially useless. The stated range on the box says like 200+ feet, but that is a laughable claim! I'm lucky if I get 20 feet, and there's still the potential for interference even close up. And when there isn't interference, there is a constant hiss that is not terrible, but certainly present. Again, there isn't much room to complain at this price-point, and I have certainly had a lot more luck with these things for interviews where I can set the receiver up only 5-10 feet away. Sometimes I get just pristine sound (rarely though) and other times it's impossible and that's why I ALWAYS have a boom mic set up in addition to the wireless ones. So, if you consider yourself a professional and want pro results, stay away from these mics because they are just not reliable. I've had so many hassles on various jobs and I'm now in the market to buy a good UHF set for a couple hundred bucks more. For the casual user or someone who has enough time to deal with interference issues, these are pretty much the cheapest option that will give you useable sound.
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on August 15, 2011
We used the product to capture live audio of a Power Point presentation being given in front of an audience of about 35 people. The receiver was plugged into the microphone jack of the Dell XPS laptop running the presentation and the session was recorded using Webex for later webinar presentation. The multiple channels worked as advertised to eliminate interference. We ran into two issues, however. First, the audio is distance sensitive. Even with new batteries in the remote we could not walk more than 20 feet from the receiver without losing the signal or having it be too faint to be usable. This was not expected, as the manufacturer advertises hooking the receiver to a camcorder (presumably in the back of a classroom) and capturing the presentation. Second, there was a distinct tonal quality problem with the audio, even though the wireless mic (and also the handheld mic) were held within 12 inches of the mouth. A lapel mic in particular needs to be able to pick up good signal at an angle, since it is usually clipped to a shirt or jacket below the speaker's mouth. This one is not up to the task.

Bottom line? This type of products is something we really need, in several different applications. The price point is right, but execution just isn't where it needs to be.
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