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Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, Soft Sand, Medium
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732 of 746 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 31, 2011
Color Name: BlackSize Name: SmallVerified Purchase
I just received the carrier and simply love it! I wish I had it from day one as it is very helpful in carrying baby at home. My son is 5 weeks old and Baby K'tan works great.

Some pros:
- very easy to use (I saw demos online while waiting for delivery and got the hug, cradle and kangaroo positions right away), I can use it much faster than buckle carriers,
- the sizing is correct, right now I'm 5'6'' and around 145 lb, but my pre pregnancy size is between 6 and 8 (130-135 lb), and size Small is perfect. Although after washing and drying it shrunk and it was to small for me, it stretched out. next time I will air dry, because baby cried and it was squished. The sizing seems correct but I keep thinking if will fit when the baby will grow, but K'tan website ensures that will be ok, especially with different positions,
- the material is very soft and keeps my 1 month old snuggle to me. Cradle position seems to cramp the baby but he doesn't mind, so far because of no neck control yet we both love the hug position. He is very curious and loves to see the world, and at the same time when falls asleep can be hold tight,
- carrier feels very comfortable and truly hands free; it feels the most natural from all the carriers I've tried,
- the sash is also a storage tote at the same time so it is easy to carry the whole thing in a diaper bag, matching hat is cute but doesn't fit my 5 weeks old yet even after washing and drying (size 0-3 months; but he will grow to it eventually),
- I can do a lot stuff at home with my son next to me, he sleeps better and longer.

The cons:
- the description says it can be used on preemies but baby k'tan website and instruction booklet says to use from 8-42 lb (the box says 5-35 lb, so I don't know which one is right). Although I can see that would work with smaller babies for sure, especially kangaroo and cradle positions,
- I can not properly position the baby for breastfeeding,
- it really can hurt shoulders area so proper adjustment is a key.

I've tried:
-Infantino Wrap and Tie, and it is mediocre;
-Beco Gemini way to big for newborn and seems a bit bulky for me (my husband and I ended up using this carrier max 5 times, takes too much time to readjust the straps, it is not easy to figure it out-it takes too much time and everybody is sweating in clothes before walk, very annoying; unsnapping is almost impossible to do it due to safety click, especially when holding the baby after unbuckling first straps), must air dry as recommended otherwise will pick up every lint from the drier, air dry takes some time too because it is thick carrier; expensive and so inconvenient,
-Munchkin sling and definitely it is not for small babies, it's not stretchy and didn't feel right and safe,
-and some old Snuggli my friend passed it to me, it worked for newborn and I used it till now, but it was killing my back due to the bad ergonomics of the buckle system).

I highly recommend Baby K'tan and might get light color for the summer or mesh one (depends how hot it will be in black one). UPDATE: I ended up will only black carrier that was used during winter in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas summer, worked great. During the winter I wore it under the jacket to keep baby warmer.

UPDATE: my son at 11 months old, I lost some weight (128 lb now) and carrier still fits great, I don't use gemini one at all, K'tan rocks. I can take the baby in and out very fast. My son loves facing forward position to enjoy the views. Still both hands are free and I can walk my two dogs on the leashes, go to the store for some groceries and never get any back pain. Now when my son is over 20 lb it is also great work out. Highly recommended and never want to try other carriers with regulated belts ans hard to use snaps (like Gemini is pain to adjust for different positions, is akward and does not fit right, plus hard to unsnap).
I bumped it to a 5 star review because it is truly the best carrier I've tried and I am very happy that I got it. Before I took 1 star because I couldn't figure out the breastfeeding position, but this actually doesn't matter.
UPDATE 2: baby is getting heavier, 26 lb now but I still use baby K tan but not for super long walks, 20-30 minutes max. Awesome work out on the hills. My son is 15 months and he almost looks to big for it but it still works! Carrier looks great, still very black.
UPDATE 3: soon after update#2 I realized that I don't use the carrier anymore. Baby got bigger, walks by itself and for longer distances I use umbrella stroller. But I am pregnant with second one and Ktan looks like new, waiting for being used from the very beginning!

