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on April 27, 2010
Classic albums are VERY hard to come by these days; where it seems all the material we hear in music is disposable and forgettable after a few short weeks. B.O.B. (AKA Bobby Ray) is an exception. He is an ARTIST, not just an MC. He is one of the few creative musicians who not only raps, but sings, experiments with his voice, and plays the majority of the instruments he uses. His creativity is what comes across in a blaring light which forces many to compare him to such eccentric artists as Andre 3000. This is a complete album, with no fillers or skits. 12 songs that blend well which each other and fulfills the void that is left in hip-hop at its current state.

1. "Don't Let Me Fall" - 5/5. This starts the album out and gives the listener a very clear presentation as to what is to come. The beginning of the beat is a piano being played and the chorus enters. This particular track is produced by Bobby Ray himself. It is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Surprisingly, the lyrics are very worthwhile - something that might not be expected with such an eccentric artist. The words tell a story of a man who seems to be at the highest of his climb to being the star he is or is becoming.

2. "Nothin' On You" feat. Bruno Mars - 4/5. This track is probably the most "pop" song on the album. But B.O.B. doesn't just throw a song together. He puts a lot of effort into the lyrics and the energy of the song. It is VERY catchy, but not in an annoying sort of way. It's a classic pop song directed toward the ladies. It can be considered the obligatory radio record of any hip-hop album.

3. "Past My Shades" feat. Lupe Fiasco - 5/5. The song begins very slow and then erupts into a beat which is only outdone by B.O.B. and Lupe's delivery. One of my favorite beats on the album - it has a little rock influence. B.O.B. and Lupe exchange verses. The chorus is a little repetitive, but doesn't take anything away from the song. One of my favorite tracks on the album. It's hard to not believe that Lupe outshines B.O.B. on this track, but that happens when veterans (or experienced) MCs are features on debut albums. B.O.B. does more than hold his weight however.

4. "Airplanes" feat. Hayley Williams (of Paramore) - 4/5. This is a song that intertwines a rock chorus to hip-hop. It has been done before obviously, but B.O.B.'s subject matter and lyrics shine more than anything and helps create a song that is not just another radio record. Very good song.

5. "Bet I" feat. Playboy Tre and T.I. - 3/5. The obvious straight rap record of the album. It is not my favorite track on the album by any means, but it is placed within the album more the more traditional rap fans. It features T.I. who offers a nice verse, showing his veteran skills, much like Lupe had in "Past My Shades." It might be considered a better track for those listeners who want a more "street" record.

6. "Ghost In the Machine" - 5/5. This song will remind you of the opening song "Don't Let Me Fall," by it's introduction. It is very MUSIC oriented rather than a bassline along with a beat. It is more slow paces as well. In fact, it is a track which finds B.O.B. singing the majority of it. It could be considered rap, but more of a slow manner. Another one of my favorite tracks of the album.

7. "Kids" feat. Janelle Monae - 5/5. The song is another favorite of mine, which one can see is a trend throughout the 7 tracks so far. This one features Janelle Monae, which brings B.O.B. his underground sort of credit to an audience which might not think of checking him out. "Kids" is another lyrical driven track, but is backed by a beat that will keep you coming back to it. Excellent track!

8. "Magic" feat. Rivers Cuomo - 3/5. Another radio friendly record to accompany the previous two. The chorus is a very typical move to appeal to all genres or audiences. It's chorus seems to force it to become barely over average. It might be one of the more forgettable tracks on the album, but by no means is it a bad song. It might even be a favorite to many, but not me.

9. "Fame" - 4/5. This is another rap oriented track from B.O.B. to instill some street appeal. It is a ver good track and could have been left alone on the album without accompanying it with "Bet I." But again, to certain audiences, which B.O.B. is trying to appeal to a broad range, this track might even be a 5/5.

10. "Lovelier Than You" - 5/5. This is probably going to be the female's favorite track before or after "Nothin' On You." However, it shows how daring B.O.B. is because it virtually sings the entire song, save for a spoken word verse toward the end. The way he experiences with his vocals is intriguing and leaves possibilities for him to do more singing over entire tracks. It's a good change from the rest of the album and adds another dimension that will make the album more of a complete record.

11. "5th Dimension" - 4/5. This track was probably meant to be the exit song from the album before Eminem spurred his interest in getting on the album. It is a more eccentric record, with a lot of soul, jazz oriented chorus. Great beat, great song.

