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on March 13, 2012
Okay...I decided to get a new blowdryer. Didn't need one - mine was still working, after all. But there was all the hype about ionic, ceramic, tourmaline - blah, blah, blah. But I was unhappy with my hair. It just didn't look good and hadn't for years. Didn't know why so kept shopping for the miracle product, the better stylist, a different cut. (BTW, I'm 55 and have curly, fine blonde hair but lots of it.) Finally had a eureka moment when I found a site that said dryers, even if they work, lose their effectiveness with age. Ummmm. My blowdryer is 19 years old.

So went on a search for a new dryer. Finally decided on the BaByliss Pro 2000 watt dryer due to the reviews on several sites. Not cheap but not outrageous. Bought the diffuser as well.

Used it for the first time today.

I used all the same products and care on my hair this morning. Normally, drying with the diffuser for 15 minutes removes excess water but I still left the house with damp hair, even on an Indiana January morning. Hair would be dry by about 10:00 am and then start to frizz by 2:00 pm, with no volume. TODAY - walked out of the house with almost dry hair (after drying for 10 minutes) with volume (where I wanted it) and ended the day with frizz-free hair that is soft.

THE NEW DRYER.....Love the controls and the fit in my hand. It is heavier than my previous dryer but the shorter drying time makes this not a problem. Was louder than my previous dryer; however, if you are a 150 year old woman trying to yell as loud as a 3 year old, you're probably going to lose. I switched from hot to warm settings and the volume diminished. If you have curly hair and want to use a diffuser, I recommend ordering the diffuser designed for the dryer. I tried to use my old diffuser and it kept falling off. Irritating.

So far am very happy with this dryer and the results on my hair. Soft, frizz-free, dries quickly. And much better styling. My lesson learned - replace that old dryer. I'm happy with my choice of replacement.
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on March 2, 2015
This is a long review, but I did a lot of research and I reviewed a lot of other reviews to make this purchase, so I thought it would be helpful to others to add my two cents.

I just received the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 hairdryer last night and used it this morning. My previous dryer was a 10-year old Gold-N-Hot 1875 Watt Dryer. My old dryer did the trick and still works, but I wanted to try this "ionic" technology to see if it made a difference in how my natural African American 4-A type hair would look. Quick and dirty Pros and Cons:

It gets really hot - I mean - seriously. The package and the instruction manual virtually SHOUT at you that the dryer is designed for use by cosmetologists only, and there's crazy numbers of warnings all over the thing regarding it being a "professional dryer." At first I was like, Okay - I get it - it's for professionals, and I'm not a "professional." But, BELIEVE IT. The warnings made me hesitant to use it on "hot" but I tried it for a bit and yep - it's hot. Don't mess around with the high-heat setting. I wanted a dryer that gets hot (the Remington I previously bought was like a warm breeze - what a joke). The BaByliss fits the bill. And I'm confident that - not being a professional - I could easily burn my hair off my head if I used it on high heat in one spot for too long. It'll be a while before I mess with the concentrator nozzle.

Something on this dryer seems to really protect and bring the best out of my hair - there is really a definite difference in the look (sheen) and feel of my hair post-drying. My curls are curlier and not separated. My hair is bouncy and soft. If that's what ions or ceramics or tourmaline or whatever do, then I'm sold. Awesome results.

It's not too loud. It's actually quieter than my old Gold-N-Hot 1875 Watt, but it doesn't blow as hard, and has lots more technology. So happily, I can dry my hair without worrying about hearing loss.


It doesn't really blow as hard as I'd expect a 2000 Watt dryer to blow. I mean, all this technology and fanciness; I thought my hair would be blowing like something from the movies. No dice. I don't know if air force really makes that much of a difference, though - my hair dried in a shorter amount of time than my old dryer would have done, and my old dryer blew like a fan boat. I guess that's the "professional" element of the dryer - it does what it's supposed to do without messing up your style or tangling your hair while it's doing it.

It is a <little bit> heavy. I mean, it's not like an anvil, but it's certainly heavier than my old dryer. It's listed as being a bit over 2 lbs in weight. I guess it's all the ceramic fanciness inside it. I don't think the weight of the dryer will impact my ability to use it, though - I think that because it dries faster and more efficiently, I'll use it for less time and therefore be less impacted by the weight.

