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on September 25, 2011
First, let me say I was looking forward to start using the baby bullet for my daughter at about 4 months. I knew it was going to be a gimmick, but I figured it looked pretty convenient, and my 4 year old niece saw it and wanted us to get it so she could "help" with making the baby food. It truly is easy enough that a supervised four year old can put the short cup into the unit and turn it on and off.

What is included? (in my set anyway)

Six small containers with date dials and lids
A freezer tray/lid for six servings
A batch bowl for larger batches/blender lid
A short cup for smaller batches and use with the milling blade/storage lid
A milling blade for rice/grains/oatmeal
A regular blade for fruits/veggies/protein
A thin spatula
Power Base
Pocket Nutritionist

At first, using the short cup and regular blade, everything was great. The bullet is easy to use, offers helpful suggestions for different foods for each stage, and VERY easy to clean. The storage system is cute, and the dating on the little storage cups was handy when my daughter wasn't eating as much food each day as she is now. I had thought I had found the perfect baby shower gift for my friends and family from now on. Unfortunately, the bubble burst.

When I tried to use the milling blade, it was obvious pretty quickly that when it had been manufactured the plastic on the side of the blade casing had warped and cracked. This made the milling blade unusable, and tore up the sealing gasket when I did attempt to use it.

I contacted baby bullet for a replacement. They gave me a very difficult time about my proof of purchase, as it had been purchased online. Finally I got them to agree to send me a new milling blade (after receiving a lecture about the gasket causing all the problems... what?), and they insisted I pay $3.99 for shipping to replace the milling blade. Uh... no. We discussed the value of good customer service... and let's just say I didn't pay for shipping for the blade. I did receive it about a week after my last call to them.

Now, shame on me for this... but at the time that happened, I didn't check the rest of the pieces. I was annoyed enough at that point and the runaround I was getting, and it simply didn't occur to me.

My daughter is just shy of seven months, and is eating far more food at a sitting. This morning, I decided to try to use the batch bowl for the first time. As soon as I tried to put the lid on the top of the batch bowl, I knew there was a problem: It wouldn't seal. A quick look, and sure enough, both the lid and batch bowl were warped as the milling blade had been, so the lid cannot possibly connect securely to the bowl. This isn't just annoying - it's dangerous.

They'll be getting ANOTHER call from me tomorrow. If they replace the parts, I will admittedly keep using the bullet. It earned its two stars from being convenient and easy to use when the products are made properly.

Sorry Baby Bullet... but you need to work on quality assurance on the manufacturing lines. If your product arrived in a usable condition, you'd get a four or five star review from this first time mom. But having to fight with customer service to replace what you just didn't care to make correctly the first time? Yeah... I'll take my business elsewhere, and will be instructing my friends and family not to waste their money, no matter how cute and convenient this product may seem.

New Moms: GET A GOOD QUALITY FOOD PROCESSOR AND STORAGE CONTAINERS THAT WORK FOR YOU! Skip this product. There are enough alternatives out there that will meet and exceed your expectations, don't waste your money.

If you do purchase it, check everything immediately, and before you get rid of the box. Test it all out, and if you have a problem, return the whole thing.

***Update 13 October 2011***

The day after this review was posted, and prior to my calling their customer service, I received a call on my cell phone from Baby Bullet Customer Service. We discussed this issue, as well as another I had discovered -after- posting the review: I found that a couple of lids for the dial cups were beginning to show signs of breaking down, i.e. warping (common trend...) and chipping on the inside lip. The CS rep did say that there were some issues with people putting pieces in the dishwasher, and my set had stated it was dishwasher safe (since changed), that was probably the issue? ...all of the bullet pieces I have have been handwashed only, never in the dishwasher. The product I received is just... poor quality.

We also discussed the smell of the motor in the unit that others have mentioned in other reviews, but we agreed that I should wait to have that replaced, as the motorbase is still functioning well.

The woman who contacted me was very pleasant and helpful, and kept our conversation brief, which was appreciated, as I was at work. She stated that I should receive the items (batch bowl and lids) in the mail in 7-10 days. This was September 26th. Yesterday (2 1/2 weeks after I posted the review) I received the package. The batch bowl as promised, and... TWO dial CUPS. No dial cup LIDS. Sigh. Two of my lids have broken down thus far, it's only a matter of time before more do. I suppose I'll have to wait AGAIN for the two that they've decided I'm allotted this time around, and then as I notice the others break down, contact them and wait an additional two weeks per lid for the replacements?

I will say that it's very clear the quality of the product has improved significantly from my set to the new product; the plastic of the batch bowl is firmer, and is more clear; so some quality issues have been addressed between the production of my set and the production of the replacement parts that were sent. I'd really just like to be able to trust this product and have a set that is safe and... works?

I sent off an email a few minutes ago, and am hoping this is resolved quickly. By the time I have a fully functioning set, my daughter will have outgrown the product.