Final UPDATE: I bought new K'tan july 2013, and there are some improvements from mine 2010 version. I like new color heather grey. There's no matching baby hat (which didn't fit both of my kids anyway). The sash straps taper at the end so it's easier to tie a knot (old version was the same width for the entire length of the strap. Also the storage part in the sash is works better for me than last time and fabric seems a bit softer.
I was using Baby Bjorn Miracle for first 6 months with my baby daughter and I came back to K'tan.
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235 of 256 people found the following review helpful
on October 15, 2008
Color Name: Warm CocoaSize Name: SmallVerified Purchase
This is my third sling, and I really like it. My other two are both pouch slings: a Hotsling and an adjustable Mayawrap pouch sling. You can't beat a pouch slings for pure simplicity of use. However, I think the Baby Ktan baby carrier is quickly becoming my favorite. It is essentially two pouch slings tied together, plus a sash to use as extra support for some of the positions. Here are the pros and cons:
Pros: Very versatile -- wear your baby like you would in a regular pouch sling, or wear her facing forward or backward like you would in a Baby Bjorn. There are also hip carry and back carry positions -- 8 positions in all. Very comfortable -- the stretch cotton is wonderfully soft and in nearly all the positions, you can have the carrier go over both shoulders. This was a big selling point for me because I find that my back aches after about an hour or so in a regular pouch sling. In the Baby Ktan, with both shoulders carrying the load, it's much easier. Packable -- much less bulk than a Baby Bjorn or other structured/padded carrier; about the size of two pouch slings. Large weight range -- I can also put my 30 lb. toddler in the hip carry position with this thing. Machine wash, tumble dry.
Cons: A little bit of a learning curve and not quite as quick and easy to use as a pouch sling. Takes up about twice as much room as a pouch sling in the diaper bag.
One buying tip: Pay close attention to the sizing recommendations, and if you are at all in between sizes, get the smaller one. The material is quite stretchy. I bought a small to begin with, but returned it for an extra small, which fits me better. I'm 5'4" and average weight.
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351 of 390 people found the following review helpful
Color Name: Sage GreenSize Name: MediumVerified Purchase
I ordered the Baby K'tan in Sage green back in 2010 to use with my first daughter, Kalina. I knew that I wanted to wear her based on all the benefits I'd read about, plus it just made sense that it would be easier for me to go about life hands-free while keeping her close and happy. I researched a lot of carriers to include all the Infantino line, the Moby Wrap, the Maya Wrap, Baby Bjorn and Ergo Baby. One of Kalina's hips wasn't completely formed so she needed to spend a lot of time in the "froggy" position (legs open, like a frog's rear legs). That meant the Maya Wrap was out because it only offers two positions: sling style (laying across my body, which would put her legs tightly together), or with baby riding on the hip (not appropriate for a newborn with no head control). The Baby Bjorn requires a minimum weight of 8lbs, so I wouldn't be able to use it for Kalina as a newborn since she was only 7lbs. Also, I read a lot of information on how the Baby Bjorn doesn't offer enough support for the baby because of the small "seat" in the carrier. This could cause discomfort in the babys hips. That's the last thing Kalina needed for her bad hip, so the Bjorn was out, too. That left the Moby Wrap and the Baby K'tan (the baby can be placed facing the wearer, in the froggy position). I bought the K'tan on Amazon and while I waited for it to be shipped (we are military stationed overseas, and sometimes the MPO is slow)I also bought a used Moby Wrap. The Moby Wrap took a couple of times of practice to get on correctly. It's not that the steps are difficult, but the LOOOOOOOONG piece of fabric dangling and getting tangled was a bit tricky. I got the hang of it and Kalina felt comfortable inside, while I felt comfortable wearing her. Kalina was a winter baby and I wore her wherever we went, which meant standing outside the car to wrap myself up and then put her inside. The fabric is so long that it would hang all along the ground and get dirty and wet in the snow and rain. Not cool, especially for something that will be wrapped around your child.

When the Baby K'tan arrived I was excited to try it out because it seemed to offer all the comfort of the Moby Wrap, without dealing with all the wrapping and long fabric getting dirty. The directions were a bit tricky at first, just like the Moby, but with a couple of tries, it was a piece of cake! I placed Kalina in it for the first time, started walking around and bouncing, and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep. The ease of putting the K'tan on and placing Kalina inside of it was exactly what I was looking for. Add to that the comfortable fit while wearing and how much Kalina loved being in it.....we had a winner! I sold the Moby Wrap to the first interested party.

90% of the time I wore Kalina in the froggy position because that's what she liked the best. Once her hip was developed I wore her a couple of times in the "sling", or cradle, position. It was still comfortable for me, but she seemed to prefer the froggy position. Once she had head control I wore her facing forward, which she loved when she was curious and wanted to see the world. When she was tired or crabby, I wore her in the froggy position and she would calm down and sleep very quickly, or simply ride around quiet and awake. We travel A LOT, and the K'tan goes with us. No hassling with a stroller. I began to call the K'tan "The Zone," becuase when I put Kalina in it, she was in the zone: happy. I sincerely attribute her calm, good-natured baby ways to her personality AND "The Zone."

The K'tan is perfect to wear during nearly any activity: house cleaning, grocery shopping, vacuuming (put Kalina to sleep like THAT!), going for walks...the list goes on and on! I even wore Kalina while I mowed the lawn and while I did squats and lunges! She was always in the zone, which meant she very rarely cried, took longer naps and I could continue my life.

