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on April 25, 2011
Okay. I've bought just about every hardwood floor cleaner out there. I have 2,000 sq. ft. of hardwood and tile floors and I'm sick and tired of cleaning them. Guess I'm looking for a unit that will clean up without me getting involved. Not gonna happen. I won't bore you with all the stuff I've tried, but Swiffer, Bona, Hoover, and various iterations of Bissell [including the new gadget that's supposed to mop and then steam all in one unit (doesn't deliver - had the original steam mop - loved it)] are sitting in my closet (oh yeah, can't forget the sharks - several of those including steamers - no go.) Anyway, as a last ditch effort I tried this Poweredge thing. Guess what - it seems to really do the job. The suction is great. LOVE IT!!! Trust me - I've tried them all. ... but this thing really sucks up the stuff on the floor and I can walk barefoot and not feel grit. I give it 5 stars! I'm tossing the junk in the closet and keeping the Poweredge. Well, at least until something new and more exciting comes along...

An update...Almost a year later and I still love this vac! Haven't had problems with scratching hardwood or whining noises. I mentioned a Bona in my review. I reviewed a Bona mop and that is definitely my go to wet mop product. This Bissell PowerEdge is a standout dry floor cleaner. It picks up everything - so when I use the Bona to wash the floors there are no tracks of dirt left behind. For the price this is a great little picker-upper!

Another update - May 2012 - Bad news...evidently Bissell no longer makes the Poweredge! It figures - finally a product that does the job and they take it off the market. I sure hope mine keeps going. It still is the best little hardwood floor vac out there.
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on November 17, 2010
i have come back to say i returned the vacuum and changed my rating from 5 stars to three. here is my first 5 star review-
"well, first i must say, this has alot of power for a stick vac. it literally has suction to the floor unlike most stick vacs. considering its strength, it is still very light and takes up very little space. the cup is very easy to empty. its has a nice handle area making it a snap to move around. the cord is average for most stick vacs. the base is def something you need to get used to when up against the wall, but so far its been good. i do wonder how it would do if i were to spill something by the baseboard though. the vacuum manuevers very well, but at times, its almost too much. it literally can move all different directions, which sometimes can get move more than you wanted. but i am being picky, the power on this stick vacuum makes up for any little criticisms one may have."

since using the vacuum, i still stand by my above, but after using it a few times, i noticed these really fine, thin scratches in the floor. you couldnt see them in certain lights and im sure no one visiting would notice but they were there. i finally realized that when i vacuumed the hardwood, especially when going against the grain, the bristles actually left these thin surface scratches. it almost seems like the new bristles are very hard, combined with such strong suction, leave the marks.

i must though admit, we have shiny floors so the scratches are only in the coating over the floors. i imagine if you had more matte type floors, this wouldnt be an issue. i dont believe its scratching the wood at all, just the sealer on top. i would have only taken away one star since it still is such a great stick vac, but the fact that its name even contains "hard floor", i didnt expect scatching no matter what, so i took 2 stars off.
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2011
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Starting this review off, I want to say this is a must have for hard wood floors (linoleum, kitchen, tile etc). Think having a vacuum in the house is a necessary appliance? This vacuum is a must have addition that is limited to only hard floors. Oh yea, this does rugs too. With this, there is no need for a broom.

Usually when you think of using a regular house vacuum in , say, the kitchen, you picture hauling a 15 pound machine as it bulldozes its way around corners and tables, just to get those little pieces of crumbs and dirt off the floor. What is different with the 4 pound PowerEdge is there is no 'hauling', there is only 'lifting'--which can be done with one finger.

With lightweight vacuums (trust me I had a 100$ one that doubled as a dustbuster), you think low suction, and a device that sits more than it gets put to use. Not an issue with the PowerEdge. It seems to have the power of a heavy duty vacuum without the size (the suction actually pulls the objects in before you run over it), and it is probably the easiest vacuum to maneuver. On a typical vacuum the handle is mainly used for the force to 'push' the vacuum. However, with the PowerEdge the handle also pivots and turns so that you can get extremely precise motion that only goes, in any direciton, that you wish. I found this to be extremely helpful when going around refrigerators, tables, or underneath chairs.