12. "Airplanes Pt. II feat. Eminem and Hayley Williams (of Paramore) - 5/5. This is a remix version of Airplanes, but with different lyrics and a little experimenting with the chorus from the original. Eminem is the standout of this track however. His flow and effort forces him to become the only thing you think about after the track has ended. It might have been better to be in the middle of the album, if one was listening to the album all the way through because it takes a way from the impression that B.O.B. leaves on you. It will leave you hungry for more Eminem if he brings this sort of focus to future releases.

All in all, B.O.B. is a superstar in the making. His appeal will cross over to many genres and will no doubt help him become one of the stars of hip-hop. His creativity and pure talent music wise should merit support. Pick the album up and support a musician.
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on April 28, 2010
B.o.B is one of those kind of hip hop artists that go way beyond the boundaries of usual rappers. The thing that makes B.o.B so special is that his creativeness isn't controlled by what everyone else likes, he likes do things his way. B.o.B is a rapper, singer, musician and producer which basically means that he has control of everything he is doing which is something a lot of rappers can't say. He combines a lot of musical genres such as techno, rock, pop and a little bit of jazz into his music which makes this album very versitile.

This album is a very good debut album, it introduces the listeners to what kind of artist B.o.B is. The album is good in creativeness but there is no real balance to it, it feels like he is experiementing a bit too much because every single track is different (which may be a good thing) but for me is really hard to stay focus to who B.o.B really is. The production on this album is very well done, theres nothing on this album that is too crazy or disjointed, and B.o.B's lyrical ability deserves some credit, he flow can change with the beat very easilt and smooth. The only thing I have a problem with this album is the fact that there is no real balance to the album, there is no real theme, its just a bunch of a really good songs that B.o.B put together.

Top Tracks
1) Nothin' On You feat. Bruno Mars - My personal favorite track on the album, everyone should know this track by now. The hook is one of the most memorable and catchiest I've heard in music in a while thanks to Bruno Mars. B.o.B's verses are very catchy and get you into the song a lot more. The production is smooth and the lyrics are great. 5/5

2) Airplanes, Part II feat. Hayley Williams & Eminem - The original is just as great but I have to give it up to part II which adds a little more intensity thanks to Eminem. This was probably the biggest surprise for me on the album, I would never of thought that a Hip Hop arist would collaborate with Paramore in 1000 years but then again B.o.B is no regular Hip Hop artist. This is one of the most well produced songs on the album and I have a feeling its the next big hit. 5/5

3) Ghost in the Machine - Another one of my personal favorites on the album. B.o.B doesn't necessary rap on this track, but his emotions on this track is so bone chilling. The song talks about how he feels like he is not really part of this world, as if he was never meant to be in this world and he must find a new home. 5/5

4) The Kids feat. Janelle Monae - This song is very catchy but has a kid influenced beat. The song is aimed toward a positive audience that is suppose to cheer you up. The song isn't your typical record but the lyrics are key to the song and pretty much set itself from the rest of the album. 5/5

5) Bet I feat. T.I. and Playboy Tre - This is the only real (mainstream) rap record on the album. It features Hip Hop veteran T.I. and some guy named Playboy Tre. But this is the only track that makes the album really called a Hip Hop album. I liked the beat on this track and B.o.B's flow is cool. 4/5

Honorable Mentions:
Lovlier Than You
Don't Let Me Fall
Past My Shades feat. Lupe Fiasco
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on April 27, 2010
I have been a fan of Bobby Ray for over a year now, with all of his mixtapes that he generously provided over the years. And I can say that FINALLY today is the day of his much anticipated debut! I've had quite some time to listen to each track now, and multiple times- coming to the conclusion that this CD is amazing! BoB is such a talented musician- yes, not just a rapper, a musician. The collaborations on the album are perfect, Bruno Mars is someone I have had my eye on for months now, and cannot wait for his debut, the collab with Hayley Williams is also incredible, and you can't go wrong with Eminem (my favorite artist of all time [pre-encore slim anyways]). The only collab I could do without is T.I., but I'll let it slide.. I still enjoy BoB's part of the song.

Every track is unique and fun to listen to. I wish it were a bit longer of an album, but I can't complain because not one track is really worth skipping over.

Highlights include:
Don't Let Me Fall
Nothin' On You
Airplanes 1 and 2
The Kids
Lovelier Than You
but really, every track could be considered a highlight.

PLEASE go and support this artist, and B.o.B , please keep giving us quality music and I will always support you.

