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on January 25, 2008
When we found out we were having triplets, we like all other multiple parents bought a stroller to accommodate all the babies. The stroller is so large that we can not even fit it into a mini van. We have to purchase a large SUV or Full size van to go anywhere.
We bought the Latch Lock carriers from baby trend and we just love them. When we saw the stroller that went along with them. We decided to order the Double Snap N Go.
The stroller comes all put together, you just need to snap on the wheels. Then comes the fun part. The stroller is made for many different brands of carriers. You find the carrier you are using in the instruction manual and then you remove bars or rearrange them to fit your carrier. It is very simple and all the parts are well labeled.
The carriers just snap on to the top, just like when you snap them into the base that is in the car. There is a strap that goes over the lower half of the carrier to prevent it from rocking or coming off the stroller. It is great because you do not have to unsnap your baby from the car seat and them snap them into the stroller. No need to transfer toys and blankets from car seat to stroller. What a time saver.
It is very light weight and easy to set up. I pull it out of the trunk and just snap and lock it into place. I then just snap the carriers in place and we are off. It takes up the same amount of room that a normal single travel system would take up.
For all you shoppers out there. I took the stroller into a women's clothing store and was able to easily navigate the store. The stroller handles very well. The front wheels are adjustable. You can set them for straight ahead or let them rotate.
Because we have 3 babies, we easily become a tourist attraction. The stroller handles so well that I was able to move swiftly and accurately through spectators and display racks.
We love the Double Snap N Go so much that we have asked for the Single Snap N Go for our Baby Shower.
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on July 19, 2007
1) incredibly lightweight
2) easy to open
3) easy to fold and store
4) can put babies in without waking them
5) good-sized basket underneath
6) surprisingly easy to steer
7) extremely durable

1) You can't use it once they outgrow their seats, so if you have one (or two!) fast growing twin, the time you will be able to use this is limited

Overall a fantastic product-- this was the only stroller I used until my twins were around 12 months old. After that, they moved into the Moutain Buggy Double Urban, and it has been fantastic.

I highly recommend this product-- so much easier than transfering twins (esp. floppy newborn ones) into a heavy, unwieldy stroller.
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on November 17, 2009
I am very happy with this product. We originally purchased another "high end" dual stroller, however we eventually realized how cumbersome and heavy it was. Certainly not easy for a mom that just had a C-section to maneuver out of a car. So we bought this snap and go frame. Lightweight (1/3 the weight of our other stroller), easy to transport (built in carrying handle is a plus). Super easy to unfold. Relatively easy to set up and fit for seats. Fits our seats (Graco snug ride), and is well made.

Another reviewer noted that the two car seats can be close and smush the rear baby's feet. I found that by adjusting the bar height adjustments (you can mount in "up" or "down" position), you can create a good amount of seperation between the car seats. I placed both bars in the down position (in fact the front, I mounted underneath the rails instead of on top). This angles the seats slightly to create some foot room for the rear occupant.

All in all, it was all that I hoped it would be. Very helpful and portable.
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on December 30, 2009
We bought this to use with the peg perego car seats. While it does the job, it is very cumbersome to steer. Also, if you're on the smaller side, it's neearly impossible to get moving. I actually grunt while pushing off. Still, it's so inexpensive compared to the peg perego tandem. I'd have to say that I'd probably buy it again. Here are a few other twin things that I could not live without:

The Joovy Room2 playpen
2 Nap Nannys in camel color(fit perfectly inside of bassinets I used for a week)
2 Boppy fullsize swings. I have the travel version, but the babies just don't like it. ???
2 Angelcare monitors. These detect every breath the babies take.
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. Three babies later, it's still going strong.
Medela microwave steam clean bags
Williams Sonoma automatic soap dispenser-- I must wash my hands a zillion times a day.
Any baby bouncer.
zippered sleepers---please!
mary jane and johnny socks are better than shoes
loved baby brand knit caps in every color
bulb syringe
a digital thermometer
baby nail clippers
tons of very lightweight bath towels to use with one hand

Things I really hated, or just didn't work well:

Baby wipes warmers. They never quite warm them and the wipes dry out quickly.
All baby bathtubs. We tried two, but find the sink to be so much cleaner and quicker. There is really no good place to store these besides the empty bathtub.
Snap-shut sleepers (I hate SNAPS!)
Newborn shoes. Both of our babies would kick these off before we were even out the door. The socks that look like little shoes are adorable. Plus, you'll get five pairs for the price of one.
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on November 29, 2008
...what they don't tell you is this. Graco SafeSeats are compatible with this stroller, which are supposed to last around a year or up to 30 inches. But, once your baby reaches 23 inches or so, her feet will be completely smooshed up against the seat in front (the seats overlap, and there is no room for feet under the overlap). My daughters are only 3.5 months old, and already I need to buy a new stroller, since the daughter in the rear can't be strapped in anymore or her feet will be pinched between the seats.

