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on April 15, 2008
My husband, albiet not from here, picked up this little gem after calling him and relaying that our son dumped the entire contents of a chocolate syrup bottle on his bedroom carpet. Home he came with this bissell. Only one they had at the store.

Assembly in two seconds, I kid you not. Didn't even need to look at the instructions. put in the cleaning solution, filled reservoir with water, set it down, plugged it in. Now, mind you, it took me about ten minutes, with a few minutes between each go, this syrup was well and good in the carpet, but I am deeply impressed. Throughly impressed. It's very light, even filled, it's compact, fits real nicely into our cleaning closet, and super easy to use. For the price we paid, it's paid for itself halfway with just the one room, compared to getting our carpets steam cleaned every few months. I would happily buy again.
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on December 13, 2009
This machine is designed to guzzle bottles of Bissell Cleaner, but you can get around this!

Turn the machine OFF. Raise it above the spot you want to clean, either holding it or sitting it on a chair or higher step.

Lower the nozzle right over your spot, press the spray button, and gravity will drip the liquid as small as a dime to quarter size spot. Let it soak a few minutes, turn the machine back on and vacuum the liquid up.

Do saturate the spot well, then with the machine on press down without scrubbing too much and vacuum up as much of the liquid up as you can. Repeating, if necessary, will continue to lighten the stain. Vacuum it as dry as possible each time to pull out the stain.

There is also no reason you have to use the machine to hold and dispense your cleaning mix. You could use a bottle that squirts a narrow stream of liquid if you want to hit only small spots. After you've let it set a few minutes then use the machine to vacuum up the liquid.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
We appreciate your creative solution to your cleaning problem, but this machine shouldn't use an excessive amount of cleaning solution. You only need to depress the trigger to spray solution where needed. Suction is continuous through the nozzle as long as the machine is turned on. Also, there should be no need to have the machine above a cleaning area. We hope this helps in using the Little Green.
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on July 3, 2008
Let's hope the Little Green is a precursor to greater models. I have owned a larger model Bissell for nearly 2 decades and am fully aware of its reputation for getting things clean. I decided I wanted a smaller, more portable model for my car, the stairs, furniture, and small stains due to people and pets. This way I would only have to lug out the larger model for the large jobs like the carpeting, which is truly a once in a blue moon event. With a little vigorous scrubbing and chemical solutions, virtually any stain is a thing of the past, however I have come to realize certain design characteristics could be better.

When I clean the stairs, I can't keep the unit more or less than two stairs away at all times. A step closer and it's too close to my cleaning area. A step down and the hose just won't allow me to reach. If only the hose could be a little longer it would help immensely. I also find the base of the unit hovers over the edge by a couple inches, which doesn't challenge its center of gravity, but a single unfortunate move could cause it to topple so it's good to pay attention to everything around you. Considering the shortness of the hose, it would've been nice if it could pivot or have free-range flexibility where it connects to the unit.

The sprayer doesn't just spray the immediate area being cleaned; it fans out by several inches to either side. When I try to clean a small area, the last thing I want is to have excess moisture to eventually remove. Let's face it all material retains some moisture even after vacuuming with "drying strokes." This increases the drying time and consumes more solution than needed which is wasteful.

The vessel for mixing the solution with water is clearly marked, however it's capacity is fairly small so after about 10 minutes of solid use, such as the stairs or furniture, I need to go mix some more. That in itself is not a problem so much as it's a bit of a drag to interrupt one's flow of progress to go mix more cleaning solution. I have yet to be challenged with emptying the collection vessel before my task is complete so I would say it is a fair size, yet I am astonished that the liquid I collect is far less proportionate to the liquid spent, i.e. for every tub of cleaning solution used, I only retrieve about a quarter, if that much. That means a lot of moisture is still soaked into what I've cleaned and The drying time is considerable (5-8 hours for a mattress), while less absorbent things such as the stairs only need and hour or two at best. One can cut down on how much cleaning solution is used by spending a little time pre-treating the designated area once or twice before cleaning.

Another design flaw that caught my attention is the lack of a handle. this may sound silly to some: it's a big tube, grab it anywhere. However I am 34 and have had arthritis for over a decade already. After about 10-15 minutes of use, my hands hurt because I can't get a proper grip. I've tried holding it various ways to no avail. I wish it was easier to grab. I am glad most of my cleaning tasks are done in that amount of time or I would be ready to call it quits.

On the whole, this unit is great. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It is also convenient to stow away almost anywhere. I feel the power cord is an appreciable length. I also feel most people would love it. Bissell makes reliable products that last and last, however I feel the folks at Bissell's research and development department could have spent a little more time developing the design of the Little Green. Whomever tested the prototype couldn't possibly have used it in a home environment, which is unfortunate because it leaves avid consumers, such as myself, to discover all the design flaws. After all, this unit is supposed to make life's little cleanup tasks considerably easier. Would I recommend it? Most likely, I would.
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on April 23, 2011
The most effective strategy i found in using this is as follows:

1. Spray onto the area, let it soak for a few minutes
2. Brush the area thoroughly with the power OFF. I worked up a good froth.
3. Then i turn the unit back on and spray again, followed immediately by methodically vacuuming off the entire area.
4. Any trouble spots left i got by holding down the spray button with the power on so it was spraying and sucking at the same time, and scrubbing that way.
5. When i was satisfied (and i was on everything i cleaned) i ran just suction until it stopped picking anything up.

