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on July 31, 2006
I bought this to alleviate the amount of laundry I need to lug out into the street. It is good for maintaining in-between laundry and not to be used as a subsitute for a big machine. I use it to wash my daily wear like tank tops, shorts, personal items and delicates. It can wash up to about three to four women's sized tank tops maximum. Its good for baby clothes.

How it works:
-Pour water into bucket, put in clothes and detergent, not to exceed the capacity line inside the bucket. (7L for small loads, 10L for bigger loads)
-Lock on top lid
-Place bucket on the motorized base (similar structure to a blender)
-Plug in cord and select cycle (standard or delicates) and amount of time from selection: 3,6,9,12, or 15 minutes
-Let machine wash. There's a really flat agitator on the inside bottom of bucket that turns clockwise for a few seconds, pauses, and then turns counterclockwise and keeps going in this cycle until the timer is up.

Here's the bad part, there's no rinse cycle since there is no plumbing so you have to pour the water out. I don't reccommend pouring it through the holes on the lid (see picture) because the lid does not lock on tightly and the plastic although thick, is still cheaply made. So just remove the cap, take the clothes out, put in a basin and rinse the detergent off in a sink. Unplug, then remove bucket and pour water out. While the rinsing is annoying, I would pick this anyday over lugging my laundry in the street. And it's just rinsing that you have to do, which is easy compared to handwashing.

-Can wash small daily items/delicates
-Cuts down trips to the laundromat
-Saves money
-Do laundry in privacy of your own home
-No plumbing required

-Made of cheap looking plastic so be careful not to bang it up
-Top lid does not lock on tight
-No rinse cycle, you need to rinse yourself
-Design is not that sleek/attractive

-Wait for clothes to presoak in the detergent before turning on the timer
-Wash light and dark colors seperately
-Do not wash wools as it will shed little pieces that can clog the agitator
-Reuse the soapy water for a second load
-Buy a fold out dryer (I reccomend Polder's chrome dryer)

It sounds like a hassle to use this but I've done my research thoroughly on small washers and this was a good choice for me living in a small walk up apartment. I really didn't want to buy one that required plumbing since they are problematic to hook up, take apart and store, plus I'm sure my landlord would not allow that. When I do three loads here, it is equal to one load at the laundromat. I air dry it, so I end up saving money. I figure it will pay for itself in a few months.
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on August 13, 2006
I have been using the Wonder Washer for several months. Before I was going to the laundry-mat every week and spending about $10 each week. Now I only go once every 4 to 6 weeks to wash the larger items. This machine paid for itself in about 2 months. The loads are small, only 2 blouses at a time (maybe 3 if they are very light weight). I tried washing 3 medium weight blouses and the machine started moving all over the counter and was having trouble swirling the clothes. The knobs are hard to turn (only about 1.5 inches in diameter) and lifting the wash-tub (the manufacture calls it a bucket) on & off the base-unit takes some doing as it is heavy when full of water (total weight approximately that of a 3 gallons bottle of water). The machine washes by spinning the clothes one directions for a few seconds and then the other direction a few seconds back and forth for the duration of time you selected. A little like the front-load washers, only this machine spins the clothes clock-wise and counter-clock-wise. It only washes, you must raise the soap out by hand as well as ring-out the wet clothes and hang to dry. The size of the machine is about 20 inches tall and 14 inches across. If I could suggest improvements they would be: 1. Larger knobs with deeper indentations making them easier to turn, 2. A drainage spout on the side so that after washing the water could drain out into the sink. Lifting the wash-tub full of water and wet clothes of the base-unit and turning the whole thing upside-down to grain the water out is the thing I like the least. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. It gets my clothes clean and it saves me time & money. This was a good investment!
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on December 27, 2006
This product is heaven sent.

Prior to finding this product, I had to drag myself every three weeks out of bed at 5.30 in the morning just so I could eliminate the waiting time for washing machine availability in the Laundromat in our area. On top of that, I had to lag a heavy load of clothes.

With Wonder Washer, my clothes don't pile up anymore. In fact, I now find my hamper empty most of the time as I now wash my day's clothes after use at night. People might think it's a waste of time. For me, it's not. As my clothes wash, I can do other things. It has timer, loud enough to indicate when the washing ends. I don't mind replacing the water used for washing with clean water for rinsing... No big deal.

One load allows me to wash a day's clothes -- pants, shirt, underwear, socks. Amazingly, it also can wash my twin bedsheet, which has completely eliminated my need to go to the Laundromat... though I have yet to try washing my bath towels.

I highly recommend this to single people with small-sized clothes. It can wash more than one thinks it can. It's a big help, especially during winter season.
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on April 8, 2008
I have owned the Wonder Washer for more than a year. Thru trial and error, this is what I find works best:

1) Load clothes in a separate 3.5 gallon bucket. About 2/3 full, loose and not packed down.