5/5 Stars. Easily.
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on April 28, 2010
This is one of the very few albums that I resigned myself to buy simply because B.o.B is a great up-and-coming artist that needs support to be successful and I want to be apart of that. He experiments with different tones and sounds and shows us that he's a multi-faceted character that isn't going to just be the same type of boring, dull, rappers that get too much air time on the radio talking about the same things. Anyways let's get this review started, this is my first one so I'm going to try and articulate as best as I can:

1. Don't Let Me Fall 4/5 - Definitely a good way to start off the album. It kicks off with an smooth beat clad with guitars and pianos that gives the song depth. The lyrics are also very heartfelt talking about being so high up that if you fall you're done, as the hook pleads "What goes up, must come down/But don't let me fall"

2. Nothing On You 3.5/5 - Of course the song that introduced Bobby Ray to the public as a rising star that should be known. It's one of the more pop tracks that was made for the radio, mostly because of Bruno Mars' fantastic hook that really helped make this song good. Now this track isn't my favorite, it's good, but I just get caught in the repetition of the beat and B.o.B's unchanging rhyming pattern that the song just loses me up until the part where the guitar chords come in towards the end. Still a great song that shows the diverse character that is B.o.B.

3. Past My Shades 5/5 - Always love a song with Lupe in it and he has a pretty good verse in this song. The song is actually pretty good lyrically even though the hook might get on some peoples nerves I think I get what B.o.B means. He's trying to show who he is through his music but people only take what he does at face value.

4. Airplanes 4.5/5 - A great song featuring the ever so talented Hayley Williams. B.o.B. says it himself, you can't help but love Paramore (although their latest album I wasn't impressed with). This definitely one of the great songs of this album and is miraculously topped by it's Part II. To me it's a song for people that wish for a better way because sometimes life tries to get you down like Bobby Ray says "And when your plans unravel in the sand what would you wish for if you had one chance". The tone of this song is equally matched with almost melancholy sounding piano riffs that melt into the drums.

5. Bet I 3.5/5 - A hard hitting beat with even harder hitting verses. It's not near his best but it's a pretty good song that shows the roots of B.o.B the rapper and not just the artist. Also with T.I. and Playboy Tre collaborating on this track makes it one of the most straight hip hop songs on this album.

6. Ghost In The Machine 4/5 - A good song that shows another side of B.o.B, the side that's not always happy and ready to perform and please the fans. It starts off slow with just piano chords and then builds into the rest of the beat that is probably one of my top favorite beats on this album. It just shows yet another personality that makes up who B.o.B is. This song isn't for everyone, but it's a good song either way.

7. Kids 5/5 - Easily my favorite song of this album. An infectious hook along with a bouncing baseline that makes you bob your head. Plus some nice verses that gives us a little insight into Bobby Ray's childhood. This track is like one of those really short tracks that some artists make that sound really amazing but you just wish they were longer.

8. Magic 4/5 - An uplifting fast-paced song that has a punk vibe to it and some nice witty verses by B.o.B. Yes this track might seem a bit mainstream to other people, and I agree it does sound like one of the tracks B.o.B made so that the radio might play it. Either way though, I think he succeeded in making a track that fuses rock and hip hop perfectly.

9. Fame 3.5/5 - A pretty good beat followed with a some sharp lines. Out of the two more hip hop oriented tracks in this album this would be the better of the two to me. It has more of a meaningful message than "Bet I" and a better hook.

10. Lovelier Than You 5/5 - A really slow paced song with almost an island sounding influence. This is a very nice song that shows a softer side of B.o.B. It's really a great song for the ladies

11. 5th Dimension 4.5/5 - A soulful beat and great rhymes that are only disturbed by the scratchy guitar riff in the chorus, which is the only reason this track didn't get a 5/5 for me. B.o.B really tears up this track and

12. Airplanes, Pt. II 5/5 - A very good song that's one of the many highlights of this album. The verses are changed up and the song takes a turn from what was a really good track to an amazing track. Remixed songs with different verses or changes in the beats are the best kind to me, because honestly if I'm hearing a remixed song I don't want to hear basically the same track with just another verse from a collaborating artist crammed into it. It also features Eminem who tears up the track like a champ and leaves you wanting more. I don't think this track was the best choice for the end of the album since Eminem's emotional verse really outshines B.o.B's verse, of course that usually happens when a veteran rapper collaborates with newly debuting one, but that's not to say B.o.B's verse didn't put up a fight. It's just that this track leaves you thinking more about Eminem's verse more than anything, and I think "5th Dimension" would have been a better ending choice.

