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on February 18, 2004
This is the best vacuum ever! Huge back wheels make it really easy to move around, garage to house and up and down stairs (even pregnant). I cannot believe the amount of hair, lint and general dust I got off my carpet. If my old vacuum had done that well the bag would have filled up twice as fast. The attachment for upholstery let me do my couch for the first time and I got more dirt off my couch than my floor....eeewww!! Plus, I will never have to buy bags again. The color is beautiful, the canister is lite weight and the price is a bargain.
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on March 5, 2004
I bought this vacuum to replace a similar Bissell upright that I had used almost daily for 7-8 years. This model is even better! I couldn't believe all the pet hair and dirt that it collected in one use, especially since I constantly clean the floors and carpets. This vacuum is powerful without being cumbersome. It is easy to maneuver, adjust settings, and empty. My favorite feature is the Brush On/Off Switch, located at the top of the canister. It makes switching from carpet to hard floor a breeze. Another great feature is the soft rubber guard around the front that cushions any contact with furniture or walls, preventing scratches or damage. I am a Bissell fan!!
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on May 12, 2005
Okay I don't wish to bother you all with a boring review so I'll just state facts. Enjoy.

Its detachable canister makes it extremely versitile (it's light too).
The height adjustment knob is perfectly placed, for quick shifts from carpet, tile or wood floors.
The included attachments are made to be used! Use them to rid your curtains and ceilings from dust.
Its solid, nothing will get lost or broken, and if you somehow manage to, refer to your manual for part #'s.

***Don't listen to the crazy lady that said you need to unscrew something to clean a filter. The upper filter only requires a simple twist and it comes free. The only thing you need a screw driver for is to clear cloats or change the drive belt (the rubber band). This model was built to make it easy to *see* cloats with its clear design. The hose is opaque for light to shine through and the path from the hose to the dirt caintainer is also clear. *I've never experienced a cloat*

Lots of maintenance. Those of you that are used to those buy it and forget it models should avoid this one. There are 3 filters. The filter in front of the motor is VERY hard to notice unless you read the manual. (It took me a year to notice it. I only decided to look up the manual because it wasn't performing very well. After dusting the filter, it worked the same way as day one. Look at the manual to see what I mean) The other two are obvious, the upper tank filter (above the dirt container, and the HEPA filter (change every six months, or earlier for the dust freaks. They run for $11)

Guess what guys, thats the only con. If you don't maintain the vacuum, its performance will suffer. But the good this is that it can stand neglect. Like I said, I didn't notice the motor filter until a year (or two) after we bought it and it still runs perfect.

Oh and if you didn't understand this from the forementioned, you have to replace the HEPA filter, the other two filters are washable so buy a few now and save yourself the from hassle later to come.
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on February 18, 2005
After a year of using this thing I am finally annoyed enough to write a review of it. I hate to be hard on products but this one I can't let go by.

A vacuum is something you only buy every one in a while (every 5 years or more) so it's something you wish you could even test drive for how much they cost - well, let me be your test drive.

I needed a new vacuum and I had a Phantom before this one for 9 years. So I knew I wanted a bagless.


This is one of the few pluses (but it actually had a minus to it oo). The canister comes out nicely to clean up (esp compared to my Phantom). However, to get to the top part to clean - you need a screwdriver. That's a big minus because I have to clean mine in the sink every week otherwise there is no suction. Why should I have to go get a screwdriver to take it apart.


The fact that there are 4 different sections to clean so you think you are picking up lots of stuff - yes..there are 4 and 3 of the areas need cleaned in the sink with soap and water every week (I vacuum every day - I have little children who play on the floor). The 4th is the actaul filter which cannot be cleaned - you have to buy a new one. The plus is that it's not that expensive compared to other hepa filters.

The minus is that the filters do not air dry quickly and I usually have to dry to dry them myself with a hair dryer to be able to use the thing with 24 hours (I am to chicken to put them in the dryer on account of shrinking - who knows. I would hate to make a bad problem worse).


As for suction - well, the first month or so I thought it was great. The it just stopped working that well. I have taken the thing apart and cleaned everything you can - and it's still not that great. I even had my husband look at it thinking I am a feeble housewife.


It really is neat that you can take the entire canister off and clean the stairs. However, the cord is too short and it's top heavy so you must hold it or else it falls over - easily. The hose could be longer and there is no way to attach another. I am sorry but 6 feet or so a not that great. I thought since you can take it apart it would not be a big deal - it is.

The stair tool has no housing for it so make sure you put it somewhere you can remember.


The product claims it can edge really close to the wall. Well, sort of. But the problem is that they had to move the belt toward the middle of the vacuum so edging really only works OK in one direction and if you have unmoveable furniture then you are SOL with getting a good clean. ALso, the suction on the edges of the vacuum is lousy. So prepare to vacuum an edge and then move the vacuum a few inches over to get the next path.