When Kalina began walking and was too big to be worn, I lent the K'tan to a friend who had a 3 month old son. He was fussy unless being held, so she couldn't get anything done. I helped her put it on and put him inside and he passed out within 10 minutes of being worn! Then he stayed asleep for 3 hours! She was so impressed and happy that she ordered her own and became hooked on using it....just like me!

I ordered the size medium (I am 5'7" and weigh between 135-150lbs) and after wearing it for awhile it fits a little big. The fabric stretches out, like most fabric will if it's in a constant state of tension (like having it stretched around a body with weight in it). However, I simply wash and dry it and it's back to fitting perfectly. I laundered it countless times and it still looks brand new. No color fade, no worn look, whatsoever.

I now use the K'tan with my second daughter, Amara. Kalins is 22 months old and Amara is 10 weeks old. The K'tan was a lifesaver with one child, but with two young children, it is priceless! I can wear Amara while chasing around and taking care of Kalina. It's great and I don't know what I would do without it. I highly recommend the Baby K'tan over any other wrap or carrier out there. We actually bought an Ergo Baby Carrier for my husband to wear because he can't wear the same K'tan as me (and doesn't want to wear a wrap because he thinks they are too feminine). The Ergo was uncomfortable to wear and Amara fit in it ackwardly, even with using the newborn insert. Not a fan, though I see many people using them here in Germany. As fo me, I'm a Baby K'tan fan through and through!

I hope this wasn't too long, but I wanted to give the reader an idea of how wonderful the K'tan is compared to the various other products out there. I hope I can save you some time in your search. Just by a K'tan!
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on May 28, 2013
Color Name: EggplantSize Name: X-SmallVerified Purchase
I have tried to put my 2 month old in the carrier (11 pounds) several times and she hates it and screams. Getting her in is challenging and in the correct position is impossible. She ends up too low. I bought the XS as I am petite but the pouch seems too small. I called the company and they said it would stretch.
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23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2014
Color Name: Heather GraySize Name: X-SmallVerified Purchase
So far, our little man is only a month old ( around 10 lbs) and we love the carrier! It's best to wear for shorter blocks of time, I find that if I have him in it for much more than an hour my back starts hurting. Love how easy it is to use, and how comfortable it is! He sleeps right through errands.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2015
Color Name: BlackSize Name: Large
I love this carrier. It helps now that my 2 month old will not let me put her down for naps. It saves the day when I need to get stuff down. My daughter likes to hide her face though to block out lights. The only down side would be sizing since she is gaining weight and I'm not sure when it will be too snug for her.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2014
Color Name: Heather GraySize Name: MediumVerified Purchase
Loved the concept, but material is much to thick and heavy for warm climates! Me and my daughter sweat before even making it out the house. I also dont think this is feasible for a growing baby since you cant adjust it. I opted for a happy wrap instead and would recommend it! Both baby and I love it!
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22 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on February 20, 2014
Color Name: EggplantSize Name: MediumVerified Purchase
This carrier is worth every penny!! I could not live without this when my daughter was a newborn. It is comfortable for mom and baby. Many times this is the only thing that would calm her when she was crying. I cannot say how it works with an older baby as I have only used it up to around 5 months old.
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36 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2014
Color Name: BlackSize Name: Small
I personally have owned four carriers: Moby, Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby, and Baby K'Tan -- all at almost the same time. Here are my thoughts on each of them:

Moby: Way too much fabric to deal with. I returned it.
Baby Bjorn: This was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law: It was all right. I don't hate it at all. I just felt that the crotch area seemed really small, and the baby's legs seem to dangle. I worried this would be uncomfortable for little one.
Ergo Baby: Another hand-me-down from my other sister-in-law. This COULD have been the perfect carrier. What I hated about this is I constantly struggled to reach the back clasp. On some days, I really could barely reach the back clasp while holding an infant infront of me, that I had to ask my husband or anyone in my vicinity to help me grab the back clasp for me. (Unless there is a trick... will someone kindly tell me how to solve this?).
Baby K'Tan: I loved this one, and felt it was the EASIEST to work with. No belts, buckles or annoying clasps to deal with. Whenever we travel, the K'tan is the go-to carrier for me. When the baby is not in it, I can leave the K'Tan hanging around my neck like a black scarf. I got TONS of compliments whenever I take the baby out in the baby K'Tan.

By the way, I am 5'4" tall and weight 115 lbs. I got the Baby K'Tan in XS and it fit perfectly. The key is to get the K'Tan that is in YOUR size, not the baby's size (someone told me this).
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on November 1, 2014
Color Name: Fresh SageSize Name: X-LargeVerified Purchase
I love this product! It shipped quickly and is in perfect condition. I love using it and so does my little one. The only down side is after using it dor a while the material stretches out and I have to wash it to tighten it again. But i am doing laundry anyway so it's no biggie to just through it in too.
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