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on February 20, 2013
I was excited to find this app yesterday! I immediately got the free version and played around with it. It seemed great! So, I purchased the full version. But I am unable to insert a picture into the recipes that I manually entered. If I take a picture, nothing happens. If I try to select a picture from my gallery, I get an error. Importing a recipe is painful because you have to type the URL (as opposed to searching for the recipe name). I just tried to import one from I painstakingly typed the URL. I assumed the text would be imported with the ingredients and the directions (and the picture!), but all I got is the link to the URL. That doesn't help if I am using my kindle offline. I sent an email to the developer this morning asking for help with the pictures, but have not heard yet. I wish I had not purchased this app.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 4, 2014
First off, the app did synch with my Dropbox account effortlessly - perhaps the key here is already having the Dropbox interface download and registered on the device? I can't say as those who had issues with Dropbox don't really give any details. Of course trying to figure out what is up with import is difficult too as Amazon doesn't allow outside URLs in reviews, but I imported a stroganoff recipe from Food Network, another from Real Simple, and one more from Pillsbury. Yes, I wub beef stroganoff. :)

Beyond that, I don't know what is exactly is going when others are having difficulties although I have a suspicion it is due to formatting of the webpage it is trying to import - if the source page isn't in some sort of plain and basic html scripting, I bet this app can't read it. For example, a recipe embedded in a flash player on a site probably can't get imported. Only a WAG though - I would strongly suggest the dev team actually lists what they mean by "popular" websites or some sort of technical point on what this app can read and can't read.

**UPDATE: I did finally find a page I couldn't import. It was a Perdue recipe, and sure enough, the page used embedded recipe text that had tabs above it, switching from recipe to reviews of the recipe within the same viewing area. However, I then went to All-Recipes (a site mentioned as having difficulty), and imported willy nilly from there, but all the recipes were presented simply. I think it boils down on how the recipe is coded/presented on the page - which is too hard and too technical for most folks to discern when just browsing the web. Rule of thumb: if the specific area that contains the recipe text can be changed to something else by pressing/clicking a webpage button (instead of just loading up a new page altogether), it probably won't get imported.

SUGGESTION TO DEVELOPER: Perhaps adding in an option to ASCII copy the whole webpage and paste it in to some sort of plain text editing form. Then the user can delete all the extra stuff and import it from there. Just a thought, but it would allow access to the vast of majority of webpages, regardless of formatting.**

As for Permissions and Code, everything is clean and good to go- a side note once again about Read Phone State. Basic Android Permissions Listing ALWAYS lists Read Phone/Device State as Read Phone/Device State & ID, even when the actual syntax is limited to android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE. It's just the way Android is. A dev can't list Read Phone/Device State AND ID on Amazon's Appstore when ID isn't being used (Amazon requires full disclosure when submitted), yet Android always lists it as one full permission even when only ONE of the two is actually being used (and in this case, again, it's only State and not ID).

Installed at a tiny, tiny 3.21mbs but I am sure as you fill up with recipes, the Data will go up, but probably not by much. When I exited, the app left my memory.

Anyhoo, as a premium app, I just don't know - so many folks having issues, yet others are happy. It's working for me, but if any of you have a specific website recipe you can't seem to import, tell you what - put the URL in comments, and I will see if I can duplicate the issue, perhaps even finally figure out what the heck this app is vomiting all over when unsuccessfully importing. As for Dropbox, it synched with mine flawlessly, yet I did have my account already fully integrated on my tablet.

As a Free App of the Day, I say at least check it out - if it doesn't work, no loss. If it does, blammo, one cool app free 4 u! :)
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on December 4, 2014
Make sure you read the agreement and not just scan through it. They own the intellectual rights on all your content if you hit "Agree". :( There is no reason a recipes or content holding app would make you agree to that unless they were hoping to come across some collection they could publish. This get an uninstall from me.
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on December 4, 2014
This MY RECIPES app doesn't import recipes well. I tested a few recipes already imported into another app and it was able to import less than half. Try MY COOKBOOK instead. It also has a much better looking interface.
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on February 2, 2012
Well, first off, I didn't download this for food. I'm using it to catalog and share my glaze formulas for ceramics. its working just fine for that.

