Customer Reviews: BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Black
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on April 16, 2011
UPDATE: We have been using our Bob Duallie for 4 years now and it's still going strong! My kids are now 4 and 5 plus we have a new baby. I bought the car seat adapter to use with the baby's car seat. While it's functional, my baby actually prefers just to sit in the stroller seat itself (now that she can sit on her own). My other 2 kids still love their stroller. Still plenty of room for both a 4 year and 5 year old. I have grown to love the little seat divider - keeps them from "touching" each other. They fabric has worn surprisingly well - and it gets heavy use. No rips or tears and it cleans easily. The thing I still love most - the one handed steering. I can load in all 3 kids (2 in seats, 1 on the front - that's 100 lbs or so) and still have a free hand for coffee! We take it to Disneyland on almost a weekly basis. Both kids still comfortably fall asleep in it as well. I am so happy with our investment.

I'll start with the seats: they have completely changed how the seats are designed. They are far more supportive and have these really nice cushion-like supports all over them. There's even extra padding for a headrest. They sit at a much higher angle than previous models. There is even a lumbar support. The recline feature has also been revamped and is much simpler. No more buckling and unbuckling. The seat does not go completely flat, but it goes flat enough, even for an infant. Because of the change of design in the footrest area - there is actually more leg room. The 5 point harness is padded where it needs to be and easily adjustable. Something I especially like is they've added a little buckle at the top where the harness fastens to seat allowing you to move it higher or lower, depending on the size of the child.

The canopies: these things are HUGE! The best I've come across. Also redesigned in the 2011 model. They are now ratcheting and seem to go even further forward. The peek-a-boo window on the top now covers the entire top of the canopy - allowing you to see the whole child. The peek-a-boo window cover rolls up and tucks into a handy pocket on top of the canopy. Another great new feature is 2 velcro straps that have been added to the canopy - these allow you to pull up the excess material when the canopy is all the way back - giving an older child more head room.

The ride: It is so smooth. It's like pushing air - seriously. And the shocks make it just as nice for the passengers to ride in as it is for the parents to push. The wheels are large and the rims are now made of a heavy duty plastic instead of bendable metal (and my husband says they look much "cooler"). Another feature I like is that they have angle the air valves so it's really easy to attach a pump to put air in if necessary. Front wheel still locks the same way, or swivels. And the back wheels easily pop off for flatter storage. The footbrake is easy to use - a simple bar - you either push down or lift up.
Transporting the stroller: The fold on the BOB is so simple and easy. One feature that they changed is the "leash". It used to be this long yellow thing that just got in the way. Now it's short, attached to the handle bar, and doubles as a snap to lock the stroller closed when folded. No more unexpected stroller openings as you are trying to load it in - a great new feature! Opening the stroller is still the same: shake it out - nice and easy! It weighs around 32/33 pounds. I don't even notice the weight really because I'm used to my tandem stroller that weighed 46 pounds. And let's face it - unless it's an umbrella stroller - all doubles have some weight to them.

Storage: the storage basket has also been redesigned. Instead of a simple square - they have added raised sides to it - allowing the basket to be deeper and packed higher. Also, with the "leash" thing no longer connected to the brake - I can easily toss my diaper bag in.

Overall: I love the new design. They've changed the fabric and it is much nicer. It also appears to repel water & moisture well. I think BOB did a good job of addressing issues with their prior models and making a great, user friendly product. My only complaint: I wish a belly bar/snack tray was included.