To respond to the people with very bad reviews of this, i've noticed they often seem to fail to take common sense into account.

- If it sprays wider than you expect, it's a fan-shaped spray...put it closer to the carpet. The biggest number i saw was 3 ft. The only way i can duplicate that is to use the spray while STANDING UP. Is that a machine failure, or a user failure? You decide.
- I saw someone say they drained the entire solution tank cleaning one step of their stairs. Folks that means they pulled the equivalent of dumping a quart of fluid onto one stair, all through a tiny nozzle when they have to hold a trigger down for it to spray. My best estimate is between 2-3 minutes of constant spraying. Again, machine failure or user failure?
- There's a very narrow area on the nozzle that actually sucks in. Find it with your finger, and you'll know what needs to be pressed down on the carpet to get the best suction. Pulling the end towards me worked better than pushing away. The only way to stop the suction on this was user error on my part. It even sucked up some cat litter (didn't expect it to handle any solids) and it sucked up a bucket of water (stress test, i thought it would at least have trouble).
- The last common complaint i've noticed are people complaining about the effort it took to use the Little Green. If you buy this, you're buying a tool. It's to HELP you clean, not miracle away the mess. I get the feeling these same people would give a hammer a 1-star rating because they still have to swing it. This removed a cat mess i was incapable of cleaning myself, i know because i tried. It's why i bought this little machine. I expected to have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub, it was the solution and suction that made it possible when scrubbing on my hands and knees wasn't working before.

I took a star off because it's very hard to clean the waste tank when you're done. The only access to it is through the pour spout and there is a mechanism inside to shut off suction if the tank is too full. That mechanism gets hair wrapped around it easily. It's not impossible to clean though, a BBQ skewer fits right up in there and lets you get to the hair. The four stars it earned are because it cleaned all but a single stain i used it on. That stain is over a year and a half old and nothing else has worked on it either. It worked great for me, made an impossible cleanup job possible, and reduced (NOT eliminated) the amount of work i have to put into cleaning.

Design has a few. The solution tank's cap has a thin tube for exchanging air for solution as it sprays. It's all well and good but when you initially fill up the tank, and put the cap on some solution gets in it so when you flip the solution tank over it spritzes a little. Good news, if you do that next to the machine you have a vacuum handy to suck up need to panic like i've seen some reviewers do. The other problem is the hose. To get the most out of its length you pretty much have to turn the machine so the front faces away from you, which is a little bit of a hastle if you turn it on and off as much as i do when i'm cleaning. Still, not a terrible problem.

I encourage you to read the other reviews, just keep in mind that with the 1- and 2-star reviews, were these machine failures, or user failures?
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on April 14, 2008
I just invested in new carpet and needed a convenient compact cleaner. As the father of two active boys and the owner of two young (large) dogs & one fussy cat, I am concerned about muddy foot/paw prints, food spills and those much more critical "accidents" on the new carpet.

As expected, the cat struck first (and hopefully last) even before I removed the Little Green from the box! I'm pleased to say, the Little Green was well up to the challenge.

Easy unpack, low assembly, tank fill with water/solution, plug-in and clean-up. The whole job took less than 5 minutes. I was so pleased with the process from beginning to end. And best of all, my wife did not find the accident. the Little Green removed all evidence 100%! So, the cat is safe for now. The Little Green extended her 9 lives, keeping us all happy!
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on January 12, 2009
I have had this portable carpet cleaner for probably 9 months or so now... and it really was the best investment that I've made, short of getting my full size Bissell.

Cat food barf leaves this nice orange/yellow tan stain which is next to impossible to get out of a pale champagne colored carpet. Spray on carpet cleaners from the store DO NOT WORK.... we were always left with pretty much a stain of the same color....usually more widespread because of the scrubbing...and also scrubbed DEEPER into the carpet fibers. Not a winning situation.

The Bissell Little Green almost completely removes the spot. Note, I said "ALMOST COMPLETELY REMOVES"... which is different than "removes completely and makes your carpet look and smell like it was just installed." Anyone wanting those kind of results needs to use a full size or better yet, call Stanley Steamer. This machine is infinitely easier to pull out to take care of the occasional messes... that happen with enough frequency that pulling out the full sized Bissell is a pain.

I've read the reviews where people complain about the water spraying 4-5 times wider than the nozzle head. I'm not suggesting that anyone is embellishing their complaints, but mine does not do this... it IS wider, by maybe an inch on either side, but with extra trips over the spot AND THE SURROUNDING AREA with the nozzle only sucking and not spraying nearly totally dries the carpet... where you can actually walk over the spot immediately and not feel like your socks have wicked up a gallon of water.

