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on August 4, 2012
I'm an electronics engineer so I care about specifications. This amplifier is a low cost item which offers reasonable value, but I wish they would be more honest with their claims.

My measurements show 21.5V rms continuous into 4 ohms at the onset of clipping with a 14.12V supply. This is 115W rms.
With no load it gives 23.9V with 14.12V supply. This corresponds to 142W rms peak.

So, essentially it is a 100-150W amp (4 ohms), or at best 200-300W (probably less) into 2 ohms. The claims of 250W into 4 ohms or 1100W into 2 ohms are at best ridiculously optimistic.

I would suggest that it is worth paying a bit more to get something better.
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on December 4, 2012
Sorry folks...

But there are a couple of myths, being two pieces of (...dare I say it?) outright misinformation that have become attached to this compact masterpiece, ...even though I'm sure both of them were offered with the best of intentions.

As for me, I thought I'd wait until I'd driven it hard and bounced it around the Aussie Outback for a couple of months before any attempt at reviewing it.

A little background: I'm an Audio Director/Sound Supervisor in my fifth decade of ongoing work in this field, most of it live (or "as live") and on location.

My Boss Audio R1100M is used to drive either full-spectrum sub plus line array or horn plus ported-woofer long range speakers (a choice dependent on the vagaries of weather and/or crowd numbers) at impedances from four to sixteen ohms, ...the only constant factor being the need to rely exclusively on DC vehicle power.

The verdict: ...five stars. No doubt whatsoever.

The Boss Audio R1100M delivers far more than something that's roughly the price of a case of beer should ever be able to do.

(What a crying shame that its excellent internal fan-cooling arrangements don't actually extend to chilling beer. Now that WOULD be a world-beater...)

To those well-intentioned myths:

First, "The Remote Subwoofer Level Control doesn't work."

Not when the amp's switched to "Full Range" it doesn't.

When it's in "Full Range", it isn't expecting to be driving just a subwoofer, is it? Switched to "Low Pass" (i.e. subwoofer) mode, the remote control works a treat.

Second, "It's under-powered."

Hang on a cotton-picking second, did you honestly expect to have mountain-moving power for the price of a case of cold ones?

Now look at it's main fuse. It's 30 amps. That's your lot, any more and it all goes dark and quiet until you replace the fuse.

Time for some basic arithmetic, 12 x 30 = 360. That's 360 watts of total power going in.

Wait a second, my alternator kicks out a gargantuan 14.4 volts! Whoopee! Hurrah! Huzzah! Hallelujah! I've now got an earth-shattering 432 watts at my command!

...Uuh,, ...well,, ...I WOULD have if everything inside the immaculately designed Boss-Box yielded 100% efficiency.

Sadly, 100% efficiency from ANY power system is the stuff of Nobel Prizes and/or science fiction.

(Trust me when I say that you won't ever again need to consult anyone's review of anything after YOU'VE developed a power system that's 100% efficient.)

Meanwhile, back in the "Real World", guess what?

With power being wasted to generate heat, run cooling fans and the losses inherent in each and every electronic step taken, the BEST amplifiers are around 25% efficient.

25% of 432 watts?

That would be 108, just a tad LESS than I (and others) have observed to be the continuous power actually (and reliably) delivered from this tiny Boss-Box into 4 ohms.

The controls all do exactly what they're meant to do. The sound is clean, gutsy and free of artefacts, so, by way of a conclusion, here's the outcome of some OTHER basic arithmetic I did prior to buying it...

I can't buy an aluminium housing of comparable ruggedness for the price of this entire amplifier.
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on September 14, 2014
this amp works great for what I needed. I have a 200w RMS RE Audio RFX 10" sub and I wanted this to complement my stock sound system.

I was looking for an amp with the "high level" inputs. so i could run speaker wire from my radio straight to my amp without a line level converter. you will get better sound this way by losing less signal. you must use well shielded pure copper speaker wire, because its easier to pick up interference this way. I have not had any interference issues. I used C&E 14AWG OFC speaker wire, with a Stinger 8 gauge OFC wire kit. I have the speaker wire ran right next to the power cable (this can cause alternator wine in cheaper cables) your system will only be as good as the wires you use. I spent more on the wires then I did for any other part of this build.

I wanted to keep the budget below $250 for everything. here is my parts list:
Boss Audio R1100M... $55
RE Audio RFX 10"... $65
Stinger 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit... $35
Stinger 8 Gauge Black Ground Wire 10ft... $12 (I needed extra)
C&E 100ft 14AWG Oxygen Free Copper speaker cable... $30
BOSS Audio CPBL2... $32 (did not use)
ASC Single 10" Subwoofer Sealed Hatchback Enclosure... $30

Total: about $260

I know that the Boss amps are over rated, just like I know my RE sub is under rated. if I had to guess I would say this amp is putting out something like 300w RMS at 2ohms. and the RE is probably close to the same. for the price of these Boss amps you cant beat them. I got this set up for sound quality because I had heard good things about RE Audio's. if needed this set up will shake your mirrors. I run the amp at 1/4 gain and it compliments the stock system in my Mazda 3 hatchback perfect with taking up very little space. if you have speakers at the 300w RMS range. this is a great amp on a budget.
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on September 29, 2014

So far, everything is perfect! I am using this 1100W amp with my MTX Audio Terminator series 12" 1200W subs and they kick hard with it!
I have the settings on the amp as follows:
-Low Pass Frequency at about 50%
-Level at about 50%
-Bass Boost is OFF (bass overpowered the music with it on)
-Sensitivity is at the option on the right (can't remember which one it is)
-My remote subwoofer level control is all the way up on the knob. [READ MY 11/25/14 UPDATE]

These settings seem to keep the heat low and the bass is great coming from my trunk. It kicks hard & I can still hear the music which is how I have it set up (for a good balance).

