Customer Reviews: Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 18, 2006
We have a 5 month old active baby boy. He has enjoyed standing and jumping since he was about 3 months old, so his grandparents purchased the Fisher Price Jumperoo for him when he was about 4 months old. The Jumperoo stays at his Grandparents' house so that he can play in it during his visits. After seeing how much fun he was having in the Jumperoo, we bought him the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center for him to play in at home. Here are our observations about each jumping center:


-My husband & father-in-law thought it was easy to put together.
-Easy to adjust to fit baby's height (6 point height adjustment)
-We like the color scheme
-Baby can rotate seat 360 degrees to 4 different activity centers
-Activity centers include:
1. a sunshine water-filled teether
2. a caterpillar play station with beads that rattle & knobs that spin
3. a piano station with two musical modes & lights
4. a bead chaser with a spinning frog & mirror
We like all of the toys. Our son seems most interested in the teether and the bead chaser with the frog. He is not coordinated enough to turn or push the knobs on the caterpillar. One of the knobs is pretty difficult to turn, so I'm not sure that he'll be able to manipulate the caterpillar station until he's a bit older. But, overall, the toys seem age appropriate and stimulating. When we put him in the activty center, he laughs and acts like he doesn't know which toy to visit first.
-seat pad is washable
-There are toy bars that arch over the baby's seat. 10 links are included so that you can attach additional toys to the links. This is my favorite feature, because it keeps the activity center "fresh." If your baby becomes bored with a toy, you can attach a new toy to the link. This has also encouraged our baby to develop better hand-eye coordination as he tries to reach, grasp, and explore the hanging toys.
-Springs are fabric covered so the baby does not pinch little fingers
-I like the music. The musical selections are classical and they all play for a decent amount of time.
-The Musical Motion Activity center folds up easily for storage & portability. It does not fold completely flat, but it is nice that it at least folds up a bit so that it can fit in a closet and through doorways.
-Overall, the activity center feels sturdy and seems to be made of durable materials.

-The activy center is heavy, which is good because it is also sturdy. But, I am a pretty small woman, and I find it to be a bit heavy to move around from room to room. Honestly, I'm not sure I would want it to be lighter since our baby is jumping around in it.
-The springs on the Baby Einstein Center are not as bouncy as the springs on the Jumperoo. Our son really gets moving in the Jumperoo. He definitely jumps in the Baby Einstein...just not quite as much. He seems to enjoy the Baby Einstein more for the toys than the jumping.
-Music and lights are not automatically activated by the baby's jumping or motion.


-The Jumperoo is still easier to find in stores. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Babies-R-Us, and other major retailers all carry the Jumperoo. The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center is only carried by Babies-R-Us (and Amazon of course) in our area.
-My father-in-law reported that the Jumperoo was easy to put together. (He did not feel that the Jumperoo was as easy to assemble as the Baby Einstein Center.)
-The Jumperoo is heavy to move, but not as heavy as the Baby Einstein Jumper.
-Springs are fabric covered to protect baby's fingers.
-Seat cover is washable.
-The springs in the Jumperoo seem to be quite a bit more bouncy than the springs on the Baby Einstein center, and our son likes a lot of motion, so this is definitely a good thing.
-The Jumperoo has one toy station that includes a bouncing kangaroo rattle, spinning toy, and a bead chaser toy. The toy station can be removed to reveal a snack tray underneath.
-Music and lights can be mom controlled or baby-motion activated. In mom control mode, the music and lights play when you flip the switch. In baby-motion control, the kangraoo lights up and plays music when the baby bounces. Our son really likes the baby-activated mode. He giggles and squeals when he gets the kangaroo to turn on.
-There is a backup support inside the spring cases in case one of the springs breaks. I don't know if this would really happen, but it's nice that the protection is there just in case.
-The Jumperoo does fold down for easy storage and portability.
-Frame and materials seems sturdy and durable.

