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VINE VOICEon July 8, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this product. It has made my life so much easier. I do sweep my floors and then use the sweeper. Darn it, it still picks up more dirt after I've swept. I find the steamer mop wonderful. My floors are shiny and clean. I am so old that I remember the days of a mop that you had to wring out my hand many times. I would have to get down on my hands and knees to finish up. I've given that up long ago but my floors suffered until I got this mop.
I have a chiweiner and a part chow-rot (who really sheds) and this Floor cleaner really picks up the hair. The cleaning pads are easy to use and I love that I just have to wash them instead of buying new pads (like a Swifter). My floors take less time to clean and look great. What's not to like?
I was surprised to read many people didn't like it. I think it's a great product especially if you have pets. I am buying one for my daughter-in-law who has three cats. Now that'll be a challenge.
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on July 2, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pro: It does pick up dog hair. I live with a dog groomer who grooms out of our basement. The grooming room has indoor outdoor carpet and those pads that are comfortable to stand on so I could not test the Bissell steam and sweep in the grooming room. Instead I brought some dog hair upstairs and tried it in the living room on the hard floor. We have 3 schnauzers, non-shedding dogs all curious, and not in a good way, about this science experiment. The Bissell picked up all the dog hair I put down. It seems to work better if you sweep first and steam second. The dog hair was picked up by the rubber and deposited in the small container. (Which then needs to be cleaned manually out of the device. Green always seems to mean more manual labor)

Con: It does not pick up anything BUT dog hair. I couldn't get it to pick up any type of dirt other than dog hair. Not small leaves or dust or small bits of food. Nothing. So I had to sweep with a regular broom first. Which I always do before I mop anyway but I certainly would rather if the sweeper part would sweep.

Pro: The steamer doesn't get hot enough to compromise the flooring (this is a pro and a con). It does seem to get hot enough to clean though. The cloth pad was dirty when I was done and the floor was cleaner. Specifically, the middle of the floor was cleaner than when I started.

Con: The front of the swivel head that cleans is tapered. So if you have recessed counters you can only get under the counter by pointing the Bissell straight ahead and going under the counter swivel head first. So since the pad part that actually does the cleaning is ONLY IN THE BACK of the swivel head I could not clean under the recessed portion of my counters. So I had to go around and manually clean all the portions of the floor that are typically the dirtiest in my kitchen.

Notes: The device has a small footprint and fits easily into a closet. Easy to assemble and use. Light. The water container is small but holds enough to clean all the floors in my house.

In conclusion, if you are a dog groomer with hard floors and no recessed counters and you want to clean 'green' then I think you would get a lot of use out of this Bissell. Otherwise, not so much.

UPDATE: If I put TWO of the cotton pads onto the bottom of the unit instead of just one (just rutch the first one down off the Velcro strips a bit to make room for a second pad) then I can get under the cabinets. This covers over the rubber sweeper part but that part was not working for me anyway. If I have a particularly dirty spot I have to squirt the area with mop and glo or some kind of cleaner first. If the floor is just regular dirty dusty then the steam works fine.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 16, 2012
Be warned- this is not a vacuum, it just has a rotating rubber material that is supposed to sweep material off the floor. It doesn't work well with pet hair - the entire premise of the design and name.... It doesn't clean well either. There is always junk on the floor after we are done (probably because the sweeper is so awful). It was a waste of money and sitting in a closet. Back to swifter!
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on October 13, 2013
I purchased this item as I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and mostly ceramic tile floors. It replaces another steamer which broke after 6 months. I am very disappointed as it does a mediocre job on both. It works best if i sweep the floor first. Why do I need the sweeper feature if I need to do this? If I sweep with this, it picks up only the lightest of dirt and hair and creates a yucky wet glop in the bin to be cleaned later. Did not like this at all! Rather sweep with a dry broom first. At least it goes in the dust pan to be dumped dry not wet.
As for the steamer, you need to hold the button anytime you want steam. Why would it not steam constantly as that is its purpose? My fingers did get tired of holding the button. It is also heavy to push and pull. I found it less effective than a previous Shark which had lots of steam power but did not last very long. As most of these products dont last more than a year, I will buy something different next time. On the plus side, it holds enough water to steam the entire first floor of the house. I guess because you get tired of pressing the button so the steam is not used as quickly.

