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108 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on April 5, 2012
I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. I obsessively researched double strollers for months and ultimately decided upon the City Mini GT Double because I really wanted a stroller that would be relatively light and easily foldable, as well as all terrain to handle the bumpy sidewalks and grass in my neighborhood. The GT does deliver on these points! It is wonderfully smooth and maneuverable over bumps and can be easily pushed with one hand. It is 32lbs, but that's still pretty light for a double, and it feels lighter to lift because of the built in folding handles that you can also use to carry it. It is very flat when folded and you can take the wheels off to make it even flatter and shorter. It gets down to about 25" by 30" folded without the wheels and can fit flat in the back of my husband's Honda Fit! Also, the fold is the simplest and easiest around, although the auto lock they built into this model is decidedly NOT simple. The side of the seat gets in the way every time and I have to push, pull and mess around with it way too much in order to make it work. This is a new feature, so I guess it's not surprising they didn't get it right the first time. The other main thing that bothers me is the basket, since it is still not very easy to access even though they've improved it by swooping the support bar down. You can get a decent amount of stuff in there, it's just not simple to get it out again with out struggling with it. I'm probably just used to baskets that are much more open and easy to access. I did read about having to snap and unsnap the safety straps every time you use it and I was concerned about that at first, but after reading more about it it seems like that's pretty much a CYA kind of thing, more to protect Baby Jogger, than to protect kids. I can't see any way that the stroller would fold up while the kids are in it and I haven't used the snaps at all. One last thing that this stroller desperately needs is a parent organizer. I will be buying one of those as soon as I decide which one to get. This is my first time purchasing a very expensive stroller like this and it was a hard thing to do. However, if the ease of use gets me to use it more often then it will be worth it. Also, as someone else mentioned, these strollers retain their value very well on Craigslist and I plan to take advantage of that.

Overal, I'm very happy with this purchase. My kids fit in it well and it's a very easy stroller to use everyday. I would recommend it as an all purpose, easily transportable double stroller that will work great just about any situation.

[Edit]: I just recently discovered that it is possible to unsnap all the snaps holding the basket on and reposition it a little lower down on the stroller. This small adjustment makes a big difference in terms of making the basket more accessible. It's still not ideal but it helps a lot!

[Edit #2]: After using the stroller for a little over a month, one of the front wheels started popping into fixed mode on it's own while strolling. This is much more than just a minor flaw; very disappointing! I was able to get a replacement wheel easily enough through Baby Jogger customer service, but I'm very worried that this will happen again. The swivel wheel toggle mechanism starts out very tight on the brand new wheels, but seems to get looser and looser as it is used. I'm really hoping that this problem is not something intrinsic to these wheels.

Final Edit 11/12/12: I just wanted to quickly update my review to say that the wheels work fine now, several months after getting replacements, and I've had no further issues. I appreciate the ease and versatility of this stroller more and more every time I use it! One last tip that I can offer is to consider the option of just getting the double belly bar instead of the car seat adaptor. I'm sure it's not officially approved to be used with a car seat, but I've used it that way and it works fine. Most of the weight rests on the seat, not on the bar. Plus, the belly bar is a great accessory anyway. I love how it is adjustable! Also, get the BOB Duallie Handlebar Console. It fits great and makes the stroller even more convenient to use.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on July 13, 2012
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our stroller! We looked at alot of different double strollers for a long time and decided to splurge on this one. I had a cheap double stroller (Graco inline) that I got for $50 (craig's list)that was used. I used it for a year. Hated every minute.

Reasons we got it:
One of the lightest double strollers there is - both in lifting and pushing.
Pushing it is a sinche! it turns so easily!
Seats recline completely flat - and the recline tool is slick!
Folds super easy and quick - it is actually as compact as my single stroller. You can also take off the wheels to get it more compact, but we never do.
Can also be used for jogging (even though their disclaimer says not - I thought it was fine - it's more just that they have to say that for safety)
I like the side by side because our last one was a tandem (in-line) and whoever was in the back was constantly kicking the one in front of them...
This stroller fits in every doorway we've taken it through - so it feels more compact
I loved the shades because they actually cover practically the whole seat!
We wanted a stroller that could fit 3 kids since we'll probably have another one next year to make 3 kids under 5. Baby Jogger strollers have an attachment that is like a skateboard that clips on the back axle where your 3rd child can stand on whenever they want a ride, or if they want to walk, you can just flip it up. Here is the link -
My friend has the City Select, and although she loves it, I watch her hassle with having to take apart the double seat every time she puts it in the car - annoying?? yes! I love how quick mine folds!

Perks for the GT:
Everything above fits the City Mini and the City Mini GT. We debated for a week which one to get since the City Mini is about $200 less... which is quite the big deal...
but in the end we decided to get the GT for these reasons -
the GT is taller and when we went to the store our 2 1/2 year old had practically outgrown the head space in the Mini (it was cramped) and if he still is going to be in it another year at least then we wanted the taller one.
the GT has an adjustable handlebars which are AWESOME - at first I didn't think that was a big deal, but now I love them! Also the Glider board fits better with the GT since the handlebars adjust.

