Customer Reviews: BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology, 33N8A - Corded
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Summary: A real time saver for cleaning the numerous spills stains and messes from kids and pets. Semi-Automatically (see details) cleans vomit and other unpleasant messes.

We have 3 kids (ages 2, 4 and 7) and 2 cats. One of our cats (Pukey cat, AKA Natasha) is a Siamese and vomits regularly. Our youngest is potty trained but still doesn't fully comprehend the concept of wiping one's behind on toilet paper. Need I say more? We're using this thing perhaps three times a week.

This device is a bit larger than you'd expect. At approx 8"x16"x16 it's about as big as a small canister vacuum.

It cleans an 8" circle with each cycle. This is typically good enough, when a mess is just larger, I find that it's easier to use the hand attachment (which also has a sprayer) to clean the "outlier" than to run another cycle. With a fresh pot of cleaning solution and an empty collector, it will run 4 cycles. Although it has a "Surface stain" and a "Set-in Stain" cycles, I have yet to find an organic stain (Vomit and stuff from the other end) that needed the "Set-in stain" cycle (which scrubs for six minutes instead of three.) We're pretty good at keeping food on the tile and hardwood floors so far.

The carpet we've used it on are the very short berber (Basement) ~3/8" and 1/" nylon carpet, all light colored / off white. One is a "twist" carpet, the other a pretty standard style

Here are some tips for using it:

1) Use warm water to help soften dried on stains. This one doesn't have an automatic heater (there is a model that does)
2) Don't feel like you need a lot of cleaning solution. The warm water gets out most organic stains on the first try.
3) After each cycle the circle is pretty wet. Use the hand hose to suck out the excess water.
4) Rotate the upper cord stowage hook to quickly remove the cord all at once.
5) Be careful where you put it when you're done - you're supposed to be able to leave water in the (clean) water tank and it's not supposed to leak but we have found that occasionally it will drip or leave a few tablespoons of water on the floor. Some of this is probably residual water in the hoses. We wouldn't want to leave it on a hardwood floor where this might be an issue.

A couple of minor complaints:

1) The hand attachment isn't the easiest to remove and re-attach. It would be nicer if the button was larger.
2) The cleaning solution tank is no terribly stable. Be careful not to tip it over before putting the cap on - Don't ask me how I know this.
3) The unit is pretty big and storage is always tight
4) Despite the "Microban" the hose still gets a moldy/mildewy layer of crud - super nasty. We run a pint of hot water with a little bleach through once a month. Run it through 3-4 times while vigourously shaking the hose and it breaks all that crud off. Then rinse.

I received this through the Amazon Vine program, if you found this review helpful or have questions or comments, please let me know!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well our 2 older cats (Lucy & Ethel) don't get sick often at all. For that I am grateful since I (the husband) am retired, and stuck to face whatever disaster comes while the wife is at work. But I am squeamish when it even comes to scooping their "you know what" when it is time and actually wear a gas mask if forced to do that job. I may be a USMC Combat Veteran, but I draw the line at liter boxes & Diapers! I may be brave, but I AIN'T no HERO!

My wife just bought an upright steam cleaner from Eureka since all our carpet is now about 20 years old. It was expensive carpet and we have no kids so it has worn extremely well but is still getting tired. And since I retired I keep getting into trouble for bringing in grease or oil stains after working on our motorcycles or motor scooters. No matter what I do, I am always getting into trouble one way or the other. It's kind of like I am a 62 year old Dennis The Menace according to the wife? Well her big & expensive steam cleaner is more trouble than I will EVER go to to use and when she is done with it we sometimes have a "fair" measure of success, most often not and it even seems to expand whatever the stain by spreading it around. NOT good and once that happens, nothing we try helps.

For the record, we used to just use Resolve or other similar cleaning chemicals & do the best we could by hand. At least this way we never, EVER made the stains worse. When I saw this to try on the Amazon Vine Program I knew it would just be another gadget that would stink, leak and aggravate me more than the LAST gimmick I tried....Before I get into my trial of this machine, here are a couple things you may or may not already know. It has 5 different buttons.
- 1 for Fresh Surface Stains.
- 1 for Set IN OLDER Stains.
- 1 for Pause & Resume
- 1 for Hose Attachment
- 1 for "STOP"

You choose whichever chemical you desire and add water also. Press the button for whatever type stain you have after placing the cleaner over your stain. The computer on-board will do the rest! 2 different brushes move in a weird way I can only describe as a motion similar to the motion of a car motor with a rotary engine. It's actually kind of hypnotic to watch but I was afraid to just LEAVE IT since the wife's steam cleaner can cause so much damage...I also have to admit this is designed for smaller "spot" type stains, NOT cleaning an entire carpet so just understand while it may work well for your different type stains, NOT just pet stains, it is for localized areas, not large sections of carpet. I also have to admit that since I don't have any pet stains but had 8 grease stains, that is what I tried this on. And it was so simple I didn't wait for my wife to get home and tell me I am "doing it wrong!) as usual either. I had 6 of the stains that were very OLD stains. I mean over 10 years old. The other 2 fresher (maybe a month old) from the latest motorcycle servicing....

