Customer Reviews: Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, White/Grey
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on March 8, 2012
I loved this product for about 4.5 months! I used it to make batches of organic baby food several times each month and loved how easy it was to make healthy food for my daughter. Occasionally I would notice dark particles in the lighter colored foods that I would make and just thought I was seeing bits of the skin from potatoes or carrots that I didn't peel with the greatest of care. Two weeks ago, I noted a larger speck in the potatoes I was feeding my daughter and pulled it out. It looked like a metallic flake. I began to examine the machine and discovered that the interior coating of the water reservoir had begun to bubble up and was flaking off along the bottom of the tank! I contacted the company asking for the chemical composition of the coating so that I may have my daughter tested, as I had no idea how much of this coating she had ingested over how long a period. The company representative first said that there was no coating and that the tank was ceramic, so what I noted MUST be limescale build-up. I am not unfamiliar with limescale, and absolutely know that THIS is not mineral deposits, but the actual darkish grey, metallic coating (underneath where the grey has flaked off, the reservoir is black). I took pictures to send the company and spoke with other company representatives who finally admitted that yes, there WAS a coating and said they thought it was silicon-based over aluminum. I asked again for the name of the compound and/ or the chemical make-up so that I could have my daughter appropriately examined. They agreed to contact the company in China and get that information. They called back days later and said that the Chinese company sent a letter saying that the "silver coating" was tested and FDA approved. That's it. I asked AGAIN for the chemical composition, and was told that it would take an additional 3 days to get it. In three days, they called me back and said that the coating was a silicone material approved for food contact. In other words, they reiterated EXACTLY THE SAME THING that they told me previously. This company is STILL refusing to disclose what the interior reservoir is coated with and it has been two weeks since my initial request with them.

The company claims that they have never received a complaint like this, so if anyone else out there has had this issue, I suggest that you contact Baby Brezza (1-888-396-6552) and let them know so that they can possibly recall this unsafe product. The lot number on the bottom of my machine is WSI-030.

Conclusion: Though this is a great idea and saves you some time and hassle in the kitchen, I recommend skipping it and making your child's food the old fashioned way - steam it on the stove!
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on January 23, 2013
I purchased the this product in 2011 i only used it for about a year and put it away i recently pulled it out to give to my friend who has a baby when i went to rinse out the inside of it i noticed the enamel was flaked off, i looked more on the inside and also it was flaking off on the one side of the wall, now i did not notice this when i put it away i really never looked inside of it when i did use it. I called up the company and told them and they said it could be mineral deposits and i said no way it is black and i put my finger inside and wiped and there was silver flakes on my finger, they asked me to send them a picture and so i did within five minuets a manager calls me and tells me he is sorry but my warranty is over the one year limit, i said i did not care about the warranty or a replacement i said this is a problem there is the enamel paint flaking off where i put the water that goes in the baby food and this could be a problem he said no they do extensive testing and dont have this problem and that he is sending me a base that they have out of good gesture i said fine send me a base but this is a problem that i am sure will not be looked into. So i am informing all who have purchased this look inside with a flash light and make sure it is not flaking like mine.
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on June 5, 2011
While I was waiting for my order to arrive, I used a steamer and a handmixer to make food for my baby. This was a pretty easy, hard to mess up process and I started having doubts whether or not I really needed a Baby Food Maker. Boy, was I wrong! The Baby Brezza saves me so much time!
1. it steams faster than a regular steamer (I think it's because the space is so compact, the steam gets right to the veggies/fruits)
2. I don't have to be around the kitchen after I fill up the container. Just set the time and walk away! And wait for the beeping sound. With the regular steamer, you'll have to set a timer or keep coming back regularly to the kitchen to check if the food is ready.
3. The machine itself can automatically blend the food for you. Once again, you don't have to be around the kitchen after the food is steamed. Just stay away and wait for the beeping sound. With a regular steamer, the food has to be moved to the measuring cup before you can blend it with the handmixer (and wait for it to cool down).