About me: I'm a mom of 2 kids - a 22 month old toddler and an 8 month old baby. My kids love this stroller. They look so comfortable and happy riding in it. I carefully researched my purchase before shelling out this amount of money. I compared everything from the Baby Trend Jogger, the Bumbleride Indie Twin, Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger Citi Mini/Elite. And overall, I really felt I got the best deal for the money with the BOB. They offer a 5 year warranty on the frame of the stroller which I think says a lot about their confidence in their product. Everything else (all the other parts and fabric) and warrantied for a year. I actually purchased an earlier model BOB a little before this one. I couldn't stand it. And my husband didn't like it either. The only thing we could say was that it was easy to push. They have made such a HUGE improvement with the redesign of the 2011 model. I'm so glad I gave the BOB a second look. I'm so happy with my purchase and feel my money has been very well spent.
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on August 21, 2013
I can only review this stroller as an avid walker and hiker. I do not jog or run. I have a four year old and a 8 week old and they both fit comfortably and securely. My four year old still has a lot of room widthwise and lengthwise and there is plenty of head room. He has fallen asleep in it numerous times since we got it about two weeks ago. Our 8 week old fits securely and can be reclined to a good position for a newborn's comfort and safety. The sun shades almost cover the child completely but still let them see outside of the stroller. The "peek-in" window is really wide and you can also lift the airflow flap in the back to give the kids better airflow and to be able to see and communicate with them without stopping. I LOVE THAT!
There is SO much storage, in the children's seats on the back of the seats, and underneath. We never feel like we have to leave stuff behind.
The ride is smooth and pushing it is a dream. It also fits through most doorways!! I thought I would feel obnoxious if I had to go into a store or push this stroller around the mall or at community events but it only takes up 6 inches more in width than our single BOB. I forget it's a double stroller.
The swivel wheel is a must for me and was worth the extra money. Look no further, this is the stroller for you!
Also, this stroller folds up so nicely that we can fit it in the hatch of our 2008 Honda Fit. This amazes me! The last double stroller I owned was a bear to get in and out of the car. This stroller is a dream to fold up and put into the car compared to others we have tried.
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on November 11, 2011
After six months of use as a full time nanny/baby planner:

- Super easy to push, even with toddlers
- Turns on a dime
- Amazing shade
- Waterproof material
- Front lockable swivel wheel for jogging/tough terrain
- Peekaboo windows, but with loud velcro
- 5pt harness
- (just barely) fits through standard doorways

- Heavy, heavy, HEAVY!!! Do not expect to be easily whipping this stroller around, it weighs a ton.
- The fold is huge, which is to be expected with this type of stroller, but makes it hard to fit in a standard sized car. Between the weight and size of the fold, it is hard to carry it up or down even a few stairs.
- It is a three part fold that requires two hands, esp annoying when you have a baby old enough to sit in the seat but not old enough to sit completely unassisted on the sidewalk
- The handlebar is not adjustable. I am tall, so this is particularly annoying to me.
- The basket is big, but it is hard to get anything big in it. There is a strap that goes right in between the two seats which makes fitting a medium to large diaper bag in it hard, and ridiculous to try and maneuver out while you are squatting on the ground in a foot of snow
- No adjustable footrest. The slope down is fine, but I imagine this will be uncomfortable when the littler one hits 12 months. Also it goes into a V, this is annoying for my tall 26mo old who has to keep his legs moved sideways or stick one leg over the side.
- Although I love the canopies, when only one section is open the material of the other one hangs down to block my 26mo old's view or not let him rest his head depending on which section is closed
- Tall 26 month old is already getting too tall. He has room to canopy top, but not on the seat back.
- Manual strap recline - super annoying, but versatile
- It has a shock system, but it makes the stroller incredibly bouncy, so the bumps are not hard, but they do shake your kids silly

BUY IT: if you live in a rural area and can just roll it into your garage, you want to jog with your two kids (both at LEAST 6mo old, best if 12mo and up), or you frequently encounter rough terrain with wide paths.

DO NOT BUY: if you have big children, live in an urban area, or have to carry it over more than four stairs
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on May 28, 2011
We went back and forth on whether to buy this stroller (we already have a large collection of strollers). Ultimately, we bought it- and I am so glad we did! We got the stroller for our 3 year old and newborn daughters- they are now 5 years old and 2 years old - and the stroller still performs and looks brand new. The stroller has come in handy in SO many situations, and my favorite part is that it is virtually indestructable. In fact, I have ridden in the stroller with my youngest daughter while my older daughter pushed us around! For a stroller to be able to carry 140 pounds on one side, and 30 pounds on the other, and not tip...well, that is just pretty awesome! Definite recommend and well worth the money!
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on April 7, 2012
UPDATE 2013: I have been using this stroller for almost a year now and I LOVE LOVE it. The seats still look brand new (they really do use the best quality fabrics), I have gotten used the the sunshades but honestly still do miss the older model's ones, everything is operating 100% perfectly - no rips, stains, tears, squeeking, or anything at all. I am incredibly glad, once again, I spent the big bucks. I do have complaints about the infant carseat adapter I got. I am posting a review separately.