So, while I love this stroller for its ease of use, its exceptional maneuverability, its light weight, and the fact it's the only double stroller that fits into my Prius, that it's only good for twins up to 23 possibly 24 inches is a major design flaw. If it were only a little longer, I would give it 5 stars.

Yes, I could have bought the smaller Snugride seats, but my babies would probably be outgrowing those around now as well so the same problem would exist. If it says it's compatible with Safeseats, it should allow room for feet in the overlap! & certainly last longer than 3.5 months.
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on October 13, 2007
I was hesitant to purchase this due to one of the reviews that claimed incompatibility with Graco Snugrides.

Since old version wasn't availalbe, I went ahead and purchased this new version. The review turned out to be false.

You have to adjust the bars for Graco but, once adjusted, my two new Snugrides fitted well. Adjustment instruction for Graco and others car seat is described in the manual.

The new version also looks well constructed. I gave 4 stars since I haven't used it with our twins yet.
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on March 19, 2013
There are a lot of reviews saying that this particular model doesn't work with the Chicco KeyFit 30's. I am here to say otherwise. I read all the reviews that said it didn't work, and even watched the video review floating around that shows the car seats not fitting. However, I hadn't taken it off my registry yet and a friend of mine bought it for me. I was going to return it because I knew it wasn't going to work. WRONG! My husband and I tried to get our KeyFit 30's to fit in this stroller, and at first it didn't work at all. We tried a few times to no avail. I believed everything I had read. Then, all of a sudden, my husband got them to fit.
Here's how it works: You have to put the front car seat in first, get it in the correct position, and then take the orange button on the foot portion of the second car seat and hook it under the orange "release latch" on the back of the front car seat and push down on the back car seat so it fits into place. The first couple times we tried this it didn't work because it made the front car seat pop out. Then my husband realized that if you then push straight down on both car seats they will sort of pop into place. Then you can use the straps to secure the car seats further.

A few random tidbits:
1. One thing I realized is that most likely everyone who is writing reviews about this stroller not working with the KeyFit 30's are probably trying it with empty car seats. (Which makes sense because you'd want to try it out before the babies arrived. That's what we did) But, after we decided to keep the stroller, the first time I tried it with the babies in their car seats it was WAY easier! The weight of the babies helped push down and fit the car seats into place.
2. The only reason I gave this stroller a 4 instead of 5 is that as the babies get older and start to weigh more the steering gets a bit more difficult. This hasn't really been a problem for me because I only use this stroller when we're going shopping, etc. because it's so easy to transition the babies from car to store and back. I have a different stroller for going on walks and whatnot.
3. Some people have mentioned that they think relying on just the straps to secure the car seats isn't safe enough, but it's not like you're taking this stroller on a trail or something. It works just fine for pushing around a grocery store. Also, again the weight of the kiddos helps keep it secure.

So, overall, this stroller works well for what I believe is its intended purpose. You'll want to buy a nicer stroller for going on walks, taking to the park, etc. but this one really works well for shopping or doctor's office trips. My twins are 9 months olds and we have been using this stroller consistently since they were born. If you have the Chicco KeyFit 30's, this stroller works just fine! Ignore all of the reviews that say it doesn't. I kind of want to make a response video to show how easy it really is once you know the tricks. Hope this changed your mind!
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on April 26, 2011
KeyFit 30s don't fit on this stroller. That's too bad because the stroller seems great otherwise, and the KeyFits are wonderful. There's a YouTube video from 2009 showing them fit the stroller. But they don't fit for me in 2011 with all new purchases.

Each car seat fits individually. But when I try them at the same time, one of them is pushed out of place. If the seat doesn't sit securely, the little webbing strap is being asked to do more than it was designed for.

FYI, the Snap in Snap N Go is for when the stroller frame is extended. It clicks (snaps) when the bar locks in place. There's no snapping in of KeyFits at all. They just rest on cross bars, and little webbing straps are supposed to hold car seats and babies on the stroller. Yikes!

Next stop: Chicco Together.
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on March 18, 2007
Very easy to open and close and it's so easy to maneuver. It beats those horrid tandem strollers! It doesn't work so well with the new Graco SafeT Seat carseats however, they are a little longer than the other carseats and don't latch properly onto the frame. If you have twins, get this stroller!
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on September 24, 2007
I couldn't imagine life without this stroller. I was on the waitlist here at Amazon until the new stroller came out in June of 2007-My twins were born in May. This stroller is 10 times better than the older blue version. This is only a small investment in keeping your sanity while trying to "haul" around twins. The Graco Carseats (Safe Seat) that we use work perfect in this stroller. It's easy to steer, folds down to a reasonable size (fits in the back of our SUV and car trunk), has a nice size pouch for storage under the seats and the cup holders on the parent tray are awesome. We use the little compartment between the cup holders to hold a small bottle of hand-santizer and trial-size tissue. I also loved the fact that the kids were "in-line" facing me, so I could easily monitor them. Yes, this stroller is only good while the kids are in infant seats, but trust me this is worth every dime!
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