Customer Reviews: Babe & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
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on July 3, 2013
I was looking for a book to use in my fifth grade classroom at school as a part of our reading curriculum. This was a recommended book, so I began reading it. At first, I loved the book! It is well written, witty, and right on grade level for my fifth graders. Then I turned the page to read how the main character sees Joe Jackson's wife naked. This happens more than once, and is not going to fit as a read-aloud book with fifth grade boys. Crude words for going to the bathroom and a reference to the main character in just his underwear are other reasons I can not completely recommend this book. It had such potential, but I feel the negative inclusions in the story have ruled it out of my thoughts for using it. Sad.
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on May 8, 2003
Baseball fans here comes a new hit! It's called Babe and Me and it's got baseball, time-travel, and mystery all rolled into one. This novel is about a boy named Joe Stoshack and his Dad. They live in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1990s. This pair are big Babe Ruth fans, and like most other fans, they are DYING to know if he did call his famous home run on October 1, 1932. Unlike others, they have a secret. Joe can travel to any time on a baseball card by holding the card for 30 seconds! So they travel back to the Depression and watch the famous game.
This novel has a moral too. Joe learns tht behind the glory, Babe's life isn't perfect like you'd think it would be. He has troubles like any average person.
So if you like baseball, fantasy, or even history, read Babe and Me. It's a novel most baseball fans won't want to miss.
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on January 31, 2015
I bought and read this because of one review that seemed to tarnish the 8year old just started reading series and a negative review was brought to my attention by another mom, who hadn't introduced these books to her kids yet because of it. Yes, the main character does see a grown woman naked (accidentally) and he is in his underwear and that's that. Personally, I did n't see the point and found it extraneous, but it wasn't focused on and I can only assume was included for humor? The target audience is 10-13 year old boys after all. I can only just see her hesitancy to include in a CLASSROOM library, only just, but it's not worth disregarding the entire series over. Kids today see much more lewd humor in primetime sitcoms for sure. I should also note that I did n't notice a single reference to using the bathroom at all...not one. Overall, these are quick, entertaining reads for kids and whether it's the baseball or the history or the time-travel angle that grabs your reader, if it gets and keeps them reading; get these books!
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In this third book of the time travel series, young Joe Stoshack touches Babe Ruth's 1932 baseball card, and journeys back to Wrigley Field in 1932. His goal is to see whether Ruth really did "call his shot," that is, point to the outfield stands just prior to hitting a home run there. Joe's angry, divorced, recently laid-off father sees the trip as a money-making opportunity (by betting on know outcomes, accruing 70 years of interest, and obtaining Ruth-autographed baseballs to sell when they return to the present).
This well-written book will appeal to all baseball fans, especially its audience of kids around 7 to 12 years. Gutman obviously loves the game and its lore, and he vividly recreates 1932 Chicago. It's a very good history as well as sports book, as Gutman describes (aided by newspaper clippings and photos) such topics as segregation, the Depression, and the arrival of German Fascism. At times, Gutman is a little too sentimental, especially when describing the eventual (and predictable) family rapprochement, and there's a somewhat simplistic nod to the Holocaust.
The main appeal is its depiction of early baseball and the larger-than-life character of the Babe.
Although Gutman exaggerates some of Ruth's grandiosity (which the author points out in an afterward), most of the book is factual. Gutman's researched his subject with sources such as the Society for American Baseball Research and the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Baseball Center. There's also a terrific section featuring contemporaries' opinions on the called shot, and a 2-page summary of Ruth's batting and pitching stats. These are inspired ideas, that, again, show Gutman's skillful weaving of fiction and fact.
This book offers much more than the usual sports fiction for kids. The family dynamics, the historical references, and the awesome presence of the Babe, Lou Gerhrig and other Hall of Famers are a winning combination.
