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on August 13, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We had a store-bought model of the standard SpotClean (the 5207, which retails for approximately $40 less) and were afforded the opportunity to upgrade to this model thanks to Amazon. The advertising and naming of this product would lead you to believe that it is superior to the cheaper 5207 in terms of portability and usability, but in many ways, that's simply untrue. Both are the same size, have the same length cord, same size tanks, both have deep-reaching tools that make them ideal for crevices and things like car interiors (and both will require an extension cord to use in your car in most cases). In fact, if you visit the Bissell website and read the indications for each one under the "Specs" tab, you will see the only indication added to the "Anywhere" that is not covered by the "5207" is low-pile carpet. So if you have "low-pile carpet", perhaps this is the machine for you?

One main difference between the two models is a little attachment to the end of the sprayer/cleaning hose called a "stain trapper", which is a little cup that will stop certain messes from flowing through the hose and into tank of the machine. This isn't life-changing technology but it is nice if you prefer not to have vomit or pet stains or something to that effect contaminating the rest of the machine. Neat freaks will appreciate it; all others might just shrug it off as an unnecessary perk. We bought the 5207 for pet stains anyway, so it isn't terribly necessary for us. This model DOES contain two Bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot&Stain Formula (8 oz) and one bottle of BISSELL OxyGen Boost Formula (16 oz), which are actually quite cheap to buy separately, so these shouldn't be a determining factor when deciding between these two.

When it comes down it, Bissell makes a 5-star product that comes in the form of the 5207 model. For a good deal more money and not much difference in results for our household, this one for us comes in at only 4 stars. But hey, that's still pretty good.
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VINE VOICEon August 13, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This small unit does a bang up job doing spot cleaning. It's almost ready to use (you just need to attach a power cord holder and hose holders, which takes all of two seconds. It comes with two nozzles, the regular one and a special one for extra-messy jobs that has its own container so you don't mess up the whole machine. It also comes with two small bottles of concentrated cleaner and one bottle of OxyGen Boost.

The machine couldn't be easier to use: the water tank is marked with fill lines for hot water, cleaning solution and OxyGen cleaner (two sets, one for small jobs and one for full use).

Fill up the tank, plug it in, press the power button and off you go: a trigger on the nozzle sprays the solution and the nozzle vacuums up the cleaning solution and the grime. A brush on the bottom of the nozzle helps loosen caked-in dirt.

Shortly after I received the SpotClean, I had an opportunity to use it on a... ahem... pet mess of the #2 variety, on a carpet. In one go, the mess was gone and there was no trace it was ever there. The solution did not leave a stain behind, either. Oh yeah, you do want to remove as much of the mess as possible before you start. This is not a poo vacuum!

The used water receptacle is easy to remove, empty and clean out -- a good thing, because it fills up quick -- a mere 10 square feet of carpet and the suction was gone, indicating it was time to empty the waste tank, and I still had half of the cleaning solution left. Don't get this machine for a big job! It's called a spot cleaner for a reason.

The carpet dried up relatively quickly and there is no indication that there ever was a mess or that a spot cleaner was used: perfect job!

Highly recommended if you need a spot cleaner -- do not get this product for large jobs, get a full size machine instead.
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on January 19, 2014
I owned a failing Hoover Spot Scrubber and needed a replacement. I bought this device because it is a bit lighter and smaller. And it is indeed smaller and lighter. The tanks are easier to clean/refill and the hose is more flexible which is a plus. However, the price you pay for a lighter machine with a smaller diameter hose is that is sucks for suction (pardon the pun). Since I have an older dog who urinates on the carpet, I need high suction to completely suck up the urine and then repeatedly dilute the spot with solution to remove all traces of the urine. So high suction is the most important factor for me and this Bissell simply doesnt do the job. There is a lot not to like about my Hoover but in the end, I just got another one and donated the Bissell. In summary