None of the fields are actually required, which means its flexible, because it allows images, you can actually *see* what the glaze looks like. Its searchable and the tags mean I can search by cone, atmosphere, technique etc.
it integrates with DropBox, so I can share formulas with other potters easily and even create a communal repository.
I did have an issue adding a photo from the Kindle version of the app, but since I can add/edit recipes from a web page via DropBox, its not a big deal.
I can sync my Kindle Fire, my laptop and my HTC Evo and have my formulas at hand wherever I am - at the ceramic supply while I'm buying chemicals, at a workshop where I want to share a recipe, etc.

I expect it will work for cooks just a s well.
For me, its worth the buck or two.
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on January 11, 2013
I found the Recipes App difficult to transfer recipes into. They had to be typed in manually rather than just being able to import them from an online source or a scanned recipe. I am no longer using it.
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on November 11, 2013
the import recipe function doesn't work for me at all. I really wanted this to work so I could use my tablet in the kitchen instead of printed recipes, but it doesn't work as advertised.
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on April 23, 2012
My husband, daughter-in-laws, and one of my sons took a look at this when I became frustrated with figuring it out. No one could figure this out. Well, there are ways... but too time-consuming, and tedious to make it worthwhile. The one good thing about this app, is that I learned about DropBox. I'm using DropBox (a free app) to organize all of my recipes. I'm also using it to store information about my garden this year. I would have loved to have been able to figure this out so I could use the app to change amounts in recipes. But that isn't that important, I guess. To be fair, I didn't email the creator of this app with questions. You do have that option. I should probably mention that I am using this on my Kindle Fire. If you want to get DropBox on your Kindle, there are helpful people online that will give you step-by-step procedures as to how to do that.
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on December 4, 2014
Bottom line: Great recipe app, minimal permissions, highly functional. Get it if you like to cook!

This app is nicely executed. I tried other recipe apps and add-ons for evernote, onenote, etc. and always find then lacking for one reason or another (they could easily have improved since, so please don't view this as anything other than an anecdotal experience!).

My favorite aspect of this app is the "import" feature. Simply find a recipe with your browser, hit "menu, share, my recipes" and you are done. I tried it on foodnetwork, allrecipes, and bonappetit thus far, and all of them worked perfectly. It pulls in the ingredients, instructions, a photo if available, and puts a link to the original at the bottom. I really don't know what else you could ask for.

You can tag your recipes which allows you to sort them however you want. This, I think, is key if you are going to get functionality out of this instead of a confused mess. I haven't found a limit on the number of tags yet, and I've already created many.

The app syncs to Dropbox without trouble, and you can select "Wifi only" to preserve your previous mobile data. The information there is technically public - but only for someone that has the URL. I don't know why you'd be really concerned about that unless you're one of those people that has some secret recipe that the NSA has been after for years. (I really despite the practice of keeping secret recipes unless you make a living selling food.)

Permissions...ah, the permissions. They are minimal and only what is necessary. The person complaining about the "read phone state" probably hasn't got the slightest clue what they are talking about. Yes, it has the potential to be abused, but in the absence of other more specific permissions like "read contact data" or "process outgoing calls" or "light the house on fire" there are not a lot of nefarious uses that this read-only permission can be used for. Really, it probably just allows the app to know when a phone call is coming in so it can pause. If you aren't on the FBI's most wanted list, chill. Really. (Privacy really died about 10 years ago anyway. Well, unless you live in a van down by the river...)

Edit: replaced """ with quotation marks.
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on December 4, 2014
Was stoked to have a way to organize ALL of my Paleo recipes I have bookmarked - attempted to "share" per app instructions, sounds like a piece of cake, but not so much. Of 25 I tried to import, only one would work. Uninstalled after that.
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