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on November 3, 2003
Shoeless Joe Jackson and Me is a great book written by Dan Gutman. It is a story about a boy named Stosh who can travel back into time using baseball cards. He learns the story about the White Sox scandal with 9 players who got kicked out of baseball for throwing the World Series. He tries to go back into time to the 1920's and stop Shoeless Joe Jackson player for the Chicago White Sox, from throwing the World Series. This book has great detail and really shows how it was in the 1920's. This is a great time travel book, and I would recommend this book to any one that likes a good thrill. You might know some other books written by Dan Gutman, like Honus and Me, Jackie and Me, and Babe and Me . I hope you check out some of the other great books that Dan Gutman has written.
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on April 7, 2013
My son absolutely loves these books especially Babe & Me because Babe Ruth is his baseball hero. It's hard to believe that a man that died in the 1940's is still a main baseball hero to so many! Rest in peace Babe!
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on February 21, 2014
Nobody knows for sure if Babe really called his shot in the third game of the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field. That's why Stosh goes back in time to find out. There's a poor quality home movie of the event, in which it looks to me like he calls it, but then again I wasn't there. You won't know for sure by reading this book, either. But you will learn a bunch of stuff about 1932, Wrigley Field, and of course Babe Ruth. An interesting character who you probably didn't want to ride in a car with, at least not if he was driving. Another excellent story from an excellent storyteller. Buy it, you'll like it!
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on March 3, 2014
My grandson loves these series by Dan Gutman. He continues to read these books and wants more. I think he is almost through with this series. However, I keep looking and buying them for him. IF you have a young boy between the age of 9 years to 13, you should buy a couple and see how they like them. Lynda Miller
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The idea of traveling back in time to meet Babe Ruth is certainly a neat idea, especially if the goal is to find out whether the Babe really did call his shot in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series against the cubs. Author Dan Gutman does work into the fuzzy home movie someone found a few years ago of Ruth at the plate gesturing (apparently towards the Cubs dugout on the third base side rather than to the centerfield bleachers), but that does not take away from the fun. "Babe & Me" is the fourth of Gutman's Baseball Card Adventures involving Joe Stoshack, who has discovered that when he holds an old baseball card in his hand he can travel back in time. This first happened with the infamous 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner card, the most valuable baseball card in the world. Joe has also gone back to visit Jackie Robinson and Shoeless Joe Jackson.
However, what proves to be interesting about this book is that Gutman provides some interesting layers. Joe's parents are divorced and when his father loses his job and wants to take back the 1932 Babe Ruth card he gave his son, Joe comes up with the idea of going back to 1932 and picking up some cards to bring back and make money. Joe's father will be going back as well and has in mind pretty much every scheme you could imagine involving time travel to 1932 to visit Babe Ruth. But this book is about more than baseball, because 1932 is the height of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt is running for president, and Germany is about to make Adolf Hitler chancellor. Gutman takes pains to get both the period and the personality of Babe Ruth right. In both regards, he does a fine job and the issues that exist between Joe and his father also make this more than just some cute time travel story.
In fact, the only thing that seems to be missing from the main event is that the Babe and the other Yankees were upset that former teammate Mark Koenig was getting a raw deal from the Cubs regarding his World Series share. If I remember correctly, that was the main reason that Babe and the Cubs were going back and forth during the first half of that game on October 1, 1932. Did Babe Ruth call the shot or not? Well, if you have ever seen "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" then you know what the newspaper editor said about what happens when truth contradicts legend. Gutman covers all the bases by including a section at the end of his book that includes quotes from 20 people who were there (including Koenig) as to what they think happened. "Babe & Me" is an entertaining and thoughtful book, which is going to teach kids as much about the times in 1932 as it will about the Babe and his called shot.
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on January 20, 2013
I never had baseball cards but enjoyed the games before they got so commercialized. I admired the boy's desire to do the right thing and I admired the author for striving for authenticity. I'm glad he didn't use that $20! Would probably had a hard time explaining a new bill! I will read more of the baseball card books.
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