UPDATE 2012: I sold my original BOB Double in 2010. But since I now have another set of babies - I HANDS DOWN bought this BOB again and here's my story:

I now have the new 2011 BOB Double and will be using it with a 95% percentile toddler (30 inches 30 lbs) and a newborn. I love this stroller even more than my previous BOB Double (see review below - as my ravs are completely 100% applicable).

Seat: The new seat cushioning in the 2011 is really quite fantastic! The new model seems to be using a slightly better quality, tighter weave canvas type fabric than the older model. The older model's fabric was great too though! Didn't stain and held up incredibly well. This new fabric seems softer though. I am sure this is going to be just as good. I did buy the warm and fuzzy for my toddler - mostly because I wanted to protect my new stroller!! :) I figured it would be easier to clean up his food messes this way. But with my past model I only had to scrub it down with a scrub brush and soapy water, rinse off with the hose and let dry and it looked great again. I am sure it's the same with this model.

Sunshade: I am unsold about the new sunshades.....I kinda miss the ones on the previous model as it seemed a bit wider, but I am sure I will get used to them. They are still their glorious huge self. That is not the part I am complaining about at all. BOB really does it right in terms of amount of coverage. I do LOVE that you can now cinch up the extra fabric to make more headroom. This is a fantastic new feature!! And was a bit of a problem on the older model with my 99% percentile 4 year old.

Recline: I do plan to modify the seat recline - as it's only 3/4 recline like all other BOB models. Not sure why they won't go FULL recline. This is one thing that bothers me immensely. To make my modifications I will just be adding about 7 inches of strap to the existing straps on either side of each seat. This looks fairly simple to do. I studied the seat for quite awhile making sure it would work. I don't sew - so will have a friend do it.

Turn & Push: Still fantastic. Nothing has changed at all here. We just used it last week with my 18 month old and 4 year old niece and my husband (who is super picky) reported "WOW, I really love that new stroller you got! It's really fantastic to push"

Suspension: Still incredible. Nothing has changed here either.

Doorways: Like with my older model - doorways can be a bit of a pain but doable. Standard doorways are 36 1/2 inches and the BOB is 36 inches. My best trick is to turn the stroller around backwards and take it through this way. Seems to be the easiest.

Storage: I see they redesigned the under cargo area. They changed the sides a bit. I personally don't see it has an improvement over the previous model. I still think BOB has the room to make this darn basket bigger and don't see why they won't/don't.

UPDATE 2011: I bought my Bob almost 4 years ago now and have since sold it to a friend. I saw it the other day and it looks looks great & is functioning very well. Bob really does make the best, most durable products. The only thing I saw was the foam on the handlebar was a bit ripped. But it's been 3 years of HARD daily use with wild children. :)

UPDATE 2009: Now owned my BOB for one year and I STILL LOVE IT!!! It's holding up fantastic, still turns on a dime, nothing broken, creaking, squeaking, ripped or faded. My kids totally beat it up (food, mud, markers) and it still looks almost brand new. I hose it off every once in a while and that does the trick.

2008: First I want you to know that I have purchased or borrowed them all!!! I am my own mini consumer reports! LOL I have spent over $1600 on bad strollers. Even though I bought the double BOB I am placing a review here too because the design, fabric, & features are exactly the same.

You name it, I've bought it or tried it. I have compared:
1) Graco Duo Rider tandem
2) The Peg Perego Duette
3) Peg Perego Aria Twin
4) Zooper twin side by side (not sure of the name)
5) Maclaren side by side
6) Phil&Ted double jogger (this has the rear kid almost touching the ground - my kids HATED it - and after kid #2 is in back there is NO basket room - are we joking?)
7) Graco Duo Rider side by side
8) Peg Perego Pilko P3 single
9) Grago single

The BOB Revolution Duallie ROCKED THE HOUSE compared to all the above and here's why....

First of all I have a HUGE 4 year old (46 lbs and 45 inches) and a medium sized but hefty 3 year old (26 lbs and 37 inches). I can NOT feel the weight of my children when I push them in the BOB!!!!! Parents, you realize how incredible this is. The stroller is easier to push than my single stroller! And I am not exaggerating. That was the first thing that got me because frankly I was not interested in a jogger. AND....get this... my 3 year old does not make the stroller pull to one side, even when he rides solo!!! I had such a problem with this in all the other strollers it was such a chore to push the kids that i didn't take them anywhere. This was the case with each of the other strollers, but especially the case with the Graco Duo rider tandem and the Peg Perego Duette (both took an act of God to turn).