Cons for the City Mini GT:
The storage underneath is hard to access, however, I read on a review to unbutton the storage and move it lower - which I did, and now the storage is good, I can fit my big diaper bag under it and tons of other stuff - however you have to acces it from the side, because there is a big bar in the back. The first time I used it I thought it was kind of annoying - and now I haven't even thought about it again until now!
There is not cup holders for any Baby Jogger strollers, which is also how BOB strollers are too - I guess more high end strollers are. Anyway you can buy an attachment both for you and the boys... We haven't actually bought one yet but we plan too. We just nestled our waterbottles in the shade folds - but not good for open drinks. For the boys we won't get one because we can just hand them their drinks and they hold them next to them, but for us we definitely want one.
The Infant carseat attachment doesn't look very cool... our baby was 1 when we got our GT - so I don't have experience with an infant, but the seat reclines completely, so we're just planning on taking the baby out of their carseat and laying them down in it.
The City Mini has a bar in the middle of the handlebar which allows you to use the universal parent console to connect one from the side to the middle, however the GT does not have a par in the middle (due to the adjustable handlebar), but that also means we have to find a drink console that will fit across the whole space. which we haven't found one we like yet.

Over all - 5 stars because we LOVE it and it was totally worth every penny!
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2012
We inherited a Phil and Ted's E3 after we had our second baby and used it for a while, until my younger daughter was old enough to realize that she didn't like sitting in that rear seat. Every outing we took with the stroller devolved into a crying fit as the kids would cry over who got to sit in front. I decided to look at the Sit and Stand strollers, but my five year old insisted that she wanted to sit next to her sister.

So, my side by side double stroller search began. I wanted to check them out in person, so I went to my local Buy Buy Baby to test drive them and I am so glad that I did! Most of the strollers I was considering had similar reviews here so I was leaning toward the Joovy Scooter X2 because of the price and good reviews. As soon as I put my kids in it and started to push it through the aisles of the store, we knew this was not the stroller for us. Due to the weight difference between my kids (roughly 20lbs) the stroller would pull to the heavier side and was hard to steer. We also tried the City Mini Double (Non GT) and the Britax B Agile. Those were both okay, but the B Agile skittered around corners. With the weight of my older kids, the GT handled beautifully. I could literally spin the stroller with one hand in place with both kids loaded up. There was also more head room for my older daughter than in the other models. We didn't plan to spend that much money on a stroller, but it was head and shoulders above the rest of the strollers.

The basket isn't great, but it is adequate. I have also read that you can move them to a lower set of snaps to give you more room, so we will probably do that. The fold was easy and the sunshade is more than ample. But more than anything, it was the ease of pushing the stroller loaded up with my kids that made it the clear winner.
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2013
We have loved this stroller with three exceptions:

1. One of the front wheels keeps falling off. It doesn’t fall off while in use, but instead when the front wheels are off the ground (like when lifting in out of a vehicle). It can easily be reattached, but you would think for the price, the wheels would stay on.

2. There is NO good option for a drink caddy for the parents. We’ve tried a few options and it’s pretty laughable. The universal one that is recommended is pretty much junk.

3. The basket under the seat is a complete joke and probably should exist at all. I knew this when buying it, but I just thought I’d mention it too.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 29, 2012
this stroller is well worth the investment. My three year old can push it with two babies in it. So light and easy to manuever. I have taller toddlers and they fit as do the infants. Fits well in typically tight areas like store aisles and doorways. I especially like that the front wheels lock if needed and I love the brake! LOVE THIS STROLLER!
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on May 27, 2012
Initially I loved this stroller, but just like another reviewer here, after using the stroller for a few months, one of the front wheels started popping into fixed mode on it's own while strolling, then the other side started doing it too. This is a MAJOR problem when pushing two babies, don't we have enough to worry about??!!! I sent an e-mail to customer service and after about a week or two, they sent me replacement wheels. I have had them on for a few weeks now and haven't had the problem again. If they stop working, I will come back on and update everyone.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2014
Bought this stroller for my twin boys and haven't been disappointed. It has every feature you could want, therefore no need to buy multiple strollers. It folds compact enough for my Saturn sedan. It has off-pavement terrain wheels (comfortable enough for grass/gravel, but don't expect to ride quite a smoothly as a jogger). And it has fit through every doorway - zero turn radius is the best! You can hold a door open for yourself and push this stroller through easily with one hand. Great sunshade that actually comes all the way down to shield the sun (or has 3 different settings if you don't need it all the way down). Worth the price, especially if you have twins because of the high weight limit - you shouldn't have to buy another stroller when they get bigger, this will grow with them. Only downside is the lack of parent console. I tried buying the Baby Jogger parent console for a drink holder. It works, but isn't great since it only is as wide as one of the two seats. Highly recommend stroller!
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on April 29, 2012
After much debate over which double-stroller to purchase, I am very satisfied with my choice of the 2012 Baby Jogger City Mini GT. This stroller is being used for a nanny share, and then potentially for one set of parents to utilize it for a second child. This stroller is used in an urban area for city walking, park strolling, and other typical outings.