2) Place in bathtub and use shower to fill bucket. I add a small amount of detergent, diluted with water on top of the clothes as the hot shower is running (I have a watersaver hi-pressure shower head) This adds some extra cleaning time to the clothes

3) Transfer clothes and water (the proper fill level is trial and error- the minimum as long as the clothes turn and without splashing over)to the Wonderwasher bucket. I have the WW sitting on top of 3 foam exercise square mats with a plastic serving tray that the WW sits in. This helps with noise and contains splashes. I also wipe the WW bucket, motor base and the tray so I can monitor if water is splashing out

4) Adjust time and cycle. I've been using 9 minutes and gentle cycle (I think the gentle spins for 7 seconds- 3 second rest- 7 sec. spin- repeat. The Standard cycle is 14 sec spin- but was beating up and stretching socks and long sleeves) I add fabric softener when I am starting the machine so the clothes are less wrinkled.

5) Then I take the WW lid off, walk the bucket to the tub and pour off the water and clothes into a plastic dish rack (that has raised legs) and lets the water drain off.

6) then I quickly hand wring out clothes and place them in the bathroom sink, fill with water, drain. I do a quick hand wring again (not overdoing it) and place them in a spin dryer for 5 minutes (similar size to the WW) which spins at 1500 RPM. Then I put the clothes on a folding rack and they are usually dry by the morning.

7) This is an example of the spin dryer (not sure if link is allowed)
I spent $[...] on this item. Hand wringing wasn't working well for me.

If you do use this it is very sensitive to being loaded with the heaviest cotton items first on the bottom. Again there is trial and error learning this.

8) I think the WW can do a great job cleaning clothes. The above steps are a little labor intensive, but to me gives the best cleaning, rinse, wringing without using too much water.

The grey/black water some reviewers complained about is color coming out of the clothes because the WW does agitate and spin the clothes very well. I'm amazed how many items aren't colorfast.

Hope this helps
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on March 26, 2007
I have used the Wonder Washer for about two weeks now. As others have stated, this machine does NOT wash heavy loads or garments (such as a pair of blue jeans.) I use mine daily to wash undergarments such as UnderArmor shirts and shorts which are light-weight. I have also washed a thermal shirt and a pair of shorts ("sweats") seperately with satisfying results. If you place too many items in the unit, it will become unbalanced. The machine "washes" fairly well but it is extremely important that you follow the directions or you will have a mess on your hands. My biggest complaint is the lid which does not securely attach to the wash bucket. It pretty much just sits there. If you put in just a touch too much water, the agitating action will swirl the water out of the unit. It is VERY important you place the article(s) of clothing in the machine first THEN pour the water in up to the recommended water level. Through trial and error, I have learned if you put the water in first, then the clothes, the water tends to spin out of the unit. Of course if the lid was better designed and actually snapped shut you probably would not have this problem. This is too bad because the idea behind this product is commendable. If the manufacturer of this unit had spent a little more time fine-tuning the design I would highly recommend it. As it is, use with caution and you should be pleased with it.
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on June 3, 2015
I use this washer a lot! It's not large and it's easy to use right out of the box. My mom had one and it saved me a lot of money. Just be careful because the unit is top heavy. Prop this near a corner in a bathroom and it works great.
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on September 4, 2009
I bought this to felt hand knit items and it works very nicely. It seems to be a well made product. I had no problem with the top (it needs to be turned so the tabs fit under the slots to lock it closed). I'm happy with my purchase.
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on October 20, 2006
I bought this item to do small stuff that adds up quickly in between trips to the laundrymat. In fact washing the previous days wardrobe (pants,shirt,undies,socks) is easily accomplished and much better performing than I could ever do by hand in the sink.

It's well worth the money to me and I like being able to hide it under the sink when done. Good deal and glad I found it.
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on January 24, 2011
I won't restate what so many other dead-on reviews have stated, so I will just note the highlights of my experience.

- When I opened it I thought I had ordered an industrial-sized frozen Margarita maker by mistake. Which this is, without a freezing element or a spigot.

- I was AMAZED by the capacity. I did more than a dozen pair of white tube socks in a load. I washed jeans and underwear and a few tanks in a load. Granted, I'm only a size 28 pant, so judge accordingly, but I was afraid one pair would be the whole overloaded-load.

- The lid does not stay on. The "locking" mechanism is just sliding it around until it stops in place. Nothing holds it there. And...

- It walks all over the room unless you tuck it in a corner. I found it would NEVER work on a counter top so, in the bathroom, tucked between wall and pedestal sink with a towel on the the floor before it, it did just fine.

- The motion of the machine -- the canister does NOT "lock" onto the base as directions indicate -- WITHOUT FAIL will loosen the lid, which as I said previously, does not lock, per se.

- YOU MUST observe the max fill line. Even thought there's PLENTY of extra room up top, centrifugal action spins the water right up to the top and it will leak out if it's more than indicated.

- You will need to do a rinse cycle. Dump the water, refill, dump that, refill and then run it for another short cycle. This is the time to add your fabric softener.

- The lid, when pouring, will buckle just from the weight of the water and laundry. Be prepared to hold it in place or to pick laundry out of whatever receptacle you're emptying the water into.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND USE IT EVERY FEW DAYS. Though I haven't tried it for the Margaritas yet...
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on June 3, 2006
As a mother of a [...] and a [...] who lives in an apartment I must say that this mini washer is great. I love it. I do about a load or two a day hang it on a dryer rack and I am done. I dont know what I would do with out it. Saves me a lot of money at the laundry mat!!!!! Just wish there was a mini dryer avaliable.
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