If my amp does stop working, like some people have reported, I will update this review immediately. So far, I have had it hooked up for 2 days and everything is great!

UPDATE 9/30/2014

I drove around for about 45 minutes today and figured I check my amp to see how it was doing with all that bass being pushed through my speakers. It was HOT. It almost burned to the touch. I have read other reviews saying that they don't have any heat issues but I do after a while. I am going to mess with the settings and see if I can get this fixed but in the meantime just make note of that. I don't think that it is a ventilation issue or anything on the amp itself as it appears to be well built for ventilation so it is probably just they way I have it set up right now. I will add another update shortly..

UPDATE 11/25/2014

Still going strong! I use this thing every day and it is still working perfectly! It has never shut itself off even though it seems to get pretty hot to the touch but it is winter time so the cold weather could be why. Honestly, this amp has lasted a lot longer than I expected it to based on some of the other reviews that I have read. It is definitely worth the buy and I would get it again in a heartbeat! I haven't really messed with the levels on the amp except that I did turn the remote level control down quite a bit and just changed the settings on my deck. I have noticed that it vibrates more/kicks harder with bass boost off and things turned down to where there is less constant bass. I even turned my deck to "default" from "powerful" on the EQ because it just sounds better with deeper bass compared to a constant vibration that you get used to. I will leave another update in a few months..

UPDATE 12/7/2014

I went on a 2-hour road trip last week and blasted music the entire time! Bass filled my entire car! Not once did this amp fail to produce and it really didn't get too hot by the end of the trip (it is still winter time). Same thing goes for the trip back; 2 hours of non-stop bass and no issues whatsoever! This amp is definitely worth the buy! I also noticed that the price dropped from when I bought it so they might have a newer model or something that I will look into for my next car!
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on April 5, 2012
Do your research people! Don't believe BS peak ratings and don't buy an amp thats rated at 250 watts RMS then come on here complaining that it cant power your 500 watt sub or whatever. What the hell did you expect? If you do your research and set your stuff up right like i did it will work just fine. For anyone that is having trouble deciding on a sub, get the alpine type-e 12". It's a perfect match for this amp and is fairly cheap. both run at 250 watts RMS @ 4 OHMS so you will have no problems with that set up.
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on June 13, 2015
Great amp! It's easy to install! It bump with the MTX Terminator! 1100 watts it's crazy! I love it I so recommend it!
review image review image review image review image
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on February 9, 2016
I bought this amp to power 2 rockford fosgate 10inch shallow mount speakers in a custom box under my backseat in a 02 avalanche, when first setup it sounded like my subs were blown but it was just the crappy box, i had my money refunded and just used liquid nail to reseal the box, although its not perfect it does sound better. But it jist doesnt seem to have the power to push these subs where they keed to be. Mind you these are 200watt a piece rms subs at 4ohm. You do the math. It says 4ohm 418wattrms i believe but i woud deff purchase a better amp if i coud do it over. Hope this helps soneone
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on October 30, 2015
works really well, I used a 10" Fosgate P1 Punch with this amp and it is working really well. I will also link the other items I used with this amp below. You don't have to use the remote line but I did since I was installing a new radio anyway. You can see in the photo that I cut a small hole to run the remote line knob through the dash so that it looked nicer and was more accessible. This was my first amp install so I highly recommend finding someone that can show you in person how to tune it.

Boss Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with High Performance RCA Interconnect and Speaker Wire
Scosche Dash Kit for 2009 Ford F-150 Din with Pocket or Double Din
review image review image review image review image
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on June 8, 2015
Really can't argue with this purchase. Was looking for a relatively inexpensive amp to drive a Rockford Fosgate 10" sub in a sealed enclosure, and this fit the bill perfectly. Bass Boost set to 0, Low Pass set to about 10 o'clock, level at 50%, highest sensitivity switch setting. (Remote bass level control doesn't work, but its not really needed). Make no mistake, this setup will not blow your weatherstripping out, or her panties off, but that's not what it's intended to do. I needed a solid low frequency platform to add to my door and deck speaker setup (Alpine 6 1/2" component in the front, 6 1/2" coax in the rear). The Alpines are very musical and notoriously good power handlers, but not so much in the bottom third of the register, and this Boss/10"RF setup fills that role perfectly by providing a solid, accurate bass foundation that doesn't require a great deal of space or a second mortgage. Reliable, inexpensive, and musically accurate. What more could you ask for the price?
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on December 12, 2015
I've had mine for about 2 years now and it still works just the way it did brand new. The specs say up to 1100W, but it has been proven that this isn't true whatsoever. Although they boasted this thing to be better than it is, it still works just fine and provides quality noise. I have it hooked up to a single 12" Rockford Fosgate subwoofer and it bumps nicely with this amp. For only $50, i'd say it's well worth it.
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