Bottom line, try a different one and do let us know if it is better than this one!
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on November 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This combo of mop and sweeper has some limitations, but for me with my physical limitations, it's a real blessing. I'm very sensitive to many cleaning products. With this mop I don't need to worry. It relies on steam alone to do the cleaning. I also have a lot of spine, shoulder, and knee problems that make any kind of housework difficult. This mop/sweeper lets me clean my floors with a lot less pain than other methods. No crawling around on hands and knees, and no tangling with old-fashioned mops.

This unit is easy to assemble. You'll need to remove the water tank to find the hole for the screw to attach the handle. The instruction manual is excellent. It's thorough and easy to understand.

I thought I'd have to sweep with a broom and dustpan before starting, but the sweeper feature used alone prior to mopping saves you that trouble. (You can also use the sweeper and mop simultaneously, which I have not tried.) I was impressed by how well the sweeper picked up dirt and hair from the floor. It won't pick up stuff in the corners or along edges, but otherwise it works great. I like to do this step without the mop pad attached, so the pad won't be collecting dirt before I start mopping.

A Couple Of Sweeper Drawbacks:

1) If there are any longer hairs, pet or human, on your floor, they will get wrapped tightly around the roller and the little wheels beside it. You'll have to use scissors to remove this hair.

2)The dirt bin is easy to remove, but a little hard to reattach. You have to push quite hard and be sure it has really clicked back on. Sometimes even when I bang the whole unit hard on the floor, the dust bin still isn't attached.

Once you've used the sweeper, attached the mop pad, and filled the water tank, you're ready to mop. Distilled water is recommended, but the mop does have a filter, so you can use tap water if you choose. If you use tap water, you will have to replace the filter more often. The machine doesn't use a lot of water, so I'd rather buy distilled water than have to order replacement filters.

The mop is a little hard to push while pressing the steam trigger. That's something to consider if you have any weaknesses that might make this a problem for you. The mop does an admirable job of cleaning without chemicals. There were some especially dirty spots on my bathroom floor. I thought no way would it clean them, but it did. You just have to go slowly enough to let it work. And I love not having to wait for the floor to dry when I'm finished mopping.
Be very careful when you go to remove the mop pad. It will be extremely hot.

A Few Mop Limitations:

1) The mop doesn't do very well on edges and tight spaces. You can play around with the swivel head, but there are some places it just won't go. Behind the toilet, for example. Part of the problem is that the mop pad doesn't extend to the front of the mop because the roller for the sweeper is in the way.

2) The mop will push some of the gunk it has lifted ahead of it rather than collecting it on the mop pad. That gunk will get deposited up against the baseboards. I just take a paper towel and wipe around the edges when I'm done mopping.

3) You have to wash the mop pad before you can use it again. So if you want to do bathroom and kitchen on the same day, it can be inconvenient unless you order a second mop pad.

4) While you're mopping, a lot of moisture collects around the dirt bin and sweeper roller. You'll need to wipe that away or wait for it to dry before using the sweeper again.

As you can see, there are some frustrations involved with using this product. My rating is 3.5 stars, rounding up to 4 stars because I really like its cleaning power.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the second Bissell steam unit I've reviewed for the Vine program. The first was better than this as far as the steam goes, but didn't have the sweeper part. But both have the same problem with steam compared to the H2O mop I've been using for a few years. They just don't compare.

This one seemed very well constructed - and it will "stand up" all by itself, something the other two I have do not. It's not too loud with the sweeper on, but the sweeper only performa marginally anyway. The real downside is how the sweeper detracts from the steam mop portion. Due to the location of the rubber sweeper, right in the front, that means you can't get right up against a wall or any other edge when going forward, only when you're going sideways. So that makes it more of a pain in constrained areas like bathrooms - there is no way to get the floor with the steam mop section in many areas.

