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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 22, 2014
It all boils down to matte of taste... and perhaps playing on a 10.1" screen helps too... but I rather dig this game. There has been updates over the past year or so, yet much of what earlier reviews have stated is quite true. Still, perhaps they are cons to some, and perhaps, like me, it's just a really neat ROCK HERO-esque piano game. As for "Edutainment" value, it's a bit better than simply pressing colored buttons lined up in a row.

Honestly, I have a bunch of Amazon coins, so I think I may buy a couple more of these PIANO MASTER games.

Additionally, it seems many of the older issues raised in previous reviews have been fixed. Under Settings, you can independently turn off/on ALL the various extra display notifications and eye-candy bits, making gameplay as minimal as you wish. Heck, I wish other games of this genre would follow suit, as it indeed can get a little distracting at times.

Once you pick your song, Easy, Normal, and Hard, you then pick the play level of Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert... or even customize the play settings yourself with more individual options, such as changing playing hand, accompaniment, tempo, and note letters, so on. And as one last extra, Expert labels the keys with note names.

It's free today, so definitely worth a try. Tiny install at 7.46mbs on the Device Memory. I moves it to my Internal USB storage, and the Device Memory ended up at less than 2mbs. So very friendly for those juggling the portioned memory thing on their tablets. Minimal Permissions, just Network Access, but plays OFFLINE. Does contain Google Analytics and Facebook integration (if you choose to share your song performance on your FB page), and the FB usage will lead to analytical identifiers, Of course, not using the FB option will limit Google Analytics strictly to anonymous app performance reporting. There are direct Amazon Appstore links for the other PIANO MASTER games.

I will shoot a video review of this game so folks contemplating the game can see first hand the style of play, yet as Free App of the Day that takes such minimal space and could just be your Christmas bag, baby, I'd say give it a whirl.

-- Daily FAOTD YouTube video review available under the title of: Piano Master Christmas Special (Amazon's Free App of the Day, 22December2014)
Channel Link is listed under my Profile, or simply YouTube search Tinfoot Tall.
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on December 24, 2013
Frustrating if you can read music. This could actually be useful to help teach musical notation for those who want to learn. However, if you already can read music then it's just weird to have only white and black blocks to guide you. Think I'd rather stick to playing on my actual keyboard.
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on December 22, 2014
First, to those reviewers who mention the "trap" of having to finish the song, change the options before you play the song (that screen comes up after you select the song but before you start playing).

The game IS a game, not a learning tool, per se, but you can learn from it, just not the basic building blocks of piano. (I've always wanted to play "Carol of the Bells," and, after playing the game, I might just be able to [on a regular keyboard]!

One note: if your device has any lag problems, you will not do well at this game! It does not hold up for any lag.
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on December 22, 2014
This game gets VERY hard to blast with just two thumbs on a small screen. The keys are pretty small. But it is still fun. There are different difficulty levels. So for all the reviews consuming that the song stops till you hit the right note, play it on expert. That doesn't stop for anything. But beginner makes the song slower and waits for you to hit the right notes. Medium is regular speed but still waits for the right notes to be hit. And expert just goes. Not sure how much I'll actually be playing this. But hey it was free, so might as well get it!
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Game Play:
Songs are rated as very easy, normal and hard and there are 28 songs on the list. You can select the level of skill you want to use and they are; listen to song, beginner, apprentice and expert. At the end of the song you hear applause, get a score in points, get a max combo rating and get a grade score like a B grade. You can then retry or select back to go to the menu.

Main screen:
* Start game
* Settings - rate me, number of keys, show little stars, show the red X, show the accuracy message, show the combo counter, show the progress bar, show the note names.
* Download more songs - you guessed it, pay to download more songs to the game from the artist or genre you want.

What I like:
This is a cute concept and helps you to play music. It is not teaching you to play as you are simply following key strokes and they come at times so fast and furious that you can be struggling to keep up.

What I don't like:
While the concept is cute it is too difficult for some people. I have huge hands and one hand is 65% as wide as the Kindle Fire. Touching one key is difficult and if I try to use two hands then I cannot see the keyboard at all.