Edging by hand is easy if you take off the canister. Again remember it is very topheavy and falls over all the time. That's a huge negative to me.


It does clean OK. But I just think for what you spend that I should not have to pass over an area 3 to 4 times to pick up simple lint on the floor. I have green rugs and I am picky (And dark carpets are great to see what you don't pick up - trust me I love it and hate it).

I don't have cats or dogs and would hate to think how this thing would not work if you have pets. Also as a note: we take off our shoes when we come in the door to minimize the stuff on the floor.


The cord is nice. It stores away nicely on the side and has a neat lever that releases the entire cord at one time. There is a nice do-hickey (for lack of a technical term) to latch the cord while vacuuming.


I think it's built well. Nothing has broken off. My light stopped working in the first month but I can fix a light bulb - shouldn't have to though).


I really can't stand this vacuum and if I could do it over I would really have chosen something else. It's hard to know without using it for a long time (I have had mine for 12 months now). A quick run in the showroom doesn't really show you what you need to know.

If I could give this thing less than 1 star I would have.
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on February 13, 2004
This is by far the best vaccuum I have ever used. The amount of hair that was picked up the first time over my carpet was amazing. My wife and I were very suprised. We have a 5 month old baby and needed something to pick up the pet hair (two dogs) because she will be crawling soon, and this vaccuum is the answer we were looking for. The attatchments are very easy to use and the "lift and go" center is LIGHT WEIGHT and very easy to move around. The telescoping attatchment along with the crevice tool cleans the pet hair in every crack and crevice without even bending over. This is one of my favorite features. No problem with emptying the dirt that it picks up (unlike some other manufacturers) This vaccuum also almost pulls itself over the carpet with minimal effort. Overall, the cream of the crop as far as vaccuums go. Highly recommended!!!
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on May 11, 2004
I've only had this unit for a couple of weeks, so I can't comment on durability. However, it looks and feels indestructible. Even the flexible hose for attachments, although heavy, is built like a metal slinky and isn't disfigured or stressed after I dropped the vacuum part off a table onto it. The filters work great and are simple to change out. The dirt is collected and compacted into the bin, so dust doesn't go everywhere when you go to empty it. Stick it in, move a lever and the bin is sealed again. The `lift off' feature is not really necessary, but seems to be designed well. (I haven't found the Achilles' heel yet, but as an R&D guy in real life, I would want to see how it does attaching and detaching the flexible hose (the slinky) to the base unit a few hundred-thousand times before going to market with it. But, I'm sure someone did.) At some point I am going to attach the unit to a vacuum gauge to see exactly how powerful it is. I had read a bad customer review that was based on poor suction. I haven't needed to pull any industrial strength jobs, but it pulls dog hair galore out of thick carpet, and turned my very thin oriental rug into colors I had never seen before (it had taken on different shades of my dog)... so plenty of suction for anything I've run into. The separate switch for floor brush is nice to turn off for quick dusting jobs. It also flattens horizontally, which is nice for getting under beds and other furniture. However, that same feature makes it a little more difficult to navigate rooms with lots of boarders and power chords, where tilting the front edge of the vacuum up off the carpet to jump over edges is needed frequently. My only real complaint is about the dusting attachment. I had an old Kirby with a dusting attachment with long soft bristles which could be moved across the surface of electronic equipment without bumping into knobs and buttons with something hard. This one has a dusting attachment with a ring of short hard whiskers with which one could poke out an eye. I can't dust the computer keyboard without pressing all the keys, I can't pull dust off a motherboard without clobbering the components. It's really more of a `scraper' than a duster. It would be good for scrubbing a really tough spot off a tile floor... but not for dusting. I'm assuming I'll be able buy something better to fit the hose, thus earning it five stars. Hopefully this isn't naïve optimism.
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on July 6, 2004
I have been desparate for a "real" vacuum cleaner for a long time. I moved into a loft 2 yrs ago and I inherited my s/o's trusty little dirt devil. The loft has a combination of concrete, tile, laminate, and a variety of (large and furry) area rugs to keep clean and the dirt devil wasn't cutting the mustard.
I bought this one after comparing it to 4 other models at the local Costco. The one I have is green and has a nifty turbo attachment as well, however was priced more than when calculating tax and Amazon's free shipping.
If you want something that is full of features and attachments, this is the vacuum for you. However, there are so many features and attachments, the resulting vacuum is one that makes a lot of compromises.
Here's the rundown in no particular order:
1. Canister and Upright: Yay for both! However, the upright is harder to maneuver, the extender attachment must come off if you have it in canister mode, and the canister looks like it should be kept upright when in canister mode because of the HEPA filter...but it has a really small end to balance on.
2. You have to put it together before you use it. Not a deal-breaker, but if you're not the most do-it-yourself savvy person, it can be a little intimidating.
