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on November 22, 2010
The Baby Thief is more of what I would call a thriller than her usual Det. Jackson series, but it still has her typical trademarks of complex plot, full of twists and turns, and tough social issues have the spotlight brought to bear on them.

In this book, Sellers addresses the issues of egg harvesting and cults. I really don't want to say much more in fear of giving away the plot - but if you think the idea of stealing and/or arranging to buy another woman's eggs in order to resell them to a couple desperate to have a child, just take the time to research the topic - you'll be amazed and appalled by what is going on out there.

This book brings all of that to light in the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and hidden away in a remote commune so that her eggs may be harvested.

The book is a bit slow but picks up pace rapidly and then grips you to the point you can't wait to find out how it is all going to play out.

Jackson does appear although he is not the main character - but still nice to see an old friend.

Also, the book is very well formatted - no glitches in the formatting to pull you out of the story.

Highly recommended for a good read.
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on April 4, 2012
This was my very first kindle and L.J. Sellers book and boy was it ever good! L.J. Sellers did a SUPERB job with this book. The characters and the storyline hook you in right from page one and never lets go till the very last page.
This mystery was honestly the kind of story that keeps you guessing the whole way through, and then just when you think you know what is going to happen, guess are thrown into another loop lol
I for one, can't wait to read more L.J. Sellers books.

I definitely recommend this great book to all who enjoy a great, fast paced mystery that grabs your attention right from page 1...and never lets it go!!!
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on January 7, 2012
Dr Elizabeth Demauer works at the Assisted Reproduction Clinic and when Jenna Mcclure visits the clinic wanting a baby by artificial insemination, Elizabeth immediately notices the strong similarities in looks between her and Jenna. Elizabeth had being adopted and by using equipment at the clinic she is able to run DNA tests and compare samples and she finds out that Jenna is her biological sister.

Elizabeth herself wants to have a baby but she can not conceive a child herself due to pelvic infections she had has a child. These were probably caused by the fact she was sexual abused by her adopted father. So when she finds out that Jenna is her biological sister she sees this as the perfect opportunity for her to create the perfect baby for herself using her expertise and David Carmichael who she had met at medical school.

David Carmichael or the Reverend Carmichael as he was now known as was running a cult church he called, The Church of the Reborn. A religious commune mainly made up of female members. The church was twenty-five miles away from the nearest town hidden away in an isolated fortress. Not many people knew about the churches location, making it the perfect place for David's other work. David was also running a secret underground test-tube baby clinic to impregnate the women in the church using sperm stolen from the clinic by Elizabeth. David had become obsessed with creating life. David owes everything to Elizabeth. Elizabeth had kept him from losing his medical licence and going to jail in the past.

So when Elizabeth tells David she wants to kidnap Jenna and harvest her eggs and fertilize them and transfers them into her body, David as not choice but to go along with her plans.

Eric Troutman is a freelance Journalist who is at first only interested in writing a story about Jenna after witnessing her saving the life of a badly injured man, who was injured in a robbery where Jenna works. There is an attraction between Jenna and Eric and they begin a love affair. But when Jenna suddenly disappears will Eric think she has just lost interest in him or will he care enough to find out what happened?

Will Elizabeth and David get away with their evil sinister plan and will Elizabeth get the baby she has been craving for?

What will become of Jenna once Elizabeth and David have taken what they need from her and have no further use for her?

The Baby Thief is a really chilling novel about the lengths one woman will go to, so she can get the perfect genetic baby. This is another great thriller by LJ Sellers. Well worth the read.
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on March 17, 2013
Bland main characters and a hysterically overcooked story combine in "The Baby Thief." While usually a plot this melodramatic is a one-way express to Funtown, something about this book never quite took off for me.

Jenna is a young and pretty restaurant manager who hasn't yet found the right guy but is ready to become a mother. So she heads to the local fertility clinic because really, as a highly paid professional with flexible hours (like most restaurant managers), why wait? Of course, the doctor at the clinic is her long-lost infertile twin. Elizabeth can't have children, but when she notices how much she and Jenna look alike, she runs a DNA test and decides to help herself to some eggs.

Well, I mean, why not?

Fortunately Elizabeth has some connections with a local cult leader with a state-of-the-art fertility clinic setup and the whole baby thief (or "baby thieves," rather) plan is put into motion. The only thing that could possibly derail things is the crack investigative skills of Jenna's new boyfriend. They had a single night together, but that was enough to ensure true love. When Jenna vanishes, it's up to (shoot, I can't even remember his name) good old reporter guy to see if he can put the pieces together before the baby thievery is complete.

The thing about this book isn't really the plot (most readers, including myself, don't approach the medical thriller genre with expectations of high realism), but the absolute dullness with which it progresses. Sellers makes an obvious effort to give her characters some dimension, but in the end it fails -- giving us two squeaky clean and boring protaganists against several over-the-top bad guys. While the exact unfolding of the plot isn't completely obvious, nothing really surprising happens.

It appears that this is a side from the author's regular series. This book is competently written and it may be that her regular series is stronger than this. While I may consider checking out a book from her main series someday, I wouldn't recommend this book.
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on February 6, 2011
The Baby Thief was an excellent book filled with suspense. It had a couple of twists in it that you just didn't see coming. The book was a very quick read with very little down time. I always enjoy reading a book that I have a hard time putting down and this is certainly that type of book.
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on August 6, 2013
I really don't like seeing two characters who just met each other in the first 5 or so pages, having sex by page 8. It's not them having sex that ruins it, it's just that it starts the book on a very shallow level. There were other things too that I really didn't care for but by the time I got 25% of the book read, I just couldn't read any more. Boring writing, shallow characters, and just not an entertaining read.
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on June 4, 2014
To me, this book was unfinished. It was just an average book to begin with. The writing style was originally enjoyable, but then I started to notice too many subplots that were just not finished. What happened to Zeke? Maybe I was just reading with my mind off of this story line totally, but I don't remember anything other than him collapsing from chest pains. If it was so badly done that I don't even remember it, then this says a lot to me. What happened to the other ladies from the doctor's/pastor's congregation? What happened to Sarah? Just too many "what happeneds" for me. Okay, so it may not be the best of grammar, but this author's grammar wasn't the best at times, either. It was a very "fluff" piece and I think there are a lot of other books out there more worth the time and more interesting to read.
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on November 26, 2014
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on April 24, 2012
Baby Thief is true a psychological thriller if ever there was one. I loved the well developed characters and character backgrounds as well as the twists and turns in the plot. A very fresh and unique story line. I loved every minute of it!

The cult aspect of this and our main bad guy characters were just crazy enough to be believable. Our dear Jenna is just strong willed enough to be endearing, and Eric is such an amazing man who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time more often than anyone I've ever met.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good suspense story. There were a few gramatical errors, but not enough to take away from the content or aura of the novel.
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on February 15, 2012
"The Baby Thief," by L.J. Sellers is an intriguing mystery about what lengths some women will go to have a baby and the lengths some will go to satisfy their greedy needs. Jenna McClure visits a clinic to pursue artificial insemination. The doctor, ironically, is looking for her perfect match so she can "steal" eggs to have her own baby. She finds the perfect match in Jenna. But that's only where the story begins. The twists and turns of this novel are intriguing but sometimes a bit unbelievable. It will definitely keep you interested.
My biggest complaint with this book is that it needs a good editor. I hope L.J. Sellers continues to write but I hope she finds a publisher who will edit her books carefully.
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