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55 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on September 15, 2013
My feeling is that the BLU Studio 5.0s has an outstanding cost/benefit, especially because other unlocked smartphones here at, with similar specs, would be priced around $300 or more. The quad core 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB memory makes the response time of this android device quite quick. The GPU is lacking a bit, but this won't be an issue for non-heavy gamers, because it can handle most of the current 3D applications quite well anyway. In overall, I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

I also experienced some of the issues the other reviewers were reporting. For instance, since I also use only 1 SIM (for a T-Mobile, prepaid service), it displays at the bottom of the locked screen a message indicating that only emergency calls are allowed (because SIM 2 is empty), and if we accidentally touch that message (when trying to unlock the screen) the phone will send you to the dialing screen, which is quite annoying.

The above issue is not a big deal if you change the screen unlock method to something other than "swipe", because it is not so easy to touch the "emergency call" by accident when your unlocking method is PIN, password, or some special "pattern".

Additionally, as also stated by another reviewer, the portion near the main camera gets quite hot, especially when I use it while plugged to power cord. I believe that region is where most of the core components of this phone are concentrated, so I'm concerned about overheating.

No surprise, when the phone (i.e. the place near the camera) got hot at a certain degree, the touch screen started to get very wild (actually, the touch sensor, not the display itself). In my case, when I touch somewhere in the screen (and keep it touched, for example), the sensor suddenly started to detect multiple touches in nearly random places, so it started to press lots of links and accidentally deleted some of my icons (that's when I first realized the problem). In such situation, it gets practically impossible to use the on-screen keyboard, because it will start inserting lots of letters randomly.

Fortunately, this never happened when the portion near the camera was sufficiently cool.

From the spec I saw in other web sites, they mentioned the phone comes with A-GPS feature too, but I could not find a place to see if it was really enabled. I had to install an application called "A-GPS Switch" to see if A-GPS was enabled (wasn't enabled in my case), and to turn it on.

Some apps also detects presence of a magnetic field sensor, but not sure if this is a valid report, because I never tried using the sensor for something.

Since this is very thin, I found the back cover hard to open (I was afraid of braking the plastic and/or my nail), so I took a while to insert the SIM/battery/SD card. I'll use a small flat-head screwdriver (in order to insert it to the slit and gently twist it in order to remove the back cover) the next time.

In summary, the followings are the cons and pros I could identify so far:

- heat (associated with the fact that touch sensors may get really wild);
- quite difficult to open (a problem perhaps caused because it is thin);
- BLU's manual/website/documentation were not very helpful.
- 4GB of internal storage, but considerable portion used by OS and default files/applications, so about 1.4GB is allocated for user files, and about 1.4GB is allocated for user application (so, you may need an SD card for your files and application, but not all applications can be installed in SD cards, unless you root your phone);
- Adobe Flash is not actually enabled (I needed that, because I used to develop flash assets myself - so wanted to test them in my new phone). I had to install it "manually", because it is not supported in Android 4.X anymore. However, HTML5 is supported, so most of new and elaborated web sites should work fine. Note: this is not a problem only on this phone, because it seems to be an issue on all Android 4.X phones.
- Adreno 203 GPU is not so good compared to other competitors (but it is reasonably good, because could play some 3D games normally),
- It's only around $20-$30 cheaper than BLU life play, which seems to show better performance (but the battery life of studio 5.0s seems to be better, and the design of studio 5.0s is nice, so not entirely sure).

- Quad core processor is fast for ordinary usage;
- 1GB memory works very well, unless you try to run lots of applications in parallel.
- Thin, nice design.
- 5-touch large screen, which is also easy to see (you may find it difficult to find compatible cases, pouches or holsters, though).
- Great cost/performance (way better than competitors), so you can eventually use the money you saved in order to buy better accessories, like fast SD cards, or perhaps a holster to carry it, you choose.
- 8MP main camera works nice. The secondary camera also fills the need (e.g. video conference).
- Equipped with GPS, accelerometer, proximity, luminosity sensors (well, most of contemporary smart phones also do, though).
- Good battery life so far.

The cons looks larger in text, but I'm overall satisfied.