The other thing I love are the HUUUGE sun canopies, they are independent of each other and practially cover my children completely and since my kids hate direct sunlight this was a must, must, must.

Next I am sure you want to know how it turns....FANTASTIC! I strolled it all around the store when buying it and it could totally get in and out of isles without bumping everything off the shelves. This shocked me. And it does absolutely make it through doorways, a little tricky but it does. The only way to describe the way it turns is to quote my husband "it's like butter" :) It is seriously the smoothest ride ever!! I am so excited about it after going through so many strollers that were such a pain.

Also each seat gives my hefty children plenty of room width-wise which doesn't make sense because they are almost the same dimensions as the others, magic I tell you. They don't look scrunched at all. They HATED the McClaren side by side whatever-its-called, and I hated it too frankly. I was stuggling even in the store and my kids were begging to get out, so cramped very hard to push. I felt this way with the Peg Perego Twin Aria too and was shocked because I LOVE my Peg Pergo Pilko P3. First I could have sworn the Twin Aria was going to snap when I turned, extremely flimsy, and my then two year old was cramped and complaining.

That's another thing about the Bob, that sucker is really solid. It is very well made and has stood the test of time. There is very little (if any) plastic used. EVERY other stroller mentioned above is made of a lot of plastic that was showing wear after a short period of time.

The shocks on the BOB are better than my car, I swear. It glides along and ever so slightly bounces up and down while you push as the movement of pushing is enough to send the shocks absorbing it. It's not a nusance at all if that's what your thinking, it actually makes pushing easier.

The under basket is not the best, but considering everything, they have made the most of it. Also there are two decent sized baskets on the back of each seat. I have not had any problems like I thought I would and I pack a change of clothes for each, lunch for three of us, dolls, power rangers, etc and I have always been good. I do HIGHLY recommend the handle bar console/cup holder. Without it I was lost. It stores my keys, phone, wallet and two water bottles.

As for the height of the seat area itself, my son only keeps growing taller (now 46 inches and counting) and he still fits with no complaints and believe me he would say something :)

Anyway, I hope this helps all your parents who are making the very stressful "perfect stroller" choice. Learn from my mistakes! :) Also, I do wish I had initially purchased the fuzzy seat covers - mostly to protect the seats from the inevitable spills, squished PB&J sandwiches, etc. :)

If I had purchased this stroller two years ago, things would have been a lot different. I know this stroller will last me a looong time. I will never buy a small compact stroller again after this.
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on December 4, 2012
I am writing this review to save parents of tall children the time!! THIS STROLLER IS N.O.T. FOR TALL KIDS!! My 34 month old son is 39.5 inches tall and his head hit the top of the canopy...and my 20 month old daughter is 34 inches tall and she BARELY fit in this stroller!! I was soooo bummed since we've begun doing 5K's and runs with our kids and wanted a strong jogging stroller......we tried the BOB and Mountain Buggy and NOPE!! My kids are too tall. ....and as another kids are tall and lean and BARELY fit in this says it holds up to 100 lbs!! HA! of WHAT??? if a kid is short enough to fit in this stroller and weighed 50 lbs he would be fat..and FOR SURE would NOT fit in the skinny width seats!
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on June 10, 2014
It really depends on why you need this stroller. Ill start off by saying I have 5 strollers and 2 kids (4 months and 3.5 years). We spend half the year in Europe and there we have the Bugaboo Chameleon (great for city living but not practical for suburbs) and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for traveling to other countries. We used the Maclaren quest for a while but found that the cobblestone and uneven grounds in Europe made it tough for our daughter to sleep so now the Maclaren just stays in the trunk for quick grocery runs. We also have the Bob Ironman for running for when we are in the States. My husband and I run on average of 15-30 miles a week on paved roads and trails and we love the Bob. Problem now is we have two children. My daughter is old enough where we don't need a double for everyday as we have the buggy board for the Bugaboo and that works fine. HOWEVER we are very active and we got tired of taking turns running with one child while the other waits. My daughter can't run mileage of course and even trail runs /walks are too strenuous for a toddler to walk. We needed a double for this reason. Locally we don't have these strollers so I ordered both. I love both my Baby jogger City mini GT and Bob Ironman so I wasn't sure if the Summit Double or Bob Double is what I needed. Brief comparison