The accessories work perfectly along with the product. The machine is very easy to operate. I couldn't have asked for more...I'm happy!

Yes, a regular steamer and handmixer can do the job too, but if you appreciate the freedom of not having to monitor the food being steamed or blend, buy the Baby Brezza!
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on February 21, 2015
Water reservoir coated with what is probably aluminum oxide powder in a brand new unit that has never been used. It has never even had water in it. Since this was a gift we received months ago, it cannot be returned. We are unwilling to experiment on our baby and will try to contact the manufacturer
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on August 26, 2013
Like another reviewer mentioned, this product may be a health hazard--the water reservoir for the steamer has a coating that flakes off and smells metallic after a few uses. This is DEFINITELY your run-of-the-mill mineral deposit or limescale. This is the coating of the reservoir that is coming off. Another reviewer has already posted a picture of the issue and I have just posted one as well. If you already own the Brezza, I would advise that you inspect your water reservoir closely. If you're considering purchasing one, I would steer clear.
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on September 23, 2011
I am not the main chef in our household. My husband enjoys cooking whereas my comfort zone is being the clean-up crew(washing dishes, storing leftovers away). Don't get me wrong, there are a few occasions where I will prepare a decent meal but for the most part, I'm normally in the background when it comes to the kitchen.

With our first child, I made a feeble attempt at making my own baby food. I roasted a butternut squash in the oven, steamed a couple of vegetables then used a food processor for blending. I was excited about making my own baby food for about two weeks tops. For me, it took so much time and a lot of clean-up afterwards that I ended up purchasing ready-made baby food.

With our second child, I decided I wanted another go at making baby food. Since I already (unsuccessfully)tried making food by steaming/baking and blending separately, I realized it made sense for me to purchase a baby food maker. I narrowed it down to Beaba and Baby Brezza. I chose the Baby Brezza after reading the reviews for both on Amazon.

I love the Baby Brezza. Since my daughter turned 6 months, I've prepared: green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, chicken breast, sweet peas, pears, apples, peaches and prunes. And she is 7.5 months. Yes, I know that I've only been using it for a month and a half but the point is, I have used it every four days (the recommended time for babies to be introduced to new food) and I see myself using it until she can eat food that actually looks the way it should. It's super easy to use. You chop up the food in small 1/4 cuts, pour water into the reservoir, transfer the food into the container, decide whether you want to steam only or steam + blend, select the length of steam time and press START.

The clean-up is pretty easy. I let the blade soak in warm, soapy water while I clean the container. I also drain the water out of the reservoir and leave the cap on the reservoir open so as to let the inside of the reservoir air dry. It takes about a day out on our kitchen counter to be completely bone dry inside the reservoir. For people concerned about mold, if you dry your reservoir completely, you have no worries. Food occasionally sticks on the blades but I use a short small bottle brush to thoroughly get in between the blades.

My only (minor) complaint would be the blending noise. My husband and I don't mind it, my 3.5 year old son doesn't mind it, but my 7.5 month daughter gets a bit spooked. But, seriously, the instrument is blending. It's doing its job. It's a strong motor that purees fruits/vegetables/meat to a homogenous consistency. I don't blame the maker but I just want to throw that out there for people that have noise-sensitive babies.

*FYI, the optional items really aren't necessary. The cutting board? Really, just use your hands and scoop the vegetable/fruit/meat into the collection carafe. The spatula? I'm sure you can find a baking spatula in your utensil drawer.