-The versatility for an infant and an older child is quite convenient. An easy movement of the backrest lays one (or both) sides down in an instant.
-The sun shades come down far to block majority of light.
-There are two "skylights" when the sun shades are extended. This allows the horizontal passenger a peek outside.
-The wheels are sturdy and allow for long-distance walking. Smooth ride, takes bumps fairly well.
-Nice handlebar adjustment for various heights (aka - mom OR dad)
-Straps are a secure 5-point harness - but must be used in any seating position.
-Does not require child to lean in like the strollers with a "V" front.
-Each child has an individual section, so they really do not bother one another.
-Since it is NOT a jogging stroller, it is not quite as heavy as some of the other double-strollers.
-Does not seem cheaply made like many of the other popular double-stroller brands we looked at.
-Very easy to collapse and open.

-The basket underneath is not easily accessible. You will not get much in there which is a drawback for even stopping to pick up a few items at a store or bring along anything.
-You must use the harness straps in any seating position. It seems to unsafe without the straps on.
-The footrest is not very deep. I'm not sure how that will play out once the child is older as far as comfort goes.

The only reason I rated it four stars is the basket accessibility, and lack of accessories. Come on, can we get some room, please? Mom's need to bring stuff along and this basket is pretty useless. Also, it does not come with a console, belly bar, cup holder, rain cover, or anything else. My single stroller (UPPA Baby) came with all of those, and I think for the price the City Mini should include at least some accessories. The price is high, but when you compare it to the other high end double strollers it is pretty comparable. Some being more and some slightly less. I have learned that I just have to suck it up if I want a specific level of quality and versatility.
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on April 4, 2012
I have been doing double stroller research for months! It is embarrassing how much time I put into it. We currently have a 2.5 year old and a 4 months old. We live in a subdivision with roads that are in terrible condition. I needed a stroller that could handle uneven pavement and occasional use on grass. I considered getting the double BOB Revolution (we have the single and love it!), but I was attracted to the GT because it folds so easily and compactly. I was concerned about the foam filled tires and the fact that the tires are smaller than most running strollers and "all terrain" strollers. I have been pleasantly surprised by the maneuverability of this stroller. It handles curbs and cracks smoothly even at a fast walking pace. You can push this stroller with one hand easily, which is rare for a double stroller I've heard. It turns on a dime. It fits through spaces that it doesn't seem like it would. The seats are a little narrow in my opinion, but what can you expect for a double stroller that can fit through a doorway! Luckily my 2.5 year old is a skinny kid. He has tons of headroom, though. More than in the BOB. My 4 month old loves this stroller. She has taken a good nap every time I've put her in it. I love how compactly this stroller folds up. It fits in the back of my van with tons of extra room. I have a sit and stand stroller my friend gave me for free that seems to take up the whole back of the van! I plan to use this stroller for air travel, and I think it will work perfectly. The seats are really well padded and seem comfortable for the kids. I love the hand break (rather than the foot break on the BOB that my toddler loves to play with). Toddlers won't be able to unlock the stroller because you have to pull up and then down on the break. Yes, the price of this stroller hurts, but I resale value seems to be so great with strollers like this on craigslist, so I'll probably get a good portion of it back in a couple years when we no longer need it. I'm pleased with this decision!
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2012
For two years I shopped for a double stroller. No matter the price, each stroller lacked something crucial I was looking for. This is the end all be all!!!! (not to be mean, but FORGET THE BOB and all the others! ). This is THE MOST VERSITILE AND AMAZING STOLLER ON THE MARKET!!! I'm so obsessed I had to write a review!


(small enough to handle & maneuver, fits through doorways easily, yet large enough for my 4 1/2 year old to sit comfortably!)
(for a stroller of this quality and construction, I can lift it into the back of my SUV easily, I am 5' 3" 101 lbs)
(rediculously easy to fold step and viola! Also, Easy to clean, Easy to use!!)
(big baskets and compartments that are all very accessible)
(wheels glide like butter, handle adjusts for height of different parents pushing it)
6.) COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!
(My children don't want to get out! The seats have some nice cushioning and the suspension is amazing!)
(I know this not necessarily a "jogger," but I run with it and it handles like a champ!)

THANK YOU to the folks at Babby Jogger for this new GT model!!!!
Effortless, smooth, straightforward, manageable! This is a WINNER!!!!
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