***Update 7 November 2011***

Emails with Baby Bullet resulted in my receiving four new lids, in two different shipments, a few days after the emails were sent. But, as predicted... my 8 month old daughter no longer wants anything to do with most pureed or blended food. AWESOME.

At least I have serving-size containers to store her chopped & cooked food?

I now have a pretty applesauce and sweet potato maker.
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on July 24, 2011
I normally don't write reviews, but there weren't any for this product and being a first time mom myself, I want to make sure someone finds mine very imformative.
So far, I enjoy using my baby magic bullet. I was contemplating between this product and the Baby Baeba and I am so glad I saved the extra money! (I went to Buybuy Baby and used the 20% coupon so 20% off of $59.95 is such a deal!) Granted, the Baeba is also a steamer, but I can steam my own food...the extra step is not a big deal to me as it may be for others. Besides, it's not like you have to use a huge pot...just a medium saucepan is suffice for a whole batch. The only precautions are:
1. Make sure you screw on the base very tightly. I must have not, and the bottom leaked into the actually blender. I didn't wipe it up right away and it dried up in the push-down mechanism of the blender causing it to stick easily. There are 3 "push-down mechanisms" along the rim of the bullet and the problem with it sticking is that, obviously, when you want to stop blending and let go, it can still keep blending until the "push down mechanism" slowly rises up. I just had to clean it up by using a screwdriver to push it up and down until it was "sticky free" again and now it works like new again! (I made sure it was unplugged of course while cleaning).

2. Make sure you DO NOT fill past the max line. There is not a line drawn out, but I must have overfilled it past this imaginary line and when I started to blend with the lid on, it initially spewed out the spout and the sides. this can be bad if the food is still hot. Therefore, I just made sure to wait until the food was cooled down. OR, just make sure you cut the food into small pieces (1/2" x 1/2"). I think when I cut the sweet potato, I sliced them thin rather than cubing them and perhaps that made the blades easier to cut through and causing higher speeds? I'm not sure, but cubing them worked without having to wait for it to cool down. I had a dishcloth over the top too, in case it spewed out.

FYI, for all the 1 stage food babies, make sure you strain the puree before feeding your baby. My pediatrician recommended that to me and I'm glad she did. At first, I didn't think I needed to strain it because the puree looked so smooth and perfect, but low and behold, when I did, there were strings from the pear or parts of the apple core that I though I cut out were filtered out with the strainer. (I used a small metal strainer, the kind you use to sift flour).

One last thing, although it does say that it is TOP RACK dishwasher safe, I haven't tried cleaning these in the dishwasher yet because of fear that my dishwasher will leave soapy residue as it typically does with my tupperware. Perhaps the other reviewer that complained of the materials being cheap, put their components on the bottom rack and that's why it melted? I just pre-rinse them as I put them in the sink so it's not difficult to wash.

Overall, I love this thing and I have fun making my daughter's food. She's been eating solids since 4 months and she eats all of it! I'm going to see if they sell the rubber tray separately so I can freeze more at one time.
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on September 4, 2012
This product is a danger to babies. Last night, I used the Baby Bullet for the second time. I had just blended some avocado to feed my little one. When I opened the blade cap, I noticed that the plastic O ring had come loose from the cap. Then I noticed that a piece of the O ring was missing. I then fished through the blended avocado and started to find little plastic bits buried in it! If I hadn't noticed the loose O ring, I could have easliy fed my baby bits of plastic! This is horrifying to me! This product is not only cheaply made, it is a hazard and should be taken off the market.

After complaining to Baby Bullet, they quickly got back to me and then arranged to send me replacement blade pieces which do not have the removable plastic O rings. I still haven't used the new blades yet, as I haven't gotten over the shock of the safety issue, but I assume that these new blades will not have any plastic pieces falling into my baby's food. I forgot to ask if these new blades have any other safety issues, like say BPA in the gaskets, or anything like that. However, I must say that I was impressed with the swiftness of the company's response and the quality of their customer service. The man I spoke with was very pleasant and professional. I'm wondering if they are putting a lot of resources into having great customer service and product replacement so as to avoid any huge class-action suits. I'm seeing quite a few other reviewers reporting the same choking hazard. My advice: buy this product only if it has the non-removable gaskets around the blade caps, and if it does have the removable O rings, call the company and immediately get replacements. Do not risk getting plastic bits in your baby's food.
review image
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on May 6, 2012
Small parts of the O-ring from inside the bullet ended up in the food. It is a clear silicone like material ring used to maintain a seal... it broke off and was diced up by the baby bullet and we didn't realize it until our kid spit up small pieces of silicone rubber. We initially assumed he had found something on the ground and put it in his mouth, only to realize that it broke off the baby bullet blender. We can't account for all the pieces, and we're hoping he just swallowed smaller pieces and did not aspirate them. Straight to the garbage! I would run it over with my car if I could-- brutal design and very unsafe. Very concerned and disappointed!