-The Jumperoo only has one activity station, and the included toys are cute but not that interesting.
-The seat does not rotate.
-It only plays one song.
-We do not think that the height adjustment is as easy as the Baby Einstein.
-There are no links for additional toys, and there is not a convenient place to add any links that are reachable for the baby.

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center retails for $79.99. The Fisher Price Jumperoo retails for $69.99. We feel that for an extra $10.00, the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activty Center is worth the extra splurge. The fact that the seat rotates to four stations and the overhead arches allow us to add toys makes the Baby Einstein Center seem more interesting and engaging. However, if you are really most interested in a jumper (and not so concerned about having an activity center), I would definitely go with the Jumperoo due to the bouncier springs. Our son seems to really enjoy both, so I think a little one would have lots of fun in either center. But, if we had to select one or the other, we would select the Baby Einstein product because it combines the best of both worlds.

UPDATE: Our son is now 17 months old. He is very small for his age, so he still fits comfortably in his Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center. He is moving around on his own now, so we only place him in the Baby Einstein center when he is watching a Baby Einstein movie and we need to get some chores completed, prepare dinner, etc. (he will not sit still, so we can't just sit him in a little chair or anything he can fall out of). He happily watches his movie and plays with the toys. Around 8-9 months old, the piano station became his favorite feature. Around 10-11 months old, our son became really active and didn't want to be confined in an activity center anymore, so he stopped enjoying the Baby Einstein (unless he is watching a movie, of course). I've washed the fabric seat at least 5-6 times, and it looks brand new. The toy stations are relatively easy to wipe down (there are some raised pictures on the toy stations, so it can be a little tedious to clean all of the little crevices in between the toys and pictures, but it's certainly not terrible) Overall, our son got a lot of use from the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center from 4 months-11 months, and we still use it as a safe "seat" during movies, so we feel that it is a great toy.
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on November 15, 2006
Our 4-month old son loves to jump and bounce in our laps. When he got complete head and neck control we decided to look into both exersaucers and jumpers. The only jumper (aside from the ones hanging from the door frame) I had seen was the Jumperoo, which I initially went to buy after seeing all the rave reviews. Then I saw this Baby Einstein version with the added activity center. First things I noticed were the colors, shape and frame. The Jumperoo is big and bulky with bright colors (neon green, blue, and bright orange!!), this one is white with coordinating colors that aren't so "in your face." It also has more things for the baby to play with or look at - a piano that can be played like a piano or it can play various classical tunes; a mirror and frog toy; little knobs and buttons that make noises; and, what my son loves most, the sun smiley faced teether. He stares and talks to it for a good 5-10 minutes each time! We have a "high maintenance" baby who doesn't like to sit in one place for long periods of time. Now we can finally wash those bottles, do laundry, and most importantly, eat a meal together because our baby is occuppied and ENTERTAINING HIMSELF!

At first I was weary about buying this since there were no reviews out on it - did it just come out?! - but I'm glad we did. I highly recommend the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center - it truly is a jumper AND activity center all in one!!