This little unit actually worked. I mean it got out ALL of the stains, all 8. I have no idea how? More important, how it does so much better than a high priced steam cleaner. Maybe it it the chemicals used (provided with this unit)? Maybe the design of the brushes, or probably the combination? I don't know, I don't care. I used the "tough stain' setting which took 6 minutes to cycle through. (Easier "surface stains" only require a 3 minute cycle to clean.) I also used the hand manual cleaner to soak up some more of the wetness left after it finished. How can I NOT give this 5 stars? I never ever do until I have owned it over a year to verify it's durability. But this surpassed our other efforts by SO much I am beginning with a full 5 stars this time. If anything changes, I always update and will do so again with this & lower my rating if needed. But given the amazing job this did on such a wide variety of stains (old & new alike), I doubt this 5 stars will ever get downgraded? Short of blowing up, or leaking & stinking like all before it, it will deserve every bit of my 5 star rating.

A couple of thing maybe worth adding?
-It has a 7 Inch brush area
-Has a NICE 16 foot cord!
-Tank holds 32 ounces
-LOVE that it has a carry handle
-Includes BOTH the Oxy Gen 2 cleaner (16 ounces) AND 2X Ultra Pet Stain & Oder Chemical (8 ounces) TRIAL sizes however!

1st Update:
-Oh SHOCK! My wife is home and pointed out 2 more stains I missed. She says I "never see them, never will" whatever that means? Worked again on both and these are about 4-6 weeks old per my mean old wife....And I need to also point out a very important item. Even on these stains we could never get out using ANYTHING we ever tried? ALL we used was the single chemical provided called "2X Pet Stain"! Now I did set the computer at the full "SET IN OLDER STAINS" Program but never even added any of the so called Oxy Gen 2 cleaner they ask you to use for that setting. Never even needed it. This machine just keeps surprising me to no end. The cats sneak up on it to attack when it goes into it's quiet mode. But when that mode changes and the vacuum parts comes on? They are 2 20 pounds (EACH) old lady cats on a new quest to break the sound barrier in their retreat! Fun for the whole family.....

UPDATE Much later on December 17 2011: OK, still working like a charm. I just spilled 4 beers I had just opened and not yet touched (Please, just don't even ASK!) and knocked them all over when moving a pile of Amazon deliveries that just arrived. Spilled full 48 ounces of beer on an expensive carpet under the bar table (pub table actually). Thank God my 2 cats Lucy & Ethel LOVE beer.... They both came running from their afternoon coma's and dove in to help. I guess they just don't know if there will be a new treat of new disaster to enjoy when I scramble to save myself. So I dig this thing out and here we are, so much later and it still works 100% as well as always. Just need to tell you this little jewel is STILL as reliable at cleaning up as I am at making a mess. If you don't hear from me till next year it's probably ciz the old woman locked me in the garage again......

UPDATE, March 23 2012: Well the plot thickens. I took up home brewing with 2 new Coopers DIY 6 gallons (each) home beer brewing kits. Now i know what you must be thinking....OK, you're right. But stuff just happens I tell ya. I mean, with all the work & transfer of fluids going on it is simply flat impossible to not spill. And I have to keep it all inside due to temperature control. Anyway, this little Bissell Spotbot may just end up in Court. No, not what you thing this time. THIS time my wife is considering legal adoption of the thing. I know it doesn't get used every single day. Well MOST days anyway. But it does get used every week. And I have to say the old wife would never even know anything has gone wrong if it weren't for the 2 cats ( Lucy & Ethel) who ALWAYS lead her to whatever spot I have cleaned and flat out rat me out. The fat lazy cats won't even get up to play in their old age but they damned well LOVE to watch fireworks when they show go sniffing around whatever it is I have cleaned and then act all "innocent". Bottom line is this thing may outlive me? And according to my wife, it better....