As in any android device, this one will only start "working" after you finish configuring everything and install your favorite applications. I strongly suggest you to also buy a class 10 (or faster, if there are) SD card (limited to 32GB maximum size, though) in order to guarantee enough space for large applications/files, while keeping the speed consistently fast, so data access won't become a major performance bottleneck.

And don't forget to install some antivirus, especially if you are going to enable your phone to install applications not "signed" by google play (e.g. adobe flash). ;-)

(Update 09/27/2014)
After 1 year of usage, the power button started to fail (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't), so I had to use some apps to use the proximity sensor to make it sleep or wake up.
I guess this power button (and related components) is not made to last. Of course, I need to also consider the fact that I was sometimes hit by rain when carrying it in a pocket (and the product description obviously doesn't say it's water proof).
Other things seem to be working fine, though. Surprisingly, the battery is still fine, even though I thought this would be the 1st thing to die.
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on August 22, 2013
I am a regular amazon customer. I purchased this phone through P-tel and am using it on the T-Mobile network. This phone is amazing for the price. It isn't a Galaxy S4, but it is most likely the best phone I have encountered priced under $250. I have read bad reviews about the screen. I am an Evo 3D owner and am used to a sharp screen. This one doesn't look bad at all. The battery takes forever to charge, but with normal use you won't have to worry about draining it during the day. One thing I dislike is the lack of case selection. There are none for this particular phone except the one it comes with, and that one makes it very hard to use the buttons on the sides of the phone. The camera is great as long as the lighting conditions are decent. This is my first quad core processor. I like ALOT. Fast and snappy. I recommend using this phone on P-tel because they have unlimited talk, text, and web for $40. You don't have to pay the extra for 4G because the phone is only 3G capable. This phone ships with vanilla android. Facebook isn't even pre-installed. For me that is a big plus. I don't want a bunch of bloatware. Sound through the included headphones is almost non-existent. I got the poweramp app for free, and a pair of skullcandy earbuds, and problem solved. This phone is rather complex, but once you play with it for a while you'll figure it all out. I definitely recommend this phone for anybody that wants the 5 inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy, but not at the cost of two car payments. The BLU studio 5.3s is basically the same phone as the 5.0s with a 5.3 inch screen. Overall great phone for the price.
review image
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on August 21, 2013
To preface, I moved from an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S (the first one) to the Blu Studio 5.0. I am running it on the T-mobile's $30/month plan (unlimited text/data 100 min talk). I've been using the Studio 5.0 for almost a month now.

Pro: Price, speed, OS

Cons: Randomly turns off, Dual SIM, Manuals, Headphone jack audio, Battery (All elaborated below)

You really can't beat the price. I went in looking for a functional smart phone that would be under $300, and this by far had the best specs. The smart phone is much faster than my previous setup, though it is slower than my friend who does have a Galaxy S4. Depending on the kind of coverage I have, it will take 3-10 seconds to return a google search result on my phone. The setup for Android 4.1 doesn't have any issues I have encounter thus far, and seems to work flawlessly. The primary camera takes good photos, as long as you are not zooming in, and the flash works fine. I am able to run every app I have tried to download so far without having any platform issues.

Primary issue I have had with this phone so far is that it has randomly restarted 6 times now while I have been trying to use it. The reboot time was about 7 or 8 seconds every times, but it is still annoying to have it shut off for a bit while being used as a GPS. I currently run the phone with only 1 SIM card. Because of this, the phone shows that I am missing a SIM card, so it always offers me 'emergency calls only' on the locked screen. I have hit this once so far. As far as I can tell, there is no way to have the phone disable the dual SIM card capabilities. This leads into the next issue. This phone currently does not have a full manual. It comes with a 15 page cheat sheet, but there is no full fledge manual currently available. I'm able to figure out how to do most things I have wanted to do, but when it comes to the more specific things, like knowing what all the symbols mean across the top of the screen, I don't have a clue what they mean. Finally, the speaker on the phone is nice and loud, but for some reason the audio through the headphone jack is much quieter. I can hear music fine when sitting in a quiet office, but it is next to impossible to hear audio through the included headphones if you are on a plane. Side-by-side, the speaker I hook up to my phone is almost twice as loud when hooked up via bluetooth rather than headphone jack.