**FYI again, I use little BPA-free storage cubes to store the blended foods in the freezer. For me, it's a lot easier to use than ice cube trays.
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on December 29, 2011
Update - Feb 27, 2012
The product worked fine for about 6 weeks. In the last two weeks we have had issues where the device wouldn't steam intermittently. Everything was done exactly the same way. No user error. Then finally last week it seems the bearings (I think they have bearing) in the center colum broke. The underside of the Baby brezza is dark - presumably from the grease in the bearings. The device would steam, but the blade would not spin.
Then today, it stopped steaming as well. About to send the product back. Had nothing but problems with this since we got it. $100 just wasted. Wouldn't recommend it. Extrememly frustrating when at the last minute you have to figure out some other way to feed your kid. Products like this need to work, and work well. They are after all for children and will be used everyday! Not sure what kind of quality control this company has.

(update after a couple of weeks of use)
The product does work well. Yes there are some lumps but if you manually hit the blend button for a bit longer you can get a very smooth puree for your child.
The one other issue I have found is that the blade is a bit difficult to take off. I have to pull it quite hard 40% of the time - hard enought that I though I was going to break the plastic. My wife felt the same way. So my rating of 3 stars don't change, however it is stable and good product and we do use it daily.

Overall the product works. However I did have one major problem. The first time I tried to use the product, it would steam, and the motor would turn on but the blade wouldn't spin. I called up Baby Brezza and it turns out they had a manufacturing issue where the belt had slipped off the cog for the blade. They knew about the issue and immediately told me to remove the 5 screws from the bottom, remove the cover and slip the belt onto the cog. All in all, it was easy to do and took all but 5 minutes. However, the fact that you get a product that would not work right out the box was a huge dissapointment and my wife was really frustrated.
On the plus side, the lady at Baby Brezza did know the issue and was able to get me going right away. First time I have had success with customer service with any company.
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on August 9, 2013
I had high hopes for this products & did a lot of research before purchasing it. It broke just after 2 weeks of use and I found plastic shards of food in our baby's sweet potato puree! I think it was due to the blade not lining up with the connecter, but that should be something the company thought through better to keep babies safe. It was too easy to happen.

Obviously, this totally freaked me out, so I boxed it up to return it and it's still sitting in our kitchen. I really wish I would have returned this sooner. Save your money and find a safer product for your baby's meals.
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on November 9, 2012
I always research reviews on products before I buy something but this was a gift. I was excited to use it but disappointed really quickly to find that the blender did not work, brand new out of the box. I struggled with it for a while, read the manual and then called the company. I never got a response from Brezza so I turned to Amazon to see if others had the same issue. Sure enough, a ton of people have one with a broken blender! I did find the "fix" to the issue posted here...thank you. I was able to take the machine apart by removing the five screws on the bottom. Then I pulled the belt back over the pully gear thing and put the machine back together. It now works but I am still unhappy that Brezza is aware of the issue and not addressing it or returning phone calls. I have not tried the steamer yet I will update when I do.
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on January 24, 2012
I gave this four stars because once I got it to work it was wonderful. Does everything it says it does and is very handy to have. BUT the problem was the same thing as everyone else, no drive shaft turning. I also took it apart (easy) and just attached the belt to the gear and it works like a charm. It's just too bad that they are losing customers because of some tiny malfunction because it is a BIG timesaver.. You would think they would try to fix the problem instead of letting their customers do it for them. If I hadn't read the review on how to fix it I would have been VERY dissatisfied with this. So I guess if you don't feel like taking a fifty fifty chance of it not working and don't want to have to fix something that is brand new, don't buy the baby Brezza.

OK, now for an update. I've had this thing for about three months now and I use it about twice a week, maybe for four or five different things a day. Amonth ago I noticed a black liquid coming out of the drive shaft part when I took off the bowl. I have always washed that part by hand and never put it in the dishwasher. I guess this thing just isn't made to do what it's supposed to. Now the drive shaft is completely stuck, it won't turn at all. I also called Baby Brezza and no response. I am majorly P.O.'d. I also overlooked the blade sticking isuue because I just wanted to love this machine so much. But now I know it is truly a piece of junk and I never should have bothered. I fell in love with it because it worked so nicely and made everything so much simpler. I will truly miss you.....tear ;)
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