Plus: Small, light, flexible hose, easy to remove tanks.
Huge Minus: Very poor suction, fails to adequately suck up liquids.
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VINE VOICEon August 12, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Bissel anywhere Portable spot cleaner is an excellent product !! I love it ! It has a much smaller footprint than my little green but it cleans just as well,if not better! I like that it keeps the water hot while you are cleaning and I also liked that that it is marked for large or small stains. It cleans up pet stains and coffee stains pretty well and I love the selection of attachments it comes with from a crevice tool to the large and small cleaning nozzles with brushes. I think it is an improvement over my little green which I have had for many,many years. I would recommend the bissell spotclean, I don't think you can go wrong with it .
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on August 17, 2015
I have a new adopted puppy who's having a tough time with potty training, so this was a MUST HAVE!! I absolutely love it, works really well, you spray, scrub and it sucks up the liquid so well! Lots of attachments that aren't pictured. That said, there are two things that I do think need to be fixed or known before buying, one the dirty water tank is considered full with only a quarter of the tank filled, it's clearly marked so you know. I hadn't see this and was panicked when it suddenly stopped sucking and made a weird noise. I quickly figured it out, emptied the tank and everything was fine, but it's a bit of a pain. Since we've had several accidents to clean I've used it quite a bit, it is GREAT for cleaning up the toughest messes, I had puppy diarrhea in a crate and barrel shag rug and you couldn't tell once I was done. But, it doesn't leave behind a lovely scent. Doesn't seem to leave much sent at all, mostly like a funky must I guess, i did check on a non-puppy mess spot to be sure it was the machine. The machine is brand new so not sure why it would have that scent. That said, Resolve which also works well and leaves behind a great smell isn't actually flushing the mess out of your rug/couch/bed etc. I'd rather rinse/flush the puppy pee out of my furniture than just cover it up with a nice smell. I am thinking of adding a drop of lavender oil to the cleaning water to improve the scent. Also, be sure to really rinse the area, I'd recommend doing the cleaning water and then doing just some clean filtered water. If you don't get it all up it will leave a faint spot, as in you can see a light white residue on the area where you cleaned. But with a rinse it's fantastic and I have a grey couch, no way to tell it had a mess or proper cleaning. : )
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on March 15, 2015
Reviewing the Bissell Spotlifter 2X and the Bissell SpotClean (the larger of the two). Since we use both, I’ve reviewed both, here.
Our reason for getting these two appliances is our “urpy” cat. (We’ve threatened to change his name to “Wyatt Earp” :->) It was either spend a few dollars here or re-do the floors in wood.

Our carpets are professionally cleaned every couple of years. Then we use these two small appliances in the interim.
We definitely agree with other reviewers: the cleaning solutions are amazing even on old stains.

The Spotlifter is nice and small and stored in our laundry room with only water in the reservoir. Since “Wyatt” has a knack for getting sick just as we’re heading out the door, this gives us a chance to grab-and-go. We don’t use cleaning solution unless the ‘spill’ is very bad, because the scrubbing pad on this one comes off too easily to scrub. We find the Spotlifter to be just that … something to lift quickly and be on our way. (Also, it’s small enough you can do this and then leave it at the spot as a marker to return to. Then see if you need to do more with the SpotClean.)

We like the Spotlifter, but I found it difficult to remove the collections tank. It’s very wide for my hand and you must press a button while lifting it off. Hubby can do it. I cannot. The water/solution tank is very easy to use. Don’t be fooled by the end of the tube being out of the water. This tank feeds from the bottom. I think the tube is there simply to equalize pressure.

When there’s a big mess and we must scrub, we use the SpotClean. It is very easy to put together and use. We found it difficult to remove the float stack (the big grey ‘tube’) inside the dirty water tank, although it is suggested you do so to empty water quickly. It’s hard only because it’s in there so tightly to get a proper seal. Getting it back in place to marry up with the holes on the main appliance was also difficult. Both tanks have a smaller hole you can use to dump, but it takes a while for it all to dry out. We don’t put the unit back together, for storage, until it’s totally dry. The instructions don’t say to do that, so I suppose you could put it away wet.

By the way, these are both amazingly quiet. However, when we're cleaning the SpotClean – and it's on a counter instead of the carpet, I use earplugs! During normal use (and sitting on the carpet), there’s no problem.
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on July 17, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We just got a new Australian Cattle/Mix Dog puppy from the pound. The day after we got her this product became available and I thought it was something that I could definitely use and give a fair review of. It turns out that I was right about part of that thought.

The dog is one of the smartest we have ever trained. Two weeks in, she seems totally house trained. Only one accident on the carpeted areas of the house. And that is all the practice that I got with this spot cleaner.... until yesterday.