1- I like the canopy on the Baby Jogger better than the Bob. It's the same coverage just sturdier.
2- the foot rest on the summit is really short. My daughters feet were dangling off the side bc she simply didn't know where to put them
3- the Bob tends to sag in the middle when both children are inside. Not the seat portion but the backrest. This was not an issue on the Baby Jogger.
4- the baby jogger is really short length wise. It makes it great for turns but I was worried if I took it on hills or trail runs that it would tip backwards. The Bob is much longer (and slimmer BTW) which also gives my daughter a place to rest her feet.
5- handbrake. I really wanted one since I'm used to my ironman. The Baby Jogger has it and the Bob does not (even though Bob is coming out with a double in July 2014 with an adjustable handle and handbrake but I needed the stroller ASAP and couldn't wait).

Long story short - we returned the summit and kept the Bob. The only reason why I'm not giving this a five star rating is because I miss having a handbrake. For running, I needed the durability and ruggedness of the Bob. I never write reviews but I figured perhaps this can help someone with the same criteria as I did without having to return one stroller back for $80. Arghhhhhhh
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on October 3, 2015
I like the stroller, but not 5 star love it, It's a great stroller, very nimble for size, easy to assemble out of the box (install wheels) and love the shock absorbers. I would recommend this stroller but there's some drawbacks that stick out to me. It is a bit bulky and some what heavy but it is a double stroller, not sure how compact it can get

However, for the price it lacks a few things that I would think it'd be standard. I don't see why I have to pay extra for cup holders when I'm paying $500+.

The seats don't fold all the way down, the straps that let you tilt the backs are a bit akward.

Also, the stroller will not fit in a trunk with the wheels, some disassembly required. I do like that the wheels are easy to remove/install when needed.
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on May 13, 2015
I love this stroller. I can't say enough good things about it.

If there is one con, it is a small one. I wish I could use the same car seat adapter that I have for my single Bob Revolution. However, there is no attachment between the two seats so you are forced to buy the duallie car seat attachment with toddler snack tray. I don't like having the snack tray because it makes it harder for my toddler to get in and out.

Overall, this is a wonderful stroller. I wouldn't buy anything else.
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on October 30, 2012
UPDATE 6/2/2015:

Just to be clear. I own a 2009 BOB Revolution SE (single) and this 2011/12 model Revolution Duallie SE.

I love the 2009 single. The single is by far the best stroller I've ever used/seen/heard about. Hands down, no comparison. At this point, the single has been used for 5 years and pushed thousands of miles in all 4 seasons. It has been pushed through 5" snowfalls, over icy walks, through torrential spring rains, and in summer afternoon sun and 90 degree temps. It has been through trail runs. It hasn't failed in any way. There is no part that doesn't function exactly as it did the day I bought it. I absolutely love it and fully expect to get another 3-4 years out of it without any issues.

NOW, AS FOR THE DUALLIE. We sold it. Using it was such a poor experience and hassle that it just wasn't worth keeping it around. Note that it was used in less severe conditions and for much fewer miles than the single which I love. The issues presented below remain accurate. In fact, some, such as the wheels coming loose and the tearing of fabric have only worsened. The issues listed are both quality and design issues, but they all come down to cutting costs. As I have both models, I can easily compare and it is clear that a number of corners were cut, both in design and materials. I urge anyone looking to buy this 2011/2012 model (still the most recent as far as I know) to read the full review. Take my word, you'll be better off buying a used 2009 model...and it'll probably be a lot cheaper as well. Comment if you have any questions and I'll try to help.

UPDATE 5/15/2014:

I've now been using this stroller for 2 years and have pushed it hundreds of miles in all types of weather. After this use, I stand by my 2-star rating. In addition to the issues discussed below, I have begun to experience a number of quality/durability issues. Note that my 2009 single stroller is still used as frequently and has not had a single issue.

A. The canopies now bow inward at such an angle that my children cannot adjust their own independent of their sibling, as they overlap significantly. There is no must be that the seat material has stretched and there is no longer enough tension to keep the material tight.

B. The wheels continue to loosen during operation. The screw/clamp mechanism used is a cheap plastic and it simply doesn't hold the wheels. I am reinstalling the wheels every 30-35 miles. At least they haven't yet fallen off while running.

