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on March 21, 2012
This stroller is great I am not sure what the wheel issue is about, all you need to do is lock the front wheels when jogging. Also I love that the canopy rotates to adjust according to the angle of the sunlight and that you can recline each seat individually. My twins love it and the tray is great for snack time. I do have to agree with other reviewers that the speakers are not very loud but they do help save your MP3 or cell phone battery if you use them to play music out loud. Also I have a 2002 Honda civic and the stroller does fit in the trunk regardless if you take the wheels off nothing else fits but the stroller does.
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on October 9, 2012
I love this stroller. For the price, you really can't find another high quality double jogging stroller. My twins are on the tall side and have plenty of head room (I borrowed a friend's BOB duallie when I was traveling and my kids' heads brushed against the canopy). The baskets underneath are a good size and easy to access (again, the BOB was very hard to get stuff in and out of). I love that it comes with snack trays for the kids, as well as a parent console with 2 cup holders. The stroller is very sturdy and I am able to push both twins plus their older sister who likes to sit on the footrest part. The canopies are great (they ratchet forward and back, independently from each other).

I jog with my twins in this stroller 5-6 times per week. The wheels lock easily and while they still vibrate a bit, it is very comfortable to run with (a tip I discovered to stop the vibrating completely is to stick the end of a paper clip into the hole where the pin goes). I'm able to run ~8 minute miles and can easily push the stroller around corners with one hand. It's not as lightweight as a BOB (I believe the Navigator weighs ~10 lbs more), but I don't have any problem running with it and my kids are quite comfortable.

The only downside I've found to this stroller is its weight and folded size. I have a minivan, so there's plenty of room in the back for me to throw the stroller. I don't need to take the wheels off to put it in my car, but I think that if you had a smaller car you might have trouble fitting it in. The weight issue doesn't really bother me, but might bother others. I'm a tall (6') woman and athletic. The stroller isn't super heavy, but it's awkward. A more petite woman might have a problem folding, unfolding and lifting it into a car.

For me, buying this stroller was a no-brainer. I wasn't willing to spend the big money on a BOB or similar stroller (plus spend more for the snack trays, parent console, etc). I've had this stroller 2 years and I've been very please with how well-made it is. My kids have loved it, and while there have been times I wished it were a little lighter, I couldn't ask for a better stroller for the amount I paid.
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on April 21, 2013
I just bought this stroller last Tuesday and I am REALLY pleased with my purchase. I have been researching strollers online for the past several months, but in my rural area, there aren't many, if any stores with double joggers on display for me to compare in real life. I was originally attracted to this stroller because of the big footrest, snack trays, and brand. I have a baby trend single jogger that I really like. So after months of research, I went into a store that had this on display. I asked them if they would see if it would fit in the trunk of my mercury Milan. I couldn't buy it unless it would fit!! Well, it did fit. Nothing else will fit with it, but I ended up taking it home that day.
Now, it IS heavy! I expected it to be heavy, and its REALLY heavy. At 20 days after childbirth, I got it out of my trunk without hurting myself, but its not light. Now with that said, it rides like a dream. I have a newborn and a three year old. My three year old is the size of a five year old, and she wasn't too tall. The seats are also wide enough that she wasn't squished that way either. Her head did hit the netting when we reclined the seat all the way back, but she didn't mind, We put her in a bob, and her head hit the top of the stroller while she was sitting up.
My Graco carseat snapped right in for a perfect fit, and my two kids and enjoyed an hour long walk. I did jog a little just to see what the wheels would do. They wobbled terribly... So I took a quick look and flipped the little red switch and locked them into place. No more wobbling, and it was so easy to switch back and forth. The speakers were pathetic. My phone on speakerphone was louder than the speakers. But I didn't buy the stroller because of the speakers anyway.
It is wide, but it fits through my front door and back porch door, and I think my big kids will be happier with a little more room. I didnt buy this for shopping at the mall, though. I bought it for an all terrain stroller to use at my house or for outdoor trips to the park or zoo. I made it down a dirt trail to my neighbors house, down their gravel driveway, through the grass of our yard, and up our dirt driveway with me pushing it just a few weeks after delivery. I am convinced we will be happy with this stroller for at least the 172.03 I spent on it.
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on May 16, 2011
I read on that there were problems with this stroller and the wheels. Well I put this together yesterday and took my 3 yr old twins out in the rain in it. We RAN into the store and I had no issues with the front wheels. But I used a wrench and tightened them really well. I am sure if you hand tighten them it won't work well.