The sweeper works alright, even managed to snag a bag of screws I had on the floor next to some other things from when I was cleaning my junk drawer. It *does* pick up hair fairly well, so that part does its job (although when you go to release the bin, if you weren't aware it drops straight down, you may get a surprise when you lift it up to hit the button and pull the catcher only to find gravity took over and it landed on the floor). Yes, that's experience talking. I didn't read the instructions for the bin, I had assumed it would slide out or something. Fortunately I didn't have anything in it that could really "fall out" since it gets moist in there from the steam, so junk "sticks". You can't just tap it and have the stuff fall out, you really need to wipe it down to get the bin clean.

But the steamer is the real problem. It doesn't seem to get nearly as hot as my H2O mop or even the previous Bissell I reviewed. It doesn't "power out" any marks on the floor. My good baseline is the small black streaks on my tile from my son if he drags his shoe on the floor. The H2O mop can remove that. This mop can't. And some small piece of something that was a little stuck to the floor, it wouldn't come out from this either, although it did come out from the other mop.

Too bad, since I really liked the construction, and the build quality. Engineering-wise it's very well done. It can stand on its own as previously mentioned, it's sturdy, the water tank is easy to remove / fill / replace / empty. The cord is longer than my other Bissell was and longer than the H2O mop so it has better range between rooms without having to keep moving where it's plugged into.

But the fact that the whole surface underneath is not "steam mop" really detracts, as does the fact that it just doesn't seem to get hot enough to really be effective. On the H2O mop I can actually see steam escaping around it as I use it, this one I could only see some misting on the clear surface of the bin's window. No steam at all, just water condensation.

I think it would be more cost effective, and just more effective overall, to have a small sweeper if you really need it separate, and use a steam mop that is just a steam mop. This one just tried to be a few things and wasn't capable of doing either very well.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Assembling this steamer was pretty simple, only installing two screws. Then you fill the water tank with distilled water (in the cleaning goods isle)let the pump fill the filter tank, a minute later it's all ready to work with you and begins letting out it's steam.

I sweep the floor first to make sure that the sweeper action will not be interrupted. It does a good just sweeping. and an excellent job of steam cleaning. You can just smell the difference in the sanitizing of the floor.

Emptying the debris form the container, eliminating any excess water from the container and then washing the pad is all that's necessary for finishing the job.

This steamer works best on smooth floors like linoleum or marble tile, it's pretty effortless. On less smooth surfaces, there's more elbow grease required. It is not really light weight but it requires water to work and that add weight.

I love the way it performs and while it isn't really effortless it is very much worth it and I recommend this highly to pet owners.
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on February 15, 2015
I own 6 cats and 1 dog an this works wonders! You can sweep with it and steam at the same time. It is wonderful to be able to clean my floors without using all those chemicals. I just use water and steam the floor. If I do use anything in addition to water I sometime use water with a little bit of vinegar. It works great and I am happy with my purchase!
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on June 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I would call this a specialty machine for those with a lot of detritus on a hard floor. Think Mom or Gramma (or Dad or Gramps) when it's just not feasible to control shedders and crumb-makers and suddenly the prissy old friend is gonna arrive.

It's a quick pick-me-up labor and time saver when I use it as designed. Initially it assembled easily and intuitively. I had a kitchen mess waiting for it - went over the surface without calling for steam first. Then with steam, I attacked a sticky spot where jam had attracted soil from a plant spill. And then an area near the stove where some clever bacon fryer had let grease spatter onto the floor. That area needed a quick spray of degreaser - not too much - and steam again. Success.

I can tell you that a more perfect job would be done by me down on my poor old knees. But this was quick and easy, and no gremlins with white gloves were around to pass judgment. I would submit that this works for certain conditions and needs, very well.
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on June 27, 2014
Steam mop option is very good. Vacuum horrendous. Tried to return...they won't let me. Very upsetting to be saddled with a $130 expense and nothing to show for it. Already have a standard steam mop. Vacuum feature is what attracted us.
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