I decided to put it to use in a bigger way than just spots. I cleaned two sofas and one large chair. And it was amazing how it worked.

I used to work for Coit Carpet Cleaners in my younger years during the summer. I have great experience with cleaning carpets and upholstery. And this product will never compare to the truck mounted, high pressure, heat and suction machines that professional use, but it will work for someone like me who wants to clean their stuff once a year.

It was easy to see from the water tanks that the machine worked with removing dirt, dust and spots. The dirty water tank filled up easily. It is important to watch that tank, because suction stops exactly when it reaches the "full" line. And since I cleaned the couches without my air conditioner on, the house was 84 degrees and I had a fan facing them, so they dried in less than an hour.

They look like they were professionally cleaned. Like I used a truck mount system. So that is why I say that it will be worth more than $100 in a few years. If I still worked for Coit, that would have been over a $200 job.

The thing is ready to use after a five minute easy "quick set up" and reading of instructions. The supplied cleaning solutions cleaned one couch and a chair. I had to go to Target to buy some more for the other couch. That was 12 bucks. Again, well spent.

We have had a Bissel Little Green Machine in the house for probably 10 years. The first one lasted 5 years, the other one the same. This machine is almost the same dimensions as that machine, maybe a bit skinnier, but the same height. The tanks and hoses are essentially the same.

It is pretty tough, but I did learn from the old machine (and I almost made the same mistake yesterday) that the suction/sprayer tool is pretty delicate. It should not be dropped onto the tile floor or the fitting that attaches to the hose will break.

But, that too is available on Bissel's website for a cost. And it's easy to snap right on.

I don't think anyone cold go wrong by buying this for small, light dirt situations.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used the Bissell SpotClean Portable Spot Cleaner (97491) on two different carpet types with the same dirty wear patterns.

Both ares to clean were in front of a chair about 1 1/2' square.
The Bissell did clean both, but did a much better job on the low pile than the berber.

After following the how-to directions, I found the low pile stood up and looked clean.
The berber did look cleaner, but the Bissell seemed to spread the dirt around, and did not look as "cleaned" as the low pile.

The Bissell SpotClean Portable is simple to set up,
easy to use and does a pretty good job.

Probably better on spills or single spots than on traffic worn areas.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't necessarily think this is a miracle machine, but it does do the trick. I got a few black spots on my white carpet, presumably caused from a dirty shoe (although that's not confirmed). The spot had been bugging me a long time and I was anxious to attack it with this Spot Cleaner. After a few minutes, I'd say about 90% is the spot had vanished and what little remained was barely noticeable. I also did a test on the couch where some grape juice had left its mark. About the same result - 90% gone.

As for the assembly, it is quite easy. I have to hand it to Bissell for being able to find a slot for everything. It's very compact and the attachments attach themselves to the device nicely.

The noise level is loud, but probably no worse than similar devices by other brands.

The clean / dirty water tanks are easy to fill and dump. I had a little challenge pouring in the cleaning fluid, but managed to not make much of a mess.

It should be emphasized that this is called "SpotClean" and I would not recommend using it on larger areas. While I was spot-cleaning the couch, I thought I'd use the rest of my water on the whole cushion and found it to be a tedious and lengthy chore. This is definitely meant for spot issues, such as pet accidents, spills or the dreaded mystery mark.

OVERALL: While not industriously powerful, this cleaner does what it is designed to do: SpotClean. If you have a spot (and who has never encountered a spot?) this will do the trick nicely. The compact size makes it reasonable to store and the economical design makes it easy to keep all the parts and pieces together when you need them. I give it a solid recommendation.
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on August 7, 2015
I bought this to clean up small messes from our dog. She is a shih tzu so not very big. We recently bought a new car and within a week she left a small pee stain on the light grey upholstery of the back seat. We also acquired a lovely grease stain on the front seat from a fast food bag. Both stains were easily removed with this spot cleaner using the soap included. I have also used this cleaner to clean a small area on the couch and tan colored area rug of our living room after the dog threw up. All of these stains are completely gone. The couch and rug were cleaned right away but the car seats were not cleaned for several weeks after the stains occurred. This cleaner is lightweight, not super loud, and easy to use. Great for cleaning up little messes.
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