My girls LOVED this stroller. We went from a big joovy caboose to this. Even my almost 5 yr old likes this stroller.

Don't know how it works with the car seats so can't help with that one.

I would definitely recommend this to twin momma's who aren't willing or don't have the $$ for a B.O.B stroller
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on May 30, 2013
We got this stroller a year and a half ago to use when our second child was born with our kids being 2.5 years apart. We put thousands of miles on our Jeep single jogger with our first so we wanted a double jogger with pneumatic tires rather than the foam rubber kind which we figured we'd burn through quickly with the miles we put on our strollers. We also wanted a side-by-side double because we thought that with both kids getting a good view our oldest would be agreeable to riding in it longer than if one was behind the other and our youngest would enjoy a nice view too. We were right! We also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on stroller knowing that in all reality, our oldest would not be very easily convinced to ride in the stroller for much longer. We were also right about that. She's 3.5 now and would much rather ride her bike when we go for walks. So, if you're in a similar situation where you're just using it to tide you over when you've got a baby and an older sibling, I think this is a good stroller for the money and I'd probably make the same decision again to buy this less expensive one knowing it wasn't going to see long-term use.

However.... if say, you have twins or two kids very close in age and are going to be using the stroller for a long time or more inside/outside than strictly outside trail use I would spring for the City Mini Double or Britax B-Agile if you can. When we were researching double strollers, I hated reading the reviews that recommended a much more expensive model because hey, if I'm looking at strollers in the $200 range, I'm probably not considering ones in the $400+ range. But..... after borrowing a friend's Britax B-Agile, I'll admit I had buyers remorse. The kids fit nicely in it yet it was narrow enough to fit through doors and on regular sidewalks and wasn't insanely heavy.

NAVIGATOR PROS: Good stroller for the price
*Underbaskets in combination hold a lot (but diaper bags are a squeeze since the underbasket is divided)
*Independently operating seat recliners and sun shades - this is ideal when you have a baby that needs to recline and an older kid!
*Chico KeyFit infant carrier fits
*Push bar at comfortable height for average - tall people (I'm 5ft 6 and my husband is 6ft 4)
*Wide foot rest lets even older kids ride comfortably (that is, if you can convince them to ride in it period)

CONS: While you should expect a double stroller to be big and heavy, this one is really big and really heavy.
*This thing is a behemoth! It takes up the entire back of our Honda Odyssey or our Subaru Forester.
*It weighs a TON! I'm 5ft 6 and in reasonably good shape and I struggle hefting this monster in/out of our vehicles. When I lift it out at the park, it probably either makes me look like supermom hefting such a huge thing or like I'm being attacked and crushed by my kids' stroller... I haven't taken a poll
*It's wide - We knew that buying it, but we were still hoping it would at least fit through handicapped entrances. It doesn't. Mall stroller this is not. If you're on a standard size sidewalk it takes up the whole sidewalk. No politely passing people.

So, after much research, I do believe that this is one of the best side by side double joggers in this price range. If that's what you're looking for, this is your stroller!
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on November 2, 2012
I bought this for my 2.5 yr old and our newborn. I was torn between the Joovy Scooter x2 and the Baby Trend Navigator, and chose BT because I had a 20% coupon at Toys R Us, and couldn't pass up the deal. After using this stroller for 3 months now, I feel its a good investment, with just a couple of little annoyances.