If you haven't considered it I would suggest getting the deluxe version that comes with 2 bonus tracks that are both very good along with an interview with B.o.B. This the best hip hop album to come out in 2010 so far and I would suggest that anyone who likes hip hop should get this, because this is what hip hop should be like.
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on May 10, 2010
First of all I'm not hating on Bob, he's a good artist. But after spinning this album a few times, I just can't get into it..

It sounds more like a pop album then rap/hip-hop... Almost every song caters to the radio and sounds like something teeny booperish... Don't get me wrong his lyrics are nice, just not feeling the production. I was really looking forward to this album, but unfortunately it let me down.

His underground songs sounded more Rap..
Check out the song he did called Gladiators Feat: J Cole...
too bad his album didn't sound like that **
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on April 27, 2010
This is a great debut album. It reminds me a bit of Kid Cudi's debut because it's not strictly hip-hop/rap. It's got some alternative, acoustic and rock influences on it. Both Airplanes songs are great but Airplanes Part II is an immediate classic. The hook is amazing with Hayley from Paramore, B.o.B drops some great verses and then Eminem comes in and brings it back to the MMLP days with the emotion he raps with. The only song that I don't like much is Bet I because that's just a predictable rap song and B.o.B is much more creative than that. Awesome album though.
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on June 9, 2010
For the past decade ive gotten away from any kind of mainstream rap music. So if there was a new "hot" song that came out on the radio or MTV and everybody was talking about it, i had no clue because i just cant and dont listen the popular Lil Wayne's, Drake's, and Soulja Boy's, because frankly i think its all garbage that lacks heart, creativity, and uniqueness. Alot of it is because i grew up in a different generation of hiphop music, but thats another story. So somebody mentioned to me about B.o.B, claiming that he's the next Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli and Common. So me being open-minded I decided to actually buy the album rather than illegally downloading it, plus it was on sale for $7.99. After giving it a few listens from beginning to end I just couldnt get into it. Mostly finding myself listening to a song, and 2 minutes later going to the next track, then the next, then the next, then the disc goes back to track 1. Thinking it was going to be the next Lupe Fiasco led me to a big disappointment. Dont get me wrong, B.o.B is really talented, his delivery is top notch, and the album artwork is beautiful, almost like a Lupe Fiasco protoge'. I just couldnt get past the production and the EXTREMELY annoying, too uplifting, and "pop'ish" hooks. Reminds me alot of something the Gym Class Heroes would release or maybe a Sean Kingston that could rap. If you disagree with me, just give them a listen and try to prove me wrong! Im not saying this is the worst hiphop album ive heard this year (Possibly Snoops Malice N Wonderland), its just generic. Im not the type of person to give 1 star and talk about how horrible it is, i give it 3 (almost 2) stars and say its not terrible, but not great either. But then again it has been a disappointing couple years in rap/hiphop to a real hiphop connoisseur such as myself. Am I right?!?! But if everything popular on the radio and MTV is your thing, this could be a gem to your CD collection! Just get your little sister to burn you a copy, or if your in the Dallas area, i'll let you have my copy....
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on January 11, 2011
In his debut album "The Adventures Of Bobby Ray", Atlanta-based rapper B.o.B brings conscious creative rhymes that are full of energy and passion. His flow is sharp, with a distinct southern twist - similar to that of Andree 3000. B.o.B handles solo production on three of the tracks, while the others feature various producers. Most songs are full of emotion, with catchy hooks and choruses.

Overall, I would say this is "feel good hip-hop", and would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys positive hip-hop.

Comparable Albums:
1. Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor
2. Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Highlight Tracks:
1. Don't Let Me Fall
2. Nothin' On You ft. Bruno Mars
6. Ghost In The Machine
8. Magic ft. Rivers Cuomo
12. Airplanes (Part II) ft. Eminem & Hayley Williams

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on July 16, 2014
in particular the more aggressive and funky songs. a little weaker at softer and more melodic songs. but hey, all in all, a hell of a rap album. I do not really like rap. an excellent participation of Eminem in the last song.
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on June 16, 2014
I really enjoy the blending of rap and singing, if it is done right, and Bobby Ray does it right.

Enjoyed the whole album, but my favorites were the Airplane songs, with the singer from Paramore and Eminem.
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