3. The emptying bin isn't so bad to empty, in fact when we were shopping Bissell had the easiest canister to access and empty: just slide the switch and pull it out (the Hoovers and Eurekas looked like they would be a lot harder and messier to empty). Sure dust can fly, but I just empty it into a grocery bag, tie it up, and that minimizes and contamination that can occur.
4. Hose is relatively indestructible, but doesn't go very far despite its stretchy properties. You need the extender for it to have meaningful reach.
5. Nice edger tool, but disconnecting the hose in the back is a little complicated if you don't also use the extender.
6. Turbo brush works relatively well on stuffed animals and throw pillows but not on carpet. Makes a bizzare whirring noise that can get disconcerting.
7. The cord generally self-unravels. Nice until you start moving around, then it gets messy.
8. 7 floor settings are great, but I have found that unless you have super-shaggy or ultra-deep pile carpet, the middle setting is the best for your average thick carpet. Any less setting and the suction is so hard you can't move it, any higher setting and you get nothing out of the rugs. Bare floor option is nice, but due to the texture of my concrete the low carpet setting with the brush on is the best.
9. So many attachments, no onboard place for two of them. The turbo cleaner and the stair cleaner don't have a home on the vacuum. Alas.
10. Nice that the brush turns off when in an upright position. Disconcerting at first, but once you know about it, it's okay. This almost renders the brush switch pointless for me, but I can see how people who are worried about the brush on their bare floors would want it off.
11. Vacuums well, but I have some newish Ikea carpet that gives off a lot of fuzz. There were still some embedded fur-balls left after a few passes. But in the machine's defense, I don't think those rugs have ever had a "real" vacuuming.
12. HEPA filter blows hot air on your legs. Not a good thing especially since you're essentially giving your arms and back a work-out with this machine
13. Not loud, not quiet. Would have to raise your voice to carry a conversation
14. Manuverability only so-so. Good for wide open spaces, more difficult when you're vacuuming around furniture or edges. Not thin enough at all when in upright mode to vacuum under any of my furniture save for the bed. Needs a clearance of at least 8 inches to poke under and 10-12 inches. to go fully under.
All and all, it is NOT a bad vacuuming machine. It can do everything that you could ever want it to do pretty well, but nothing really great. I'm not sure if there is any other vacuum that would work better for me, and for the price, I would say this was a very fair buy. I just keep looking at the Dyson, and wondering...
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on April 17, 2004
I received my new vacuum about 2 weeks ago. I am so pleased with the way this thing cleans. I have never enjoyed such power from a vacuum. This is very important with 2 dogs and a baby.
I also own an Oreck. It is very nice and light, but the Bissell blew it away on power. I was actually quite repulsed by what came out of my carpet. The Bissell is very easy to use, the lift-off is great especially for stairs and furnituure, the bathroom and baseboards. I also like that when you put the vacuum back in the upright position while using it, ie. to move furniture, etc, it shuts off the brush. SO, no burnt rubber smell. I have never owned a bagless vacuum and you may be shocked by what goes into it. That may be unappealing to people, but I was happy to know what was getting picked up. It is very easy to take apart and clean, including the filter. It is also pretty quiet for the power you get. I managed to vacuum my whole house while my baby slept. My carpets almost look new.
Now, I have mentioned all the good, there is one bad thing about this vacuum. It is very HEAVY. I am okay with that, but there are plenty of people who that just wouldn't work for.
I look at it like killing two birds with one stone-getting some exercise while cleaning.
Hope you also enjoy.....
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on March 12, 2004
I love this vacuum!!!! I have a two year old dirtdevil and it was loosing suction very fast. I have 4 cats so I an constantly vacumming trying to get up as much cat hair as possible. I got my bissel the other day and after using my old vacuum I used this and it picked up so much more!! I am so happy and it is so easy to use and not as noisy as others. It was a breeze to remove and tote out to my car so that I could clean it. I also love the brush on and off feature it is great. I have to admit I liked my old vacuum but I love this one. I also like that the filters are cleanable with out having to beat them to death and having breating difficulties after doing so from all the dust and dirt. Also the double sided attachment is great to use on your furniture I just got new couches and I thought they were still pretty clean but it actually got a lot of stuff out of them and lots of cat hair which will be great for me to do before my mom comes to visit since she is allergic to them. I just hope if you get one you are just as happy with it as I am and I hope this helps.
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on March 23, 2004
This vacuum blew my dirt devil out of the water. As soon as I got it, I put it together in 5 minutes, and started vacuuming. This thing will make your carpet look like it's been professionally cleaned when you are done. 7 height settings make it easy to adjust to the carpet from room to room. It has a feature that stops the brushes when the vacuum is left upright so that your carpet does not get burned. It's easy to lift off and has powerful suction. You know those fuzzies and lint balls that just will not come out of the carpet unless you pull them out with your fingers? Not anymore! THis thing sucks them right up! My carpets have never looked this good after a single vacuuming session. I couldn't believe how much animal fur came out after the first run over. This thing is AWESOME! I recommend it to pet lovers and families alike! Get one for yourself and see how amazing this is!
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