C. There are a couple of tears in the seat material near the seams. It appears that the foot rest area will eventually fail. This is very surprising as the stroller is actually gently used as the passengers are well behaved and within the weight guidelines.

D. The brake continues to operate poorly, thought it is a direct result of the wheels coming loose. When the wheels are not perfectly installed, the tabs that lock the wheels do not reach their designated resting spot, which is what is causing the brake to slip.

I'll say it again. This is still a respectable stroller, but it sure has a lot of quality control and design issues. For $500+, that simply isn't acceptable. Especially when BOB has proven they can design and build a far superior product in the 2009 model.

Original Review:

I own a 2009 single BOB revolution and absolutely love it. I cannot think of a single thing I would want to change. However, the "updated" 2012 models have regressed in terms of quality and design. To me, it appears the majority of changes were made to cut costs, as there is no other reason for any of the changes to have been made. The main issues I have are:

1. The new canopy is only incrementally adjustable. i.e., there are a set number (5) of positions. The old design could be finely adjusted to any position from fully open to fully closed. The new design is less convenient.

2. The new canopy is made of a flimsy plastic as compared to the metal frame of the 2009 model. When in a less than fully extended position, the tension caused by the bunched up material is enough to prevent the canopy from holding its position. The new design is ineffective and less convenient.

3. The harnesses do not have the added chest strap present on the 2009 model. The chest strap was very helpful in preventing my little ones from working their arms out of the shoulder harness. The absence of this strap creates a less secure harness and is less convenient than before.

4. The safety strap on this model is attached to the handle bar, when it was previously attached to the bottom frame with a connection to the brake. In the old model, losing contact/control of the stroller while using the safety strap resulted in brake activation. The new design does not connect to the brake, which is disappointing. Also, the short strap connected at the handle means that if you were to fall while running, your arm would be ripped out of socket and there would be a good chance the stroller would be tipped backwards as your body weight pulled down on the handle. A fall using the 2009 model would likely cause less injury and virtually no chance of tipping the stroller. The new design is dangerous.

5. Because the safety strap is attached to the handle, it presents two additional issues. First, there is a gap in the cushioning. Not a serious issue, but it is annoying if your hand placement preference is where the strap is connected. This cannot be adjusted. Second, the strap is placed off center to the right. This means you must secure the strap to your right hand as there is not long enough to reach the left side of the handlebar. So, if you want to push with only your left hand, you are out of luck. the new design is less convenient.

6. There is a tension strap that must be fastened around the base of the frame to create the provide necessary support for the middle of the seats. The problem is, that strap is right in the middle of the only adequate opening to the undercarriage storage. This basically means that you cannot access the storage while it is in use. This design is inconvenient.

7. The storage area itself is too difficult to access. Even when the aforementioned tension strap is undone, the access is still narrow and difficult. Our diaper bag doesn't fit and that is the main thing we want to store there. this design is inconvenient.

8. My wheels come loose while running! The wheels are designed to be removed by releasing a tension lever. On my stroller, the wheels work their way free while clamped in place. The tension lever cannot be adjusted, so I have to check them daily and re-insert about once a month.

9. The brake doesn't always work properly on an incline. The "brake" is a foot activated bar with tabs at the end. The wheels have a series of receptacles designed to accept the tab. When the tab is inserted into a receptacle, the wheels cannot move. However, if you activate the brake on an incline with a loaded stroller, the tabs just click over the receptacles and the wheels continue to spin. This is less of an issue since the emergency strap is no longer activates the brake, but it is still a cause for concern.

10. The general quality has diminished. For example, the levers used to collapse the stroller are now a cheap feeling plastic instead of metal. Also, on my stroller the plastic caps covering where the front wheel attaches fell off after just a few miles of use. I keep pushing them back on, and they keep coming back off a few days later.

Overall, this is still a good jogging stroller. In fact, I only know of one better...the 2009 model. However, the 2009 model is far superior. That is a great disappointment, because there is no reason for the quality of this stroller to diminish. BOB has proven they can design a better stroller, so the deficiencies of this model are very frustrating. The end result is that I am left thinking they are trying to cut costs at the expense of quality. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't buy it. I'd find a 2009 model instead. The new model is simply not worth $500, or even $300.
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