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on September 1, 2011
I have been a faithful Maxiglide Hair Straightener user for over 4 years. As much as I love Maxiglide, with 2 broken hair irons & working on a tight budget, I'd finally had enough. Scanning through reviews here and Folica for something similar, BB seemed a good fit. It had almost the same features like steam & comb, a must have for me. The price here on Amazon sounded too good to be true for what I would normally pay for MG . Now that I have been using BB for over a month & if I were to break it down what got me hooked with Babybliss Vs Maxiglide;

very lightweight (MG is lot heavier on the hand)
glides over hair easily and doesn't pull hair with it (MG takes out a lot of hair )
finish styling my long hair halfway down my back under 15 mins (with MG it would take longer because it's heavier on the hand & i have to go over several times to perfect it)
ready in seconds, literally (MG flashes blue after a minute or so, not bad)
less split ends (had tons with MG,even with Biosilk)
shinier,smoother hair, lasts longer (frequent touch ups with MG)
retractable comb,constant & tolerable steam (MG needs to switch plates & push button for steam, which i accidentally push & burn myself)
water reservoir is enough for two uses ( with MG I would refill with every use - not a bad feature though)
easy to clean the plates,just wipe it down (MG comb plates gets messy with hair and stuff sticks to the root of the plate, I end up cleaning with a toothbrush.)
costs much less $49.95 with Free S/H (MG is pricey! well over $100 plus shipping for XP model. need I say why I'm broke?)
The price on Amazon fluctuate often, I would watch it and buy it at the lowest price for more savings.

For someone who's been using Maxiglide for years, I have to say I'm very impressed with BB, and would highly recommend.
I haven't been able to find comparable reviews on the two, so I wanted do it myself for someone else. If you were wondering why I took away a star, it gets really hot in seconds, you could feel the heat on your palms with 20-25 setting. so there's always room for improvement.

UPDATE 11/24/12
While I'm still very happy with my purchase , I just want to clarify about the retractable COMB feature. If you're a Maxiglide user, you're probably used to a switchable comb plate with well defined teeth. Babybliss has a on/off switch which controls the retractable comb function. It does NOT have well defined teeth or narrow pointed teeth as Maxiglide would but rather a row of round edged
teeth running down middle of the plate. The lack of narrow pointed comb teeth has not been a big issue for me, I still love and use it on a regular basis.

UPDATE 06/25/13
I'm a girl blessed with frizz prone hair at the slightest chance of humidity and getting it to behave to my standards especially in texas summer is a challenge itself. I wash hair with any regular (inexpensive) shampoo and follow up with infusium 23 conditioner and let air dry overnight. I would do my hair next morning with BB and I can't believe it's the same hair from the day before. I swear by it. For all the girls who left nice comments, I am just happy to help, thank you.

UPDATE 05/20/14
Still going strong. A few drops of water escape from the reservoir at times but have had no effect on the overall functionality. Along with the regular use (every other day ), switching to coconut oil & henna color have spared me split ends and a lot less frizz action.

UPDATE 02/09/16
after many years of careful regular use, the top plate got loose on one side and dangles when I pick it up. Although it still works just fine, it now snags hair and so sadly I had to stop using it. waiting for it be in stock and price drop. wondering if I should pursue You Tube's DIY repairs with heat resistance glue (JB Weld) in the mean time. keep you guys posted.

UPDATE 02/12/16
happy to report it's back in business! glue actually held up really well and I see no difference in performance - works like new. phew saved me some money!
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on March 11, 2011
I was trying to find a straightener that wasn't going to damage my hair or break my bank. This straightener is AMAZING!!! It got my hair straight with only one pass. It felt sooo soft and look soo shiny! This is what I have been searching for. I had a Chi and a Babyliss Titanium Pro before and they either burnt my hair or took forever to straighten. Not anymore! It used to take me 45 minutes or more to straighten my hair, now it only takes me 25 to 30. If you are an African American with thick natural hair this is a must have! My hair is medium length, natural, and really thick. People think I have a relaxer after using this, but I never use chemical on my hair. A++++
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on July 16, 2012
Baby - the buck stops here. I have 4c afro kinky hair that doesn't even have a true curl pattern--more of a z pattern. I'm totally natural with about 7 inches of hair. When it's wet, it goes to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch, so major major shrinkage. So I don't speak lightly when I say this flatiron is the end all for me. I get results as good or better than the Dominican Salon, and that's no small feat. Plus I get the added bonus of retouching when I sweat from workouts or hot muggy Georgia days.

Now for the negatives. Although I didn't experience the broken water chambers as some, I can say my chamber doesn't really empty. Babyliss provides a spare so I even swapped chambers just to be sure. If I want steam, I really just have to pump the inner button a few times each section of hair. The steam really does make a difference in my hair's pliability, but I don't always remember to use it for every section. I've used the iron ten different times without running out of water in the chamber. I know that's not good since the instructions indicate the chamber should empty in about 20 minutes on its own. If it were a big deal, I'd return it.

The coating seems to be peeling off one corner, and it seems a bit early for that. We will see if it affects the outcome, but for now I am so wowed by results. After people see my hair (or my daughter, niece or other recent client), they are slowly trying to adopt me as their new stylist. Funny.