Now - details on performance: My typical process is to wet my hair in the morning, apply a leave-in conditioner and either air-dry it in summer, or blow dry (or bonnet dry if I have time) in winter. My Gold-N-Hot 1875 would bone dry my hair in maybe 20-25 minutes from towel-dry status on high heat at high-blowing speed. The result with the Gold-N-Hot was dry hair with frizzy curls in places and loss of curl definition, and I never really dried it bone-dry because of time constraints and because generally, I just don't like to have to take a lot of time with my hair.

My new BaByliss Pro BABP2800 dried my hair (a little wetter than towel-dry) in 10-12 minutes and my hair was soft and shiny after it was dry. My curls were separated and well defined. My hair has a nice natural sheen to it anyway, but the Gold-N-Hot definitely caused it to frizz out if I dried my hair for longer than 20 minutes. In contrast, I probably could have used the new BaByliss for a longer period of time without it changing the size of my curls or the sheen of my hair. I really also loved how my hair felt after it was dry - soft, shiny, and my curls were bouncy. Seriously amazing results.

Overall opinion - the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 is worth the money if you have hair that tends to frizz and that you want to be shiny and bouncy. What the dryer lacks in blowing power is totally made-up-for in performance because of the ceramic/ionic technology. I didn't give it 5 stars because I'm disappointed in the blowing power, but I think that my lack of understanding of blow-dryer science is to blame for that. Maybe air speed isn't all that important - it's just what I'm used to. I'm kind of surprised that another reviewer thought it blew too hard. That's definitely not my experience.
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on January 10, 2013
I could not wait a minute longer to write a review for this blow dryer. My hair is still warm.

You know that feeling when you meet that special guy/gal and you know as soon as the first date is over...your life will never be the same...well, here he/she is.
When I'm talking life changing, I don't mean just mean--Wow my hair is so shiny!- or --Gee, that didn't take very long to dry-- NO! I'm talking- I may be able to grow my hair out past my collarbone without dreading every lackluster, 1.5hr, sweaty, drying session. Followed by another sweltering pattern of Section. Brush. Straighten. Repeat. (flat ironing)
I'm talking---- Wait for it...BANGS. I am actually contemplating it.
I will actually go as so far to say I will be showering in the morning and I won't just let it curl on it's on or walk around with a curl turban while I get the kids ready for school.
I WILL BE A NORMAL PERSON!!! You know, the ones that wake up, shower, dry AND style their hair, put on makeup, and have coffee with there sit-down breakfast completed with a gerber daisy in a bud vase...well, you get my point.

Hair type- super thick (has to be ponytailed with 2 of the thick hair ties) and ringlet curly, medium length. Ropes for pigtails.
Previous drying experience- 1- 1.5 hrs and sweaty ( see above) Sectioning- Must. Flat iron- required in order to not resemble a ferocious feline.
New drying experience- 30 min tops. My looks like if have completed the entire usual 2 hr regimen, but with an additional drenching of shine.

Answers to some of the previously discussed "Cons"-
**Heavy-- Well, yeah, it's made well and it sounds and performs like a jet engine. But if you are 85 years old I wouldn't suggest it.
**Concentrator Attachment-- Mine never popped off and I used it for 30min on High. Also, thanks to my intense research on this product and my run in with a pot handle when I was 8 years old I learned that equipment that can evaporate water are generally not a great idea to touch when being used. If you would so wish to adjust your attachment angle at anytime turn it on the cold shot for about 30 seconds or so and, like magic, it is able to be handled. If you think that waiting for that long for it cool will hinder your hairs awesome sleekness, a few runs on the hot setting will put your hair right back in place.
**Volume Sucker-- I would not suggest this dryer for anyone with fine hair. It's will cut your volume in half, that's why us "top-heavy" ladies like it so much. We can go from light socket to Cher straight in half the time. If you are grasping for every ounce of volume you can get I would say pass on this. But I bet you could use an old 80s trick and use this baby to blow dry upside down..that would be interesting..or just tease it like a us good-ole Southerners :) Guilty as charged! :)
**Suggestions-- buy heat protector spray, a round brush, and dim the lights

The usual:
Arrive quickly and was exactly as pictured and worked when I turned it on.