UPDATE Jan 7 2013:
Well this is STILL used weekly and not a single failure. Now I fail daily, my 2 cats Lucy & Ethel are old and ALSO fail daily (but the mean old wife never beats them like she does me!), and this device has saved me from continual mayhem by the wife. I am so grateful to this device. I figure I must feel the same level of gratitude that some husbands must feel when they need Viagra at this point?
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on March 12, 2011
As a dog breeder, I needed something to pickup the occasional "oops" on the floor. I had originally had a Little Green Spot Machine. I didn't like that you had to use the hand brush, but I REALLY objected to the fact that when you cleaned organic messes, it stunk so bad you couldn't have it in the house with you, no matter what you did (baking soda) etc.

Bissell finally got it right! The dirty water tank is treated with microbicide--stops that awful smell--and I believe the formulas have some special fresheners in them, because there is not any kind of a smell anymore. Hooray!

I also had a couple of spots of "carpet of horror" near my desk--red wine, chocolate and coffee, cigarette ashes and probably a dog mark too, all together--since the dogs would go up into my desk chair and try to have a "drink" of whatever I had. Clean on the first try! My goodness.
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on June 25, 2012
The hose finally broke on our older little green cleaner and we decided to splurge and go with the automatic version.

It was ABSOLUTELY the right choice.

I can't say that it cleans any better or worse than the cheaper little green model, but it does all the scrubbing for you. No bending over, kneeling on the ground, smelling the stinky water as it's sucked into the tank. Just drop it on the stain, hit go, and walk away.

I read some reviews that people thought it used too much water, I really don't find that to be the case. A full tank will get 5-6 normal cycles, or 2-3 deep cleans. I got 4 tanks out of the free sample bottle of soap which can be bought pretty cheap. The full size bottles of soap are even more economical.

For every-day spills and pet accidents the regular cycle is fine, even for my stupid off-white stain magnet carpets.

Highly recommended, you won't regret spending the extra $40.

~~~Updated 7/23/2013~~~

We have finally worn out our SpotBot. The first failure point was several of the attachments between the upper housing and the lower cleaning unit. The gap became visible between the top and the bottom when you lifted it by the handle.

I repaired this with some washers, however the seal between the upper and lower unit has never been the same. The unit now leaks during operation, creating a high quantity of foam during automatic operation or a moderate puddle on the floor when using the hose.

We enjoyed it while it lasted, but we are going with a different brand next time.

~~~Updated 4/20/2016~~~

Time for another upgrade. Instead of going with a different brand as planned, I decided to purchase another of the same unit. Unfortunately the same leaking issues developed. I am not convinced that the leaking is caused by a material failure inside the unit, rather I think that excess liquid is being blown out of the vacuum exhaust and is collecting inside the body of the unit. This is particularly noticeable if there is any foaming in the waste side of the unit.

One other frustration is the relative inconvenience of cleaning the unit after use. If you simply let it run then put it away, the hose gets skunky fast. To rinse it out you have to un-wind the hose, likely attach the manual scrubbing head, then run it while holding the hose under the sink. I don't have a ready solution to this, but a "rinse-through" design must be possible where you simply place the entire unit the sink and run water in the rinse out port.

At this point I wouldn't recommend the unit to a friend, I'd suggest a full size unit or just stick with surface treatments.
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VINE VOICEon November 10, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was drawn to this product because of its promise to effortlessly tackle set-in stains, of which there are several in my often-used den thanks to my cat and two-year-old. The Spotbot was pretty easy to set up right out of the box, and it came with two solution bottles. Once I started to use it on the first problematic area, I realized the limitations. It is, indeed, a SPOT bot, meaning that it can only handle a very small circular area, about six inches in diameter, during one five-minute cleaning cycle. For small stains, this is fine and the product works well. But for those of us with a larger area, or several small stains, it will take a great deal of time and effort to use the Spotbot. The two bottles that came with the product were completely used up after three cleaning cycles.

I last used the Spotbot about two weeks ago, and before writing this review, I revisited the spots since, according to the paperwork, it could take as long as 72 hours for the cleaning fluid to work its magic. While those three circular areas were much cleaner than before, I noticed that the circular pattern in my carpet was still there two weeks later and the carpet was pretty hard and crusty in those spots. And this was after I followed all of the instructions, including an initial vacuum pass before starting the cleaning cycle.
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on May 9, 2011
I purchased a Bissell Spot Bot last month and I have two cats and a puppy and we are using the spot bot 2-3 times a week. I love it and it really works, on set-in stains and surface stains. Yes, it leaves "crop circles" in your carpet, but if you use the hose after you clean the spot you can pick up more water and you can also brush the carpet so you can't see the circles anymore. If you are doing large areas or more than 4 spots you may get tired or adding and empty the water. For the 3 minute cycles you can do about 4-5 before you have to empty and add new water.
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on December 29, 2012
I'd give this 4 or 5 stars. I was hesitant when I read some of the other reviews, but have been please so far.