PS - I had read in the Jumperoo reviews that some people complained about the complexity of putting it together. I assembled this in about 30 minutes using the QuickStart instructions, no problems at all.
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on November 25, 2006
I bought this when it first came out (it had just came off the truck at Babies R Us), and was a little hesitant because I like to research before I buy. However, I liked the combination of activity center and bouncer. My 6-month old daughter has been using it for a couple of months and she loves it! Compared to the toys on my son's megasaucer, I personally don't think the toys are that great, but you do have the option of hanging your own toys from the bars. My daughter does use some of the toys for short periods of time, but what she loves the most is to bounce. She gets some air!! So, I guess it really doesn't matter what I think as long as it is safe and she enjoys it. If you have a wiggly, bouncy baby, this is a great product. Great alternative to the doorway bouncers and Jumperoo.
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on February 24, 2008
My daughter loved her Baby Einstein jumper. Notice I say "loved" in the past tense, because she's not allowed in it anymore! At 10 months she got herself out of it!!! She pulled herself forward on the piano and when she put her weight on it--she was able to just tip herself out! It was quite the shock for mommy to look over and see her laughing on the floor. She's not that tall or that big (29" and 20lbs) so I guess there needs to be an upper limit on the height and weight for this one. However, I wouldn't take back all the fun she had in it until this point. It was well worth the investment.
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on March 11, 2007
I felt compelled to let folks know that this is a very useful toy. My son is very active (at 6 months) and could spend hours in the jumper. We let him play for about 30 minutes, once or twice a day. The toys keep him focused on his "baby work", as he turns in the circle it seems as if the toys are new to him every day and he is not bored. His fine motor skills are improving daily. He bounces and squeals with delight!
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on January 8, 2007
My son is 5 months and is a big active boy. He received this for Christmas and he loves it. He is not an easy baby to please. He is big (solid 19.5 lbs), active and has an incredibly short attention span. But from the first time we put him in this he loves it. It didn't take him long to figure out he can swivel around in it, and he has gotten the hang of jumping. I love that you can hang toys off of the tags the bars since he loves his links to chew on. His favorite on this jumper is the "jelly" sun, which he loves to put in his mouth and just chew away. He also likes the frog over the mirror. He doesn't really play with the little piano, the only activity on this center that makes sounds. I do wish it had more in this department. It would have been nice if his movement could trigger lights and sounds, but it is a small con. It is heavy, and although it folds up it is still very bulky to store when not in use. The colors are beautiful and bright. My 3 year old daughter also loves to play with this when he is in it and when he is not. So she shows him all the little fun things that it can do. My husband and brother in law put it together and it seemed to be fast, even though they were determined not to read the directions. And it is easy to switch settings for height. I have no experience with the jumperoo so I can't really compare. This one was hard to find for my mother in law which I felt bad about, she ended up ordering it. All around it is worht every penney and effort to find. My big boy is captivated when all else fails.
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on March 9, 2007
I bought the activity jumper at Babies R Us yesterday. My 13 week old

daughter loves the frog & the piano. I have it set on the lowest level & her feet touch the floor. Easy to assemble. I would highly recommend it.
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on February 7, 2008
We did alot of research before buying this jumper. It is one of the higher priced jumpers, but we thought it was a good brand so we weren't worried. Our daughter loved it! The piano part was her favorite, and she eventually went to it every time we put her in it. She used it so much that we had to change the batteries in it 2x in the first month. About 2 weeks later (we'd had it for 6 weeks by then), the piano quit working altogether. We tried changing the batteries again, but it didn't matter. Now, we are stuck with this thing taking up space in our living room and it is totally useless now that the piano won't work. We could have bought a cheaper one and still have it working after 6 weeks!!!
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on March 23, 2007
My 6 month old loves his activity center; hint if you play the Baby Einstein videos while your child is in this center you will have a very content baby (for those times you need a shower or 10 minutes alone). My boy loved those door jam jumpers but we did not like the damage it made on our door jams so this activity center was the most logical purchase. It is one short of 5 stars because he does not love it as much as the doorjam jumper (don't know why, it must not spring up as high).
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on May 29, 2007
I did a bunch of research before buying this and decided I wanted a jumper as well as a play station.

It was a little tedious to put together. Not difficult mind you just the angles for screwing some of the stuff in was cumbersome. It is very sturdy and safe. No little corners etc for him to get his fingers pinched in.

The jumper itself is great. There are 5 height settings so your kid can really grow with it. You can hang stuff off the bars which gives them stuff at a distance to focus on and grab at. The batteries are easy to change for the piano (not that I have needed to yet). The play stations keep my son entertained. My only complaint is that the piano songs don't play long enough so you have to keep restarting the music. You can change the mode on the piano to just play notes.

My kid loves this jumper and spends ages in it although he still wants an audience so that doesn't help free me up too much!
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