See uploaded image.
review image
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on April 10, 2015
Two Pieces of plastic that hold the lid in place while you are using it broke into my babies food after only a few times of using it. I was lucky enough to have found 1 piece before i fed it to my baby. I called nutribullet to get a replacement or refund and was talked to like i was making it up.
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on January 30, 2013
My son was diagnosed with lead poisoning,and a risk assessor was unable to determine a source in our home. Our water was tested, and we determined that to be a primary source. We tested some products used by our son with a hardware store lead test kit.

The only items to test positive were the Baby Bullet and a lead fishing sinker, which we used as a control. From what I have read, home test kits may give false positives a majority of the time and just a few times may give false positives.

The parts that tested positive were the nuts on the bottom side of each blade component (the green units that insert into the power base) as well as a space between the blades and green plastic, which may come into contact with food.

I got my BB in December 2011. I wonder if it is possible this system could have helped elevate my son's blood lead level?

I called BB and asked how I could get an answer as to whether or not lead parts are used to manufacture the system. I was told to email customer service in order for my concern to be addressed by someone who would know more about the manufacturing process. Several days later, I have not receieved a response. I have been blocked from BB's Facebook page for asking the question: does your product contain lead components?

Several moms I know are very concerned. I'd like an answer. I don't know if all these units were made the same, but I never would have used it had I have known it was made with any lead components.
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on June 26, 2014
We recently had twins and this time around, my wife wanted to make baby food. We got one of these blenders as a gift and initially it worked much like her Magic Bullet did.

At this point, the only nice thing about it are the dated cups.

The blender, after 6 months of use is clinically on life supports. It works, so long as you do not mind that it blends in mousepower now instead of horsepower. That isn't so bad. What is bad is that it leaks oil every time it blends. I have been fearing a visit from the EPA now for the last week!

Ok, so some units are defective. We will just call the company.

"You need a receipt or proof of purchase"
"It was a gift"
"Don't matter."

[After jumping through hoops to get that]

"You are out of warranty"
"We've only had it for 8 months and only used the last 2"
"Well, for the cost of $3.99 plus shipping and handling, we can send you a new blade..."

WTH?! The blade is fine unless the new blade is magical and can stop it from leaking oil, no thanks.

Making home-made baby food has saved us a lot of money. But we will never own any type of bullet-brand blender again! If you are just starting to have kids, just do yourself a favor and get a quality blender by a company that will back there product.

BTW, I am suspecting that the Baby Bullet passed the Magic Bullet whatever disease it had because that is now dying a slow, painful death as well.
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on June 2, 2012
I've NEVER written a review on a product before. I just found out AFTER feeding my 7 mo old son 3 jars of food from the last batch I made that a piece of the plastic (silicone?) blade disconnected and got chopped up in the food! He's EATEN THIS. I noticed when I was feeding him tonight there was a piece of something hard in his food and I went to check the baby bullet and the ring that connects the base to the blade was all wrapped up around the blade and chopped up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
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on September 29, 2015
Love this! I can make my daughter baby food that actually tastes good, is healthy, and saves us a ton of money! The beachnut brand of baby food is about 89 cents per tiny jar. My daughter goes through about 4 or 5 a day. Which costs us aboit 3.50 to 4.50 a day. Over the course of a week it's roughly 29 dollars. Wich is about 112 dollars per month. A single banana makes about 3 jars. Bananas are about 42 cents per pound, and about 4 of the ones I buy are a pound. That's 12 jars of breakfast/snack for 42 cents! The other thing I do is just take some of our lunch, or dinner. And break ot up into manageable bits. (My daughter has 8 teeth) which makes no extra work for me, all I have to do is wash it. Which really is super easy. You can't expect to let food dry and crust onto a blender and expect to get it off easily. As soon as I'm done preparing her meal, I just put some warm soapy water in the container and blend it up. It cleans it super well! Then I put all the parts except the base in really hot beach water for a few minutes and onto a drying mat, and wipe the base with a bleach wipe. It still looks brand new. I'm super happy with this purchase! It paid for itself in less than a month! I'm free to use the extra money I would habe spent on jars of baby food for cute outfits for her. ;) Also, it comes with a grain milling blade, I use it to grind my own wheat for baking something yummy every once and awhile. :)
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on October 8, 2013
I was very worried the day i purchased this product due to all the reviews, please take note that every single review stating the motor buring out or the cups melting there is a reason you simply did not read the instructions, i found my baby bullet to be very very handy easy to use and easy to wash. It states clearly on thw box and instructions to not leave motor running for more than a min ( you only need about 10 sec to make a meal) and most important do not place any of the baby bullet parts in the washing machine!! Everything needs to be hand washed. I loved this product it comes with a handy book that tells you how to use everything and what amounts to use so you dont make to much food, there is no need to buy more storage units its comes with plenty read the instructions before using it and you will love this product
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