I bought this because I have a toddler and a dog and until just recently a sick cat.

Based on some of the negative reviews that I read, I will address how I handled the things I took as warnings:

1- It does make a clean spot if your carpet is kind of dirty. I live in a rental, so am not going to super clean their carpets, but I prefer light spots over puke spots.

2- Clean up the chunks with a rag or paper towel before using the vacuum and 'spreading' it around. If you do the cleaning you can do by hand, it doesn't spread it around like another reviewer complained.

3- After using, I run clean water through the hose and wash out the attachment if I used it. I also empty the dirty reservoir and rinse out several times after each use. It hasn't had any odor like another reviewer complained. I also found that the bottom that the dirty reservoir sits on can use a wipe to dry it and remove any dirty stinky water.

4- I did find that the carpet was pretty wet after the automatic cycle, so I use the hose attachment to vacuum up the excess.

The tank does fill up after 5 or so basic cycles. The only thing that annoys me about it is that it keeps beeping after it finishes, forcing you to go push the off button. I guess this is good, because then I don't go to bed leaving the stinky water int he dirty reservoir.
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on May 26, 2015
This machine is amazing. I was shocked. My dogs had a severe diarrhea blowout from getting into some people food and garbage. My carpet looked beyond repair. We used the cleaning solution that came with it and also used Nature's Miracle Carpet Shampoo liquid. I am sold on the Spot Bot. It is fabulous and gets out any set in stain. Look at my pictures. Not a trace left and we didn't have to do a thing but move the machine to a different spot when it was done. No work for us!
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on January 9, 2012
We have had a SpotBot for years and just replaced it with this newer model. Apparently this is the new, redesigned model of the previous model, which Amazon now says is not available. In some ways, we like the older model better - The new "C" shaped formula container is harder to handle and holds less liquid. But this device is a real time and money saver. We have two Boxers and they are pretty well housetrained, but occasionally we have problems - unexpected vomiting here, an overnight diarrhea there and you are looking at significant carpet cleaning bills, even if you go through the inconvenience of renting a machine at the grocery store. With SpotBot, the problem is solved in less than 5 minutes (10 if you have to mix up the formula). For "just happened" surface stains, the Bissell Pet Formula seems to work OK, but the 2-formula, OxyGen2-based mixture seems to work better for set in stains that somehow missed your detection for a day or two (on the back side of the dining room table, for example). Pick up any solids with paper towels (which we put in a Ziplock bag before we throw in the trash, to avoid odors) and put the SpotBot to use and like magic, your carpet generally looks like new. A stubborn stain might take a back-to-back second application. My wife loves this machine and would not be without it as long as we have dogs. When you need it, you really NEED it! One last tip: Shop around locally for the SpotBot. We found it on sale in a local big box store for half of the price being asked here!! Sorry, Amazon!
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on May 18, 2013
When this machine was shipped to us, it came in 2 boxes. The first one JUST HAPPENED to be the perfect size for a hammock style cat scratcher we had just gotten, that our cats did not like UNTIL I put it in this box! Ok, and then the product box itself has a round hole in it (to display the scrubbing brushes), that is the perfect size for our cats to crawl in. (So I'm hoping that you're looking at this machine bc you also have pets, and maybe you have cat/s like we do.). So like the holidays and toddlers, the best toys are the boxes the stuff comes in..... We have 3 cats, and of course occasionally they'll unceremoniously cough up a hairball, or something else will disagree with them and they'll have a little accident. We have pretty light carpet, and these occasional incidents would always leave a slightly shadowed spot after we did our best to clean it up. But not now! I was so thrilled to try it on a spot that we've had a couple mos,, and it's undetectable now. Yay! I think we're just going to clean our entire carpet with it, just moving it in 6" increments. It is as easy as the description and other reviews say. I do follow up the spot bot with the on board hose attachment to suck up any additional moisture that I can, but the carpet never feels overly wet or saturated. Our carpet is a fairly high pile. I love knowing that I have this to take care of any stains to come up, especially since our carpet is just a year old. It's worth the $150 to protect our investment in carpeting!
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