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on May 30, 2002
If you don't own any Scorpions Best Of or Greatest Hits cd's than this is a nice collection to own. If you want to have a more complete collection then you'll have to fork out more dollars for the two cd package called "Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years". This Scorpions greatest hits cd has all their good songs from 1979's "Love Drive" album to 1993's "Feel The Heat". Also included are two new tracks. The Scorpions didn't make much of a dent in rock here in the U.S. until the 80's (although they were popular in Europe and Japan). With the help of MTV with videos like "No One Like You" and "Rock You Like A Hurricane" the Scorpions became a household name. This 24-bit digitally remastered cd sounds great, much better than some other hits cd's i've heard. Fans of groups such as Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC, etc. will love this new collection. Five stars for song selection and sound quality.
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on April 17, 2008
I love the Scorpions. They are my favorite heavy metal band. They are one of the few German rock bands to ever exist. I've never heard of any other German rock bands, to be honest.

And, they have TONS of hits compilations. Some unnecessary ('20th Century Masters,' 'Best of Rockers n' Ballads'), some decent ('Deadly Sting,' 'Big City Nights') and some flawless ('Gold'), they are so influential.

And, then there's this one.

This isn't a bad Scorps set, but there could be some major changes here. The new tracks are definitely worth getting, but why edit 'Still Loving You'? That awesome Rudolf Schenker-Matthias Jabs guitar solo is simply amazing, and yet THEY EDITED THAT PART OUT!!! Ugh! Come on Hip-O!!!

And there are many missing songs. Where is 'Steamrock Fever,' 'Can't Live Without You,' 'In Trance,' 'Another Piece of Meat,' or even 'Lovedrive'?

But, there are some great songs here, nonetheless. 'Rock You Like A Hurricane,' 'No One Like You,' and 'Rhythm of Love' are still here, and those were major Scorps hits in the '80s.

Overall, if you are an easily pleased casual Scorps fan, than this is a great set for you. Otherwise, go for the big one and buy 'Gold.'

Recommended, but only for really casual fans.
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on June 27, 2002
This collection is awesome! The two new songs are great & granted, "Deadly Stings" is better because there's more of it, but this is great for the new & uninitiated. Anybody besides me tired of hearing people dog 80s bands? This is some of the greatest music ever & all they talk about is their hair! I guess that's the "hip" thing to do nowadays. How 'bout being an original? THINK FOR YOURSELF & get this collection! Maybe you'll realize what a jerk you've been for putting down things you've never heard! Music was a lot more exciting back then, I'll tell you that. Now...if this will only turn into the best new Scorpions studio album in over a decade. In my humble opinion, they haven't made a great album since "Crazy World" (not counting "Live Bites" which is awesome!!). It's time, guys! The world needs you now more than ever! By the way, these guys are still killer live too! Saw them with Deep Purple & Dio & they rock!! The Wolf
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on February 16, 2011
I had forgotten how much I like Scorpions. This is a great CD to get if you don't want to spend a lot of money purchasing every album in their long and impressive career. Classic material from a great band.

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on June 8, 2002
Well, I just got this album, and here's my review about it:
I don't wanna say anything about the 16 first songs cos they're not new songs, we all know that those songs are hits and ones of the best of Scorpions! so if you don't know the Scorps, this will really help you know about their music! but what i wanna talk about is the two new songs: "bad for good", and "cause i love you". well, it's been a few times the scorps were talking about a new album coming soon, and that will be a back to the roots album! well, those two songs seem to be samples from the upcoming ablum' style! and this style's just amazing! althought, musically talking, the scorps have released much more professional albums (pure instinct, eye to eye, moment of glory, acoustica), but weren't really rock albums, a bit slower than the old scorps songs, but those two songs really join between the "on the top" music and the ... rock songs! well, if this is the style the scorps are planning for the new album, it will be so good, although the last 4 albums i talked about are the best to me, but this style (bad for good and cause i love u) will satisfy all fans around the world! and still they're not 100% like the old stuff, they really are homogeneous with the new rock music!!! also, about the recording! it just rules! the sound of the guitar is excellent, and also the drums!!!! and the arrangements are so cool (done by dieter dierks), especially on bad for good! thanks matthias for using your voice box on 'cause i love you! i really like its sound! and the way you play on it! keep on rockin' scorps!!!!!! you're just the best!
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on May 20, 2015
This is good headbanging music. I grew up in the 60's and have eclectic taste in music. But I still like my rock and roll on the hard side. The Scorpions are ancient and still touring. They have a proven product and my wife and I enjoy this music.
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on February 7, 2015
Just got it today-2/7/15!! I love it!! Awesome!! Fantastic!! Amazon is like a Xmas Wonderland!! I will be doing all of my shopping here!! Great music store!! Great!! Amazon has everything you could ever imagine or want!! :o
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on January 1, 2014
When I am in the mood, I love this album. It gets you revved up and moving. I've always liked "Love you like a hurricane" so I decided to add it to my collection. Though the Scorpions have quite an edge, they instill a lovely romantic almost haunting melody to some of their songs and I like that as well. This is a good album with a good mix of their work.
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on June 30, 2013
I also like the group's history insert that came with the CD which served to corroborate much of what I knew about them from a German foreign exchange student who lived with me in the l980s. Like Sergio Mendes' Brazil '66, The Scorpions first broke into the American market by first singing their songs in English phonetically. They've come a long way.
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on November 25, 2013
The Scorpions are an 80's band but they have a unique sound and really good rock music. On when you look at MP3 music, you can listen to each of the tracks and get an idea about the band sound...which I recommend and believe you will like this band.
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