Also with this vacuum, you get a bagless operation that always helps in that you never have to pay extra whenever the vacuum gets full. Simply lift the container out and dump the fluff in the garbage.

Using this vacuum for several months, and watching the broom and dust pan collect lots of dust, I can say this is the most useful, and easiest to operate, vacuum I have ever used. Many family members will now be receiving these as gifts. Add another space in your house for the PowerEdge, it will be one of your best appliance purchases.
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on July 12, 2011
I bought this based on the great reviews here, and at first, I loved it. After owning it for about 5 months now, though, I have fallen out of love. Here's why:

1. This thing is NOISY. It has a high-pitched whine that just seems to get louder and louder as each minute goes by when in use. Maybe it's just me, but I often have to turn it off ever 90 seconds or so just to give my ears a break.

2. As another reviewer noted, it lightly scratches hardwood floors (or at least the varnish). Not a huuuge deal, but it does feel like you're basically dragging plastic over your floors.

3. The V-shape can be useful for where the wall meets the floor, definitely. But you really have to navigate it riiiight in the line of the debris or you'll never scoop it up, since there's no rolling brush on this vacuum. AND - this is important - sometimes the V just pushes crumbs around the floor, or blows them ahead of it (this vacuum is really "windy" and will blow papers off a nearby table when on).

4. Probably my biggest pet peeve is that there's no pedal to release the handle from upright to vacuuming position; it just pivots up and down (and side to side, since it seems to be on a ball joint, which I haven't found very useful) by using force. That means that to bend the handle back when I'm about to vacuum, I often have to anchor the bottom with my foot or else the whole vacuum just leans back. Then, while I'm vacuuming, the handle doesn't pivot smoothly to where I want it to go, and I'm constantly having to flip down the vacuum head because it's no longer touching the floor and therefore isn't picking anything up. REALLY ANNOYING.

5. I know it's a floor vac, so this isn't really a strike against it, but just FYI, it is absolutely useless on even the shortest carpet, so don't hope for anything on that end.

And finally, I just hate wrapping and unwrapping vacuum cords, so that was already a small strike against this thing. My husband will still use it around the house, but I've mostly gone back to my cordless vac.
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on January 26, 2011
I got the BISSELL PowerEdge as a requested Christmas gift. My primary use for it is to clean my bare kitchen floor where my Boxer stays. She does not shed much, but she is a sloppy eater. The vacuum does a decent job of cleaning the floor, but I do have two comments.

(1) The foot release does not work properly. Every time I need to vacuum, I have to engage the vacuum head to the floor with my foot or hand. I went to Target and checked it out. The display model there clicked and released the head to engage with the floor. I may need another model.

(2) After a few uses, the vacuum filters accumulate a lot of hair. Remember, I have a Boxer that does not shed much. Since Christmas, I have had to disassemble the filters and wash everything twice. I do not use the vacuum on a daily basis, but I can imagine someone with a dog that sheds a lot would need to do that.

Anyway, it is better than using the broom.
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Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was interested in this unit because the flooring on one level of my house is entirely ceramic tile with only a few area rugs. I've purchased a number of regular upright vacuums of various sizes and have found that their main flaws is the revolving beater bar sends the debris flying in all directions before the suction can pick it up. Another annoying feature of regular vacuums is the exhaust air blows dust and pet hair across the room before I can even get to it. I found myself chasing food, sand and rock salt (living in Minnesota), and pet hair around in circles with my older large vacuum.

The nice feature about this PowerEdge is that it is designed to pick up the debris on hard surfaced floors rather than scatter it around. It took a few uses to get the hang of angling it into corners, around furniture, around cabinet kickplates, etc., but the low profile and small size makes it much more maneuverable into places that larger vacuums can't touch.

I'm very pleased with the edge cleaning feature. I have pets (cats and dogs) that require me to vacuum on an almost daily basis to keep up with the "dust bunnies." I find dragging a full-size vacuum out of the closet to be a real inconvenience. The Bissell PowerEdge is lightweight, easy to grab and go, and stores in a very small space.