In Conclusion: Stop reading reviews. BUY IT! You're welcome.
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on September 15, 2009
Great product. A little on the heavy side and the switches are in a bad spot, but what the dryer does with my hair is awesome and I'm very happy with it.
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on February 16, 2016
I've had this blow dryer for a little over a year and I love it! The power is excellent and in my opinion, it is more powerful than the super expensive dryers such as the T3.

Before this dryer, I had an old T3, which I also loved. When that dryer finally died, I just purchased another T3 since the first one I had was amazing. Not the case with the new T3. It was heavy and was definitely lacking in the power department. Going back and reading reviews, I noted that other buyers were also noticing the change in quality in the new T3 models. So, I started to research and found the affordable BaByliss Pro and I'm so glad I did! It is strong, not too heavy, and very durable. When I'm done using it, I wrap up the cord and literally throw it under my sink and this dryer has definitely held up! Of course, I did scuff up some of the edges because of my tossing it around, but there has been no operation issues because of this :)

I highly recommend this dryer. I can't tell you how important it is to spend a little extra money to get a dryer with strong power. It cuts your drying time in half and makes such a difference in the over all smoothness of your hair!

PICTURE: Dryer shown. Excuse my doggie. He follows me around the house ;)
review image
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on February 26, 2015
Ordered this on Tuesday and got it Thursday. I just used this dryer for the first time, I am amazed! It usually takes me 20 minutes to dry my hair and when done its wavy all over, with this dryer, it was completely dry in 10 minutes and straight. I have fine hair on the sides but the back is thick and wavy. It was so much easier to style my hair and didn't take as long to straighten and smooth it with the straightening iron, since I didn't have all the wave's to deal with. I wish I knew about this dryer year's ago. My hair stylist uses a Babyliss dryer and she put me on to it. I'm so glad she did and even happier to find it on Amazon for such a good price. Thank's !!
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on July 17, 2015
I read all of the reviews before purchasing this hair dryer on July 11, 2014. I have NEVER spent this much for a hair dryer. Most of my purchases are of the drug store variety. I was so excited when I first used the BaBylissPro 2800. It worked great for almost a full year. But like other reviews have stated, the heat stopped working this morning. It still works, it just blows cold air. I am so disappointed! All of my drug store hair dryers have lasted at least two years or more. In fact, I had to finish drying my hair this morning with my old Revlon hairdryer that still works. It just goes to show paying more money for something doesn't guarantee a good product. I do not recommend this hairdryer.
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on October 2, 2013
So I have been using the same Vidal Sassoon dryer for at least 8 years. I have been impressed with how long it has lasted. However, lately, it just smells like burning and finally is giving up the ghost. It was 2000W, it was "ionic." It was shooting sparks out at me.
So I bought this one based on the reviews.

Normally when I am ready to dry my hair, I turn on the ceiling fan and jack up the a/c in that part of the house. The heat makes me sweat and I have to do it in bursts. I also turn on my hair straightener, as I will have to calm my mane once it's dry.

Uh, so I went in and used this dryer with the same protocol. 4 minutes later, my hair was dry. I was not sweating in the least. I didn't have to use my flat iron. I walked back out and my family said (not looking up), "Hey! Weren't you gonna go dry your hair?"

I am so sold. Nice job.
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on November 23, 2015
For those that have thin and fine hair, this product is great. In the past I would purchase the 15.00 blow dryers from your local retail store, but they never lasted and always made my hair feel dried out and frizzy. This would cause me to have to flat iron my hair. With the Baby Pro, I don't have to worry about that. My hair feels as good as it does when I leave the hair salon, soft and silky. I now use it on my two year old's hair and it works great. The low and warm settings are great for their tender and sensitive heads. Highly recommend this product.
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on July 23, 2007
My hair dresser uses this dryer and I loved it. I found a very good price for it on Amazon. The time I spend drying my hair every morning has been cut in half.
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