The battery is able to survive a day with casual use, but it does drain fast and get hot if constantly used. On wifi, I am able to stream 6 hours of netfix before the battery dies. While at work, I am able to play back 8 hours of audio continuously and have about 1/4 battery left. I am also able to run 3 hours of google maps with turn by turn directions without having it die.

Overall, I really do like the phone. Though I did list a good amount of downsides, that are heavily outweighed by the general capabilities this phone does have. I am able to work around all the issues I have had thus far. Really, I didn't expect much functionality out of a $200 phone, but it has far exceeded my initial hopes.

In the box: phone, headphones, usb charger, usb to wall converter, small manual, a shoddy case that doesn't let you use the side buttons of the phone and 2 screen protectors (1 already on the phone).
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on September 24, 2013
Not the best phone out there, but had a big screen with good resolution, good connection on 3G or wifi and a mostly lag free experience (I am on straight talk). Camera gives sharp pictures and works well in low light. At 4GB the internal memory is relatively small, but adding a class 10 SD card ($20) makes up for it. I did a lot of research before buying and this is the best unlocked phone you can get at the ~$200 mark.
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on December 3, 2013
This Phone is no Joke, you can buy with confidence It is 100% as stated ... was told that i would get this phone on 3 Dec ... no it came on the 2nd, can t say enough about how pleased I am with this company. My orders processed and shipped fast. I have read 1 or 2 bad reviews about the screen. I but my phone on the charger around 3 pm, We had a Planned Power outage and the lights went out at 8:25 pm and the phone was just under a full charge, someone said battery takes forever to charge not this one. With the power off and candles lit, i played with the phone until 1:45am i had no problems with the phone or camera getting hot, the pictures came out Great, that morning i showed my grand kids the pictures, one of them was of my coffee table with my laptop, in the dark w/ candles and the flash on i was zooming in on my laptop and saw a little screw 1/4", i zoomed in on the screw you could count the threads on the screw, we had to look twice to see the screw nice clear and bright, a few of the pictures did come out a little bleary, but i am sure once i really lean how to use the camera right they will all come out great. works great with straight talk. i did find a Krusell 95549 Hector 3XL Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Other Smartphones - Black for $19.99 @ .... great phone unless you have $400.+ don't base on this phone !! hope this helps you out
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on February 6, 2014
I bought this phone refurbished from BREED.

I've had it for a little over a week and the only 2 issues I have with the phone are:

#1: the phone frequently disconnects from WiFi and takes a few minutes to kick back on. It does it several times throughout the day and gets annoying.

#2: it gets hot around the camera if its used heavily while charging. I can deal with that. But the whole WiFi thing is really annoying.

However I am overall pleased with the phone. No other complaints. Anyone know of anything I could do about the WiFi issue? Thank you!
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2013
Fast phone! Great bang for the buck. Had to get a large SIM card from AT&T. My girlfriend loves it. I get 3mbs on AT&T internet. More than fast enough for my girlfriend. I will up date in a week.

December 5th update.
Great phone! The battery lasts a day and a half. She is not a power user, but she pays the occasional game or two. Uses GPS and emails and texts with it. I used it to listen to Pandora on Thanksgiving. I had it connected to a Bluetooth speaker. It sounded great. I have played around with it. I like that there is no carrier junk apps on it. I wish I found this phone before I bought the Note 3 for $700.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2013
Took a gamble at this Blu Product and I must say the following.

build quality is nice better than expected.
battery life was good also better than expected.

WIFI wont turn on at all product came damaged which was sad since with smartphones you need internet.
You cannot get 3G or 4G internet either which was shocking since it says it uses the 850MHZ band

So I reported the problem to AMAZON customer service who were very friendly and professional and took care of my issue so I didn't feel robbed or like I would loose my hard earned money.

since then I have still done business through amazon and things worked out ok.

Assuming you get this phone working how it should I would say its a good buy, only gave 3 stars because mine came broken.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2014
It met my expectations, greetings from Venezuela .. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! More rapidly in fresh
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2013
Totally pleased with my new Blu Studio s3 phone. Actually I am patting myself on the back for buying it. Tethering to my tablet, internet, gps, candy crush and all on my 45.00 a month straightalk plan. Sim card purchased and so far after a month, no problems. Highly recommend this phone. It is not as large as the Note but it is big enough.
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