I was leery of trying another bagless vacuum after having purchased a different one that gave me a year of frustration before I gave up on it. The PowerEdge has a totally different design and has given me no problems at all. I'm amazed at the amount of dirt and hair this little machine picks up.

It was very easy to put together, with just a couple of parts that snap together; no hardware or tools required.

Keep in mind that this vacuum is designed to slide smoothly across bare, hard flooring. It does not have wheels to roll across carpet. That said, I do some light vacuuming on my area rugs whenever I'm cleaning the tile. I just place the vacuum on the rug and draw it backwards. I find that it picks up loose dirt and some pet hair, but it won't handle heavy pet hair. In other words, if you have carpeting and pets that shed, I would still plan on having a good heavy duty vacuum to take care of that.

Another reason to keep a "regular" vacuum in addition to this one is for vacuuming upholstery, blinds, baseboard molding, etc., and you'll need a hose with attachments for that which the PowerEdge does not have.

You might be thinking "why not just have a regular vacuum alone", and I would again reiterate that most vacuums are designed for good CARPET cleaning, not hard surface floor cleaning. If you have hard surface flooring, that's where the Bissell PowerEdge shines!
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on August 21, 2011
This was purchased because our new house is ALL hardwood floors. We have an awesome canister vac but it just seemed too much vac for quick clean-ups on the hardwood. We had considered a cordless and are so happy we didn't go that way. This is more powerful than the cordless models and is really not that big a deal to use with a cord. The suction is great and the bin easy to empty. It has picked up everything we throw at it and even does our door mats pretty well. This has no beater brush so it is all suction at work. The head shape is a little weird and gets some getting used to but it does help clean around table legs, etc. It is light weight and, be warned, if you have pets you will really see just how much hair they leave around your house due to the great suction and transparent collection cup. The only thing keeping me from giving this vac 5 stars is the cord. It would be better with some extra length but it is not bad.
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on April 7, 2011
I bought this because I was tired of pushing stuff around with a broom & never getting anywhere. This picks up beautifully, does a good job along the edges & around furniture. Yes, I do have to move stuff occasionally to get everything, but much less than I used to. The canister & filter are easy to get at & clean; & since I do have pets I do have to do them fairly frequently, but much less than the last electric broom I had. It seems to be a decent sized canister for one of these things. I can usually do the house twice as opposed to emptying three times in one cleaning session. It has considerably more suction than the cordless models that I have had in the past, & the cord while not endless is a reasonable length. The issue of replugging once or twice is more than made up for by that extra suction & not having to recharge. Extra bonus-my kids will use this as opposed to a broom & dustpan....
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on December 13, 2010
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We wanted this primarily for the kitchen and dining area of our house. We have a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old that have difficulty keeping all their food on the plate / table. This requires us to either sweep or vacuum up after each meal and certainly at least once a day.

I knew that this would work OK on the dry pasta and the dry rice that makes it way onto the floor - but how about fresh peas and carrots ? Well - it does a good job there too! Yippie!

The head of vacuum is shaped like a "V" so it corners well and can get almost completely around the legs of the chair and the table. It turns with the twist of the wrist. It is light and is moderately noisy - but not to bad ... it assembles very easily and is pretty light. It has good solid power for a vacuum this size.

It has no "spinning brush" on the bottom so it really is only for hard floors - and I wouldn't consider this a "shop vac" that can handle wet messes, but for fresh peas and the semi dried food scraps that make their way onto our floors from the little ones - this vacuum fits the bill.

the only downside, and why it gets 4 stars and not 5 in my book - is that it isn't rechargeable. The power cord makes this slightly more of a hassle than it needs to be - and if it could charge up like a dust buster - then it would garner the solid 5.
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on August 19, 2011
This vacuum is perfect for a pet owner. No more having to replace bags every day. A vacuum that blows exhaust air up and away from pet hair rather than blowing hair away from the vacuum.

Very lightweight, powerful yet easy to maneuver about the floor. Works excellent on hardwood floors so I would expect it would also work well on any flat surface. This vacuum also works well on area rugs.

The savings in the cost of replacement bags for conventional vacuums will more than pay for the cost of this vacuum in the first month of use.
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