If I am having difficulty playing this on a Kindle Fire because of my hand size and cannot comprehend playing this on a smaller phone. The Kindle Fire is also a two touch display system and on the faster songs I was not having much luck playing 3 note cords on a device that will only let you touch two places at a time.

The concept is just OK but not an app for me. My hands are too large and fingers too large to try to play on the small keyboard and try to see the keyboard at the same time. I cannot imagine trying to play this on a smaller smart phone. This app would be better on larger screen tablets. Some people will like this but this one is really up to your personal interest and skill in trying to play. I rate this app as 3 stars.

Turn off your WIFI, set your parental controls or set your airplane mode so your children will not try to purchase more songs or rate the app.

Size: The uncompressed app size is 3.06 MB.

* Full network Access
* View network connections

This app contains Google Analytics which monitors your in app behavior and the apps software. It does also contain the code for a Facebook link but you have to opt into it for it to be active.
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on December 23, 2012
This is a well implemented rhythm/pattern matching game similar to the more famous guitar based games. While you might learn a little more about the piano from this than the guitar based games with the buttons and one "strings" bar, it's really just a game. The keys indicate the note you are playing, so there's the opportunity to just get familiar with the primary notes you're playing. With this game, you are basically playing one handed piano with the software filling in for you the missing hand. Very fun and addicting. I purchased the Piano Master "Full" version after having spent time with the Christmas Special in order to get a bigger range of music.
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on December 29, 2014
Holy cow this game is amazing. I've been trying to get something to help my neice play the piano and some of the books out there are ridiculous. This game is the easiest thing I've ever seen, and she is playing it like a pro already (she's 9).
It works like guitar hero sort of...the notes fall down the screen and you have to tap the correct keys on the keyboard and you're scored on timing and accuracy. But here's the kicker..the notes stop at the line. They don't continue to accumulate or drop off if you miss it. It will stop and wait for you to press the correct key. This really helps keep the frustration at bay, and she's enjoying it a lot.
(I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having a blast with it too). I plan on looking for other songs to play on this rather than just the christmas songs.
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on December 24, 2013
The way I feel about this app is that you have to look at it like a game instead of an app to play (or learn) the piano. Instead of trying to keep up with the music in your head you have to pay attention to to when the key is going to touch the green space. If you are thinking of the song too hard you'll end up pushing the keys at your own tune and you'll end up pushing them too soon.
After trying a few times the game got kind of addicting. Of course I had to beet my previous score and then when I was happy with my score on beginner level I'd go to the next level in the same song or I'd try a new song. I was happy to see some of my favorite Christmas songs , I think there were a couple I've never heard of. There were a couple songs that I wish they had included and was hoping to see some kids songs like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch.
It really is a fun game as long as you're expecting it to be a fun game & not a professional piano playing app. If you've played guitar hero you'll know exactly what to expect- you click the key that's coming up when it's touching the green line, it might be confusing at first if you don't understand that you want the falling key to be touching the line that's right above the keyboard but don't wait too long to press the key, you want it to be right in the middle of that little space by the you let go of the key.
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on April 11, 2015
This holiday version was free which was good for discovering that unless you are talented enuf to tap 2 tiny keys simultaneously on your android's screen, you cannot play this. If you dont tap them BOTH at the exact same time (as on a real piano), the note does not register and is an 'error'. But pretty clever concept for a game. Would be pretty good with a 10" tablet and no fingernails. A peripheral keyboard would not help (at least I dont think so) as they use a piano keyboard onscreen to touch.
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on December 31, 2014
Let me start by saying that I have played the piano for about 18 years. I played keyboard professionally for a while. I have recorded several albums. I have a lot of playing experience.

This app is *really* hard!!!! I struggled with the easiest songs, after I saw the hard stuff I didn't even attempt it. Generally I am up for a challenge, but this was so difficult it was not even fun.

The positive points of the app are that it has a good selection of songs and is an interesting concept. The trouble is, its way too hard!
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