The suction is not equal to the amount of spray... which means that if you make one pass with the sprayer, that you will not be able to suck the whole amount of water back up with one pass. That's unrealistic... as my big boy doesn't do that either. The guys from Stanley might be able to do it with their big hose... but they need to move fast to make more money as they are PROFESSIONALS that will charge you more than the 69 bucks you might pay for this machine, which comes to pennies a use with a really barfy cat.

As far as the spot it removed... I would describe it as 98%+ lighter... and I follow the directions in the manual and PRE TREAT the stain by spraying the cleaner into the stain and then leaving it stand for a bit and then sucking it up. On tough and/or bigger stains, I do this 2-3 times... and still, it comes out looking really, really good in my opinion... and yes, you can see a hazy remnant of a stain in like DIRECT sunlight that is shining in JUST the right way, on JUST the right area... I have also used a little store spray spot cleaner and that seems to help with the pretreat process...BUT... It is DEFINITELY cleaner than just using a spray on cleaner and then waiting around until the next time the big machine comes out.

I am thrilled with this purchase.... it has made cleaning up after the cat (and the dog, kids and husband, not necessarily in that order) infinitely easier. It does EXACTLY what I expected it to do.
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on July 19, 2010
I've had the 1400-7 model about 6 months. Used it a few times in my car. The size seemed great for that. It's probably been used 6 times. I tried to use it today, but it wouldn't spray. Couldn't find anything on the internet relative to a spray problem, and since I figured it was "out of warranty", I thought I'd investigate myself. (it's held together with about a 1/2 dozen philips screws. Bottom line, the spray motor had leaked where it couples to the delivery hose fitting(s), which had completely rusted the bottom of the motor causing failure. Seems to be a quickly disposable unit to me. (The manufacturer seems to relish in the fact it's made of bio-degradable materials - apparently they bio-degrade while you watch). Considering what I paid for it, I guess the average cost of ownership is about $12 per use. That seems a little steep to me, I wouldn't recommend it at all.
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on November 19, 2011
I really wanted to like this little machine. It seems the perfect size for the job, and is all neatly self contained. And of course I had some faith in the Bissell name. Unfortunately, that faith was misplaced.

As others have said, this machine has two very substantial flaws. First, the spray. The design of the nozzle creates a 180 degree fan of water. So, in addition to applying water/cleaning solution to the carpet or upholstery, it sends water straight out to the sides, soaking everything for a couple of feet around. This is especially unforgivable when using it for upholstery. Try cleaning a chair and you will get cleaning solution all over everything in the vicinity. I should also mention that for upholstery use the hose is far too short, making for a cumbersome process as you must also hold the machine as you use it in some areas.

The other glaring problem is the lack of suction. Whether carpet or upholstery, you will recover half or less of the liquid you apply. And even that much takes a lot of passes and a lot of pressure on the wand. So you can imagine that whatever you are cleaning will take a very long time to dry, and then you have to think about how much dirt and cleaning solution is being left behind.

As ridiculous as it seems, given that this thing is purpose-built, you could do a far better job on small areas with a spray bottle and a ShopVac.

This product has been around a long time, and you would have thought they would have addressed these issues. The nozzle in particular would be a cheap easy fix. I will not buy another Bissell product, and I will warn anyone who asks to avoid this one in particular.
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on October 7, 2011
Don't bother getting this stain vac. All you are getting here is a resevoir of stain cleaner, a brush and a wet vac that is FAR TOO WEAK to pick up much liquid. I've had this vac for a year now and it hardly sucks up any moisture. The carpet is still very wet when I'm finished, which I don't like because I don't want my eight month old son to crawl through the wet carpet cleaning chemical.
Ok, here's what I did instead to replace my Bissell Green Machine. I bought a Stanley 2.5 gal wet/dry vac from Walmart for $38. It is small and has tons of suction with a 4.5HP motor. I then bought a stiff brissle brush from a dollar store. Then I bought some good quality spray on carpet cleaner for $10. In the end, I have a stain cleaning system for under $50 that actually sucks the moisture out so the carpet is dry. Just spray on the cleaner, brush out the stain with the stiff brissle brush and vacuum up the residual cleaning solution. I can hang the carpet cleaner on the edge of the vacuum and I just place the brush on the top of the vacuum so everything is together, just like the Bissell, but far better performance. This Bissell Green Machine seems like a good idea, but don't waist your time with this under powered hunk of junk.
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on February 10, 2010
I had originally given this a 5 star review. After using it for a few months I noticed that it was nearly impossible to clean inside of the collection container. It also leaks and has a million little crevices the waste you wanted to get rid of can become lodged. It got so disgusting that we just put it in the shed and forgot about it. I'm going to throw it away. Home Depot sells a shop-vac head that fits on top of a 5 gallon bucket for 20 dollars. It has much better suction and is simple to clean. That shop-vac plus some carpet cleaner in a spray bottle does a much better job than this ($60)disposable, poorly designed wet-vac ever did.

I think this thing was designed to be very impressive at first so that when it inevitably becomes unusable you go out and buy a new one. Do not waste your money.
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