For max results with tightly curled or kinky hair, I use a double-sided brush (think alligator brush--on Amazon it's the Scalpmaster ceramic thermal hair straightener) that clamps down on the hair. After detangling a small section, I clamp the alligator brush to add tension with my non-dominant hand, then chase the brush all the way down the strand with the flatiron, keeping tension all the way down. This helps you avoid kinky or frizzy ends that are resistant to straighten. One to two passes on each section is more than enough. Happy purchasing!
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on February 28, 2011
Words cannot express how much I love this flat iron. After using flat irons that burned my hair, even with heat protection spray, I thought I would opt for more expensive ones. I looked around and BaByliss was recommened as well as Chi, but I thought I would try this brand because someone said it was a little easier on the hair. Also, someone else said to get nano titanium irons because theyre the new ceramic, and tourmaline is good for the hair, so I narrowed it down that way. I decided to go steam because it sounded interesting, though it also sounded counterproductive to me haha. I have African American 4c/4b mixed hair, so I thought it might make my hair frizzy, but on the contrary, my hair has never looked better! I love this flat iron because it moisturizes and it locks it in from the heat. I also like how the plates air long, so I can grab a lot of hair, and even in one pass they are straight. I consciously limit myself to one pass because I dont want to damage my hair, but even if I didnt, I wouldnt need the 2nd pass. The cord is really long, the water compartment loads easily, and all the buttons are well places so Im not turning anything on and off or moving things around. This flat iron can get very hot, but I only go up to 35 because thats all it takes for my thick unruly African American hair. Also, I use it without the steam for quick touch ups, which are really few and far between. So far, Ive only flat ironed my hair twice a week, because theyre not lying when they say with the steam irons, the process lasts 30% longer. I'm so happy with this flat iron, I dont see how the chi can do any better, but if I find it does, Id still recommend the steam irons, and specifically, this one!
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on April 7, 2010
As a top hairstylist/make-up artist I want nothing but the best tools this industry has to offer. I have used some of the top brands for flat irons this one has been the best I've used in 9 years. I'm not one for writing reviews unless its something I feel strongly about so I just had to share my opinion! The Babyliss Pro TT products have not let me down yet!
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on September 25, 2012
I had an original 2" Maxiglide flatiron for several years and swore by it. I recommended it to everyone when the subject of flatironing came up. I was preaching the gospel, seriously. Perfect flatiron. Didn't damage my hair, made it stick straight and glossy in one pass, I loved it. LOVED it.

Unfortunately, about 4 years after I got mine I took it to Germany and despite using a voltage converter, fried it so hard it blew the circuit in the hotel bathroom. I was SO BUMMED. Within a day or two of coming back to the states I went to order a replacement only to find that they didn't make the 2" version anymore. :( Okay, so I bought the 1.5" version. The swivel cord was great. I was happy.

About a year later, it stopped working; it would turn on, start to heat up, then turn off after about 15 seconds. Again, SO BUMMED. Went to the website to order another one and... what? Not available? And they're how much on that other auction site? People asking hundreds of dollars for them? Huh? What?

It's been a few months, I just checked, and they are still not available. Not sure what the deal is, but if you want one, you're S.O.L. as of this writing.

Anyway, I did a lot of research and found that this came closest to the features of the Maxiglide. It has steam, it has a comb in the plate (sort of)... so I ordered it. It's no Maxiglide, but it beats the hell out of the Chi I tried in the meantime. I have to have the "comb" all the way out, and it tends to spit water, but it will get my hair pretty straight in a fairly short amount of time. It's the closest I could find to the Maxiglide.

Maybe some day they'll start production on that again but until then, this works pretty well.
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on April 21, 2013
African American 4B/4C hair with severe shrinkage upon contact of of any liquid form. This flat iron is Amazing! I was a Maxiglide user and abuser for several years it finally broke down and the company no longer makes the XL addition ( large 2 inch plates). However, I considered this a blessing because I have discovered the flat irons of all flat irons the Babyliss steam straightener. It work well on natural hair textures. This particular flat iron does not snag or pull on the hair strands. I do not write testimonials, but I thought it would be the right thing to do because many testimonials persuaded me to make this very needed purchase. Look guys if you don't like it you can always return it! My daughter and I are very pleased with the results and the performance of this exceptional flat iron. Better than the Maxiglide by a mile.
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on July 23, 2013
My hair purposely find humidity in the air and absorbs it so that no matter how much I try I cannot keep it straight in the summer. These irons were amazing! Pin straight hair with one pass and it lasted for days! I have 3C/4a/4b hairtypes. Didn't need oil or anything on my hair during straightening, the steam was plenty moisturizing.
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on March 2, 2013
I'm African American with natural (course) hair. I used this for the first time last night and my hair was shinier and softer than it has EVER been! I did not have any product other than a leave-in conditioner/heat protectant and yet my hair shined. I love this flat iron so much that if it broke, I'd buy the exact some one over again. For real.
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on September 4, 2012
I have purchased several straighteners in the past 10 years, and this was BY FAR the best one I've used! It cut my straightening time almost in half and my hair stayed smooth and shiney all day! However, it only lasted 9 months! I don't expect them to last forever, and I know I didn't pay a fortune for it, but $80 isn't cheap, either! I expected it to last at least two years! But it got to where the water would drip out of the iron and burn the heck out of my neck or shoulders. I thought it was because it was stopped up, so I cleaned the blades, but I soon realized that it was because the iron wasn't heating up enough to make steam. So, I quit using the steam and just used it as a basic straigtener, but then it stopped heating up enough for even that! I don't feel like I got my money's worth out of this iron at all!
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