1. It handles like a dream. I can push the stroller with one hand while holding the baby and its perfect. Absolutely cannot do this with my Graco single stroller.
2. Accommodates an infant seat- the Joovy did not.
3. Food and drink trays- the Joovy did not have.

1. Its wide (duh, right? :). But seriously, when shopping, I cannot fit into aisles. Have to leave the stroller in the main walkways in stores. Also, it doesn't fit in most store bathrooms, so plan ahead-especially when shopping with a potty training 2-yr old!
2. The storage baskets underneath are very small and hard to get stuff in and out of (diaper bag does not fit cuz of the center divider).
3. When you fold it up, the front of the drink trays slams to the ground getting all scuffed and scratched. I don't know about you, but when I invest $200 into something, I'd like to keep it nice.

Overall, its a good product. I did a ton of research for a double stroller, and definitely am glad I went with a side by side versus a tandem. I put it together all by myself 9 months preggo, and have had no problems with wobbly wheels. Its quite heavy, but I'm small and manage to get it in and out of an SUV without difficulty. Would definitely purchase again.
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on November 24, 2012
i'm rating this stroller a 5 for anyone who walks a lot! if you want to run, i'll rate it a 3.

i bought this when first starting to run with my 2.5 year old and almost 1 year old. i wasn't sure how much i would enjoy running with them, so i didn't want to splurge. it IS better than a non-jogging stroller, i can attest to that haha!!!! but as time went on and i realized i really did in fact like running with my children, i came to find that this stroller is really not meant for more than a day or two per week of running. it is VERY VERY well equipped for walking every day, on roads and off roads, and for quick walking, for hills, etc. it would be GREAT for someone who walks often and for long distances.

the main reason it was such a pain for real running was the wheels. all of the movement and i suppose bumping that happened with running loosed up the front wheel housing and flattened the back tires tires about every 10 miles of running i did. so just about every week i had to re-inflate the back tires and open up and re-tighten the wheel housing in the front. for $190, and not being able to afford a better stroller, i could deal with those things. it just required extra planning. my other problem was that it doesn't fit through most doors that aren't handicap accessible, and many, many, many bathroom doors at 5k locations, as well as doors to buildings at 5ks, aren't handicap accessible. it was getting really frustrating.

so you have an idea of what kind of running i'm doing with this, i'm was doing my short half-marathon training runs with it. so, 2-4 miles at a time, 3x a week. i do my long runs alone on the weekend. i run between a 9:40/mile (alone)-11:30/mile (with stroller). so i'm by no means fast at all. we ended up getting a BOB once we could reasonably justify spending the money on it, which was around the time that we realized we were running literally 10 miles for every one we were walking.

if you want a stroller to do long walks with, or power walk with stroller stride moms, this would be a GREAT consideration. if you run any faster than a 10 minute mile, start scouring for a BOB or maybe even a jeep or schwinn. :)
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on September 5, 2011
Not sure what the wheel issue is that other reviews have mentioned - follow the assembly instructions (which are very easy) and this is an outstanding stroller. Very maneuverable, convenient pockets, lots of cup-holders, very well thought-out.
It is on the heavy side, but it's a double so you can't really get away from that.
Highly recommended!
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on December 31, 2011
My husband and I bought the stroller and it's great. It's heavy and will give you a work out going up hill! The only down fall is the front wheels shake and the speakers for the MP3 player is not loud. I will have my husband tighten up the front wheels. My babies are 1 and 3 and they love it!
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on August 21, 2012
I've had this stroller for four months now, and I'm pleased with the purchase. I knew it was a heavy stroller, but wanted something that would accomodate my Graco car seat for my baby, while also being sturdy for my 3 year old. I use it for brisk walks in the neighborhood and at the park. It fits in the back of my CR-v, but does take up the whole trunk. If you're looking for a double to take to the mall or travel with, this is not for you. I got this knowing my 3 year old wants to walk when we're out, but needed something to use when I bring her and her baby brother out for a fast walk/run in our local area. And, if the wheels are shaky that's because you need to lock them. You can lock and unlock the front wheels!!
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